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10-Minute Tests for 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Ages 8-9 - CEM Test

10-Minute Tests for 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Ages 8-9 - CEM Test

New for the CEM 11+ Tests
Non-Verbal Reasoning takes a lot of practice to master, but never fear — this CGP 10-Minute Test book is ideal for pupils aged 8-9 who are preparing for the CEM 11+ test! It includes more than 30 short tests, each one covering a variety of topics and skills.

You’ll find step-by-step answers for every question in a pull-out section at the back of the book, along with a progress chart so you can keep track of where pupils are up to. And to keep them motivated, there are fun puzzle pages spread throughout the book!

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Product Details
  • Retail Price: £6.95
  • Stock Status: In stock
  • Subject: Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Key Stage: 11+
  • Exam Board: CEM (Durham University)
  • Media: Book
  • No. Pages: 164
  • Product Code: N4XPDE1
  • ISBN: 978 1 78294 775 2