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Guestbook Archive - March 2013

When will other editions for student textbooks come out? (eg an edexcel biology AS/A2 textbook or OCR A physics AS/A2 textbook). I know you literally just made them, but I need them desperately.

Pupil — Town , United Kingdom — 29 Mar 2013 at 21:25:25

Probably having a roast tonight.
Thank you so much for your books they are amazing and the witty-ness helps me through dark revision times:-)

Sasha — Buckingham , United Kingdom — 29 Mar 2013 at 14:26:08

Tonight I had some left over macaroni cheese:) I'll let you all know what I have tomorrow when the time comes!

Alice — Manchester , United Kingdom — 27 Mar 2013 at 19:44:09

Guestbook Editor: Looking forward to it.

I'm having a filet of chicken seasoned with cumin and black pepper and a side of carrots and grilled red capsicum YUM

Shelby — Exeter , United Kingdom — 25 Mar 2013 at 18:27:44

Guestbook Editor: Delicious. Thanks also for teaching me the word capsicum, which is a good way to avoid confusion over black pepper / red pepper in recipes.

(Commenting on book EP6Q21, Practise & Learn: English (Ages 10-11)

i think that this is not a good book because if you
want the answers then they will show you something
else instead of the answers, and they will take you
to koko land but not the answers and then it gets
really really very very very very annoying for the
people who want the answers but not the koko
land which is extremely annoying for us.

nooriah — london, United Kingdom — 25 Mar 2013 at 18:01:38

Guestbook Editor: I can imagine that it is.

i love these books they're great fun! and for revision so i could do well in the SAT's! Thank You CGP!

Wafi — Hitchin , United Kingdom — 24 Mar 2013 at 19:30:14

Hello, I'm currently revising for my gcse's coming up in May. However i'm partaking in IGCSE sciences and maths and the board im doing for all of them is edexcel. i have bought your biology igcse revision guide and so far im loving it. The book has made it seem so simple!! However this is where my questioon arises... Can i get an A* in IGCSE sciences purely by using your guides?? Or are the books aimed for people trying to achieve lower grades??

Avtar Singh Rai — Hayes , United Kingdom — 23 Mar 2013 at 22:08:33

Guestbook Editor: Hello! Our IGCSE books cover all the material you'll need to get an A* — the Science books even include a section to help you score the 25% experiment-based marks. We wouldn't recommend dropping out of school and using our Revision Guides as your only exam preparation resource, but they're definitely written with top grades in mind.

I love your books, they always help to engage my students. Is there any chance a revision guide and workbook could be produced for the AQA English Literature short stories Anthology called Sunlight on the Grass?

Katie — Chichester , United Kingdom — 22 Mar 2013 at 19:41:22

Guestbook Editor: There's always a chance... we'll add it to our list of possibilities. Good to hear you've been finding our other books helpful.

Hodnet School loves your books and so do my daughters; we have found them really user-friendly, packed with relevant information and also entertaining! By the way we're having curry tonight!

Dawn O'Connor — Shrewsbury , United Kingdom — 22 Mar 2013 at 14:50:15

(Commenting on book SPHIC31, KS3 Spanish Interactive Vocab Tester - DVD-ROM and Vocab Book

This is great! At the age of 53 & 46 we decided to start at KS3 Spanish and this is a fantastic tool to start with, along with the KS3 study guide.We can read and hear the words and then test ourselves! (and compete against each other for chocolate too!). You can create your own audio tracks to have on your mp3 player or in the car. Well worth the very small cost compared to other books and cds. We hope to progress to the GCSE course in the not too distant future!

Linda Soulby — Scunthorpe , United Kingdom — 21 Mar 2013 at 21:14:02

I ordered several books and they were delivered within 24 hours. Fantastic!!!!

Carol Snowden — Doncaster , United Kingdom — 21 Mar 2013 at 13:51:50

My boys really enjoy your work books and will be thrilled to receive them through the post.

Louise — Arlesey , United Kingdom — 20 Mar 2013 at 12:04:57

Guestbook Editor: Excellent. We aim to thrill.

Great books! Great service! Thank you.

Lisa King — Riebeek Kasteel , South Africa — 18 Mar 2013 at 14:10:56

I was wondering how I get the answers for biology chemistry and physics from the revision book

Kassim Sandah — Norbury , United Kingdom — 17 Mar 2013 at 18:21:33

Guestbook Editor: We don't print the answers for the questions our Revision Guides separately, I'm afraid. But! They mainly test you on the facts from the section you've just finished, so you'll be able to look them up by flicking back through the pages.

I really love your books, and am finding them really helpful in my GCSE revision. However, I am taking a Further Maths GCSE and am unable to find revision materials anywhere - are you going to be releasing a Further Maths book any time soon? Thanks!

Chloe — Manchester , United Kingdom — 16 Mar 2013 at 20:22:25

Guestbook Editor: There are some exciting developments underway in our GCSE Maths range as we speak — I've even heard some rumblings about FSMQ Additional Maths (which is an OCR course, I think), but not GCSE Further Maths (which is set by AQA?). As you can tell, I don't know much about this, but the short answer is that it's not impossible.

I love your books. Really, really love them. So much so that I have nearly all of them. But your website is a bit clumsy. I'd like to see it updated and a little more user friendly. I hate that I can only add one certain book to my basket at a time and that after looking at a book I have to page back through all the pages perused of a book to get back to where I was. With a better website, I could peruse more quickly and buy more books! Not that there's many I don't have any more.

Suzanne — Cambridge , United Kingdom — 16 Mar 2013 at 20:16:56

Guestbook Editor: Surely nobody could have a bad word to say about our ultra-modern website? In its defence, you can add multiple books to your basket at the same time by typing in all the quatities you want on a page, then clicking on one of the 'Add to Basket' buttons. Also, you can usually retrace your steps through the site fairly quickly by using the 'breadcrumb trail' links at the top of the page. But we take your point — there's plenty of room for improvement.

I just want to say that CGP helped me in my 11+ and my SATS.

Tara Stevenson — Belevdere , United Kingdom — 16 Mar 2013 at 14:06:14

I'm a parent, stocking up on some books for my son in Y10. Love these books, wonderfully written, making learning enjoyable. Wish these had been around when I did my O levels (oops, that shows my age!).

Sandie Forshaw — Chigwell, United Kingdom — 15 Mar 2013 at 20:03:51

(Commenting on book EIR11, KS1 English SATs Study Book - Levels 1-3

On p 9, in Kirsty's conversation with Dad, she says "alright" x 2. This should be spelt "all right".
Hope it might have been put right since the edition we have, which is £3.95.

Helen — Dorchester, United Kingdom — 14 Mar 2013 at 17:24:06

Guestbook Editor: In my Oxford English Dictionary (published in about 1992), the Appendix very specifically prohibits the spelling 'alright'. But in the newer Collins English Dictionary (2006) I use at work, it's listed as a valid alternative. (With a usage note: "The form 'alright', though very common, is still considered by many people to be wrong or less acceptable than 'all right'.")

I'm not a big fan of 'alright' myself, but I don't think we can hold back the tide on this one, sadly.

Thanks once again cgp for such great helpful guides for my daughters gcse exams. Brilliant young-people-friendly books!

J — Eastleigh, United Kingdom — 14 Mar 2013 at 12:45:09

I have a GCSE exam on Wilfred Owen`s war poems. i really need help and i am not sure whether you have that book. Your GCSE Macbeth text guides manged to get me an A* full marks!

Shalom — Poole, United Kingdom — 13 Mar 2013 at 18:34:55

Guestbook Editor: Full marks? Excellent work. Unfortunately, though, we don't have a Wilfred Owen Study Guide (although his 'Futility' does feature in the Conflict cluster of the AQA Poetry Anthology.)

(Commenting on book MP6Q21, Practise & Learn: Maths (Ages 10-11)

this is a really good book to help me work on my maths.

Tina Antu — Portadown , United Kingdom — 13 Mar 2013 at 07:27:56

My son was working at a grade E at foundation science. With the help of your books he has just passed his first module with a very high C. The books are concise and easy to study. Thanks.

Mrs B McMahon — Mexborough , United Kingdom — 10 Mar 2013 at 15:41:22


James — Wackville, United Kingdom — 10 Mar 2013 at 09:28:40

Guestbook Editor: Oh, sorry — we weren't in the office on Sunday in your hour of need. Hope you managed to sort something out.

I would just like to say that you're new maths and science student textbooks are great! However it would be helpful if you could provide copies for other exam boards please? (I said please, surely that counts for something?! :) )

Book — Book town , United Kingdom — 09 Mar 2013 at 19:08:55

Guestbook Editor: Courtesy is contagious, as the advert at our local cinema reminds us (shortly after asking us to turn off our pagers and cell phones). We're pleased to hear that you like the new Student Books — editions for other exam boards are always a possibility, but there's no specific news yet.

xo loved your books not good at speling but thanks for teching me other stuf. plus i am new in england

zeynep — Sutton , United Kingdom — 07 Mar 2013 at 19:54:47

I'm a student from Devonshire Primary school and they bought your books and I loved it! It helped me sooooooo much with my education thanks!

zeynep — Sutton , United Kingdom — 07 Mar 2013 at 19:48:51

I is agree wiv my beloved sisters knaysah khadiyah n kateefa zis is complete fojjery i broke bokk wiv my t virus

Klayyah — Umbrella Corps 69 , United Kingdom — 07 Mar 2013 at 14:30:59

I didn't buy a maths AS level book as could not be sure which one covered MEI further maths.

julie — marketharborough , United Kingdom — 06 Mar 2013 at 19:11:09

Guestbook Editor: That was a wise decision — unfortunately, we don't cover A-Level Further Maths at the moment. Our OCR MEI AS-Level Maths book (MRMR51) covers the C1, C2, M1, S1 and D1 modules.

this book has really helped me with my leaning

tayla — high wycombe, United Kingdom — 06 Mar 2013 at 17:32:51

(Commenting on book PATB51, AS-Level Physics for AQA A: Student Book for exams until 2015 only

Your books are very useful for our studies.They consist of so many illustrations and information. I thank for your web service to give me an opportunity to learn your books.

R.Hoashalarajh — Trincomalee , Sri Lanka — 05 Mar 2013 at 07:03:33

I just want to say a big thank you to all involved in the GCSE maths book/Dvd. I left school with an F in maths and since using your teaching methods along with college, this grade is now a C and now I'm sitting my higher level with assistance from yourselves. :) Highly recommend this to anyone thinking of furthering themselves! Great package!

ziggy — cwmbran, United Kingdom — 01 Mar 2013 at 12:56:33