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KS2 SAT Busters from CGP

Bestselling SATS skills practice books — just £3.95 RRP*

SAT Buster

Our KS2 SAT Buster workbooks are incredibly popular — one out of five Year 6 pupils used them in 2013!

Of course, they’re also amazingly useful resources for KS2 Maths and English SATS preparation. For just £3.95, each book contains...

  • A wide range of practice covering every crucial skill
  • Questions that progress in difficulty throughout each topic
  • Self-assessment tick boxes to help pupils check their own progress
  • Money-saving bundles are also available (see below)

There’s a summary of the whole range below — you’ll find full details and sample pages from each book on our KS2 SAT Busters page.

* If you teach in a UK school, you can buy these books at our reduced schools price of £1.60. Just choose the ‘School’ option when you’re browsing our website!

KS2 English — Grammar • Punctuation • Spelling

Grammar • Punctuation • Spelling
  • Perfect practice for the latest Grammar and Punctuation / Spelling Tests
  • Plenty of questions to make sure they’ve mastered each skill
  • Save over 25% — buy all three SPaG books (plus Answers) for just £10
More info and buy online

KS2 English — Reading

  • Three separate question books, all at the same difficulty level...
  • ...but with a different selection of reading texts in each one
  • Save over 25% — buy all three Reading books (plus Answers) for just £10
More info and buy online

KS2 Maths — Number • Shape, Measures & Data • Mental Maths

  • Brilliant coverage of every KS2 Maths topic for the written SATS paper...
  • ...plus a brand new Mental Maths book including realistic audio tests
  • Save over 25% — buy all three Maths books (plus Answers) for just £10
More info and buy online