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Guestbook Archive - January 2001

Having used your books in a variety of primary schools in both keystage one and two I have found them an excellent resource. I would be interested in buying one of each book avaliable for keystage one and two in all subject areas. I am currently working as a supply teacher and so these would be very handy for last minute references. This would also give me the opportunity to show other members of staff the range, who may inturn take up an order. I would like to know if it is possible to buy a taster pack with one of each book and still recieve the discounts / free books, or whether each book must be ordered seperately ? Would be grateful for some information. Paula.

paula everard — north hykeham, lincoln , UK — 30 Jan 2001 at 22:10:00

I think the website is great and the books are great for revising. I have got three, The English Study Book, The Science Study Book and The Science Question Book all of which are really good and I am saving my money to hopefully get all of the sats books!

Charlotte Lavin — Bestwood Park, Nottingham , UK — 30 Jan 2001 at 20:43:00

Your books are great! They are hopefully going to help me with my SATS in May!!!!!!

Laura aged 11 — Luton , UK — 30 Jan 2001 at 19:14:00

I love your books, they are fantastic, so could you please get a move on with my catalogue so I can consider buying some more of your wonderful material!

Charlie — Norwich , UK — 30 Jan 2001 at 18:53:00

Are there any plans for a GCSE SPanish revision guide?

susan — , UK — 29 Jan 2001 at 19:08:00

I am currently studying for my GCSE's and am hoping for some help in mathematics. I shall soon be getting some exam papers sent my way, a good site. I found it clear to understand and helpful too! Thanks. *Sarah*

Sarah C — Redditch, Worcestershire , UK — 28 Jan 2001 at 15:35:00

You're books are gr8. i think they are goin to help me alot wiv my SATs in May

sTACY — , UK — 27 Jan 2001 at 18:30:00

GREAT books, your books helped me pass my moc GCSE's thanks again!!! North East, UK.

clare — , UK — 27 Jan 2001 at 18:11:00

CGP books are excellent - they teach you the things you need to know, using simple language and strange illustrations. However, we would like you to improve some of the jokes! We also love the jokes at the back of the books eg. 'to be taken twice daily with food'. Please expand your range to GCSE ICT - it's really hard and BORING to revise! The prices are great, too!

poix and mouse — Hatfield, Herts. , UK — 27 Jan 2001 at 18:03:00

The books are fantastic! Especially goot to motivate my year 6 class prior to Sats! I have a child in the class who has a lot of time absent due to cancer treatment and have just ordered some books to help him but carried away - I have now spent £40!! I hope my class appreciate it!!??

Name with-held — , UK — 25 Jan 2001 at 22:43:00

Help! Key Stage 3 SATS coming soon! Please send me a catalogue

Tim Hotchchkiss — Twowatersfoot, Liskeard, Cornw, UK — 25 Jan 2001 at 20:03:00

I am only 10 years old, but I use lots of these books at school in Year 6. We use the: Maths, Literacy, & Science. Also, at home, I use the GCSE book with my Maths Tutor. I think that your books are really helpful with my leaning skills. Are you going to bring out any different books? Like History maybe? Thanks alot, bye, From Ricky Jones.

Ricky Jones — Sandhurst, Berkshire. , UK — 25 Jan 2001 at 19:54:00

Useful and inexpensive - please put me on your mailing list

M.Harvey — Lambeth College - Clapham Cent, UK — 25 Jan 2001 at 18:08:00

i have just my science mocs for sats it has helped me alot thankyou for your books they helped my mate to thanks this my ks3 mocs

elizabeth sanderson  — , UK — 25 Jan 2001 at 16:34:00

Just wanted to browse at your web site as my daughter uses your books at school. Thanx

Honey Maguire — Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordsh, UK — 24 Jan 2001 at 19:09:00

I think that Ks2 books are great, I think that some of the pictures are really funny.

tyrone bracey — b,ham , UK — 24 Jan 2001 at 13:43:00

Nice books....really help me a lot in year 9!

Devesh — London , UK — 24 Jan 2001 at 08:33:00

I have just finished my GCSEs and your books were really great and probably the only reason I passed Maths and science . Thanks. I'm now doing AS levels do you have any maths books for it cos it's really impossible and you only seem to have books for the old A-level. Please write back Emily

Emily Carr — cranleigh , UK — 21 Jan 2001 at 20:43:00

Cgp are cool!:)

Leah Pritchard — Basingstoke, Hampshire , UK — 21 Jan 2001 at 10:55:00

thank you i think ks2 is a great help to my studies

sinead wood — littelhampton, west susex , UK — 20 Jan 2001 at 23:16:00

I thought that it would be better if you had revisin pages online like bitesize but with your comical konwledge!!! That would be very good think about it

Hollie Wilson — , UK — 20 Jan 2001 at 22:08:00


chloe armstrong — oldham, england , UK — 20 Jan 2001 at 21:00:00

THEY ARE REALLY GOOD !!!! EVERYONE should buy them great value for money too.

kinza ahmed — , UK — 20 Jan 2001 at 15:49:00

I think your books are GREAT! It makes revision really easy for me, thanks!

Paul Ebsworth — , UK — 20 Jan 2001 at 15:36:00

Your science book is excellent. It's Clear and easy to learn well most of it! I will be doing my KS3 test in May 2001 and already I am dreading it. I hope your book helps me !! Thank you.

Helen  — , USA — 20 Jan 2001 at 15:29:00

I go to UVHS (apparently where Richard Parsons went) and was just wondering have you thought about doing a Music revision guide for key stage 4 'cos there are hardly any on the market. Just Wondering!

Clare — Ulverston , UK — 20 Jan 2001 at 14:56:00

Very good, i came from france two years ago, to do exams here, and i got 5 A's and 3 B's thanks to your books!!!

Eleianainae-Meleanie Jenrousi — , UK — 19 Jan 2001 at 22:40:00

Thank you so much for your books i all ways found learning new topics difficult now im really getting there . My sats are this may i was really nervous before , but now, im thinking that i will be on the leavel so thank you very much.......

J.J OSCAR YOUNG — THIRSK, NORTH YORKSHIRE , UK — 19 Jan 2001 at 21:29:00

All the books are great! The workbooks are excellent. Look forward to using the exam papers. Is there any chance of Edexel M1 or D1??

Bob Fitzsimmons — Marlborough School, St Albans , UK — 19 Jan 2001 at 21:17:00

I think that your books are easy in some places, but really tough in others. This is good because it makes me work hard at school.

Amy Edmundson — Hilton, Derby , UK — 19 Jan 2001 at 20:00:00

Just a quick note to congratulate you on your excellant science revision guides, they are well used in the classroom as well as at home and you speed of delivery is outstanding.

Emma Thomas — , UK — 19 Jan 2001 at 10:51:00

Hiya! I come from Egypt but i'm in a british school in IGCSE and I have to say that when I saw your books with a friend I was amazed. They are the BEST revesion notes ever and they are SO helpful and GREAT study books. I'm aiming to try and order them online but can you send to Egypt?! PLEASE say you can! Keep on the good work!

Ethar — Heliopolis, Merryland, Cairo , Egypt — 19 Jan 2001 at 09:21:00

These books really rock! I am in my GCSE year and struggling with languages. I have your french book but do you do a german one?

kirsty Seaford — , UK — 18 Jan 2001 at 20:32:00

i always revise from your books and they help me so much, i must have learnt lots more since i started using your books. Thanks alot Ben Ball, West Exe technology College, Exeter

Ben Ball — , UK — 18 Jan 2001 at 20:19:00

wow absolutly brill!! loved this website worth seein again!!!!

claire laurens — , UK — 18 Jan 2001 at 19:59:00

Oi, you guys at CGP!! There's a gap in da market- Latin revision guides. Look anywhere and I can assure you you won't find any (and if ya do, lemme know!!). I've been on a mad mission to find one and have I had any luck- have I hell. Wiv no disrepect, I insist you do summin' about it- I'm sure there's money in it! Money-Makin_Genius (who's very crap at Latin :-) )

DesiGal — , UK — 18 Jan 2001 at 19:55:00


Julia Stephenson — GLENFIELD, LEICESTER , UK — 18 Jan 2001 at 18:17:00

Your books are great! I'm in year 10 and they regularly get used in class for science, where the school sold them to us. However, our year group, the first one ever, can opt for triple science, which I'm doing. I get the impression we have to know a bit more, so how about a triple science version? I'm planning to get some more of your revision guides!

Bradley Hayman — Wimborne, Dorset , UK — 17 Jan 2001 at 23:05:00

my son came home from school with this web address i like to know if the anybooks that will help him at school he his 15years old fourth year at the dinnington comp please let me know thank you

june bryan — kiveton park, sheffield , UK — 17 Jan 2001 at 22:29:00

These books are my bible! I've got the whole set for GCSE and they are heaven - they have helped me so much! thanks CGP!

Cathy — Poole , UK — 17 Jan 2001 at 18:34:00

Thankyou for such a briilliant set of revision books. I use them as a maths teacher and as a parent. Super website - very easy to use and the on line oredering is brilliant - my order arrived in just 3 days. What about homework books for KS3 ? Keep up the good work.

Cathy Goddard — Kirby Muxloe, Leicester , UK — 17 Jan 2001 at 18:13:00

Dear CGP, I'd like to say thanks for your great revision guides!!! :) They've really helped me more than anything, probably because they're easy to use and even fun to read! It really beats your normal text books!! Your KS3 Macbeth revision guide is doing wonders for me, it's really helped me understand the play!! (A big thank you for that!!) If you ever feel like covering any subjects apart from maths, english and science (as far as I knowe they're the only subjects you cover??), PLEASE get back to me!! A CGP history book would be great!!!!!!! Sarah G

Sarah — Leicestershire , UK — 17 Jan 2001 at 16:40:00

The "CGP BOOKS" are a great help they are simple and easy to learn from i wanted to know do you do any geography,history,re,french,spanish,latin,revision guides thanks for the help an dgetting me grades up lots of love stevie lawlor

STEVIE LAWLOR — CATFORD, LONDON , UK — 17 Jan 2001 at 14:07:00

these books has help me get through the sars and to achieve a level 7 in maths i hope i can achieve just as good results with your books at GCSE level

Adam Jones — , UK — 16 Jan 2001 at 21:37:00

My daughter is 9 years old turning 10 in February, having trouble with simple multiplication KS2 I understand. Where should I look for help?

Christopher Nielsen — Kirkella , UK — 16 Jan 2001 at 21:00:00


SAM JO  — , UK — 16 Jan 2001 at 19:52:00

the books are great revision guides!!!!

amanda — , UK — 16 Jan 2001 at 19:01:00

It should be more kid friendly and have the books to read online.

Robert Smiths — , UK — 16 Jan 2001 at 18:35:00

absolutly brilliant books-they really help with my exam revision

Helen Saxton — , UK — 15 Jan 2001 at 21:42:00

Dear CGP, I'd just like to say that your books are wondeful in getting the message across to not just skip the areas you find most hard. Have you got revision guides for res mat? i wish you did! i have just sat my mocks after using your revision guides, my best one is biology....but theres one thing i dont like;the words 'groovy' and 'ace', they're a little bit outdated now! ne way...still love you books.well done richy!

Kiran Hunjan — , UK — 15 Jan 2001 at 19:36:00

I really like your revision books, they explain things really well, and dont more me one bit!!! Thankyou very much and wish me well in my GCSE exams!! (I've relied on your books - only joking!)

laura Grays — Essex , UK — 15 Jan 2001 at 19:25:00

I found this web site usefull as I have exams at the moment and I do have some revition guides by you but I need some more so thats why I checked out your web site and I will be visiting again when a new revitiopn guide comes out please let me know as it mite be usfull to me !

Victoria Anne Roberts — Tyne and wear, Newcastle upon , UK — 15 Jan 2001 at 15:40:00

Thank you to every one at cgp for making your brilliant books amazing. Do you do any books that are not core subjects eg. histoy, geography, French, etc.

Thomas Manuel — , UK — 15 Jan 2001 at 12:34:00

excellent resources - reccomend them to everyone

B Clark — , UK — 15 Jan 2001 at 11:12:00

Are you going to break down the science into sections like you have for Years 4,5,and 6 for Year 3?

Catherine Croasdell — , UK — 14 Jan 2001 at 16:27:00

My 10 year old daughter has recently finished Year Six Maths Classbook 6A. Upon checking, we have found that your answers are not all correct. I will be writing to you shortly with the details. Therefore I am not particularly impressed that YOU have not got it right and it was up to my daughter to point it out.

Carolyn Ludlow — Shropshire , UK — 14 Jan 2001 at 16:17:00


JOEL  — , Kazakhstan — 14 Jan 2001 at 16:11:00

i want free workbooks

GANZA — , UK — 14 Jan 2001 at 16:03:00

A really good selection of books and excellent easy to use web pages to go with it. Keep up the good work!

Colin Herd — Church Lawton, Stoke-on-Trent , UK — 14 Jan 2001 at 11:10:00

Great Books Keep up the good work, BUT can you not put the answers in the back of any book? I have to cut out the answers and therefore lose the index or last questions in the books. (KS1 books, KS2 books, I note that KS3 and above you don't but even quite little people have found the answers at the back!)

Mrs Curran — Grange-Over-Sands , UK — 13 Jan 2001 at 22:53:00

The books are the best. They have helped me gain confidense for my Ks3 exams. Thanks.

Rich Nendick — , UK — 13 Jan 2001 at 17:36:00

I find your books very useful but i'll soon be starting college and want to know what books I can buy.

Emma Taylor — Ipswich, Suffolk , UK — 13 Jan 2001 at 10:09:00

do you do gcse spanish revision guides?

shelley — lisburn, n.ireland , UK — 12 Jan 2001 at 22:29:00

Hi! I'd just liek to say a HUGE thank yoooooo to everyone who made the GCSE revision Guides. They are THE more helpful, useful, interesting, funny and brilliant revision guides around!! I used 7 of them during my GCSEs (last year and the year before) and i can say they REALLY did help: i got 10 A*'s !!!! thanks again, toni :-)

Antonia Dale — Cambridge , UK — 12 Jan 2001 at 21:58:00

I think your books are great, there really helping me with my maths, i think there really understandable. i wouldnt mind one for science!!! ha ha ha

Hannah McGrath — Rotherham, South Yorkshire , UK — 12 Jan 2001 at 21:50:00

I think that your nooks are great and they are really helpful because they are really clear adn they are probably the best revising books you could get this year to revise for your S.A.T.S and i think that most of the people should agree with that and thats the bottom line. This will get me to the highest level of standard i can get for the S.A.T.S because i have revised every thing in the books and that the best of the books are the science and the maths higher book and they could probably improve on the english higher book. If any one should get a book to revise for the S.A.T.S in year nine then they should get the higher one because it explains everything you need to know. Thank you for reading this. Saugiat Sharma

saugiat sharma — woolwich, london , UK — 12 Jan 2001 at 20:55:00

Hi! I think that your books are brill for revising!

Francesca Hogg — , UK — 12 Jan 2001 at 20:47:00

These books are cool they have really helped me during this school year cheers

Rob — , UK — 12 Jan 2001 at 19:40:00


sam scott — shropshire , UK — 12 Jan 2001 at 18:42:00

Thanx so much 4 all ur gr8 books- they're the best- only if i had used them a bit more efficiently 4 the mocks- i might have been ok. Thanx!!!

Sophie — London , UK — 12 Jan 2001 at 18:37:00

Excellent books - more please. 'A' level Physics?

peter spicer — wycliffe college, glos. , UK — 12 Jan 2001 at 15:29:00

Hi, Ive had my mock GCSEs this week so have using your books quite a bit but not as much as I should! Id just like to not if you have any plans for bringing out revision guide for the following subjects: GCSE textiles GCSE Art GCSE statistics GCSE english literature. Ive got the books for french, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, maths and geography and theyve all really helped me! thanx, Ruth (please email me in response)

Ruth — Preston , UK — 11 Jan 2001 at 21:06:00

this is a Rhally good web site

jodie jackson — ockham, rutland , UK — 11 Jan 2001 at 19:57:00

please send me any new information

katie — mexbrough, south yorkshire , UK — 11 Jan 2001 at 19:37:00

your books are the best, because they are clear and extremly helpful when trying to revise for my S.A.T.S. I love the way you have added pictures on each page, this makes me laugh!

sutha mohanadas — Letchworth, Herts , UK — 11 Jan 2001 at 16:44:00

I've just got home from mu first A level modular exam and I'd just like to say the revision book was brilliant for revising(suprisingly enough) I especially like the humour. I'm just here to see if there are similar books for other subjects.

Katie B — , UK — 11 Jan 2001 at 16:44:00

I am an A level student doing my 1st year lower sixth. Last year I managed to do my GCSE's successfully with the help of CGP GCSE revision guides and work books. I want to do well in my AS exams this year, and in order for me to do so, I once again need your help. I have already brought the A level P1 Maths book so far. I am also taking Biology, Chemistry and Generaal studies. But I havn't seen or heard about any revision guides available from CGP. Please can you let me know if you will be producing any books for the subjects I mentioned above. Thank you!

Ajanthini Chandramohan — London , UK — 10 Jan 2001 at 23:18:00

Your book for OCR Module P1 Maths, is brilliant, I've had all the CPG books for maths and science from GCSE and I still look back at them on occasion. The worked examples in the back are a really good feature, any possibility that in the (possible) P2 book you could include more?

Peter Rafferty — Broxted, Essex , UK — 10 Jan 2001 at 22:43:00

Please send a catalogue

Christine Wichall — Higham, Rochester, Kent , UK — 10 Jan 2001 at 22:18:00

I have been involved in home-schooling and Christian Schools education for some years. These are some of the best guides I've come across. The colours and graphics are excellent, and go a long way to encouraging children and youth to learn - and to educate themselves. Well Done!! I would like to see more subjects at both KS4 and 'A' level.

Rev Dr Thaddeus Irvine — Eglinton, Co. Londonderry , UK — 10 Jan 2001 at 20:26:00

will i still get school,s price if I order via e-mail from home? i teach at Whitwick st. john the baptist (formerly known as whitwick c e ) dave beeby

dave beeby — coalville , UK — 10 Jan 2001 at 19:11:00

I think that the revision guide are very good. They are very colourful which help you revise, i.e. you don't fall asleep while doing it!

Andy — , UK — 10 Jan 2001 at 19:09:00

hi i thought this website would let you anser some questions please e,mail me to get the questions to 9-10 or 8-9

faye — kirkella , UK — 10 Jan 2001 at 17:30:00

I'm just doing my mock gcses at the moment and your revision guides and workbooks are loads of help...but it would be really good if the history revision guides had stuff on the divided union....thanks! :)

Amy — , Bahrain — 10 Jan 2001 at 13:17:00

I recently bought one of your books KEY STAGE THREE SCIENCE Levels 3-5 I am imperssed with how the materials are presented. So I will be looking to buy other you have produced

Sharon Bewry — New Cross , UK — 09 Jan 2001 at 20:48:00

I have your Business Studies, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Intermediate Maths revision guides and they are so good!! I have just done my year 11 mocks and they have helped me so much! THANK YOU!! Luv Sarahx

xSARAHx — , UK — 09 Jan 2001 at 20:38:00

Please let me know when the A-Level guide for OCR module P2 is available.

J.O.Capper — Friends' School, Saffron Walde, UK — 09 Jan 2001 at 20:33:00

Your maths, physics and history books have helped me through my mocks, but why dont you have a Religious Studies book, a Classical studies book (greek mythology etc)and an IT book??? i DESPERATLEY need these, a spanish book and latin book would also be useful. Thanx Luv Lu xxx

Lucinda Rose — Cheshire , UK — 09 Jan 2001 at 16:53:00

We are now studying from the CGP books and think they are Brill!! With the colourfull pictures, it makes you more interested in studying and compared to the normal boring book, yours is like a rainbow!!

Emma and Chloe — , UK — 09 Jan 2001 at 13:02:00

Your books are excellent - both my 18 year old and 15 year old have used and are using them. The humour is a definite plus point and the summaries are extremely well done. One very small complaint. I was looking at GCSE Modern World History and found the wrong 'practice' on page one and on page four. In both cases the word is being used as a verb and should be 'practise'. I didn't read any further but your proof-reader should have known better!

Anne Betteridge — Portsmouth , UK — 08 Jan 2001 at 22:30:00

First time - looks great. I teach at St.Ives School, Cornwall

W. Smith — Carbis Bay , UK — 08 Jan 2001 at 22:24:00


LAURA JADE ELLISON — SHILDON , UK — 08 Jan 2001 at 20:28:00

Hello! I am doing my g.c.s.e's at the moment and i think that your books are brilliant. But please please could you do a book for information technology. I'm doing i.t. as one of my options and i need help. All your other books that i have are brilliant help to me. Thank you. Gemma

Gemma — Devon , UK — 08 Jan 2001 at 20:07:00

Wonderful books...any chance of a CD Rom edition of them

Jim Roberts — Driffield, East Yorkshire , UK — 08 Jan 2001 at 19:54:00

Your revision books are fantastic. I did my GCSE's last year and got one B, eight A's, and one A* (in maths!?!). Thanks!!!!

Dean — , UK — 08 Jan 2001 at 19:18:00

Will you be making a revision guide for GCSE Latin?

Emma — , UK — 08 Jan 2001 at 17:50:00

Your books are brill!

Emma — , UK — 08 Jan 2001 at 17:48:00

There good although we have learnt things in school for sats (year 9) that i didn't understand and were not covered in your books.

Lee Adams — , UK — 08 Jan 2001 at 13:07:00

When my husband returned home with a Biology GCSE book that you had produced I thought what a pity they don't produce books for Key Stage 2. This was some 3 years ago. I have used your books ever since and have converted the Maths and English coordinators to do likewise. They are fantastic for revision; abalanced ingredients of information and humour.

Isobel King — Cheltenham , UK — 07 Jan 2001 at 21:31:00

i think your books are great suince i am not to clever at the moment thjey have really made things exellent for me and make leraning fun age 10 sex male location uk if u would like to email.

Evan Roberts — hedge end, southamton , UK — 07 Jan 2001 at 18:10:00

Where are the SATS revision books for key stage 2 please? I need these as soon as possible.

C Edwards — , UK — 07 Jan 2001 at 17:00:00

i have the ks3 science book and i got to revise for the practise SATS i love them becaue they are fun and tell u everything keep them coming but try selling them at £2.50 then more would buy hem incluing me!

claire f — burleydam , UK — 07 Jan 2001 at 15:57:00

GREAT BOOKS- JUST ANOTHER COMMENT- ARE YOU GOING TO PUBLISH REVISION GUIDES FOR RE AND HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE GNVQ. YOU HAVE ONE GNVQ-BUSINESS STUDIES. Everyone in the United Kingdom has to do RE. MY topics are Judaism and Christianity. I already know I'm doing the higher paper in my GCSE because I got a good grade in my mock exam.

Mark Seeds — Newark, Notts , UK — 06 Jan 2001 at 19:35:00

They are brilliant books and wish you every success in publishing in the future. I am doing my maths HIGHER GCSE a year early and I am under a lot of pressure as I have my mock exams in 3 days. Your revision books are easy to use and I love them. I do have a problem though. I sent away for GCSE DOUBLE AWARD SCIENCE AND TECHNICAL TERMS about five days before christmas. I usually receive them within 5 days but it has been nearly three qweeks and still haven't got them yet. Please reply to my home

Mark Seeds — Newark, Notts , UK — 06 Jan 2001 at 19:26:00

I saw the web site on the back of the book and I had to try it out.

Natalie Wilson — Whalley Range, Manchester , UK — 06 Jan 2001 at 18:59:00

I think cgp revision guides are great but they need some kind of cd rom disc for those who have pcs, a cd or tape with information on and on the internet some kind of computed test.I don't have much time to spare so if it was on a cd it would help alot because i can be listerning and doing some thing at the same time.Thanks for listerning.Hope u think about my requestes!The site is good but could be a bit more interesting!Bye!

Jennifer Bird — , UK — 06 Jan 2001 at 18:47:00

your books helpped me alot with my sats getting me all level7's but i am now revising for my gcses next year and i need help on my latin. do u have any books coming out as no one else has. thanx

vicky — , UK — 06 Jan 2001 at 15:55:00

this site is helpfull

irene barker  — , UK — 06 Jan 2001 at 15:25:00

Do you do revision guides for the AS levels, if you are planning to do them in the future how long before they come out?

Sophie Parry Okeden — , UK — 05 Jan 2001 at 20:00:00

I think your revision guides are brilliant I used them at GCSE level and I am now using the maths modular for A-Levels I was a bit disappointed that you didn't do a more variety of revision guides for A-Levels in a variety of subjects.

yvette wright — lincoln , UK — 05 Jan 2001 at 16:40:00

your books are a great help but i was dissapointed that you didnt do a science book with everything in. i do double science at school and i have the modular book, am i supposed to use this to revise for my exam? plz email back.

sheonah hunt — , UK — 05 Jan 2001 at 14:00:00

Hi my name is samah and i live 3 ABBEY WAY ,WILLESBOROUGH, ASHFORD, KENT TN24 OHY and i'd like you to send me more information about your books because they are fun to read! thank you bye

samah — Ashford, kent , UK — 04 Jan 2001 at 23:46:00

The books are an excellent revision utility however I am curious to know how the GCSE Biology Higher revision guide can be Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Tell the vegetarians and vegans to stop eating the books rather than encouraging them by telling them it's safe to do so

Phillip Patterson — , UK — 04 Jan 2001 at 15:52:00

The science GCSE books in particular are very useful however I visited the site in the hope of purchasing a latin or an economics revision guide and was therefore disappointed

Phillip Patterson — , UK — 04 Jan 2001 at 15:41:00

I love your books and read them morning, noon and night! If any other boffin is reading this comment then e-mail me as i am desperate!

Willow Goldstone — , UK — 04 Jan 2001 at 14:17:00

your books are good but are to long how r we ment to learn everything but other wise they are ok

Matthew Ross — , UK — 03 Jan 2001 at 21:38:00

i am 10 years but want to order a book i am not doing it with the school so how can i order please tell me QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASHLEIGH

ashleigh — sidcup, kent , UK — 03 Jan 2001 at 18:06:00

We both have SAT's(ks 2 and 3) this year and they are very useful fot our studying!

Ceri-Sian and Jenny — , UK — 02 Jan 2001 at 13:30:00

Fantastic books which we have used and will continue to do so!

Margaret-Anne Looker — Royal Flight School, C.P.O. Mu, Sultanate of Oman — 02 Jan 2001 at 07:36:00

This site is quite good.

Julius Atuona — Peckham, London , UK — 02 Jan 2001 at 01:32:00

Your books help me persuade some young people who have been excluded from school (and everything else including family life) to remind themselves of things they dimly remember being taught.

Clare Marlow — Day Support Unit, Salisbury , UK — 01 Jan 2001 at 20:59:00

These books r wicked!! I was wondering whether u were planning on makeing a GCSE IT guide.The history guide helped me alot with my revision as I was totally lost about the topics i had to revise. Keep up the good work. Oh and jokes are excellent,they kept interested while i revised.

Jay — , UK — 01 Jan 2001 at 18:48:00

i have looked at other revision guides for GCSE levels and this company is the best one by far!! As i know from experience! And i will continue purching their items thanx, :o) Heather

Heather — co fermanagh , Northern Ireland — 01 Jan 2001 at 16:29:00