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Guestbook Archive - October 2004

So could you make a page that says all of the answers on so that I can check my answers, thank you.

Anonymous — , UK — 30 Oct 2004 at 19:49:00

Hi there, the KS3 revision books have been a good help to me so far and I have my SATs next week. I am really nervous, but I think I will do ok because I have revised from these books. Thanks a lot.

Bethan Drew — , UK — 30 Oct 2004 at 18:46:00

I love CGP books. My first CGP books were brought in Hong Kong when I was doing GCSE (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) I had no idea, I did not learn anything, but then after a few years I finally understood, given me great understanding of science and maths. Cartoons and funny manners makes students brains think so eventually understand theory later.

Henry Ng — , UK — 30 Oct 2004 at 15:50:00

Why can't you actually get onto the pages you want? To get the information you want? Some people don't have the books - so how do we get the information from them that we need?

Rosie — , UK — 30 Oct 2004 at 13:04:00

Hello. I think CGP books are great at teaching and fun, but as I know your site is not useful enough, maybe it should also provide the answers for all books. Apart from this I think you are doing a great job, well done, your books are very useful. Thanks

Kirk — , UK — 30 Oct 2004 at 12:43:00

All of your books are really useful and will help me get through my GCSE's. Are you planning to bring out a Drama or Applied Science revision guide because they would be so useful to me?!

Anonymous — , UK — 30 Oct 2004 at 10:58:00

Ignore what the losers are saying about your jokes. CGP are my friends, always have been and always will be. I liked the frisbee thing you added into the GCSE graphics book... nice!

Seb — Surrey, , UK — 29 Oct 2004 at 16:51:00

Your books are lifesavers - really are. They are perfect for reinforcing learning, but are also useful tools all on their own. For people like me who have difficulty concentrating and pouring over boring text books, they really are wonderful. I only wish you could quickly bring out a wider range of AS and A2 level revision guides, I'm sure there is a lot of demand, particularly in subjects like economics and geography.

Malina — , UK — 29 Oct 2004 at 13:11:00

The KS3 Science revision guide is simply amazing, thank you CGP!

Steve Kelly — Ashford Kent, , UK — 29 Oct 2004 at 09:04:00

CGP books are the best! They have helped me through primary school and are making my transition to secondary next year really easy.

Anonymous — Bolton, , UK — 29 Oct 2004 at 08:35:00

Please can I have a guest book?

Rajwinder — Hounslow , , UK — 28 Oct 2004 at 15:22:00

I would just like to say that I am delighted with your books. Today I bought the GCSE maths revision guide and GCSE higher physics which are both great books. Please make a home economics book please! That would be a great help. Thanks.

Scott — , UK — 27 Oct 2004 at 23:19:00

I keep reading these posts and people are saying that there should be less jokes and more learning done, to be honest I believe in making learning fun and I think the jokes make it easier for people to learn. CGP is the best, so give them a break, the books are great and I think you are lucky, you could have been given 'other' books.

Scott — , UK — 27 Oct 2004 at 20:06:00

Why are the books cheaper when they are bought from school, can't they be the same price when some else wants to buy them from home?

Nazarkat Ali — , UK — 27 Oct 2004 at 19:58:00

The KS3 German study guide is very good. Thank you very much.

Rhys Annett — , Wales — 27 Oct 2004 at 18:28:00

A great alternative to the ''Boring Others!''

Andrew — , UK — 27 Oct 2004 at 15:15:00

How can I use these books with maximum effect, and are they all I need to be ready for my F4 Exams?

Lutfo Dlamini — , Swaziland — 27 Oct 2004 at 12:21:00

I hate revising.

Pam — , UK — 26 Oct 2004 at 19:06:00

I would like to say your books are absolutely brilliant, all my KS3,GCSE and A levels classes love using them. They are often better than most of the text books. I have hundreds of CGP revision guides in my classroom.

Mr Magassy — , UK — 26 Oct 2004 at 13:04:00

I've seen a lot of this throughout the archives and I agree, there should be an A2 level revision guide, there aren't many good revision guides for A2 Biology.

James — Northern Ireland , UK — 26 Oct 2004 at 12:56:00

CGP books are life savers, they got me through my KS3 and through the first year of GCSE. Now that I've got my mocks, I'm depending on them!

Rajen Raniga — , UK — 26 Oct 2004 at 12:50:00

I would like a reply, I really like your books, it really helped me a lot.

Saqa — Ilford Essex , UK — 26 Oct 2004 at 12:40:00

An excellent range of books! They have improved my science work massively as the science books are the one's that I am using! It's an honour to use them!

Stacey Franklin — Bodmin, Cornwall, , UK — 26 Oct 2004 at 09:07:00

Please, bring out A2 revision guides for Biology, Chemistry and Psychology now!

Anonymous — Cheshire , UK — 26 Oct 2004 at 08:51:00

This is my first time learning about your website. I am very interested in your program and will be contacting you in the near future.

Martha J. Harrison — Stafford Texas, , USA — 26 Oct 2004 at 02:53:00

Found your GCSE Graphics in Waterstones on Saturday after finding out on Friday I am to teach a 7 week module, yr 9 Graphics next 1/2 term. I am a returnee to food tec, teaching after some years out of teaching doing other things, know about food, but nothing about graphics. The book is very useful, is there anything in your KS 3 Technology book about graphics? Did not seem to be from the stuff shown on the very friendly web site. Thanks.

Tessa Mitchell — Cambridge, , UK — 25 Oct 2004 at 22:28:00

I'd just like to say what a massive help CGP books have been throughout Years 6-11. I am taking my GCSE's this year and am currently revising from these books for my mocks, they're great! As a request, it would be great if a GCSE music tape and listening questions book to go with it were available, as that is a major part of the examination and practice makes perfect! Also, a wider range for AS and A2 levels, as I hope to continue using your books next year! Thank you!

Anonymous — , UK — 25 Oct 2004 at 22:16:00

Love your books and they helped me a lot.

Shabir — , UK — 25 Oct 2004 at 21:13:00

I never bought one of your books before, so I decided to buy one through the school, and I thought they are excellent! They are clear and very good to read, the jokes make me read it more and more! Thanks,

Simon Jones — , UK — 25 Oct 2004 at 18:11:00

This site is far better than any of the competition.

Matthew — , UK — 25 Oct 2004 at 17:21:00

These books are: 1) Too expensive; 2) Have really bad jokes and; 3) They really don't help you learn anything! The text is badly written with very poor English (GCSE geography) to note one. You provide questions in your revision books with no answers - what good is that?! Also when you do provide answers (Higher Maths Exam Pack) I was disgusted to find that many answers were wrong! Also I have found many typing errors in a number of your books! Please e-mail me back with your reply.

Natalie Bishop — , UK — 25 Oct 2004 at 16:26:00

CGP books are good, but they cost too much! £4.50 for one book, I'm doing my GCSEs, so I need at least 11/12 books! That's a lot of pocket money!

Anonymous — London, , UK — 25 Oct 2004 at 14:14:00

Your books really helped me throughout my SATS, thanks.

Anonymous — , UK — 25 Oct 2004 at 12:49:00

Why would I want educational books?

Bernad Hornsby — Newark, , UK — 24 Oct 2004 at 22:12:00

Your books are too expensive.

Jade — , UK — 24 Oct 2004 at 19:27:00

Your books have jokes which are not really funny. I think you should cut out on the jokes and actually make us learn something. You say that we have to remember everything when we don't even understand it. That's cramming!

Anonymous — , UK — 24 Oct 2004 at 11:37:00

Thanks for some crazy books that make me and my mates laugh (and revise!)

Anonymous — , UK — 24 Oct 2004 at 10:49:00

I would just like to say that your books are wonderful, even in the parts of the UK that you have never heard of! I recommend them to everyone!

Amer — Rotherham, , UK — 23 Oct 2004 at 15:53:00

Good way of learning, however on the first exercise for science it said I only had 3 out of 15, I actually had 14 out of 15 but it was just the spelling and how the word was wanted was the problem!

Katie — , UK — 23 Oct 2004 at 15:49:00

We always find your site very helpful - especially the revision pages - thank you CGP!

Alexander Family — Berkshire, , UK — 23 Oct 2004 at 15:25:00

I think that this book is really good for revising. It has many techniques and funny reminders. I am learning GCSE Spanish, French and German and have bought all three books from CGP. I can't wait to see the outcome!

Michelle — , UK — 22 Oct 2004 at 20:16:00

The AS Chemistry "Mind the Gap" book has been so useful. I was flipping out about an exam I have in 2 weeks (I'm in my GCSE year) so my Chemistry teacher gave it to me to try - she said nothing in it was beyond me so I said I'd give it a go. It's worked on calming me down so much as I realised I can do it all. Do you do books like that normally just for GCSE or should I stick to the mind the gap ones. Do you ever do minority subject books, like Latin?

Elizabeth Collins — Arundel, , UK — 22 Oct 2004 at 20:06:00

Howdy... I think the books are great and they are very useful. I think that you should put the answers in the back of the book as there is no way to check my work on revision for my exams, thanks.

Tanya — Birmingham, , UK — 22 Oct 2004 at 11:19:00

This is such a good website!

Eftyhia — , UK — 21 Oct 2004 at 18:59:00

Do not write any reasonable answers in the answer section.

Melvin Bernard Ashton — Cornwall, , UK — 21 Oct 2004 at 18:06:00

I love the CGP books, they are pretty cool and full of lots of good info.  You got me through my exams!

Katie — , UK — 21 Oct 2004 at 17:03:00

This website is sad!

Vanya — , UK — 21 Oct 2004 at 12:49:00

The books, and the site, are just great.

R Thompson — , UK — 21 Oct 2004 at 12:49:00

Please could you do a GCSE Sociology revision guide - there are simply none out there and it would be so useful to have one. I could imagine it would be written so well by your team too - your revision guides are the best!

Nicola Mirams — Barlestone, Nuneaton, , UK — 20 Oct 2004 at 20:57:00

They're a waste of money! You need to improve the English.

Ruby — , UK — 20 Oct 2004 at 20:02:00

Woo, thanks to you and post-it notes I got 8A*s in my GCSE's, what can I say... thank you!

Vicki W — , UK — 20 Oct 2004 at 17:22:00

Your books are dead good to revise, science is the best one.

Holly — , UK — 20 Oct 2004 at 13:46:00

The books are very informative

Ryan Low — , UK — 19 Oct 2004 at 20:31:00

Hi, I'd just like to say CGP! You're brilliant. Your books are fantastic and make revision more fun. The jokes can actually be funny sometimes and the pictures are just groovy. Thank you CGP for 6,7,7 in Year 9 SATs!

Anonymous — , UK — 19 Oct 2004 at 18:51:00

Very good books and practice courses.

Eliza — Greenhithe Kent, , UK — 19 Oct 2004 at 16:15:00

These books are so good and very helpful, thanks.

Natasha Brand — , UK — 19 Oct 2004 at 13:09:00

I am studying 'GCSE Maths the Workbook' at intermediate level. Our tutor has to complete the curriculum and unfortunately has not enough time to teach us... is there an answer book that I can order so that I can do home study. I desperately need to relearn my maths for my new career as a dietitian. Many thanks.

Deborah Perry — Barnehurst , UK — 18 Oct 2004 at 21:21:00

Hi. I've just started year 5 and I've already put my hopes up to get level 5 in my English exams, which is the highest year 6 grade. I have had a look around the website and I think that this will help me revise.

Daisy W — , UK — 18 Oct 2004 at 21:05:00

Excellent and colourful revision guides. I find your GCSE Spanish revision guide particularly excellent! It's much better than the revision guide published by the AQA which is really plain and boring!

Dean Sharpe — Wigan, Lancashire, , UK — 18 Oct 2004 at 16:47:00

I think you should market your book in Zimbabwe. it would be truly appreciated.

Erick Marimbe — Harare  , Zimbabwe — 18 Oct 2004 at 14:08:00

Your books are great, but please, make one for ICT

Chris Bateman — , UK — 18 Oct 2004 at 11:27:00

Very good

Courtney Lenwey — Childwall, Liverpool, , UK — 18 Oct 2004 at 10:43:00

Hi, I just want to say that your CGP books are brilliant and I've used them since my year 6 SATs and they have helped me loads!</b

— Richard Raby , UK — 18 Oct 2004 at 10:43:00

Hiya! I'd just like to say how brilliant these books are! I'm just about to do my GCSEs and they've really helped me! Everything is explained so well! Thanks.

Katie — , UK — 17 Oct 2004 at 22:15:00

Please send me a brochure on GCSE revision books you sell.

Peter_lannen — Potters bar, Herts, , UK — 17 Oct 2004 at 18:09:00

CGP books are really helpful in revising.

Ceri Hodges — , UK — 17 Oct 2004 at 17:35:00

I think that there should be some practice questions that students can do for some more practice. I think that the books are very good though. Thanks for your time.

Parmar — , UK — 17 Oct 2004 at 14:25:00

I really liked your books they're so helpful, keep up the good work.

Sara — London, , UK — 17 Oct 2004 at 14:05:00

Just wanted to say thanks for finally publishing a Stats GCSE revision guide. But when is the Workbook to match coming out? And why is the Stats Revision Guide listed as £5.50 on the "What's new" page, but £4.50 on the booklist?

Katharine — , UK — 17 Oct 2004 at 10:56:00

I'd just like to say how much I love your books. They really have helped me in my KS3 SATs. I'm now starting my GCSEs and am starting to decide which of your books I'd like. But I would like to ask why you don't do all the subjects. Why don't you do art and drama because I know people really would appreciate it. I also understand that they would be very difficult to write, but maybe you could just do some techniques or something?

Chrissie — West Midlands, , UK — 16 Oct 2004 at 17:05:00

Hi I passed all my GCSEs! Thanks!

Moosa — , UK — 15 Oct 2004 at 19:52:00

I think its disgusting, books priced at £3.00 a time, my grandchildren need these for their disabilities! I am horrified how you can stoop that low!

Christine Bothemley — , UK — 15 Oct 2004 at 12:11:00

I have got the books, CGP. They are very good thank you. I know more than before, my friends told you that I am not that good but just playing me just hope I do well.

Nadia — , UK — 15 Oct 2004 at 12:09:00

I am a studying GCSE maths, but I'm not that good at it. It is my re-set from 2years ago, I have got the books but never understand them.

Nadia Ahmed — , UK — 15 Oct 2004 at 11:59:00

I love this site, I always order books from it. I thank you for making education so much better I am 11 years old and have just started KS3, please could you e-mail me pages of some of the books of KS3 I'm starting my science pages collection first maybe you could scan some. thankyou.

Robert — , UK — 15 Oct 2004 at 11:31:00

I love your books so much, I can't get enough of them.

Reeya Tosar — Milton Keynes, Bucks, , UK — 15 Oct 2004 at 10:40:00

These books rule! I've been using them since year 6 and I'm in year 10 now!

Master Bation — , UK — 15 Oct 2004 at 10:34:00

As a teacher at GCSE level I recommend your modern foreign language revision guides to all my classes. The workbooks for French revision are excellent! Please can you tell me if and when you will be producing the same for German?

Lisa Roberts — Colwyn Bay, North Wales, , UK — 15 Oct 2004 at 10:28:00

These books are great! CGP is the way to go!

Spencer Cofield — , USA — 14 Oct 2004 at 21:34:00

What is 5000+210+350=?

Adel Ali — , UK — 14 Oct 2004 at 21:03:00

Could you please send a catalogue of all the books you sell! I'm doing Biology and Chemistry for AS levels and I really need some help!  I would appreciate it very much!

Connie — , UK — 14 Oct 2004 at 18:18:00

I just got 60% on my module Maths tests and I'm really disappointed.  I need help now and reassurance. Please help me!

Natalie — , UK — 14 Oct 2004 at 17:55:00

Hi, I would like to say thank you for all the books you have created. Because of you I have learnt a great deal.  I am very grateful for these books because I know how to add and subtract and do basic Maths now — I am dyslexic in numbers and these books really break down the complicated Maths into simple parts which help.

Adam — , UK — 14 Oct 2004 at 15:57:00

Very good, could you send me some info on the books and can I have a free catalogue?

Ellie — Stoke on Trent, , UK — 14 Oct 2004 at 10:04:00

I'm so stressed — I've got my sats coming up soon! If anyone else is, just let me know so I'm not the only one that is!  Loads of love. P.S. This site rocks.

Beth — Bromsgrove, , UK — 14 Oct 2004 at 09:53:00

My mum bought me all the books for all the subjects I'm doing for GCSE! They are great! They break down really complicated stuff and makes it easier to understand! I even understand Physics! Thanks for making learning fun!

Nush — , UK — 13 Oct 2004 at 21:02:00

It's not very easy to find your way around this site, is it?

Klee — , UK — 13 Oct 2004 at 19:19:00

I think that your books do help, but some of the questions are really hard so could you make a page that says all of the answers on so that I can check my answers, thank you.

Stevie Gioddard — , UK — 13 Oct 2004 at 19:18:00

I am in Year 9 doing SATs revision. The CGP book on Maths is coming in really handy, especially as I find it quite hard, but am in Set 1. I plan to get all the books in the series in English and Science too. Well done CGP!

Rachel Boardman — Ashurst, Skelmersdale, , UK — 13 Oct 2004 at 17:55:00

We've been using CGP almost exclusively to deliver curriculum KS2 to our home educated daughter. Generally we've found the books great, but we've been surprised and disappointed to find quite a few errors in the marking books and also the question books. We've been too busy to note all these and email you about them, but we really were aghast to find such elementary errors as on BOTH papers in the EXAM set MHEP21 as the triangle which didn't add up to 180 degrees, also number 23b on paper 3, which said 4 sets when the answer seemed to us to be 3? Sometimes there are even typos on the question papers which makes life REALLY confusing ! AGHHH!

Deena Newton-Cox — Marlborough, Wiltshire, , UK — 13 Oct 2004 at 16:24:00

Your books are very helpful, but I'd like to know whether the A level maths revision guide is suitable for A2 level Maths as well? Thank you.

Marya Mahmud — , UK — 13 Oct 2004 at 14:59:00

Please print some A2 revision guides (Maths M2 and P3/C3 and c4 while your at it chemistry and physics would be fab)! I don't know what I'm going to do without your wonderful books - I got A's last year and I would like a repeat performance this year.

Ems Wilcockson — Slough, , UK — 13 Oct 2004 at 14:28:00

I like your books.

Daoud — Manchester, , UK — 12 Oct 2004 at 20:11:00

Hi there, I use the CGP workbooks at my school, I'm in yr 9 and I think the books are really easy.

Emily — South Shields, Tyne and Wear, , UK — 12 Oct 2004 at 20:10:00

Do you have answers to the study book questions. If yes please email me.

Layliegh — Birmingham , UK — 12 Oct 2004 at 19:55:00

I'm not a stupid person and I go to a good school, but still, these books are excellent and will hopefully get me some A*s in my GCSEs in 2005. I used them for my SATs in year 9 and I have to say that the terrible jokes become slightly more bearable at GCSE level! Thanks!

Rachel — Amersham, , UK — 12 Oct 2004 at 19:49:00

You are the best

Harun Nawaz — Scouthill Dewsbury , , UK — 12 Oct 2004 at 16:39:00

Hiya, I think your books are really cool and groovy! They saved me from the dreary days of boring revision and they really helped - I got good grades in both GCSE and AS level. So... where's the A2 revision guides people? Please would you seriously consider producing them. (Preferably chemistry and physics!) Oh yeah and in time for the January exams! If you could that would be great and loads of people would succeed! Thanks.

Hayley Smith — , UK — 12 Oct 2004 at 14:19:00

At the moment, I am finding module one of GCSE AQA Modular Science really hard. The teacher wasn't explaining things really clearly but once I read your books, I was beginning to understand and I really enjoyed using your books. Keep up the good work!

Matthew Man — Banbury, , UK — 11 Oct 2004 at 19:58:00

I've been using your revision guides since I was 10, I'm now 16 and would like to know if you will be releasing revision guides for more AS level subjects? And will you be releasing A2 revision guides? Your guides are extremely helpful and I'm sure many students would be grateful if you did.

Paul — , UK — 11 Oct 2004 at 16:21:00

Thanks for the great books, they really helped me through my GCSE exams and they made revision more fun!

Emma — , UK — 10 Oct 2004 at 17:31:00

CGP books are really useful and wicked. I think if you have CGP books, you also have fun!

Magda — , UK — 10 Oct 2004 at 15:35:00

Year six is not difficult.

Anonymous — , UK — 10 Oct 2004 at 15:17:00

Wow! I got level 5 in my SATs, in English, science, & maths. I was over the moon (really)! These books were the best for me thanks! Oh and the humour really really helped, keep it up.

Sama — , UK — 10 Oct 2004 at 15:15:00

Oh thanks CGP! Guess what? I got level 5 in all my subjects I cried with happiness! Thanks!

Sama — , UK — 10 Oct 2004 at 15:11:00

Hi, I am studying the Merchant of Venice for my Shakespeare text, but you don't have a book on it! Please tell me if I'm just being dense and can't find it. Thanks

Chris Parkinson — Edwalton, Nottingham, , UK — 10 Oct 2004 at 13:21:00

I am really nervous about doing my GCSEs and I don't really pay much attention in class, but when I started reading these books I started to listen and now when the teacher asks me questions I always give the correct answer. Thank you CGP for all your help.

Stefan Proudlove — Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, UK — 10 Oct 2004 at 12:53:00

So much better than any of the others I have come across.

Ben Field — , UK — 09 Oct 2004 at 14:00:00

I am a great fan!

Dorothy — , UK — 09 Oct 2004 at 11:34:00

I would like to see a copy of the physics GCSE revision textbook(14-16).

Samuel Obey — Lagos, , Nigeria — 08 Oct 2004 at 19:01:00

This website has come in really handy for my maths, science and English revision and summary. I would like to thank CGP Books for all the useful tips, comments, games and much more stuff. I have learned and revised for my tests. Thank you so much, my mum is even buying me maths, English and science Workbook and practice papers. I hope this site will appeal and help others with their school work and revision!

Callie Minchin — , UK — 08 Oct 2004 at 13:36:00

I really find the revision books useful and will definitely be purchasing more in future. Keep up the good work and make more books!

Kayleigh Owen — , UK — 08 Oct 2004 at 13:27:00

I think CGP books are the best! They tell you lots of things (in the study books) and have brilliant pictures.

Katie Read — , UK — 08 Oct 2004 at 07:37:00

Please produce A2 Chemistry and Biology revision guides. The AS ones were fantastic, and I hope it's not too late for me before you do A2 Science guides.

Anonymous — , UK — 08 Oct 2004 at 00:49:00

These books are great, I used them when I was studying at school. Question for you, do you have GCSE English book on the play Great Expectations? Its for my sis and she could really do with the help on this play.

Aminah Azad — , UK — 07 Oct 2004 at 22:08:00

This site is a really useful site and I hope others will benefit from it.

Callie Minchin — Ramsey, Cambs, , UK — 07 Oct 2004 at 19:14:00

Could you give me any information as to whether you are currently producing further subjects for AS/A level studies. The subjects I am interested in are Law, I.T and Ethics and Philosophy. I have always liked to use CGP books as they have always helped me greatly with revision and are the best revision books I've ever come across. Please could you provide me with more information as to whether you will be producing any other AS/A level revision guides in the near future.

Lucy Harrold — , UK — 07 Oct 2004 at 18:25:00

ooks will come out soon for the C Maths courses? Students will be doing C1, C2 and S1 for AS and C3, C4 and M1 for A-level at my current school. The S1 and M1 courses are the same as before and your books are great for those. Please reply soon with your answer and if negative... any suggestions to other revision guides? Thanks.

Anonymous — Chelmsford, , UK — 07 Oct 2004 at 15:43:00

I ordered a CGP Customer catalogue 4 days ago, and I still haven't got it, why this is? By the way, your GCSE Science books are great, but over priced!

Kristina Wahidullah — London, , UK — 06 Oct 2004 at 19:58:00

I think your books are great and are really easy to follow. I will only ever use your books for revision in the future.

Miss B — , UK — 06 Oct 2004 at 19:27:00

Why don't you do a history AS level revision guide? You need to get one sorted! ASAP! (Preferably a modern history one.) Don't let me down CGP!

Alexandra Peake — Holmfirth, , UK — 06 Oct 2004 at 17:40:00

Why do you only do AS level revision guides for psychology? When we also need a revision Guide for A level as well! Your guides are extremely helpful and I would be grateful if you did psychology up to A level. Thanks.

Laura Pegg — Ripley, Derbyshire, , UK — 06 Oct 2004 at 12:55:00

I love your books! They helped me score a 4 in maths and 5 in all other subjects in my SATs test! (The top mark is 6.) In case you're wondering I was in England when I took the test, but then I moved to California and my school put me SAS (advanced students!!) Just because of my SAT'S results, thank you CGP!

Tara — California , USA — 06 Oct 2004 at 01:45:00

Cool guides, just make sure you have science A-level guides out next yr... in time for me!

Muhammad — , UK — 05 Oct 2004 at 21:19:00

I would just like to say how amazing your books are, they helped me through my KS3 SATs and now I am desperate for you to do a GCSE Dance revision guide because I am going to fail! Please let me know if you are planning to do one.

Emily — Torquay, Devon, , UK — 05 Oct 2004 at 19:27:00

I am a year six pupil from Haverigg primary school and I have got my books and think they're great, especially the science books. We haven't started our SATs practice papers yet but I am looking forward to doing those. I am a really good worker at school and I am determined to do well in my SATs. I will be looking forward to going up to senior school when I do my GCSE exams.

Natalie — Millom Cumbria, , UK — 05 Oct 2004 at 19:21:00

CGP books are great

Tiana Glitz — Thornton Heath Surrey, , UK — 05 Oct 2004 at 18:47:00

An ace website!

Sonia — Southall, , UK — 05 Oct 2004 at 17:59:00

I bought a GCSE History Book from this website which cost me £4.50. I then checked the price of this book at WHSmith, there it cost £3.50. How come it is cheaper there?

Kristina Wahidullah — London, , UK — 05 Oct 2004 at 16:34:00

When I did my SATs, CGP Revision guides made everything clear for me and made life much easier thanks CGP!

Louise Spence — , UK — 04 Oct 2004 at 21:38:00

Have you got any GCSE books for media studies.

Shanaz Begum — , UK — 04 Oct 2004 at 18:29:00

Just wanted to say how good the CGP maths, at KS3, books are. I managed to get a Level 8, when I was only predicted a 6, with the help of your great revision guides. I also got 7's in English and Science. The practice papers were just like the real thing, and were easy to mark too. On top of that, they were really good value too. Thanks a lot.

Katharine Webberley — Peterborough, , UK — 04 Oct 2004 at 18:07:00

How is it possible to obtain the books at a special discount rate? Do we need to place the order for a minimum amount in order to get the discount?

Hamel Malde — , UK — 04 Oct 2004 at 17:59:00

Some books are too hard.

Michael Mcgill — Co Derry, , UK — 04 Oct 2004 at 16:38:00

Hey peeps. I moved to Spain and yeah! I speak Spanish but with no help from your books! I used different ones instead, but at least now I can speak the lingo, your books were too basic.

Ethan Rónan Wilkinson — , Spain — 04 Oct 2004 at 14:23:00

I find it hard to believe that there is a lack of revision materials for subjects like electronics in favour of subjects like 'sociology.'

Matthew White — , UK — 04 Oct 2004 at 13:16:00

As a private tutor I do recommend and use your books. However ordering online is such a hassle. It takes ages to scroll to the right place and then to check afterwards. Could you please consider using a shopping cart and checkout system.

Paul Goddard — London, , UK — 04 Oct 2004 at 11:11:00

This is a really helpful website and it is helpful with home work.

— Morgan , UK — 04 Oct 2004 at 09:41:00

Hello CGP, I used your books during my GCSEs and AS Level, found them very good. I was wondering if / when you would publish some A Level books?

Nkechi — London, , UK — 04 Oct 2004 at 09:41:00

Your books are excellent

Carla — , UK — 03 Oct 2004 at 13:47:00

I would like information on space on your KS3.

Ahmed Amer — , UK — 03 Oct 2004 at 11:16:00

I think CGP books are totally cool, they also help you. I think the website is for your best!

Bareeyah — Rochdale, , UK — 02 Oct 2004 at 22:12:00

I really like CGP books because they are super for your education, for kids and teenagers.

Bareeyah — Rochdale, , UK — 02 Oct 2004 at 22:06:00

The books are expensive.

Farus — , UK — 02 Oct 2004 at 20:45:00

Top website and top books.

David — , UK — 02 Oct 2004 at 18:24:00

I think CGP books are absolutely brilliant, the website is absolutely brilliant too. I think it is great that you can get your catalogue the next day.

Faisal Atiq — , UK — 02 Oct 2004 at 13:46:00

I've used your books for my SATs and GCSEs and I love them! They're the best ever, and I couldn't have done my exams with out them. I've just bought the AS level business studies and sociology. I was wondering whether you would be bringing out AS English literature or media studies?

Kimberley Sangha — , UK — 02 Oct 2004 at 13:24:00

I think that the CGP revision books are great, I love the colours and the way they are laid out. Good job!

Emily Rose Dickens — Goldings, Northampton, , UK — 02 Oct 2004 at 12:41:00

Cool, this will help me with my maths because I think my teacher isn't all that good.

Kirsty — , UK — 01 Oct 2004 at 22:26:00

A wonderful resource! Thank you so much for the opportunity to help our children improve

Emma — , UK — 01 Oct 2004 at 19:06:00

Our school teaches us CGP so it is a very good book .

Hussa — , Kuwait — 01 Oct 2004 at 18:28:00

I think it is good that we can revise easier than rather having no help, anyway hi and chill.

JC — , UK — 01 Oct 2004 at 17:41:00

Hello I'd just like to say how pleased I am with my new books! Thank you so much CGP

Naomi — Bacup Lancs, , UK — 01 Oct 2004 at 15:25:00