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CGP Learning

AS Critical Thinking

AS Critical Thinking

The AS Critical Thinking exams include a “trickier-than-you-think” multiple choice section.
Here’s one full set of exam-style questions to have a bash at. Semi-intelligent nanobots mark your answers and group the results to highlight the topics which need most revision (along with CGP page references).

Our Complete Revision & Practice book for OCR AS-Level Critical Thinking includes this test plus two more on a CD-ROM. You can look through sample pages and order online here.

Key Stage 2 Maths

Curriculum Matching Guides

Our new range of yearly maths books for KS1 and KS2 cover all primary maths teaching requirements in the 2014 Programme of Study. We’ve made some resources to help those of you teaching this new curriculum with your planning and assessment.

If you’re looking for the resources for the old (pre-2014) curriculum, you’ll find them here.