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KS3 Spanish Interactive Vocab Tester - DVD-ROM and Vocab Book

KS3 Spanish Interactive Vocab Tester - DVD-ROM and Vocab Book

If you’re studying KS3 Spanish, you’ll love this Interactive Vocab Tester DVD-ROM (for PC and Mac) — it’s a brilliant way to master hundreds of essential Spanish words! It’s simple to create customised tests for each topic, and there are audio recordings of every word from a native Spanish speaker to help with pronunciation. There’s even an option to create audio revision tracks to export to an mp3 player.

A matching full-colour Vocab Book is also included, with tests for every topic plus space to jot down extra vocab at the back. It’s incredible value!

Product Details
  • Retail Price: £7.50 inc VAT
  • Stock Status: In stock
  • Subject: Spanish
  • Key Stage: KS3
  • Media: Mixed Print/Digital
  • No. Pages: 88
  • Product Code: SPHIC31

System Requirements

  • For PCs and Macs with a DVD drive, and at least 512MB of RAM and 700MB of hard disk space
  • You'll need Windows XP or later for PC, and OS X v10.6 or later for Mac
System Requirements