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Guestbook Archive - December 2011

(Commenting on book C2W41, GCSE Chemistry OCR 21st Century Workbook -Higher

This book is great and very useful prep for exams. However, I just thought that I'd point out a mistake on page 74 which confused me for a while on a topic I otherwise understand quite well. For question 5c it gives a hint: 'The formula of lithium carbonate is LiCO3'. Hints aren't very useful when they're wrong, are they? The formula is actually Li2CO3 (which is correctly written in the answer book). Just wanted to highlight this to make sure it's not written in any new editions. Thanks.

Anonymous — London , United Kingdom — 29 Dec 2011 at 22:59:18

Guestbook Editor: Oops, sorry about that. This mistake doesn't appear in the new edition of the book for the latest courses, but thanks very much for pointing it out. We've made a note in our files...

I am LOVING the revision books they're helping so much , they lay everything out clearly so it isn't confusing and i'm actually confident about my forthcoming gcses.

Sophie — London , United Kingdom — 29 Dec 2011 at 10:05:53

One of your books said suitable for strange people so I had to give it to my sister. I was very sad.

Scaredycat — SCARED , United Kingdom — 26 Dec 2011 at 14:34:20

Guestbook Editor: Don't be sad — our books aren't *only* suitable for strange people. You and your sister can share.

I was wondering if you could send some science and english lessons online and if you could create a few CD's with games and videos to help me learn thanks.

Angela — Why??? , United Kingdom — 22 Dec 2011 at 12:00:00

Very entertaining books indeed... Makes revision a whole lot better and something to look forward to. And we're having pizza for tea tonight...

Surya — Ipswich , United Kingdom — 21 Dec 2011 at 10:08:52

Hi i just wanted to know are you going to publish a book on btec subjects like sport or dance

Sarah — Bolton , United Kingdom — 20 Dec 2011 at 14:35:47

Guestbook Editor: We're not making any BTEC books at the moment, but it's definitely not impossible for the future. Make a Christmas wish...

I was wondering if you were going to publish a ks3 spanish book. I love cgp!

Anon — Anon , United Kingdom — 20 Dec 2011 at 09:16:22

Guestbook Editor: All I know is my heart says... maybe.

Do you have any plans to release a GCSE revision guide in law and economics?

Tom — Town , United Kingdom — 20 Dec 2011 at 09:15:31

Guestbook Editor: No plans at the moment, as far as I know — sorry.

My child - who is much cleverer than me - pointed out that the pics of your books didn't have the strapline "New 2011 GCSE Course" which cast some doubt (for me) as to whether I was forking out vast sums for the right books - just a thought - keep the pics of the books the same as the the ones in the shops

Major Surgery — Beverley, United Kingdom — 18 Dec 2011 at 21:26:26

Guestbook Editor: Slightly tricky, this. We put "new course" banners on the first few print runs of some of our books — this is to make it easy to tell that you're buying the right book in a shop. We take these banners off when the courses aren't so new any more. On our website, we can make sure you're looking at the right book by asking which year students are in, so we tend not to show the banners — we'd have to keep updating the graphics in dribs and drabs otherwise. Apologies for any confusion.

Can I see a good page on CHEEESSSEEEEE?

Bilbobaggins — Sheffield , United Kingdom — 17 Dec 2011 at 11:24:21

I heard that you're making an educational roadshow instead of a stand-up comedy show next year. That's great news and I will be getting the best seats, I assure you!

Cleverclogs — Smartypants, United Kingdom — 15 Dec 2011 at 08:20:57

Can you please make a book about pears because i like pears? Well I actually hate pears but I like reading about pears. So can you make a book on pears?!

Pear — Peartown , United Kingdom — 15 Dec 2011 at 08:16:37

Guestbook Editor: We'd love to make a book about pears, but imagine the backlash from people who prefer reading about plums. We'd be committing ourselves to an entire fruitbowl of books before we knew it.

Is there any books/past papers you can recommend for Modular Maths Unit 1. Thanks ... you books have been so useful and I am now ordering 5 more !

Millan — Birmingham , United Kingdom — 14 Dec 2011 at 21:35:58

Guestbook Editor: We'd recommend heading over to our Modular GCSE Maths page and seeing what's on offer for the exam board that sets your course. All these products cover the whole two-year course, so you'll be fixed for your Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 exams. Enjoy your books!

Your website is fantastic! I found what I was looking for straight away. I have just bought the Statistics - Higher Revision Guide for my son as he is doing his GCSE's this year. Thanks!

Tracey — Oxford , United Kingdom — 14 Dec 2011 at 20:51:22

Fantastic service & range of books, the students love them.

Judith Drew — Wisbech , United Kingdom — 14 Dec 2011 at 11:18:48

I'd just like to thank Helen for her patience when helping me this morning. She directed me straight to the AL section that I'd missed. Very many thanks, Helen.

Janet Cox — Northampton , United Kingdom — 13 Dec 2011 at 11:02:27

Where do you guys get the graphics and pictures that you include in your books?

Isam B — Ilford , United Kingdom — 13 Dec 2011 at 00:46:00

Guestbook Editor: Ah, that's a closely guarded trade secret, I'm afraid. (Although it's not that closely guarded — you'll find information about the source of our graphics on the credits page of each book.)

I am absolutely LOVING your books! I've got a science test tomorrow, and right now i am leafing through your KS3 books.....they're amazing! Wish me luck for tomorrow! :D

Lily — BrainLand , United Kingdom — 12 Dec 2011 at 20:36:35

Guestbook Editor: Good luck for tomorrow! I mean today.

(Commenting on book EHR21, KS2 English Study Book

it is a good book just looking at it.If cgp do SATs book like exams that would be awe

Babar Rashid — Rochdale , United Kingdom — 12 Dec 2011 at 17:48:25

Guestbook Editor: ...some? You're in luck — have a look at our KS2 English Practice Papers. They're just like the real SATs!

it is time for change new books new subjects and more games and apps on electronic things or a reader

florentijn — santa cruz, United States of America — 12 Dec 2011 at 16:27:01

Guestbook Editor: Don't worry — we're on the case with all sorts of interesting new stuff. Start getting excited now, I would.

Hi CGP I've been using a different brand of science revision guides for a while now and I've been getting C's and D's .. but CGP's been getting me B's. I hope you guys have your own exam board.

katy — leeds, United Kingdom — 11 Dec 2011 at 15:47:12

Guestbook Editor: Interesting idea. Now seems like a good moment to get into the exam board market, definitely. Great to hear that our books have helped you improve your grades.

Please, please bring out an economics GCSE revision guide and workbook.....

sarah matthews — st ives , United Kingdom — 10 Dec 2011 at 18:24:19

great site - easy to use - even for technophobes like me. Really like the idea of the new maths tutorials for GCSE. How about doing these for those in KS2/KS3 - they would be great to use.

sarah matthews — st ives , United Kingdom — 10 Dec 2011 at 18:20:57

i like the books but you don`t seem to put them on purchase on book fairs in my high school

san — leeds, United Kingdom — 09 Dec 2011 at 18:32:35

(Commenting on book MFBW41, GCSE Maths Functional Question Book - Foundation - the Basics

brilliant. Is there a higher version? If not, will you publish one?

james — leeds, United Kingdom — 09 Dec 2011 at 18:11:21

Guestbook Editor: There is indeed a Higher Level edition — you'll find it here. If you're a teacher, you'll find the answers to all three of our GCSE Maths Functional Questions books in the Teacher's Guide. Enjoy.

Hiya, any chance of CGP publishing A Level Religious Studies revision guides?

Maariyah — Bradford , United Kingdom — 08 Dec 2011 at 19:27:14

Guestbook Editor: There's always a chance... but not for a while yet. Sorry.

Hi, any chance of making books for scottish courses (Intermediate 1&2, Standard Grade, higher, advanced higher?)

Melissa — Snowy Hollow, United Kingdom — 06 Dec 2011 at 16:49:29

Guestbook Editor: We're not planning any books for Scottish courses at the moment, as far as I'm aware. But we've been inventing several new books before breakfast every day lately, so it's definitely not impossible.

I would just like to thank you for your amazing books. Without them, I would have never scored As and A*s in GCSE. In year 10, I moved school but unfortunately, I had missed a lot of the GCSE course for RS. I was achieving Cs and Ds in the mock papers about a month before the exam. But then I bought an RS book from you and, in the real thing, I scored an A with a mark off an A*. It wouldn't have been possible without your books.

But please tell your chef to make the OCR RS Ethics book nut-free in the future. It may cause a few problems in the future ;-)

Sam Johnson — Kent, United Kingdom — 05 Dec 2011 at 22:49:33

Guestbook Editor: Our chef is getting us into all sorts of trouble this week. Brilliant to hear that the books helped you out so much — thanks for your comment!

I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!! I've used them since primary and i LOVE THEM. Sometimes I get a little too distracted by the jokes tho... :P

Andrew — Swansea, United Kingdom — 05 Dec 2011 at 19:41:28

Why don't you publish KS3 Spanish books, but publish GCSE Spanish???

dot — Manchester , United Kingdom — 04 Dec 2011 at 21:02:30

Will you be releasing the revision guides in ebook/digital form? I cannot use the Webbooks as I do not have much Internet access.

Jared — Bovey , United Kingdom — 02 Dec 2011 at 19:26:03

Guestbook Editor: Our brilliant new WebBooks are our first foray into digital publishing, but they won't be our last. Watch this space...

I've always found your physics guides quite vague when trying to revise, probably because the subject is quite hard to explain in detail, although the A2 is a wonder to me even though I'm doing WJEC. My teachers do not explain some topics enough for me, but that book does. Are you considering making WJEC books for any of the sciences?

Lloyd — Cardiff , United Kingdom — 02 Dec 2011 at 16:56:49

Your sciences and maths gcse revision guides are extremely helpful. I learn more with them than I do with my teachers.

Rob — Matthew , United Kingdom — 02 Dec 2011 at 15:08:16

Contrary to what a number of posters have been saying, your books are very good value. Ideally it would be nice if they were free, but we all know you have to pay for the good things in life ;) Anyway, as I was saying, pricing seems very reasonable for such informative, reliable and hillarious books! I have an old GCSE Higer Maths book back from 2002 and I still cant get over 'This is fitted with a 13amp fuse' on the back of it! All my friends burst out laughing! I LOVE THESE! Im in S3 (Year 10?) and although these books are not actually in line with all my intermediate 2 syllabus, they have alot of the info that I need, my maths teacher is baffled by some of the things I now know :P THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE BOOKS! Is there a possibility of you bringing out books inline with Scottish courses? (Go England! whoop) ;)

Melissa Amy. — Perthshire , United Kingdom — 02 Dec 2011 at 01:54:17

Your books are a little expensive, but I always find them incredibly helpful!
Hopefully I can boost my grade up to an A for this year!!
Thank you so much!

Sophie — Dartford , United Kingdom — 01 Dec 2011 at 22:26:05

Why is my book salted and roasted for flavour? It doesn't even taste like it is! Who's your chef?

A random person — London , United Kingdom — 01 Dec 2011 at 22:15:00

Guestbook Editor: Our Head Chef charged us a fortune for that seasoning. Sounds like he's been cooking the books. Or not. Or something.

yours books are fantastic i have been using your books since i was in year 2

my grades have gone higher because of your book i first started at 3c but when i was learning from your book my grades went to a 4a

kwew — london , United Kingdom — 01 Dec 2011 at 20:21:26

@lauren they're not expensive

proton — london, United Kingdom — 01 Dec 2011 at 17:58:52