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Guestbook Archive - September 2001


tam — , UK — 29 Sep 2001 at 23:44:00

CGP your books are really good! thanx 2u I got really good SATS results and at the mo im stocking up on loads 4 GCSE!Thanx 4 making the best revision guides in the whole world!

Sophie — , UK — 29 Sep 2001 at 21:32:00

I am in Yr 9 and really like your books. I already have English-SATs revision guide and find it useful. I will use your books alot this year.

Claire — , UK — 29 Sep 2001 at 19:07:00


G ARMSTRONG — ELTON, PETERBOROUGH , UK — 29 Sep 2001 at 18:17:00

Hi CGP, I am 10 years old and I am doing my 11+ on Wednesday ,I have used your books for 2 years now and I would like to say thankyou for making these books and helping me to understand maths in a more relaxed yet eager way . Seeing as maths has not always been my strongest point I have improved immensly . I hope I pass the exams and that reading your books has helped me ,thanks again , from Rachel.

Rachel — Bexleyheath, KENT , UK — 29 Sep 2001 at 16:56:00

Brill site! Haven't bought your books! But might do so as I am studying GCSE Maths and GCSE Spanish at college. Not quite onto AS's yet! Wish I'd used your books when I did my GCSE's at school!

Jordan Locke — Lancing, West Sussex , UK — 29 Sep 2001 at 15:11:00


legor — , Hong Kong — 29 Sep 2001 at 13:54:00

I am 14 years old and Live in Bahrain. I have just ordered lots of books to help me with my new school. I used your books when I was living in the UK. I do hope that you can deliver to Bahrain. Thanks. Adam

Adam Culley — , Bahrain — 29 Sep 2001 at 13:53:00

My husband just discovered your books at Hammicks in Windsor and we think they are excellent. Easy to read, sympathetic, funny and well presented. We have been told that our son is going to have difficulty in attaining Level 4 in his SAT 2 next year (2002) in English. What can you recommend we do to help him in the short time left? He hates to read and write. We have just bought your study book Key Stage Two. We have bought your Science and Maths question books too!

Alison Norcross — Ascot, Berks, UK — 29 Sep 2001 at 10:50:00

I think these are really good books and i hope they help me pass my sats. from laura kitchen

Laura kitchen — , UK — 29 Sep 2001 at 01:00:00

I think these books are very good

julia charlesworth — milford, surrey , UK — 28 Sep 2001 at 18:09:00

I think that CGP books are great, as i got straight level 7's in my KS3 tests, and it's all to CGP! Thanks! I am now studying for my GCSE's, and the books are just as good, even better! Although i would have thought that is would be a good idea to bring out a DT Electronics study guide with all of the symbols and equations you need for the course, and maybe a book for all of the other DT's.

Kristopher Green — Grimsby , UK — 27 Sep 2001 at 22:15:00


esma irak — , UK — 27 Sep 2001 at 20:16:00

i just loved the books because it help me so much , im really happy now because ive past my exams aged 15

ESMA IRAK — , UK — 27 Sep 2001 at 20:09:00

Your web page is great and so are your books I would be failing in science and english without them!

Hollie Dixon — Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham , UK — 27 Sep 2001 at 12:44:00

Your books are amazing and are so easy to read they let the knowledge flow into you and you do not get bored from reading them like you do other books THANK YOU CGP!!!

Thomas Harrington — , UK — 27 Sep 2001 at 11:38:00

would you consider bringing out an r.e. book for k.s.2? is there a book for a level psychology?

ruth taylor — windlesham , UK — 26 Sep 2001 at 23:41:00

i just want to sat that your books are all really good and helping me for my gcse's, do you do a gcse spanish revision guide because i need at bit of help with it! Thanks again

Tori Cann — Norwich, Norfolk , UK — 26 Sep 2001 at 21:15:00

Do you sell other book's on subjects other than SATS study book's,which are fantastic. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Mrs P. Strange — , UK — 26 Sep 2001 at 20:59:00

i think this is a great site and i have ordered dozens of books off here before and they have given me great results in tests!

Rachael Louise Malicki — Horley, Surrey , UK — 26 Sep 2001 at 20:25:00

Ooh please tell me you are going to produce some year 4/5/6 WORKOUT BOOKS ON ICT!!!! The year 3 one is fantastic!!

Dave White — West Coker, Somerset , UK — 26 Sep 2001 at 19:44:00

Your books are great and so is your website but i think it would be great to use your site for information from the books.

James McLaren — , UK — 26 Sep 2001 at 19:28:00

Thanks CGP, I got level 7 for english and science and a level 8 for maths. I'd never have done it without you. I look forward to using your wikid guides for my GCSEs.

Caroline — , UK — 25 Sep 2001 at 18:49:00

my 10 year old daughter was shown these books at school,they are great! I wish i`d had them when i was young! now i`m looking at them for my 13 and 6 year olds who are all doing their sats next year. happy revising!!

Jane Long — luton , UK — 25 Sep 2001 at 12:49:00

Very good but on yr6 math page3 Q3 YOU DONT EXPLAIN DIVIDE USING the subtracting method.

Miss Kathryn Finney — Littleover, Derby , UK — 24 Sep 2001 at 19:50:00

do you do workbooks on child development or where i can get one

tracey rutland — romney marsh, kent , UK — 24 Sep 2001 at 17:14:00

good web page

willyem wade — derby , UK — 23 Sep 2001 at 21:01:00

this is a great website we have found the books very useful and funny!

jen and paul — , UK — 23 Sep 2001 at 18:55:00

I like your books!

junli — , UK — 23 Sep 2001 at 18:30:00

Great books - really helpful to reluctant revisers. Any chance of extending the AS/A level range to include Physics, Geography, etc.?

Christine — Carshalton , UK — 23 Sep 2001 at 18:30:00

you do very good books!

junli — , UK — 23 Sep 2001 at 18:29:00

I am a student at porchester community school and im doing inequalities and your book dos'nt explain the questoin on page 147 question 9 in the intermediate level gcse mathmatics workbook could you please send me an email explaining it to me thanks jenny

Jenny Palmer — Fareham, Hampshire , UK — 23 Sep 2001 at 18:27:00

To CGP at the back of your books are very funny comments,like'dry clean only'.These make me laugh alot. Corinna age 10

Corinna Lamb — , uk — 23 Sep 2001 at 17:35:00

<do you do seperate science award books or a-level physics?

rr — , UK — 23 Sep 2001 at 15:52:00

I think That your books are great. they help me to realy understand every think realy well.

Charlotte Astley — Leegomery, Telford , UK — 23 Sep 2001 at 08:37:00

hi ya got all the books 4 GCSE they r very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!! books r helppina lot though

melissa — , UK — 22 Sep 2001 at 17:42:00

Hi! I'm in desperate need of help! last yr (yr 10) i flunked nearly all my egsams. i failed pretty much all of em and i really need 2 get good grades, my mom wants me 2 get a lot of A'S and B's. I desperatly need your help. i got a G in my exams last yr in history and i need 2 get an A-B- please could u send me a history book so i can get a head start on studying. i would be sooooo GREATFULL! PLEASE?!

Farhana Walji — , UK — 21 Sep 2001 at 12:46:00

Your website is fab u lious is helped me alot with my KS3 work Because i have no school

Daniel Henderson — Hayse, London , UK — 21 Sep 2001 at 11:27:00


Fahad Arshad — , UK — 20 Sep 2001 at 22:01:00

Have you any intentions of providing guides for Statistics exams

angela simon — , UK — 20 Sep 2001 at 09:46:00

I go to Meadowhead School (Sheffield) and I have bought one of your Maths Revision Books for KS3.

Tim Brayshaw — Meadowhead, Sheffield , UK — 19 Sep 2001 at 20:15:00

The books are very good,would you make a D&T books for GCSE. I think thay are going to be even better.

William Sun — , UK — 19 Sep 2001 at 20:00:00

CGP - i am telling u to bring out some AS revision guides which make the courses look as easy as GCSE ones did. i'm waiting!

maria — , UK — 18 Sep 2001 at 21:26:00

very good website found it very usefull

Claire — , UK — 18 Sep 2001 at 20:40:00

i think your books are great

lauren — bishopsworth, bristol , UK — 18 Sep 2001 at 18:03:00

your website is fab.

katie lodder — hanworth, middlesex , UK — 17 Sep 2001 at 19:40:00

Hi! Please could you send me a copy of a year nine level 5-7 Geography book i think please because I'm really stuck! Please do so, pretty please because people in my class tease me in that subject.

Lisa Giet — Rotherhithe, London , UK — 16 Sep 2001 at 18:24:00

Hi! how do I get free books/copies just to see how the books (apparently "cool!"). Also, I'm doing my SATs this year. I need help in Geography. Please please pretty please can I get a free book, tell me how!! Thank you. Also, my local bookshop doesn't sell these thats why!! My friends love them so I want a try!!!

Lisa Giet — , UK — 16 Sep 2001 at 18:20:00

It helped me cope with gcse maths,thanks guys!

Michelle — Devon , UK — 16 Sep 2001 at 17:19:00

Sorry, please make a Sociology revision book!

Michael Tucker — Luton, UK — 16 Sep 2001 at 16:10:00

Please make a soiology revision book!

Michael Tucker — luton , UK — 16 Sep 2001 at 16:08:00

Absolutely brilliant-I don't know where I'd be without them. Clearly presented, direct and relevant questions in the workbooks-a lifesaver! Keep up the good work Chris Stone

Christine Stone — , UK — 15 Sep 2001 at 19:55:00

Your books are really usefull. Please can you explain why?

Samantha Vogan — , UK — 15 Sep 2001 at 17:24:00

Well done on some excellent books

Sophie — , UK — 15 Sep 2001 at 12:05:00

I took my Key Stage 3 SAT's about 4 months ago. I got 6 in English,7 in Science and 8 in Maths. Your books helped me loads. The books are great!

Richard — , UK — 14 Sep 2001 at 20:23:00

Could you please send me an order form and details of every book you publish as we are looking at increasing the study support opportunities in the school. Many thanks.

Vivian Grayson — Pilgrim Hospital School and LH, UK — 14 Sep 2001 at 10:19:00

very good the info is great

belinda bonner — , UK — 13 Sep 2001 at 15:37:00

Excellent materials. Keep up the good work.

A.lloyd — Harvey Jones Adolescent Unit, , UK — 13 Sep 2001 at 11:14:00

My mum wants me to have a full set of books to help me in years 9, 10 and 11. Can you tell me what I need please and arrange for me to be able to order them. My mum is wicked witch so I need to get staff prices and this is also a test to see how long response time is for Guestbook entries.

Nicola Wright — Broughton in Furness , UK — 13 Sep 2001 at 09:57:00

Excellent books - hoping to use them with the Inclusion unit. easy to access, fun, focused. Any freebies for my Years 7 -11 ????? (Well, I thought it was worth a try......)

Lily Ann Dawes — , UK — 12 Sep 2001 at 22:56:00

You sent me a copy of the GCSE IT book. I think it is great. Well done! I will be recommending some copies for our library in school.

Andrea McElroy — Omagh College, Omagh , UK — 12 Sep 2001 at 14:28:00

Samantha McLean - give your home school a name and order your books as a school. Plan ahead - 20 books and it's free postage. The books are brilliant! My kids love them. CGP - please can we have a German workbook?

Sue — North West , UK — 11 Sep 2001 at 22:42:00

the science books have saved my life!!!!!!!! i'm in year 11 and so far, my revision guides have passed me with 2 B's and 2 C's!! i recommend the books to everyone who's stuck on their science, they're a great help and have good ways to make the facts sink in (even if they are slightly crazy...!)

Rowena — , UK — 11 Sep 2001 at 20:08:00

Asking for a discount - they're really cheap already!

Sue — , UK — 11 Sep 2001 at 00:38:00

Love the ICT book. Do you only do year 3?

kath Ibbetson — Broom Cottages Primary School,, UK — 10 Sep 2001 at 12:35:00


SAMANTHA MCLEAN — , UK — 09 Sep 2001 at 19:24:00

it has help me and it is brill

chelsea rookley — berkhamsted, harts , UK — 09 Sep 2001 at 16:17:00

Great website and it helps with revision a lot!!

Avanti Vala — Pinner, Middlesex , UK — 09 Sep 2001 at 09:45:00

Nice books - can I have some free KS2 ones?!

Mr R Lilley — Fulneck School, Pudsey, Leeds , UK — 08 Sep 2001 at 21:44:00

Great! An ICT workbook for Year3 But when will there be one for the other primary years? Would love to use your scheme through whole school. Angela Lee Martindale JMI School Hemel Hempstead

A Lee — Hemel Hempstead, Herts , UK — 08 Sep 2001 at 18:42:00

Ur books r great- I wouldn't get through History without u!! Have u considered doing a GCSE music revision guide as there aren't any on the market?

Amy — Surrey , UK — 08 Sep 2001 at 16:07:00

thanks for your books they really make lessons more fun!

kaleigh stringer — , UK — 08 Sep 2001 at 13:48:00

I have a couple of your books already and find them really good, but am wanting to get quite a lot all at once is there any sort of multi-buy offer? thanx

alicia — Thornton-in-Craven, North York, UK — 08 Sep 2001 at 12:45:00

Wow! I am completely in love with CGP revision books and don't know how Id survive without them! But that's the problem, out of the 11 subjects I am taking for GCSE, only 5 are covered by CGP! So come on! Hurry up and bring out books for Additional maths, Triple award science, and possibly even religious Studies - I'll promise to revise extra extra hard - pretty please?!?!

Caron Mulligan — Holywood, Co. Down , UK — 08 Sep 2001 at 00:40:00

Please can CGP publish a GCSE economics revision guide? I'm waiting so desperately for it... Please if there is a business studies one for it then why isn't there an economics one?? Please publish a GCSE economics revision guide!!!!!!!

legor — , Hong Kong — 07 Sep 2001 at 15:11:00

Dear CGP, Thank you very much for making revision fun again. Thanks to you I aced a test in Maths.

Charlotte Sanz-Henry — Exmouth Devon , UK — 07 Sep 2001 at 08:39:00

I think it should be possible to either view the whole book or download it.

Ryan Martel — vale , Guernsey — 06 Sep 2001 at 16:52:00

Your books are great and they make everything really clear.

Eleanor Katherine Thomson — Warwickshire , UK — 06 Sep 2001 at 07:26:00

Thanks for making your books- they really help me. are there any plans for a latin gcse book? Can i buy english revision guide, english technical terms spanish all for gcse higher here? Is there a multibuy offer?

Abbie — , UK — 05 Sep 2001 at 22:25:00

I am very pleased with your book it has helped me with maths and i will be buying more or them.

Victoria Jones — Oxfordshire , UK — 05 Sep 2001 at 19:06:00

very nice

clint — , Malta — 05 Sep 2001 at 19:04:00

I think CGP should produce a revision guide to help with Economics at GCSE level.

Michael baranowski — , UK — 05 Sep 2001 at 11:19:00

i know its too much too ask but could you send me some gcse papers and papers on KS3 sats... please as i have all your books but i still need some extra help!  please send me some practice papers please please please please please please please please please Thank-you

Navroop Birha — Handsworth , UK — 03 Sep 2001 at 15:25:00

I thought I would write a little message to say your books are really helpful thank you and goodbye

Sian — , UK — 02 Sep 2001 at 16:06:00

hello.I am from argentina, on october u am sitting for the IGCSEs exams and i'm really worried about them. I'm afraid of not reaching a passing mark.I'm also more worried because im sitting for extended papers in "firts language english". i would like to get somo information abaout them...please write to me thank you

constanza — , Argentina — 02 Sep 2001 at 01:04:00

Your books are BRILL!!! I recently passed all my GCSEs at grade A or A* and I used your books in most subjects. They helped me loadz and are really just wicked! Thanx a lot guys!

Joana Teixeira — , UK — 01 Sep 2001 at 16:30:00