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Guestbook Archive - May 2004

There are no games for the KS1 science book on the internet.

Kalp — , UK — 30 May 2004 at 16:01:00

I want to revise for I.C.T. but you don't give the option apart from English maths, and science what can I do?

Helen Farrell — , UK — 30 May 2004 at 14:56:00

CGP is very good though the jokes are very stupid!

Paris — , UK — 30 May 2004 at 14:54:00

I was very shocked to see that you have child development books, I have never seen them anywhere before and it is nice to see them as I am studying child development at school and it is very hard to find. So thank you very much.

Jacqueline Barton — , Germany — 30 May 2004 at 14:34:00

I think these books help you better, to guide you and help you on your revision.

Natalie — Becaon, Lough , UK — 30 May 2004 at 13:52:00

I bought some books and practise papers today and I really need them for Wednesday! But I've just realised that today is Sunday and tomorrow is bank holiday. Is there any way these books will get to me in time? (PS, love your books!)

Rebecca — Crawfordsburn, Northern Irelan, UK — 30 May 2004 at 13:22:00

Can you offer a wider range of subjects to revise from online. e.g. food technology, geography, religious studies, child development as well as the current ones (French, English, science and maths).

Claire Rees — , UK — 30 May 2004 at 11:01:00

Your book is amazing. It has helped me to get to an A* grade from a B. Thank you very much! Although I do think that you should add more questions into the books and state the board that question applies to... and please add more of those witty comments! Thanks a lot.

Pavan — , UK — 29 May 2004 at 16:40:00

Can you help me revise and give tests on Maths?

Hamad Khan — , UK — 29 May 2004 at 12:13:00

These are the only books if you want to revise your exams easily. I had no chance with my English exams, but these are really explaining a lot to me about how to tackle the whole thing. Thanks CGP.

Adrian — Blackburn , UK — 28 May 2004 at 23:31:00

Well done CGP, I borrowed an Edexcel Music GCSE guide on Monday night for revision for the exam on the Tuesday, and thanks to your guide, I sailed through most of the exam. You guys rule!

GC — , UK — 28 May 2004 at 17:47:00

Your AS Physics books are great, however I have heard nothing off the A2 Physic CGP books. Do you do them? If you make the A2 Physics books as well, that will be fantastic!

Subsingh — , UK — 28 May 2004 at 16:35:00

I have always found CGP books the most helpful revision guides, which best fit the modules set by individual exam boards. However now I am completing AS levels, one being history and was surprised and disappointed to find you do not have a CGP revision book for history at this level.

Cheryl — Eastleigh, Hants , UK — 28 May 2004 at 15:16:00

Why is it more expensive for people out side the schools to buy these books?

Daisy-Rose Cole — , UK — 28 May 2004 at 13:01:00

Can we look at the books online?

Stephanie — , UK — 28 May 2004 at 11:38:00

The CGP books are really good, they explain everything really clearly and in a language that I can understand! My maths teacher is really good but goes through each topic so fast that I never really understand it first time round and I feel stupid if I ask too many questions. The maths books for year 8 really help me in revising for my summer exams. Thank you.

Kate Harding — London , UK — 27 May 2004 at 21:23:00

I want to buy some of your books, particularly GCSE secondary books so I am requesting you to make me understand how you can receive my money for those books and how you can send me those books. Please let me get the answer so quickly.

Hussein Moalim — , Somalia — 27 May 2004 at 20:51:00

The books are wicked, I love them.

Kay — , UK — 27 May 2004 at 16:39:00

Your books really helped me with my exams, thank you!

Jonathan McBride — Limavady, Co. Londonderry , UK — 27 May 2004 at 10:56:00

Hello people, the CGP revision books are good so keep using them, remember this is your future you are looking forward to so don't play around. Stay blessed

Bola Adeyemi — Greenwich , UK — 27 May 2004 at 10:33:00

The CGP books I've got have good quality content, and the jokes make revision for GCSE's a lot more fun, even if they are a bit cheesy! Well done, and keep up the good work.

Anthony Moore — Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside , UK — 26 May 2004 at 22:33:00

Just want to say that I find it hard to revise and look to websites to help. I had a go at many of the science questions which are then marked and found that they were great at improving my knowledge! Hope it pays off in the exam! Thank you.

Amy — , UK — 26 May 2004 at 16:05:00

Wow! I love CGP books - I first got the Chemistry, Physics and Biology ones from my school but I found them so useful I bought all the other subject ones I can afford! Why don't people realise, though, that this website is a promotional one? If you want to revise, then go to other websites! And also, why do people bother revising for SATs? They are of zilch importance! And seeing as everyone else has the cheek to ask for free books, then I might as well try - send me a load of free books! Every one in the GCSE range - I love them so much. The only thing that I don't like about the CGP books is that there are no answers at the end of the units - you have to find them yourself - and that CGP don't do more books! I would find it great if you could do books for some of the more obscure subjects, and a wider range of A level books as they are the best I have ever come across. Which books are you making at the moment?

Louise — Wootton Fields, Northampton, UK — 26 May 2004 at 14:42:00

Your books are great in helping with crucial exam revision

Amaka Oduoza — Codsall, South Staffordshire , UK — 26 May 2004 at 13:09:00


Peter Willis — Histon, Cambridge , UK — 26 May 2004 at 11:22:00

Can we please get some free ks3 maths SATs papers online and be able to print them off

UJ — Abington, Northampton , UK — 25 May 2004 at 22:04:00

Your practice papers are ace! Thanks CGP!

Cassidy — , UK — 25 May 2004 at 20:56:00

I just want to tell you that your books rock. I've been doing really well in science now - so thanks!

Sash — , UK — 25 May 2004 at 20:37:00

Thanks so much! Your books are great and a bunch of giggles! You kept us amused!

Becky Webster — , UK — 25 May 2004 at 20:35:00

Your books are so expensive. Why? I wasn't being rude or anything just asking.

Paragi — , UK — 25 May 2004 at 20:19:00

Excellent books to assist with coursework, clear and concise

Cecile Rogawski — Halifax , UK — 25 May 2004 at 20:12:00

Hello I bought your books for my GCSEs which I am doing at the moment. I am taking my A-levels next year and I am quite worried that there are no books for the A-levels I am taking English lit, business studies and German. I was rubbish before I used your revision books and definitely need them for my A-levels, are you getting A-level books out in those subjects soon? I really need them!

Lauren — , UK — 25 May 2004 at 17:24:00

I think your books are fab, forget the teachers I'd like to see you teaching in years to come!

Hanaa Khan — , UK — 25 May 2004 at 16:42:00

The site and books are absolutely great, any chance of creating a GCSE book for Electronics?

Sarah — , UK — 24 May 2004 at 22:25:00

Hey CGP. Just a note to say keep up the good work! I am now on study leave for my GCSEs and I am finding your books very useful and entertaining. I especially like the message on the back, just above the barcode - always guaranteed to make me smile! Thank you for your books!

Emma — Sheffield , UK — 24 May 2004 at 21:12:00

Great books, but slow delivery.

Jack Haywood — , UK — 24 May 2004 at 20:22:00

Thank you so much for your great books I would never have managed all my revision without them. Please keep making them and publishing them. I owe you my chance to do triple science award, thanks.

Edd Hatton — Ayelsbury , UK — 24 May 2004 at 18:56:00

Where can I revise on this website? I keep going onto the revision page but there isn't any revision on it!

Madeleine — , UK — 24 May 2004 at 17:23:00

Great revision books , use them in my GCSE work they're great books to use.

Vaness Eley — , UK — 24 May 2004 at 17:23:00

Hiya, I absolutely love the CGP revision guides. They've helped me so much so I'd like to say thank you. Also I want to ask, who writes the funny things on the back of the books. They really crack me up. Thanks again.

Sarah Hitchcock — , UK — 24 May 2004 at 14:01:00

What a fantastic revision guide, thanks to CGP I passed my ICT GCSE exam.

Rob — , UK — 24 May 2004 at 12:02:00

Good luck to everyone with their GCSE's, see you on the other side.

Ben Everard — Taunton , UK — 24 May 2004 at 11:52:00

Hey its me again, are you going to bring out any more A level revision guides because I can't survive without them! I'm doing history, biology (I know you already have them), law and English literature. Please bring out some more A level books because your books are wicked! I've got an ICT exam today and have done no revision so I'm going to fail! Never mind I'm sure I'll get over it - I'm only doing foundation half course anyway.

Sophie — Tunbridge Wells , UK — 24 May 2004 at 11:50:00

I think your books are really good, but I'm really worried now because I'm doing my A levels next year and you don't seem to have any books for many A level courses. Why is this?

Sophie — Tunbridge Wells , UK — 24 May 2004 at 11:35:00

Hiya to everyone doing their GCSEs good luck.

Angie — , UK — 23 May 2004 at 21:57:00

Hey I'm so glad I bought these revision books, they've been really useful for my GCSE exams!

Gemma — Merseyside , UK — 23 May 2004 at 19:54:00

Have used CGP revision books for A level P1, S1 and P2 modules. Any plans for a P3 module revision book as this is the hardest module for A level maths

Catherine Comer — , UK — 23 May 2004 at 19:39:00

I think there should be more revision sections. But other than that, it's quite good.

Gemma — Bury St.Edmunds , UK — 23 May 2004 at 19:03:00

I was using this web site to help me revise but it doesn't cover all of the topics I needed to look at.

Kirsty — , UK — 23 May 2004 at 18:12:00

The revision exercises are pretty darned good. Almost as good as your jokes in the books. No seriously, the science ones are very good especially the carbon cycle one and the laws of motion, I haven't checked out the others but I will do. Thanks

Lucy — , UK — 23 May 2004 at 17:26:00

Hiya, I'd just like to say, that your books are great and you've actually managed to make revision kind of fun with your useless comments. So keep up the good work, and you people really make a difference to us greasy kids trying to learn! (not that I'm greasy).

Natalie — Manchester , UK — 23 May 2004 at 16:59:00

Brilliant books! I'm sitting my IT GCSE exam tomorrow, (EEK!), and while it's my strongest subject, there's still stuff that I have difficulty memorising - e.g. the meaning of WORM, parts of a CPU, etc, however your cool pictures and explanations are helping greatly! If I get the A* I'm predicted, it's partially down to you guys!

Hannah — , UK — 23 May 2004 at 16:40:00

Good for revision... even with the cheesy jokes.

Lissy — , UK — 23 May 2004 at 13:25:00

I thought the site was pretty rubbish for the revision side and stuff, but I've got the science books and they are really good! I've got my GCSEs next year but I am doing modules in science and maths. I would like to know if you could send me a foundation maths revision book. Do you do them? It would be a great help.

Victoria Jackson — Retford , UK — 23 May 2004 at 13:07:00

This Is a great site

Gemma Bland — , UK — 23 May 2004 at 11:51:00

Are you planning to make more books for AS and A level by next year? The current crop of GCSE guides you make are fantastic, and I hope to see some guides for sixth formers.

Chris OB — Cardiff , UK — 23 May 2004 at 01:29:00

Hi there everyone. I revise out of your science book and I love it a lot. I learn with your books so quickly. I got a level 3 in yr 8 but with the help from your books I got a level 6. And I still use it for my GCSE. I'm now in the top set. Thanks.

Jinaa Shah — London , UK — 22 May 2004 at 21:16:00

Lovely books and website, thank you.

Clara — , UK — 22 May 2004 at 20:01:00

Thank you so much CGP for your books! They have helped me hugely and I have gained better grades since using your books. thanks!

Bronagh — Castlewellan , UK — 22 May 2004 at 19:54:00

I really like your groovy website! It's very colourful and easy to use. Just one problem, could you please design some more online revision questions/games in different levels. Thank You very much! P.S - Your books are very good to revise from because they are very different to the rest of the revision books. Please could you publish some more. Once again thank you very much for the wonderful CGP Books.

Saima — , UK — 22 May 2004 at 15:49:00

For anyone doing A level Maths, make sure you buy the CGP practice exam papers. I recently got the results for my S1 module and got near 90%. I mostly owe this to the CGP revision guide and the similarity between the S1 practice papers and the real exam (Edexcel)

Anonymous — , UK — 22 May 2004 at 15:11:00

I thought that when I was studying for GCSE your books were very helpful especially for P.E. But I think that you should have more A-level books. I have given up hope on passing A level P.E. No one does any revision guides for it.

Tara Wickham — , UK — 22 May 2004 at 13:58:00

Thanks for your books! They are really helpful!

Eloise Page — , UK — 22 May 2004 at 08:06:00

Hi CGP we're are using your books right now to study for our school project.

Denice and Katherine and Michaela and La — , UK — 21 May 2004 at 19:22:00

Hello. I'd just like to say thank you and well done to all the team at CGP for an excellent set of resources. Your books have really helped our children to perform well at school and your impeccable standards for customer service and joke-writing is a credit to the nation. Well done.

Tony — Whitehall , UK — 21 May 2004 at 16:23:00

Come on and join the fun on this cool website! Thanks you CGP guys.

Dave — , UK — 21 May 2004 at 16:19:00

I think this website is really good but there isn't any practice papers for English Language or Biology. I needed some help in revision on my study release so I thought I'd look up this website because your books are really good.

Rachel — , UK — 21 May 2004 at 15:51:00

Why do you not have a text guide for Julius Caesar which is on the GCSE exam reading list? I really need one quickly!

Sarah — , UK — 21 May 2004 at 14:13:00

Hiya, your books are great I just bought the psychology As level revision guide but I think you could improve by making more AS/A level revision books because all the other books out there just aren't interesting or funny. You especially should make German AS revision guides because no one makes them and it is really annoying!

Kimberley Cole — , UK — 21 May 2004 at 14:06:00

Great books. Best value for money on the market, but I'm waiting for GCSE Media Studies. With my exam just weeks away, I've given up hope. Try making more A-Level books, I'll be knee deep in A-Levels soon.

Pete Woodward — Newcastle Upon Tyne , UK — 21 May 2004 at 07:41:00

Very good and helpful too.

Camilla Perfect — Knutsford, Cheshire , UK — 20 May 2004 at 20:55:00

I think that CGP revision books make revising fun and interesting!

Carrie — , USA — 20 May 2004 at 19:45:00

The books are really good but could you make one for geography and could you have more subjects eg: history, geography on your revision.

Imogen — , UK — 20 May 2004 at 19:01:00

I think your books were very good thank you very much. Please can you make them less expensive, thanks.

Maria — , UK — 20 May 2004 at 16:29:00

I have in the past received excellent advice on a number of tuition matters from a Jane Ross at CGP. She quite evidently has a great deal of experience.

Hugh — Chipping , UK — 20 May 2004 at 15:22:00

When I first started college I was having real trouble with biology and chemistry. The college issued everyone with these ultra thick books which were so tedious, and were absolutely rubbish! I used CGP books for my GCSE and I got straight A's, but when I started using these books issued by the college, my grades dropped. I was praying for the CGP guys to produce revision guide for AS biology and chemistry and to my luck, a few months later I checked out the CGP website and they did! I was so thrilled. I am more enthusiastic about biology and chemistry now and I am thinking about doing it next year for A2. Great work guys, you are life savers! Will you, by any chance,  be doing some A2 revision guides for biology ad chemistry?

Yen Tran — London , UK — 20 May 2004 at 14:48:00

I ordered the Higher Maths book yesterday at about 11am and it was at my house this morning before I woke up, very express and free delivery. Thanks for all the help from your books.

Tom — Bucks , UK — 20 May 2004 at 12:21:00

I think your books are awesome and have got an optional SATs test soon and am not worried because of your fab books. I am ten. I have done your practice papers, revision books and worksheets in maths, English and science.

Olivia Asquith — , UK — 20 May 2004 at 12:15:00

I think that your books are brilliant and I always use them, I am a primary school teacher for Lane End Primary school in Lane End and I hope you enjoy your job. A quick question do you ever think of donating books as a competition? And what keywords should my daughter put on a living things title page for Science?

Jessie Wapshare — , UK — 20 May 2004 at 11:31:00

I love the CGP revision guides, but like someone else has mentioned in the guestbook, you don't do a revision guide on Economics! This has to be the most difficult GCSE you can take! Is an Economics book in the pipeline?

Vicki Spiller — , UK — 19 May 2004 at 20:06:00

I am happy to become a member of CGP

Bhaveena Panchal — Swinton, Manchester , UK — 19 May 2004 at 18:42:00

Your books have really helped me but I would like to see CGP publish GCSE Leisure & Tourism books.

Oliver Carr — Nottingham , UK — 19 May 2004 at 18:22:00

Can you please get some more revision books for Standard Grade?

Megan — , UK — 19 May 2004 at 12:51:00

Many thanks CGP! My 10 year old daughter, is studying for the Transfer test in November. We have been doing a little extra work at home and have found the KS2 books invaluable both when revising and doing homework. They are excellent, in fact at times, we have been reduced to tears of laughter doing some of the questions! Thank you for making learning so much fun.

Cathy Fenning — , UK — 19 May 2004 at 08:34:00

Hi, I'm visiting your site for the first time. I'd like to say that your books are great and have really been helpful to me . I came on the site to see what books I could find on physics, mathematics, and science. My only comment is, keep up the good work. I know that your books are helping thousands of people all over the world, with their education.

Elwood Rolle — Nassau , Bahamas — 19 May 2004 at 02:23:00

I am a happy mother - at last a company that can help - I have been searching for material to enhance my two boys' education - the teachers were all for parents helping at the start but that has waned - yet I want to help as would any parent, and you have enabled this. Thank you.

Catherine Plevin — St Martin, Guernsey , UK — 18 May 2004 at 21:35:00

Ok then. Am I sad for going through all this and reading it? Anyways, I'm reading through the Spanish GCSE book now... The jokes are well cheesy.

Jadey — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 21:07:00

The books are good and helpful etc...

Tom — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 19:20:00

Hiya CGP. I would just like to thank you for your help with my SATs exams. Your revision guides really helped, they're great so please keep up the good work. Also, maybe you could produce some for languages as many other people have said in here. I can see by your guestbook your books are very popular, well done. Thanks very much for your help.

Vicky Singh — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 18:38:00

I'm doing my GCSEs and I'd just like to say that the CGP books are truly the best books that I have come across. They help me get on with revision, and I find that these are the only books that do this. I used them for my year 6 SATs, year 9 SATs, and now for my GCSEs. I'd recommend these books to anyone.

Matthew Francis — Cullompton, Devon , UK — 18 May 2004 at 17:24:00

Hey good site and easily the best revision books by far, why is there no Irish revision book? I do Irish for GCSE and I think that an Irish book may help, don't you think it's a little bias doing all the other languages apart from Irish?

Emma — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 17:03:00

Well done on getting the Edexcel Music GCSE book out, school bought some copies of them and I've been using them in lessons, the jokes are cheesy but they work... so, yeah... nice one

GC — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 14:06:00

I think your books are great! This is a really good online revision site. Try it out!

James Shortland — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 13:57:00

This website is the best thing that has ever hit the web!

Mark — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 12:56:00

Online revision rocks!

Lucy Marshall — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 10:41:00

Very good web site thank you very much for your help.

Keeleigh Atkin — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 10:41:00

I would like to say that your books are great. I am just about to go into my German exam and am feeling kind of nervous - help me. Thanks.

Anonymous — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 10:29:00

I think your books are great. But some of them are just naff. They are ok but I would like to say that they are good for revising, then you can pass them down to your brother or sister, thanks.

Julian Mansfield — Glossop, Derbyshire , UK — 18 May 2004 at 10:26:00

I think that your GCSE revision guides are rally good. I think that they are packed with useful information to help us learn and revise for our GCSEs. Thanks for bringing out the revision guides or I would be in a pickle with all my revision. If you have time would you let me know if you are going to bring out a book on how to be calm before your exams. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Emma Cooper — Glossop, Derbyshire , UK — 18 May 2004 at 10:22:00

Can you tell me why I can never get through to your contact center order line at lunchtimes? As this is one of the best times for teachers to contact you, I trust you have extra resources available at this critical time.

Linda McLeod — , UK — 18 May 2004 at 08:48:00

You don't have a revision guide 2 as use of math do you because I am stumped.

Sol — , UK — 17 May 2004 at 21:04:00

I want some help on my SATs which will begin next year and I just want some information in which book's I should buy, please give me at least a list of revision KS 3 books, thank you.

Sajida — , UK — 17 May 2004 at 20:02:00

This is a really cool website. It is all I need to do well in my exams!

Natasha Thompson — Lower Heyford, Bicester , UK — 17 May 2004 at 18:26:00

My school has ordered a lot of books for nearly all my subjects. The geography books are the best. My sister is using KS3 books and I am using GCSE. I have my exams soon and am confident with them because I have used your books. I am on study leave now and am revising using your books and others. I build websites myself. Your site looks a bit cheap. I can't pay for my sites so I use free companies, your site looks like it is free and cheap. Spruce it up by adding more pictures and colour.

Alex French — , UK — 17 May 2004 at 13:52:00

Hiya CGP, this site is cool, but you need some more categories - like food technology, child care and ICT, because some people really need these subjects.

Riggers — Carlisle , UK — 17 May 2004 at 11:01:00

I love this

Omar — , UK — 16 May 2004 at 22:01:00

Great revision books... cheaper is better.

Richard Bramall — Perton, Wolverhampton , UK — 16 May 2004 at 21:59:00

The website looks really good and helpful. It would be good if you did a GCSE German book as I am at a language school /sixth form and I have never done French as I chose German. I also do Chinese mandarin, but I don't think you would be able do a revision guide about that. By the way the website is brill, I will definitely come back for revision tips.

Alex H — , UK — 16 May 2004 at 21:56:00

I have jsut done the KS2 SATs and I had your books to revise from. I am hoping for all level 5s. Thanks for your books, they have been great.

Ella — Gedling, Nottingham , UK — 16 May 2004 at 16:42:00

This was really helpful, I think it's really boring just reading books - except CGP books because they make it fun. The games on the website were really informative and I wish that the put a book under your pillow trick would work because I'm always busy, except when I am asleep. So thank you very much.

Paula Smith — , UK — 16 May 2004 at 12:30:00

HI, could you please send me one of your free CGP catalogues, thanks.

Oliver Hackitt — Nuneaton, Warwickshire , UK — 16 May 2004 at 10:56:00

I'd like to know if you do any software, DVD's or videos for revision on KS3 Physics - Electricity & Magnetism to be specific. Thank you for your time

Jerome Noel — London , UK — 15 May 2004 at 23:53:00

The CGP books are very good. Prices are a bit high!

Rajiv — , UK — 15 May 2004 at 22:58:00

Your guestbook is cool

Paula Anthony — , UK — 15 May 2004 at 19:00:00

Your books are great, however there should be more A level subjects as they would be a great use.

Samantha — , USA — 15 May 2004 at 18:30:00

Why don't you have more varieties in A-level subjects such as law and history?

faz — , UK — 15 May 2004 at 18:29:00

Hi, this website is so cool.

Kez — , UK — 15 May 2004 at 16:48:00

I think this website is great if you want to revise maths, English and science. There are some very straightforward questions. To improve you should have different subjects for revision.

Tasha — , UK — 15 May 2004 at 15:45:00

Please could you send me a free KS2 English book and some SATs papers. Thank you.

Mohammed Akhlaq — Desbury, West Yorkshire , UK — 15 May 2004 at 12:50:00

I love this site! Its cool!

Charlotte — Edmonton, London , UK — 15 May 2004 at 12:03:00

Hi, me again. I have gone of you because I think your books are too expesive. I phoned to order a CD because the book I bought didn't have one in it and the people I spoke to were not friendly at all. Trying to write this comment is not very good at all, you can not write because you have overwrite on it, please can you do something about it.

Mitch — Hornchurch, Essex , UK — 15 May 2004 at 10:51:00

I am in Y9. And I've been using your company for almost 2 years. And, as a student, I think that CGP is the best quality books I've ever used. Because: you always go through each level, step by step, you list all the important points with explanation, so that it is clear to everybody. And finally, it is very cheap. Others are also a good and are the same price. But, who will buy others when they have the good old CGP? Which is more clearer? CGP of course! CGP is the world's life-saver! So, very well done! (I suggest you make KS3 Geography!)

Hani Zanika — Danescourt, Cardiff, UK — 14 May 2004 at 23:14:00

Your GCSE books have been fantastic and your AS maths and chemistry books are of the same high standard. However I have been disappointed to find that the Edexcel biology AS revision guide fails to include the food tests as specified by the exam board. It would also be really appreciated if the physics AS book included the imaging and signalling content of the OCR B specification as well as slightly more on the Quantum chapter as this is a really hard bit to get your head round! Overall I love your books. Please publish some A2 ones in time for next years exams!

Emma Wilcockson — , UK — 14 May 2004 at 20:35:00

Hi! I am just on a holiday and guess what, I have to prepare for the KS2 SATs test. And I have already got a 5 for English and science. But for maths I have got a 4. Also in two weeks we are having the tests. The CGP books are really good.

Melain Khan — Burton upon Trent , UK — 14 May 2004 at 19:00:00

Hey CGP your books are great and I love the quirky comments above the barcodes! Also I saw a comment made in my textiles revision guide and I would be interested in a haute couture revision guide on sloth baiting, thanks!

Ellie — Bognor Regis, West Sussex , UK — 14 May 2004 at 16:49:00

Hi, to all the people at CGP. I would just like to say that I think your books are fantastic and they are an excellent way to revise. I think that it would be good if your site had test sheets or something like that, which we can answer and it can tell us how well you think we will do in the SATs, by our mark. For example if we get 80 out of 100 then it will get a level 6/7 or something. I'm not too sure about the marking scheme but I am going to take my SATs next year and I am sure that all the year 8's, this year (including me), will really appreciate it. Thank you for reading this and i hope that you will take it into account.

Shivani Patel — , UK — 14 May 2004 at 15:47:00

Your books are horrible! They are patronising, sarcastic and don't teach me anything. Will somebody please tell me the need for stupid, unintelligible jokes put on every spare corner of the page? This could be filled up with added information to improve our marks. I have been trying to study for GCSE ICT with your books, but have so far failed, getting a D in my mocks, whilst getting A and A* in other subjects. Your books do not provide any worthwhile information, and are pointless. I would recommend to anyone to use other revision guides. (PS - to any AS, A Level students - use another type of revision guide. My older brother says others are great, and he's studying at Oxford!)

Craig Danson — Chelsea, London , UK — 14 May 2004 at 13:58:00

The books are good. I'm doing my AS-levels, they are helpful especially in my worst subject, psychology. I agree with the others, the online revision should be better.

Kerrie — , UK — 14 May 2004 at 11:48:00

Please make the books cheaper.

Anonymous — , UAE — 14 May 2004 at 10:58:00

How come in the GCSE Religious Studies Revision guide, it does not cover Hinduism at all?

Hamish Forbes — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 23:46:00

Nice to see Welsh books being made available.

Arwyn & Rhian Gwyn — Seven Sisters, Neath , UK — 13 May 2004 at 22:46:00

CGP books are the best and the prices are very good. They never fail to make me laugh which is hard to do when you are revising. So well done, your books are (in your great words) ace.

Lottie — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 22:06:00

Thanks for doing the really cool books! The website's wicked to! They really helped me during my year six SATs. I found out loads of stuff! And did well in my SATs!

Isabella Poole — West Malvern , UK — 13 May 2004 at 21:46:00

Dear CGP, I have just done my year 6 SATs exams and your books had none of the writing information that was needed. We needed how to write an accident report and how to write a speech in future tense. I hope you will add these things to your new books so others will not have to guess what to do.

Anonymous — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 21:38:00

I think that it is very good to be able to revise online.

Baron Browne — Islington, London , UK — 13 May 2004 at 21:14:00

Hi I think the CGP books are cool, but the online maths games, I am sorry to say are boring, but the books are great

Char — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 20:10:00

Listen, I like your comments, but they're a bit annoying when you're trying to learn your SATs

Shameela — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 19:02:00

Crikey! I thought I was seeing things when my books came this morning. I ordered them precisely 38 hours previously. You don't get better service than that, plus the books are ace. I am so going to pass. Thanks!

Julie — Staffordshire , UK — 13 May 2004 at 18:20:00

I think CGP books are amazing. They make learning fun and easy. It is usually said that people who use CGP books get better marks. Personally I think it is the best, but it should be easier to use.

Sonia Rach — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 17:19:00

The guidance page for this, was not available!

Mrs Celia Temple — Behaviour & Attendance Sup, UK — 13 May 2004 at 15:58:00

Very good books and very funny.

Jim — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 15:52:00

I think that it would be a good idea to have a sociology revision book as there are no revision books at GCSE level, so it would be a real help to students taking this subject. Also no other people make this subject revision book either so it could be the only one, which could really benefit your company and make profits. Also I don't think that citizenship and PSHE should take priority as there is not even an exam in these subjects so there is no revision needed! Thank you.

Lauren — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 15:49:00

Your company is great, it's helped me a lot!

Amina Aziz — Stourbridge, West Midlands , UK — 13 May 2004 at 14:04:00

I think CGP books are really good, but I wish CGP would put a revision page on their site where we can do revision without ordering the books, does anyone agree with me?

John Tilbury — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 13:41:00

Your books are fantastic.

Ben Willis — Highfield, Wigan , UK — 13 May 2004 at 12:31:00

Great fun, such an easy way to study. I think I have really improved by doing this.

Kady Stimson — , UK — 13 May 2004 at 10:25:00

Could you please send me a maths intermediate book please. As I have used your books before and found them very helpful, especially when I am doing my GCSE exams! Thanks

Laura — Stanley, Co.Durham , UK — 12 May 2004 at 21:30:00

I love CGP because when ever I need to revise I've just opened my book. I never knew it could be so helpful

Raj — , UK — 12 May 2004 at 21:12:00

I hope that this will help me with my math SATs test tomorrow thank you.

Taylor Hall — , UK — 12 May 2004 at 20:21:00

I love you guys, CGP! You rule! It is impossible to put into words just how much you helped me. Thank you so much. Do keep up the good work and I'll look forward to buying more books in my A2 year!

Sez — , UK — 12 May 2004 at 20:06:00

Your site is fantastic, but it could use some more games with the subject.

Hannah Forbes — Gwent , UK — 12 May 2004 at 20:05:00

Your CGP books are great. They really helped me and my mate, we're studying really hard, don't worry we'll send you a thank you card. Were studying for our SATs. No time for playing or jumping on mats thank you CGP you've really helped me.

Denice K — , UK — 12 May 2004 at 18:28:00

Hi, I've got most of the CGP books and they are really great. They helped me a lot and still do. As I'm doing my SATs right now I'm always coming on the CGP website and doing online revision it really helps. I really like the maths section but really all of them are really great.

Sofie — , UK — 12 May 2004 at 17:18:00

I thought the online revision was great, especially the English stuff.

Helen — Defford , UK — 12 May 2004 at 08:09:00

I hope you get more people on this web site so people can revise, I will try and send some revision.

Emily Mary Silver — Ty Canol, Cwmbran , UK — 11 May 2004 at 22:44:00

I think these books are a great help, I started my SATS on Monday and I was not that worried thanks to the help of these books, so a big thanks.

Chloe Elizabeth Cruse — Old Colwyn, Conwy , UK — 11 May 2004 at 21:36:00

I think it isn't as good as it could be. It doesn't help you with the different texts you need to learn so it won't help much with the English SATs. Will it?

Charlotte — Keighley , UK — 11 May 2004 at 21:07:00

The CGP books are great. They make revision fun to do and the way they make the facts funny makes them easier to remember. Thanks a lot CGP!

Laura Candlin — Basford, Stoke on Trent , UK — 11 May 2004 at 20:39:00

You guys seriously rock. You almost made me like maths - how dare you! Keep up the good work (try some jokes about emus!), I like emus. Thanks a million.

Rachel Irwin — , UK — 11 May 2004 at 19:28:00

Hi I have placed an order with you today when will my books be dispatched and how long till I get them, thanks.

Mrs Amanda Layfield — Mansfield, Notts , UK — 11 May 2004 at 18:36:00

I love your books they're fabaroony! Could I have some free pictures to print off the cartoons on the front of the books? Please email me.

Sophie — , UK — 11 May 2004 at 18:32:00

I think you should have practice papers for children to type in the answer boxes.

Cecilia Ballan — Kingsburry , UK — 11 May 2004 at 18:22:00

What would life be like without CGP eh? Well I'll tell you one thing. It's certainly a lot easier with them! No doubt about that!

Taz! — , Maldives — 11 May 2004 at 17:54:00

I'm not a massive fan of school, but these books have helped me loads.

Charlotte Godfrey — Great Yarmouth, Norfolk , UK — 11 May 2004 at 17:20:00

I have used CGP books for many years and they (unlike various teachers and other companies), have never let me down. Please guys, produce guides for the following subjects: GCSE Russian, GCSE Latin, AS German, AS Philosophy, AS Music, and AS History. And if you want to produce them for A2 level as well.

Ann — Claygate, Surrey , UK — 11 May 2004 at 15:51:00

Hi people I think the GCSE revision books are ace and are really good for students in their last year at school to revise from. Good luck people with your GCSE's.

Sarah Robinson — Cleveleys, Lancashire , UK — 11 May 2004 at 13:56:00

The CGP books are great! They have notes that are easier to read and remember. Thanks for the help.

Talei — , UK — 11 May 2004 at 13:41:00

Great books! These have helped me reach 4A*s, 7As and 1B in my GCSEs. I'm now predicted 4As at AS Level. Thanks!

Craig — Hornchurch, Essex , UK — 11 May 2004 at 13:35:00

Your books are great, I revised from them in one week and did my exams confidently.

Khalid Farid — , UK — 11 May 2004 at 13:30:00

This website is loads better than others. They really don't have a clue what they're on about. Thanks CGP for helping me get through this horrid time of revising!

Anonymous — Thorne , UK — 11 May 2004 at 12:54:00

I love this site and all of these books. I'm so scared for my GCSEs, but I will do my best. Hopefully I'll be fine. I pray to the lord anyway that maybe one day I'll be a big famous lawyer, Thanks anyway.

Rebecca Chappell — Thorne, South Yorkshire , UK — 11 May 2004 at 12:54:00

I think your books are the best, better than the rest of the revision guides.

Daniel Jones — Maidstone, Kent , UK — 11 May 2004 at 11:23:00

I'm from Spain. Your web site is very impressive. Keep it up!

Tito — , Spain — 11 May 2004 at 10:21:00

The books you have produced are fun to look at and kids like me find it an easier and a fun way to learn!

Noorjahan Islam — Chippenham, Wiltshire , UK — 11 May 2004 at 07:45:00

Firstly, thanks very much for the extremely helpful maths revision guide for GCSE (Even though I'm doing IGCSE it still helped). I was wondering if you could expand your range in A Level subjects... clearly your revision guides are the best out of the lot... I may need help for next year as well. Are you considering covering A Level subjects like History, Literature and stuff like that? (Mostly arts). Please let me know. Thanks.

Hiran Balasuriya — , Sri Lanka — 11 May 2004 at 04:19:00

CGP is great, their books really help me learn a lot in school - especially science. Thank you

Karl Greenblatt — , USA — 11 May 2004 at 01:24:00

Thank you so much for creating these books! I am a few months away from my 11+ and CGP books are the only ones that I am buying so I would like to say thank you for all of these books!

Saiyara — Ilford, Essex , UK — 10 May 2004 at 21:25:00

Thanks to your books I'm finding SATs easy!

Daniella Fiore — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 20:15:00

Could you please make a Drama Revision Guide

Alex Earley — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 20:12:00

This website is amazing not to mention the books, I just think that CGP is great.

Benn Ryan Ford — Widness, Cheshire , UK — 10 May 2004 at 19:47:00

Excellent for my children!

Hollie P — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 19:43:00

They are rubbish, you could do better.

Daz — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 19:05:00

CGP books are great. They were actually what made me pass my GCSE's. I don't know where I'd be without them! The only thing is that now I'm doing my AS's I need them again and you only seem to do maths and psychology. Psychology will be helpful to me but what about all the other subjects? Will you be making more in future? Also, it seems that only the GCSE books are sold in the shops. I couldn't find AS ones anywhere until I came onto the website. Your books are definitely the best revision guides. Thank you!

Sophie — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 18:35:00

The guides helped me get through GCSE with no problems at all and I hoped they'd help me out through A levels, but there aren't any AS or A2 Graphic Design OR Design Technology guides. No one anywhere sells them! If you guys would make them I'd be so grateful as your GCSE books have helped me out so much

Holly Wheeler — Uckfield , UK — 10 May 2004 at 18:34:00

This website is great, it has really prepared me for my English SATs

Denice — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 18:31:00

Very good website

Anonymous — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 18:28:00

I think that your revision pages should cover all the other subjects at schools like technology, music, German, physical education, religious studies etc just learning English maths and science and French isn't enough in schools.

Laura — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 17:51:00

I think the books are wicked because we use them at our school. I have my KS2 SATs this week and have been revising since the start of the year using these books. I really suggest that any people with exams use them.

Hannah — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 17:47:00

I really like all of the books that CGP have made and I think that they are really good to help kids my age.

Rebecca — Rainham, Essex , UK — 10 May 2004 at 17:21:00

I am an MFL teacher. I think the French GCSE workbooks are great and I would love to see them in other languages, particularly Spanish. Any plans?

Jennifer Wood — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 14:42:00

I think your books are great and they are a real help and it is because of them I found that I have the confidence I will need to do my GCSE. So thank you.

Rose Lilliman — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 13:12:00

Great website, I hate revision but CGP manages to make it understandable and rather amusing. Hooray for CGP!

Ally Young — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 13:09:00

Hi, I love the website, but more tests and games would be good!

Sarah — , UK — 10 May 2004 at 09:45:00

A very good web site for children to revise from keep up the good work.

Miss Campbell — Leicester , UK — 09 May 2004 at 23:23:00

CGP books are the best revision guides around, they are very helpful and not boring.

Steven — Newcastle , UK — 09 May 2004 at 22:16:00

I love Spanish, and PE. Mind you school is rubbish! I am quite good at school though, but would rather be out with my friends.

Lucy Davies — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 21:15:00

There is no way of doing the online revision as there is no link to it. It says for more online revision click here but there is no link that I can see!

Katherine — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 20:30:00

Hi this is a great site. I visit it 5 times a week!

Sakib — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 20:16:00

Hi. I finished my SATs this Friday, and these books really helped me. Some of the comments in the books are so cheesy they make the info stick in your brain. Thank you very much.

Emma — Bath , UK — 09 May 2004 at 19:55:00

Oh my gosh your books are the best. I just had my sats, they were really hard but I enjoyed revising because of your books. Got GCSE next year I am relying on you.

Kat — London , UK — 09 May 2004 at 19:55:00

We really like your books, we think they're great for revision for school SATs

Lucy and Chloe — Mansfield , UK — 09 May 2004 at 19:04:00

I absolutely depended on your books for my KS3 SATs last week, they are simply the best. Thanks to CGP, I have a good feeling that I'll ace the exams! Thanks!

Abderahman Kamaledeen — Potters Bar , UK — 09 May 2004 at 18:36:00

Hi, how are you all doing? I have my SATs a week tomorrow, so wish me lots of luck.

Becka Prime — Barwell, Leicestershire , UK — 09 May 2004 at 18:28:00

Hi, all the year 6's are not nervous but I am. I am so scared. I take my SATs on Monday 10th of May. They are so close I am such a scared girl until... I saw the CGP books. The are funny, bright, colourful, exiting, crazy and mad books, but they are helping me through this week. I have the purple, blue, brown books they are maths, English and science. The test I am most worried about is maths, I am really bad at that so I am a bit scared about that. Not too worried about science or English but still a little scared. So thank you for making up these books and its helped a lot of children (I will pass my books to my mate Laura so she can use them as well). Thank you.

Sam — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 18:27:00

Really good

Amy Millett-Kirkahm — Kingswinford, West Midlands , UK — 09 May 2004 at 18:23:00

This is a good website for my revision. I think you could improve things such as having mental arithmetic tests where somebody asks you the question if you know what I mean!

Amie — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 17:46:00

It was great but a bit misunderstanding.

Katie Smith — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 17:14:00

I think that you should produce practice papers for food tech and Music and for all of the revisin guides that you send out

Helen Stuart — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 17:08:00

I used CGP books for revision at GCSE. I am disappointed that there are only a few AS or A level revision guides and not in the subjects I am studying. Any plans for new books?

Yvonne — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 17:00:00

Hi CGP, just like to say I love your books and sheets, that I could give you a 10/10

Daniel riches — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 17:00:00

I like all of your books, they are easy to follow and fun to read.

Charlotte — Earlsfield, London , UK — 09 May 2004 at 16:32:00

I think these books are very good for children. Can you help me on what website I could go on to get to a science website

Kirsty Gates — Letchworth, Herts , UK — 09 May 2004 at 16:25:00

Oh my god, you guys roc. This website is really good too.

Emma — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 16:16:00

It is great! Thanks a lot for the help!

Sara — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 15:41:00

I think that this website is excellent. I have SATs tomorrow and it has really helped me. I think that it will definitely improve my scores. Good luck

Linzi Ann Moxham — Portsmouth, Hants , UK — 09 May 2004 at 15:39:00

Hi CGP! I think your books are really good and they really help me revise difficult stuff! The only thing I would say is that sometimes the quality of the jokes scares me...

Will Stokes — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 15:09:00

Questions in the book are good. I am still really worried about the SATs, which are tomorrow in my school

Charley Dewey-Leader — Walthamstow, London , UK — 09 May 2004 at 15:06:00

I need more help before tomorrow. Please!

Rosie Lee — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 14:42:00

I think the site is very good and the books are very useful but the site should look more interesting, something that makes you want to look at it.

Sally — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 14:40:00

These books are really fun. Tomorrow I have a SATs exam and I think I have learned every word with these books.

Claudia — Galdar , Gran Canaria — 09 May 2004 at 12:53:00

I would like some revision on these books, on the internet.

Shahad Jarad — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 12:51:00

Hi, I'd just like to say that these books helped me get my A*-A's for my GCSE's. If only they did A Levels too!! Thanks.

Nazneen P — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 12:45:00

I have enjoyed revising for my SATs using the CGP books!

Antonia — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 11:57:00

I need help for my revision. This is because I have got exams on the 10th May. Please can you give some practice papers on maths (calculator & non-calculator), English, science, history, geography and French. Thank you.

Jasdip Panwar — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 11:55:00

I love the books

Catherine — Stockton , UK — 09 May 2004 at 11:37:00

I think you books are great and they're really helping me with my year7 SATs

Catherine — , USA — 09 May 2004 at 11:18:00

Hi I have just finished my year ten exams and I thought that your revision books helped a lot. Also as I am living in Wales I was wondering if there is any chance of you writing a book for any Welsh exam thank a lot

Anthony — Wales , UK — 09 May 2004 at 10:05:00

I've got SATs tomorrow and your books really helped me. We did practice SATs and I got 76 out of 79, I got the highest mark in the class. I'm hoping for a level 5 in my SATs science tomorrow. Thank you so much.

Becca — , UK — 09 May 2004 at 10:02:00

Thanks a lot! Your books are the best! My SATs are on Monday and let's hope all goes well!

Pavan Suniara — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 22:21:00

I'd like a catalogue, how do I get one, could you email me details, or send one straight to my address. I hear they're free.

Jas — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK — 08 May 2004 at 19:25:00

I find your revision books are very helpful and funny! I hope that all my revision using your books pay's of in SATs next week! I hope I will find your books just as helpful at secondary school next year.

Nathalie — Epsom , UK — 08 May 2004 at 18:30:00

Abousoloutly brilliant. I added it to our favorites list. A grand website.

Natalie — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 18:24:00

I would just like to say that the CGP books are absolutely brilliant. My friend and I couldn't have done much without them! Thank you. However I would just like to ask, how come the website doesn't have a revision section for Spanish. And also is their anyway you could set a small section that have other school subjects like FTT, Geography and History for year 9, because we have exams in these subjects as well and it would be really useful. Thanks

Naomi — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 17:59:00

The books are great I love all the funny pics! I think the pictures really help you to learn all the confusing facts like a cute bunny with a tiny space between the ears! And the cold going onto hot things but not hot onto cold. Oops or was it the other way round? Better get my books out...

Sian — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 17:32:00

It's good but it needs more games! I have my SATSs in 2 days, help me how do I survive? Anyone? I am looking for stuff on rocks because the science paper is this Monday and I don't know stuff like colongy thingy and igneous and I can't find a thing!

Sian — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 17:26:00

The books are great, they are really worth buying! They break down hard bits of information in to smaller bits which are easier to understand. The games are lots of fun, the information in them helps you remember things while having fun!

Jessica Thomas — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 16:55:00

I think these books are brilliant for practicing.

Bridget Winter — Somerton, Somerset , UK — 08 May 2004 at 16:54:00

Hi my Y6 SATs are in 2 days. I'm a bit nervous but the CGP books have helped me a lot thanks! Hopefully I'll get level 289443

Anna Lowenstein — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 16:27:00

Hello to the CGP people. I would just like to say that your books are great. They have really helped me when I was stressed about my exams. All the info is really clear and also some of the jokes, (although weird), are very funny. Keep up the good work because CGP is great!

Anna Lowenstein — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 16:20:00

I would like to do some revision, but I dot know how to get it up on you web site.

Charthey Poorey — Duston, Northampton , UK — 08 May 2004 at 15:14:00

On Monday I've got SATs and I'm hoping this will help me!

Rosie Hawkins — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 13:35:00

Hey, I love the books, I don't suppose you could bring out a GCSE Japanese revision book? It would really help!

Sarah — Essex , UK — 08 May 2004 at 13:31:00

Hi, I'm doing my SATs next

Haleema — , UK — 08 May 2004 at 13:02:00

Why haven't you got an ICT Revision guide, for some people who have lost their books and can't get another one? Our GCSE IT exam is in about 15 days, how are we expected to get the best out of this website if we can't get any decent revision tips or pages from you? The book is fantastic, but I am very disappointed with this site. Please could you put some useful revision pages on GCSE ICT, because your book has done you proud, but the site has let you down. I expect an answer and a solution to this problem - pronto!

Lucy Easton — Dereham, Norfolk , UK — 08 May 2004 at 11:32:00

Nice prices, and much wider choice of books than what I can get in shops.

Freemen Tang — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 22:56:00

The books really helped me as I was doing my SATs

Louise Pindar — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 22:30:00

I think this site is helpful for KS2 SATs. I have found it easy to find things.

Lucy Myers — Warrington , UK — 07 May 2004 at 22:14:00

I'm 11 years old and I'm taking my SATS! I have been revising and I love your books! They're full of pictures! Can you send me some English revision pages because I think I am very bad at English! Thanks.

M C Raman — Essex , UK — 07 May 2004 at 20:43:00

CGP books are value for money, and side splittingly funny. You made my SATs revision a little bit easier to cope with. Well Done.

Tom Gransden — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 20:32:00

Hi, I was just wondering if you were thinking of doing a GCSE Leisure and Tourism Revision guide as there doesn't seem to be any in the shops as easy to understand as your books.

Nicky Hardy — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 20:31:00

How come you have a PSHE book but no GCSE statistics revision book?

Cleo Weddick — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 20:19:00

Thanks for helping me revise. I'm doing my SATs on Monday. I'm not worried just nervous in case I get low marks

Victoria — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 20:15:00

Hello, your books are great they help me remember everything! Just one thing though - I'm doing Latin GCSE next year and I can't seem to find a revision book anywhere, neither can my friends. We all agree that you should do one because we will all buy it! Please consider it!

Ali — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 19:54:00

I would just like to tell you that all shapes have rotational symmetry so your "educational" book is actually incorrect. Thanks to you, and your incorrect information I may very well have lost a grade in my KS3 SATs.

Faye Evans — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 19:47:00

Hi, I have only one of the books but I think it's great. I am taking my SATs soon! At least we get to bring a lucky charm in! I just have to try my best. Wish me luck!

Anonymous — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 17:57:00

The books are good but the website isn't very helpful.

Maj — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 12:06:00

Thank you for helping me through my SATs this year as I am from South Africa i needed a lot of help and you just did it again. Your books are great!

A.M. vd Berg — , UK — 07 May 2004 at 07:00:00

I think your website is totally cool, as well as really helpful. Even your books are great. I'm sure I've done better than anyone in science, (I'm not boasting). Keep up the good work.

Asma Patel — Bolton, Lancashire , UK — 06 May 2004 at 22:52:00

Your books are really good and I got a good level 5 with them, so now I'm making my little sister use them.

Ann — , UK — 06 May 2004 at 22:17:00

I really like these books, but I would like lots of them sent to my house before my SATs on Monday

Roxanne Baxter — Huddersfield, West Yorkshire , UK — 06 May 2004 at 20:22:00

Hi, I'm sitting my year 6 SAT's on Monday and I'd like to say thanks for all your help with my revision.

Timothy Randle — Westbury, Wiltshire , UK — 06 May 2004 at 20:16:00

Yeah, I used your books for my exam revision, very useful and pleasant to work from! Thanks! It must be embarrassing writing those pathetic jokes.

Usayd Younis — , UK — 06 May 2004 at 19:45:00

These books are wicked they are helping me loads with SATs revision

Kate Bentham — , UK — 06 May 2004 at 19:41:00

I think you should have some tests on here to do like on other revision sites. This site just shows you the pages out of the revision book and I've got the revision books. I don't see the point in this site.

Lucy Emma — , UK — 06 May 2004 at 19:21:00

I love the revision! I'm having my SATs soon! Maybe there should be some fun learning games to make revising easier!

Hanna — , UK — 06 May 2004 at 17:46:00

These book are great because they are funny yet serious at the same time, hoping to get 7 in English, will get 7's in science and maths. Thanks!

Matt Davies — Wellington, Somerset , UK — 06 May 2004 at 17:23:00

Excuse me. Do you have any sites about Shakespeare - Twelfth Night, if so could you please make it easy to get to because I cannot find it or could you or the teachers make up a site because I think that 14 years old we have our SAT's and the thing which we get most pressured on is Shakespeare. Your books are very useful but it would be nice for a revision site as well. Many thanks.

Sam — , UK — 06 May 2004 at 17:14:00

I got all the books for my sons' SATs and that was a great help. Now I'm looking at the books for GCSE.

Monique Roberts — Selly Oak, Birmingham , UK — 06 May 2004 at 15:07:00

CGP books are really good, they helped me a lot and I find them very easy and understandable to revise from for my GCSEs. Thanks.

Alix Hanson — Romford, Essex , UK — 06 May 2004 at 11:10:00

I loved your books, unbelievably funny and extremely helpful in revision for my KS3 examinations. What on earth, however, is with you and sheep?

Anonymous — , UK — 06 May 2004 at 10:02:00

Can you get me a catalogue of your books? If yes please could you send it my address?

Glynn Williams — Batley, West Yorks , UK — 06 May 2004 at 08:48:00

Hiya! I think your books are really good but the maths book for KS3 revision is a little complicated! Thanks for your books!

Gabby — , UK — 06 May 2004 at 08:33:00

Thanks CGP for my maths revision books, I did my real Maths SATs yesterday and came out of our sports hall feeling really confident that I've done well!

Chris Southeran — Sheffield, South Yorkshire , UK — 06 May 2004 at 07:48:00

Hello there! I just wanted to say that I think your books are so cool. I'm using them for my SATs and I think they have helped me so much! So thank you.

Lisa — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 23:40:00

I would just like to say that I have been doing my KS3 SATs this week, and I have used many of your revision books to help me. My school told me a number of revision websites, and they are not a lot of help, whereas your books are actually very helpful, and your online practice is great! So thank you very very much CGP! Without you, I wouldn't have enjoyed doing my exams as much as I do! (But that's only because you magic happy people have made revision fun!)

Nicola Brooks — Leeds , UK — 05 May 2004 at 22:44:00

Why are people worrying about SATS as they don't count for anything?

James — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 22:27:00

The games on the science KS2 are not games, they are sneaky tests. Oh, by the way, your books are the best by miles.

Anonymous — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 21:22:00

I really like this site, it helps me a lot.

Samantha Larkin — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 21:12:00

Ignore all the people that say your books are rubbish. They are the next best thing to having someone do your exams for you keep up the good work!

Lauren — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 21:11:00

Love your books just, saw the website. They really help much better than the others. I like the back of the books where it says batteries not included and dry clean only. You guys rock thanks a 1,000,000

Benny C — North West , UK — 05 May 2004 at 21:07:00

I like the books I found them very helpful when revising for SATs keep up the good work!

Lauren Ludgate — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 21:07:00

Your site is great, one problem though I'm doing SATs and I wanted free online Shakespeare revision but there is no Macbeth or Shakespeare on the revision online site could you put some on or send me some, hope you can thanks.

Al Moss — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 20:40:00

Great website, good for when you know all the answers on others websites, shame about only showing the answers for a few seconds though.

Beth — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 20:28:00

Hi CGP, I think your books are really fab and I have learnt loads for my SATs. Thanks.

James Frawley — Longfield, Kent , UK — 05 May 2004 at 19:31:00

Rather impressed with the books. Encouraged me to actually revise - no mean feat, I can assure thee! The site's also rather groovy, the little revision things are pretty cool. Thanks for helping me do actual work! Thumbs up.

Spence — Nottingham , UK — 05 May 2004 at 18:54:00

I think that the CGP website should have pages on Macbeth and how to get more marks in your Macbeth exam in your SATs because mine is in 2 days and I really needed help with it as I didn't know what to do. This obviously affects us all, all the people who are having their SATs and need a bit of extra help. I hope you will put this information on in the future, many thanks.

Melanie — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 18:44:00

I just want to say that CGP is the best because I've just done my SATs yesterday and today continuing the rest of the week, but so far every thing the CGP revision guide for KS3 covers has come up in the test! So thanks a million, your books have really helped me!

Louise — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 18:43:00

I absolutely love your website. I am currently preparing for my KS2 SATs and have been doing plenty of revising, so find your site riveting. It gives me all the help I need without buuying the books. Thanks CGP.

Megan H — Winsford, Cheshire , UK — 05 May 2004 at 18:37:00

Why is there CGP books?

Kelly Greensheilds — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 18:36:00

Thanks! This website really helped me do well in my KS3 SATs, I scored 2 6's and a 7 too. I hope it helps you like it did me!

Ella Jones — Collyhust, Manchester , UK — 05 May 2004 at 18:07:00

I have used CGP for my SATs. I am now using them for my GCSE exams. But I need one for French and your RS book does not cover Hinduism why? Thanks CGP.

Jemini Patel — London , UK — 05 May 2004 at 18:05:00

It's a great site but you need more topics and subjects like the books and maybe a bit more organized with the sciences, they perhaps should be split into biology, physics and chemistry or whatever, but great site!

Caz — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 17:56:00

Just like everyone else has mentioned already and I'm sure you've heard it a million times already - I think your revision books are great. Sometimes things are explained in a very complicated way in your books e.g Quadratic equations in the maths book. I have learnt a much easier and better way of doing them. Also, I think that rhymes should be included for things like the reactivity series in science. e.g Peter Simple Loves Catching Many A Zebra In Hooped Coloured Sacks, Gosh! I think your practice papers are absolutely fab and have helped me a great deal. Thanks!

Gurdip Kaur Chana — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 17:54:00

I think it's really good, but the books are a lot better. There's more colour and it attracts your attention and makes things stick. Thanks CGP.

Catarina da Silva — Hastings , UK — 05 May 2004 at 16:40:00

I think the practice and workbooks are fantastic they are filled with loads of exiting information and useful info! They are great.

Caroline Guy — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 15:47:00

The sats revision guides are helping me at the moment to pass my sats! Keep up the good work CGP!

Chessie Moore — lincoln , UK — 05 May 2004 at 15:23:00

Your books were fantastic! They really helped through my SAT's. They taught me more than my own teachers! They were really fun and made revising really easy! Thank you for making these books and I hope you make more in future!

Areeba Naeem — Newbury Park , UK — 05 May 2004 at 12:03:00

Your books are great. My science teacher is not very good and did not teach us anything that came up in the SATs, but by studying your books I went from a level 4 to a level 7.

Natasha — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 12:02:00

Thanks for publishing some great books. My Science teacher is rubbish and unqualified, and your books helped me up from a Level 5 to a predicted Level 7. Your Maths books raised me from a 6 to a 7 also. Thanks!

Owen Pyle — , UK — 05 May 2004 at 12:01:00

I think you should have online revision instead of trying to advertise books.

Tom — , UK — 04 May 2004 at 22:48:00

I have been revising for my science SATs exam which I had today using your CGP revision book. I have to say it helped me a lot! I also bought some CGP practice science papers and so I was pretty ready for the exam, and when it came round to it I didn't find it too hard. I have maths tomorrow so I'm going to use your website to revise. Thanks CGP you've been a great help! I'll reply back with what grades I got!

Laura Potter — St.Helens, Merseyside , UK — 04 May 2004 at 21:52:00

Hi guys, your site is fab. I have learnt a lot from it. Your books are ace because they give examples of practice questions and I got a real high mark in my SATs! Thank you very much - CGP you are great.

Becky Judge — Locksheath, Southampton , UK — 04 May 2004 at 20:51:00

Yo man, just want to say that the books are great and helped me get a higher grade, also the website is er... ok, it could be better,, like you could put a SATs paper on it so people can work through it, apart from that it's cool!

Tom — , UK — 04 May 2004 at 19:17:00

I think this site is great. It provided me with all the information I needed and really helped. The books are excellent and delivery is really fast. The pictures are funny too.

Ekram Alam — Enfield , UK — 04 May 2004 at 19:04:00

I think this website is very helpful and great for your SATs and GCSEs.

Steph — , UK — 04 May 2004 at 18:38:00

Ok, but should have better online revision, because your books are ace. Disappointing.

Sam Ellis — Ripon , UK — 04 May 2004 at 17:57:00

Your books are really good. They are not hard to understand and when you are reading them it's as if someone is teaching you. They are the best!

Stacy Elaine Pykett — Glapwell , UK — 04 May 2004 at 17:46:00

I like the practise questions in the online revision but I wish more subjects were covered, ie. German, Food Technology. I like the revision guides as they have helped me to understand what it is the teachers are trying to put across.

Bob — Longlevens, Gloucester , UK — 04 May 2004 at 17:25:00

Your books are great but sometimes I do not understand them.

Fiona — London , UK — 04 May 2004 at 17:10:00

I think that your books and packs of tests are fantastic and really help, but you should have some revision online, too! I know it would really help.Thank you.

Emily — , UK — 04 May 2004 at 17:02:00

This site is really good if you have got your SATs, as I have got them now until 7th May, so hopefully you can use this site as well as I did.

Lauren — , UK — 04 May 2004 at 17:01:00

Thank you so much

Mukhtar Mahmood — Reading, Berkshire , UK — 04 May 2004 at 16:16:00

I am 14 years of age and I think that you should make a KS3 geography workbook. I buy all of your books for KS3, but I need geography and you don't sell them, are you going to make a geography workbook for KS3?

Kerry Gough — Telford, Shropshire , UK — 04 May 2004 at 15:02:00

I think these books are good for what they are. Thank you. Please send one back.

Stephanie Little — Sleaford, Lincolnshire , UK — 04 May 2004 at 10:25:00

The site is ok but the books are so cool. I used to hate revising for my test but since I got these books, I love to revise. Thank very much for your books.

Chris — , Thailand — 04 May 2004 at 06:11:00

I think you should be allowed to revise on this site.

Brett — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 20:38:00

Can you please do some A level revision books on languages (like German and French) and some A level revision books on politics and early modern history?

Katherine Lumsden — Uppingham, Rutland , UK — 03 May 2004 at 20:13:00

This has helped me revise so much, thanks.

Rebecca Petty — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 19:58:00

A very wide range of accurate and humourous books.

Jessica Dang — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 19:48:00

I think these are such good books, but why don't you have any on Drama and Latin GCSE, especially the latter. Keep up the good work, and please introduce a Latin book before next years GCSE.

Serena — Guildford , UK — 03 May 2004 at 18:57:00

I like this web page, it is cool.

Emma — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 18:38:00

I liked the website. It was very useful and I would advise you to use it for revision for any of your exams.

Antonia — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 18:33:00

I would like to revise and be quit smart.

Craig Smith — Erdington, Birmingham , UK — 03 May 2004 at 18:14:00

I like your revision tips.

Drew Morley — Sheerness, Kent , UK — 03 May 2004 at 18:05:00

Hiya! I love your books and I have quite a few of them. I find them interesting and very useful, but I have noticed that you do not make Latin revision guides, in fact, I have realised that no one makes Latin revision guides! This is quite distressing as I have my Latin GCSE very soon and I can't find a revision guide anywhere, even after months of searching! I know this is a long shot but do you think there is any possible chance of you making one within the next month? No? Didn't think so.

Sarah — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 17:42:00

I am rubbish at revising and always leave it to the last minute! Your excellent books have got me out of so much trouble and are so simple for a lazy person like me! Thanks, and keep making them, their genius!

Gemma — Killamarsh, Sheffield , UK — 03 May 2004 at 17:40:00

CGP are great. it makes revision very simple. You say at the end of the online revision section that you hoped we enjoyed the games - I couldn't see any games on the whole website! I am taking my KS3 Science SAT tomorrow and had one last revise.

Mark — Suffolk , UK — 03 May 2004 at 17:20:00

I think your books are great.

Vicky Bolessa — Dagenham, Essex , UK — 03 May 2004 at 17:13:00

I think your books are very good. They help me to learn the things I'm not sure on so I have more confidence, (I need it). My SATs are in 6 days! But I would suggest that you give ways of learning from the internet, I think that would make you a lot more popular.

Sadie Halter — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 17:04:00

This is rubbish! I thought there were science games and stuff but obviously there aren't!

Chris Roberts — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 17:00:00

The books are really good and they helped me a lot in my revision for my sats. What would be really good is that there would be an internet site where people can revise on-line! Thanks.

Anonymous — Gloucestershire , UK — 03 May 2004 at 16:44:00

I think your books are great. They really helped me to understand science for my KS3 SATs. It was a nightmare in class, but I finally understood it when I got my hands on one of your books! Thanks.

Laura. — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 16:42:00

I think your books are really helpful and provide a lot of information about things that we need to know for our SATs thank you, you have helped me so much through my revision

Emma Nuttall — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 16:40:00

I think you should offer practice papers for the SATs on your website without having to download anything or pay to order, this should be open to all.

Lizzie Wiley — Lancaster , UK — 03 May 2004 at 16:11:00

Hey, I think this is quite a good website, but where are the games? On the KS3 part when you click on the science part there is only revision pages that are in the book, no games! Are there any games in that part at all?

Rachel — Rushden , UK — 03 May 2004 at 15:38:00

The books are very helpful!

Anna — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 15:34:00

It was ok, but I needed more help on the games to show how to work out answers.

Naomi — , USA — 03 May 2004 at 15:13:00

This website is quite useful. The games are good and they can show you where you have gone wrong.

Naomi — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 15:09:00

Firstly I want to say that your books are great and they have encouraged me to revise more for my GCSE's. I have bought all the books from CGP that I need for my GCSE exams, but I'm having trouble finding a sociology book for my GCSE and I really need one fast because I have no help with my homework. Do you know any places I could get one from?

Elif — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 14:46:00

Very good, but where are the games?

Claire — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 14:40:00

The books are great and a good price. They are fun to read, not the usual black and white boring stuff.

Anonymous — Mairead , Ireland — 03 May 2004 at 14:08:00

Thanks to the wonderful books of CGP, I am now always top in my class. Ever since I read CGP books, my poor teachers have been baffled, "Why is Elizabeth always top?" they ask all day. I'm the envy of the class and the most popular with my friends. I thank you dearly and heartily and hope you continue to remain successful. Thanks once again.

Elizabeth Worktop — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 13:55:00

Please put more games on the website

Ruby Mejaka — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 13:50:00

I think this site has helped me to revise. It's a shame there are no games on science or English but only maths, this would help revision much more. And does sleeping on your revision notes really help?

Adele Taylor — Surrey , UK — 03 May 2004 at 13:25:00

Thank you for the books, they have helped a lot.

Thiru Mungai — , Kenya — 03 May 2004 at 12:37:00

Cool website and books

Ritul — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 12:18:00

The books are great for revision and teaching yourself. I have to use my German CGP book to teach myself the course because my teacher isn't very good and now I'm going to get a B.HA

James — , UK — 03 May 2004 at 10:58:00

It's a good way to get some revision done. I printed off a few pages as well so I could do offline revision, it will help me a lot.

Lindsay Hannant — Norwich, Norfolk , UK — 03 May 2004 at 10:51:00

The CGP books are ace! I have got your science and English practice papers for KS2 but I can't find any maths ones. Please could you send me some. Thanks!

Jack Haywood — Bishopmill, Elgin , UK — 02 May 2004 at 22:17:00

Very good that you have an online revision section it was very helpful to my revision.

Emily Rackham — , UK — 02 May 2004 at 21:25:00

I have all the science books and they are by far the best to revise from, however, this site has no online revision. To make them even bigger I would recommend an online revision page. I still highly rate this site and the company.

Jade Grant — , UK — 02 May 2004 at 19:21:00

Hey, your books are quite good but I'm a bit miffed that you don't have any KS3 Religious Studies books. You have GCSE ones so why don't you have them for KS3?

Zara — , UK — 02 May 2004 at 18:26:00

Thank you for your books, they have been really useful to me and have made me more confident and now once I have read them I think I'm ready for my exams!

Jade — Dawdon, Seaham , UK — 02 May 2004 at 17:53:00

Just want to say good luck to everyone doing their SATs. I'm dull and I had 555 in yr6 and 666 in yr9.

Steph — , UK — 02 May 2004 at 17:46:00

In KS 3 English, it said we could order a free catalogue. I have yet to find that facility? Very good books and website.

Hannah Mortimer — Stroud, Glos , UK — 02 May 2004 at 15:56:00

The website needs more info on revision and you need to produce a revision program suitable for students doing SATs and GCSE and A-levels. Thank you, reply to me soon.

Jo Beckett — Leeds , UK — 02 May 2004 at 15:55:00

Everyone in year nine should get a revision book free.

Saliha — , UK — 02 May 2004 at 15:52:00

I think this website is great

Paige — Llanedeyrn, Caediff , UK — 02 May 2004 at 14:26:00

CGP books are the best books I have seen so far.

Elaine — , Gibraltar — 02 May 2004 at 14:00:00

The online revision don't even work! There is no link to the online revision whatsoever!

Rebecca Hunt — Romford, Essex , UK — 02 May 2004 at 12:12:00

The books are brilliant and they have helped me revise an awful lot thanks for publishing them.

Ellis — , UK — 02 May 2004 at 10:17:00

I love your books they're really good. I like the jokes inside of the books. We're doing gases around us in year 5 that's the year I'm in. It's not fair that we have to tear the answers out. Put more games on your site.

Georgia Grice — Darwen, Whitehall , UK — 02 May 2004 at 08:54:00

I wonder if I can buy a book?

Viraj — Edgware, Middex , UK — 02 May 2004 at 08:44:00

The books and website are cool

Danniella — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 23:31:00

Just like to say, book's are great, best ever. The web site is not very good, it could do with some good interesting games but I've got great use out of books.

Kirsty — East Yorkshire , UK — 01 May 2004 at 23:13:00

How do I do the online revision?

Chloe — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 21:48:00

The books are really great. I'm in year 6 and the science is great, I got 40/40 on my mock SATs - shows how good they are (I don't really understand the circulatory system)!

Mica Anthony — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 19:23:00

This is an ok site, but it needs print out questions and stuff from past years so people know what kind of thing to expect!

Leigha — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 18:32:00

The games in the online revision aren't really games, they're just tests.

Raffi Tamizian — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 18:21:00

Children should get a CGP book for English, maths and science free to help them revise.

Saliha — Blackburn , UK — 01 May 2004 at 17:19:00

Hi, My SATs are coming up on Tuesday and I've been revising hard! I'm hoping to get 7, 7, 8, because now that I've gone through the CGP books I'm quite confident that I know my stuff. I came to this site to see if there were any games or extra revision stuff to do - I found the online revision page but from there I can't get anywhere else. Is it just me or aren't there any links in the revision section yet?

Jodie — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 16:51:00

It was wicked, It was really fun. I have have some of your books and they are great! Keep up the great work.

Sushee Surdhar — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 16:51:00

I really like the books they're great! They make every thing so clear. I like the history and the science ones best. Can't think of anything else to say.

Kelly Robbins — Shepshed, Leics , UK — 01 May 2004 at 15:32:00

I can't find the KS3 revision anywhere, I tried even using google - but still nothing.

Jade Bainbridge — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 15:02:00

Hello CGP book people, I am 13 and I am coming up to the KS3 tests. I have your maths and science books but not your English one, please could you send me some books or tapes to help me please and please hurry. Your books are great

Emma Gray — Bicester, Oxford , UK — 01 May 2004 at 14:56:00

I am really disappointed with your revision books, the end of unit tests don't have any answers, so how are you supposed to know whether you got it right or not?

Anonymous — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 14:50:00

For KS3 revision why don't you show all the books? Like French and "the others" and you should show all the pages not just a few.

Tashu — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 13:27:00

Great website and books

Melanie Charlton — South London , UK — 01 May 2004 at 12:16:00

I am taking my GCSEs this summer and I have found these books a massive help for revision aid. I wish there was a book for Religion, both the Mark's Gospel and the Catholic syllabus. Thank you.

Alice — Manchester , UK — 01 May 2004 at 11:53:00

I do think your books are better than any other revision books, but there's just too much info in them to possibly remember!

Jess — , UK — 01 May 2004 at 10:47:00

I am doing my SATs in one week and need help on the naming the process that takes place when a liquid changes to a solid.

Ashwin — Tottenham, London , UK — 01 May 2004 at 10:07:00