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The CGP Practise & Learn Range for Ages 5-11

Our fantastic Practise & Learn books are bursting with colourful activities for children aged 5-11. They’re perfect for honing the essential primary school skills for Maths, English, French and Spanish in a fun and accessible way!


Yearly Maths Books

Each one of these books covers a school year’s worth of Maths skills. All the most important topics from the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculum are included — perfect for practising what they’ve been studying in class!

Answers and notes for parents are included in pull-out booklets.

Maths Skills Books

In Maths, some skills come up time and time again — counting, times tables, mental arithmetic and, later on, algebra.

These age-specific books provide plenty of enjoyable practice on all these crucial skills (with pull-out answers), at just the right level to keep children interested and motivated.

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Yearly English Books

This range contains six books — one for each year between ages 5 and 11.

Each one has a huge range of activities covering every major topic from the Primary English curriculum for that year, with plenty of fun along the way!

Answers and notes for parents are included in pull-out booklets.

English Skills Books

Spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting are a big part of the KS2 SATS (and also pretty useful for life in general).

These smashing books will help kids to build on these skills in an enjoyable and stress-free way. With all the answers included in pull-out sections, they’re perfect for extra practice on a rainy day, a sunny day, during a blizzard... any time, really.

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French and Spanish

Activity Books with Vocab CD-ROMs

There’s no better introduction to French and Spanish than these fun-filled books for ages 5-11. Each one contains stacks of useful words and phrases, with a wide range of questions to help children engage with the language.

There’s also a fabulous Listen and Learn CD-ROM with each book, so you can listen to the pronunciation of all the key words on your PC or Mac!

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