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Guestbook Archive - October 2011


Sola — KENT , United Kingdom — 30 Oct 2011 at 22:22:03

Guestbook Editor: Not at the moment — sorry!

I think that this is really helpful for me and it will help me be better at maths science,maths,english

serhat — enfiled , United Kingdom — 30 Oct 2011 at 08:40:44

I would just like to thank you for your excellent books and services with very reasonable prices included. Thanks

H Tzemis — Kenilworth , United Kingdom — 29 Oct 2011 at 16:45:55

I have a science test on Monday and got the ks3 science revision book from my school library for £3 and I opened it up and it had like a million pages for every science topic that I could think of. So yeah, good and will definitely use them in the near future!

Tamara — Leicester , United Kingdom — 28 Oct 2011 at 21:29:34

Great books, great prices, great service. What more could one ask for? Keep up the good work.
VBW, John

John — London , United Kingdom — 28 Oct 2011 at 20:41:45

Excellent books. Never worried that parts of the specification are missing. used the books from KS3 leve up to A2 level which I am at now. However a few more books published to WJEC specification would be of benefit.

James — Pontypridd, United Kingdom — 28 Oct 2011 at 15:19:36

Excellent and reliable service. Booking order was straight forward and easy without any problem. Books are relevant and suitable to the abilities of pupil.

Muhammad Akhtar — Manchester , United Kingdom — 28 Oct 2011 at 11:22:17

Service is amazing! love CGP books! Carry on the great work! x

Sadiyah — London , United Kingdom — 27 Oct 2011 at 15:34:16

Guestbook Editor: Amazing service is what we do! Oh. I said that earlier. We do other things, too — making brilliant books, deconstructing the accepted paradigms of educational publishing, eating chocolate digestives... that sort of thing.

Amazing service! Came the next day! Brilliant, Thank you CGP!

Molly — Cambridge , United Kingdom — 27 Oct 2011 at 10:04:57

Guestbook Editor: Amazing service is what we do — enjoy your books!

the books are great but i guess the website could do with a few more games, it'll help kids to want to come on the website, or maybe even ihomework page for printouts to do themselves?

Libby — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 26 Oct 2011 at 16:22:41

Yes please for Latin from me too!

Jane Mason — London , United Kingdom — 25 Oct 2011 at 10:08:29

I really like your books! They are so useful and really good for revision! Have you ever thought of doing Latin GCSE guides as I haven't seen any around? I understand that it might be because less people study Latin as a subject but it would really help those who do! (I know if you do, it'll be too late by then but the future Latin takers would definitely appreciate it I'm sure!)

joan — somewhere in, United Kingdom — 23 Oct 2011 at 16:41:45

Guestbook Editor: Hello! Thanks for the suggestion. We get quite a lot of requests for GCSE Latin, and we'd really like to make a book at some point — it's just a tricky one to fit in inter alia.

wow these books are amazing. I am in year 8 and I remember getting the KS2 English and Maths books in Year 6 to help for SATS and the books help me even now!!!

Kat — Dorset , United Kingdom — 22 Oct 2011 at 10:41:51

Just called your customer services ref a slight problem on the website and was helped by a very friendly operator... a man, didn't get his name but had a northern accent!

Ronnie Kemp — Dursely, United Kingdom — 21 Oct 2011 at 14:23:11

Guestbook Editor: Thanks — we've passed your comments on to our friendly male northern operator. He's a very nice chap.

These books are amazing, they put 5 pages on text books into 1-2 fun pages. They are fantastic!

Anon — Anon , United Kingdom — 20 Oct 2011 at 20:22:22

When I was in Grade 4 in my school Kowloon Junior School (You may call it KJS for short) my teacher, gave us some of the work from the workbooks from the KS2 Math Books which was made in the CGP book publisher company for us to do as Homework and OH MY GOD!!!!!! They just helped to improve my work and now I have become more better at Maths. I'm going to ask my Aunt in Sheffield, England to buy some of these workbooks for me to be BEST THAN THE REST!!!!!!

Maisha — Hong Kong, Hong Kong — 20 Oct 2011 at 19:58:29

Thumbs up for all the good work. We use your books here in Nigeria and they're really helping us. If you could please create a homework help page we'd be really delighted. Thanks.

adeola — lagos , Nigeria — 19 Oct 2011 at 23:56:42

Guestbook Editor: Thanks — it's brilliant to hear that our books are helping you out. A homework help page is an interesting idea. We'll have a think...

Please could you make a book for AS & A2 Geology and AS & A2 Further Mathematics.

AAA — Newcastle upon Tyne , United Kingdom — 19 Oct 2011 at 13:33:14

These books make life so much easier. Everything is in simple sentences not like some big massive textbook.

Hannah Frater — London , United Kingdom — 18 Oct 2011 at 16:32:10

Nice revision guide, good information. I scored a high B in my AS levels with the help. About to sit full A levels very soon.

The jokes made me feel uncomfortable. "Derek knew that a low light intensity would increase the level of romance". It's so lame that it's funny, but I still prefer "that's what she said" jokes.

Nick — Auckland, New Zealand — 18 Oct 2011 at 07:45:58

Guestbook Editor: It's so lame that it's funny? That's what she said!

And I never saw her again. *Weeps*

I am in year 5 and when i was in year 3 i had one of your books it really helped me with my learning. THANK YOU!

Victoria — don't know, United Kingdom — 16 Oct 2011 at 16:20:23

Guestbook Editor: You're welcome! Hopefully you'll find some of our other books helpful as you move up through school — we cover loads of subjects all the way to A-Level.

I liked the games they were fun

Victoria — don't know , United Kingdom — 16 Oct 2011 at 16:14:15

I love your books! They really helped me in KS3 with my SAT's, I got level 7's in everything! Now I am using them at GCSE and they are really helping me, thank you :) :)

Jess — Yate, United Kingdom — 16 Oct 2011 at 08:18:51

I love your books :) They really helped me with my KS3

Jess — Yate , United Kingdom — 16 Oct 2011 at 08:17:51

Is there any chance of you making an A2 geography revision guide and if so when will it be released? Thanks

Jess — Oxford , United Kingdom — 15 Oct 2011 at 09:35:29

Guestbook Editor: There's definitely a chance that we'll make an A2 Geography book, but we don't have any firm details at the moment. It's probably safe to say that it won't be out in time for the 2012 exams, I'm afraid. Sorry.

(Commenting on book PAAR61, A2-Level Physics AQA A Complete Revision & Practice

Why don't you cover "Option C: Applied Physics" in this book?

Isam B — Ilford, United Kingdom — 14 Oct 2011 at 22:33:40

Guestbook Editor: We're sorry the Applied Physics topic isn't included — sometimes when an exam board offers multiple options for a course, we have to make decisions about which ones we can cover without the book becoming huge (and not being ready in time for the start of the course). In this case, we picked the three options that are taken by most students, but decided to leave the final one out.

Your books are amazing. They are really helping me during my GCSE's. But, when do you estimate the new Y10 additional science and extension releasing? Thanks anyway.

Anonymous — Anonymous , United Kingdom — 13 Oct 2011 at 07:03:12

Guestbook Editor: Excellent news. In other excellent news, we've brought forward the release of our new Additional Science books — they should start turning up on the website in the next few weeks. Hurrah!

As a private tutor for GCSE maths it can be quite hard to get hold of authentic material, especially for modular courses - remembered that a tutee of mine last year had practice papers from CGP and they were really useful, so have just ordered some - looking forward to finding them very helpful!

Liz — Leigh-on-sea , United Kingdom — 11 Oct 2011 at 21:09:31

I have always loved your books, my oldest son started using them in Year 2 and is now using them for GCSE. I have just looked at the new video tutor thingys, they are brilliant!!! Are you going to do them for KS2?

Gillian — Hounslow , United Kingdom — 11 Oct 2011 at 20:48:40

Guestbook Editor: Thanks very much for your comments — good to hear that our MathsTutor demo has tickled your fancy. We're just putting the finishing touches to the GCSE videos at the moment, but you never know which Key Stage our intrepid tutors might turn up in next...

I discovered these books when I spent a couple of years a maths teacher a few years ago. I was impressed enough that now an adult friend is looking for something to refresh her maths knowledge, the CGP workbooks came straight to mind, as I'm sure the laid back humour and fill-in workbook format will be perfect.

Simon — Sheffield , United Kingdom — 10 Oct 2011 at 20:15:11

Are IGCSE Books on your plan cos my school does IGCSE for English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and French and Maths. I bought the IGCSE Maths book and that's amazing.

P.S. I need them badly!!!

And also can I just buy the GCSE books as a substitute for IGCSEs? I'm not too sure. And what's the difference between them?

Nile — Anonchester, United Kingdom — 10 Oct 2011 at 09:36:39

Guestbook Editor: Hello! Glad we could help you out with IGCSE Maths. We'd really like to make books for more IGCSE subjects, but we can't say if and when they'll be released at this stage. In the meantime, our general GCSE books will cover a lot of what you need to know, but we can't guarantee that every topic will be in there. You can look at the contents pages of all our books on this website, so you can see what you're getting before you buy. Hope that helps.

(Commenting on book CRBR52, AS-Level Chemistry OCR B (Salters) Complete Revision & Practice for exams until 2015 only

For some reason, teachers seem to hate CGP, big time!!! They say, it's only for getting a C!

Mo — Ilford , United Kingdom — 09 Oct 2011 at 21:44:57

Guestbook Editor: Aw, we know loads of teachers who love CGP. And loads of students who have achieved grades well above C with the help of our books. Haters always gonna hate, as we say here in Cumbria.

You guys should do books for further maths, computing and electronics. I know loads of guys in my classes who would buy them :)

Isam B — Ilford , United Kingdom — 09 Oct 2011 at 16:34:06

Guestbook Editor: Thanks for the suggestions — I don't think we're working on any of those subjects at the moment, I'm afraid, but life at CGP is nothing if not full of surprises...

Will you ever make a book for triple science GCSE? Its a new exam and there are new topics so I need your help. Please. I love all your other books, they are really helpful.

Kumar — London , United Kingdom — 08 Oct 2011 at 20:10:16

Guestbook Editor: If you're taking triple science at GCSE, we can offer you two options...

1. Our separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics books.
2. Our Core, Additional and Extension Science books.

We'd recommend option 1 unless you've already got our Core Science books. (If you're in Year 10, you'll need our brand new Additional and Extension Science books, which we haven't published yet.) It's simpler than I'm making it sound, honestly — just ask our friendly customer services team if you need more info.

Why dont you produce a GCSE book in Latin. It would be so so useful

Minaxi Keshani — Crewe , United Kingdom — 08 Oct 2011 at 18:44:54

Your books are so helpful-helped me to pass my exams!! A suggestion for you make a Cgp app for android or iphone, would be helpful for journeys in cars/spare time.

Amrit — Solihull , United Kingdom — 08 Oct 2011 at 18:41:29

your books looks great . do you have any arabic book.... i would love to learn arabic and didnt find any interesting book so far.

mariam — london , United Kingdom — 06 Oct 2011 at 18:15:53

Guestbook Editor: Thanks — we're pleased to hear you like the look of our books. We don't have anything for Arabic at the moment, though, unfortunately. Sorry!

Are you thinking of making a PDF or ebook version of your guides for devices like an iPad so you can revise and learn anywhere?

Jared — Newton Abbot , United Kingdom — 05 Oct 2011 at 20:59:26

Please can u start A2 level history books and A2 ICT books thanks

lee morgan — birmingham , United Kingdom — 05 Oct 2011 at 18:06:03

My daughter used the CGP revision guides to prepare for her GCSE's over 5 years ago. I also found them easy to use to test her knowledge. She passed her exams with mostly A Grades and a B! My son has just started at secondary school so I've just ordered some revision guides with the knowledge that he won't need to struggle with homework!

Helen Cheung — Wirral , United Kingdom — 05 Oct 2011 at 09:39:40

I am using the Y6 science topic books with my class and they are invaluable in class and for use as homework for practice and reinforcement. This way both parents and teachers maximise the pupils' learning. The ICT workout books are great too.

Najmah Patel-Ahmed — Birmingham , United Kingdom — 04 Oct 2011 at 16:52:03

Thank you guys so much for your A Level revision guides. Thanks to you, I got A's in both my biology exams for AS. c: <3

The little blurbs at the end of each section really help to motivate me.

Lisha — London , United Kingdom — 04 Oct 2011 at 09:50:46