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11 Plus Multiple-Choice Answer Sheets

Multiple-choice Answer Sheets

These answer sheets are matched to the assessment tests in our 11 Plus Practice Books — they're ideal for helping children get used to answering questions in the ‘multiple choice' format.

For each Practice Book, there’s a complete set of answer sheets in PDF format. Simply click on one of the links below to view the list of tests and download the ones you’re after. You can also download a zipped file containing all the sheets for that book.

Please note: For Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths, we now make separate Practice Books that cover the 11+ tests set by CEM (Durham University). If you're using one of these books, please download the CEM answer sheets. Otherwise, please choose the ‘For GL and Other Test Providers' answer sheets.

Verbal Reasoning Answer Sheets

Our 11 Plus range

Non-Verbal Reasoning Answer Sheets

Our 11 Plus range

Maths Answer Sheets

Our 11 Plus range

English Answer Sheets

Our 11 Plus range

If you’re having trouble downloading any of these resources, please just Contact Us.