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Pre-2014 KS2 Maths Resources

These Key Stage 2 Maths resources are for the pre-2014 curriculum. Please be aware that some resources are no longer available.

Our resources for the primary maths curriculum from 2014 can be found here.
Resource Finder

Resource Finder

The Resource Finder links our books to the Renewed Framework. It allows you to find the pages and sheets you need for lesson work or homework.

For each year you can search by Strand and Objective, by Block and Objective or by Strand and Topic.

Read through the user guide or jump straight in and have a go yourself.

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Progress Trackers

Progress Trackers

Progress Trackers are Excel spreadsheets set up to record marks for our KS2 Maths Homework Sheets and Question Books. Go through the user guide to find out more or use the links below to open one up and have a play.

Homework Sheet Tracker

Question Book Trackers

If you’re having trouble downloading any of these resources, please just Contact Us.