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Guestbook Archive - April 2013

Great books, I have read many CGP books so far and none of them disappointed me.

Also, check out my site: alan.co.uk

Alan Du — Stockton On Tees, United Kingdom — 29 Apr 2013 at 21:54:03

(Commenting on book MFVW42, MathsTutor: GCSE Exam Practice Book, Foundation Level (A*-G Resits)

Are answers available with maths tutor exam practice books - foundation & Foundation/Basics ?
mfvw42 and mbvw42.

d thurston — surbiton , United Kingdom — 29 Apr 2013 at 18:52:35

Guestbook Editor: These Exam Practice Books are very much intended to go hand-in-hand with the matching MathsTutor DVD-ROMs. The idea is that students can work through the exam questions in the book, then watch the answer on video if they get stuck (you can also print the exam questions from the disc). So printed answers aren't available separately, we're afraid.

The revision books I have ordered from you have been so helpful, but not only that, the tips and lighthearted comments throughout have made the revision sessions actually bearable. Delivery is always speedy and efficient too. It would be good if you could view all previous orders in 'your account' as I did get confused as to whether I had ordered certain titles before, but other than that - brilliant!

Julie — Solihull , United Kingdom — 29 Apr 2013 at 14:36:35

Just ordered a set of books for my 15 year old daughter she is finishing her exams a year early and predicted a's I have always used your revision guides and work books since key stage she has tried other formats but really enjoys cgp it makes revision fun my 26 year old also used them !

Jenny Chapman — Havant , United Kingdom — 28 Apr 2013 at 19:49:11

which revision guide would i need for Mathematics Option KMA0: Written Paper 3H and 4H (this is edexcel and linear paper)
thank you!

AB — LEEDS, United Kingdom — 28 Apr 2013 at 18:38:20

Guestbook Editor: Hello! Off the top of my head*, option KMAO is the Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in Mathematics (also known as Edexcel International GCSE), and 3H and 4H are the Higher Level exams... so you'll need our Edexcel IGCSE Maths Revision Guide for this course.

* With a little bit of help from Google.

Is there any plans to have the range of cgp revision apps available on the windows phone marketplace

Lewis Pawsey — Norwich , United Kingdom — 28 Apr 2013 at 18:15:43

Guestbook Editor: Yes, maybe... we'll keep you posted.

(Commenting on book MHR23, KS2 Maths Study Book

this book is ace all my practice tests i have had i have got 4a or 5c

kk — leeds , United Kingdom — 28 Apr 2013 at 15:10:31

The GCSE maths range is amazing. There is a great variety of different books and other resources which are all amazing. Delivery is also very quick. I ordered a book at 9pm on Thursday and it arrived at the beginning of the weekend.

Afton Aitkenhead — Basingstoke , United Kingdom — 27 Apr 2013 at 17:28:09

Your new books are look like they will be of great help. They have improved on previous books by including copies of exam questions i.e. including the number of marks needed to answer each question.

Timothy — Hemel Hempstead , United Kingdom — 26 Apr 2013 at 14:14:01

second round of gcse's in our family and new books so very helpful again. Pleased to see that you keep updating to meet new curriculum needs. see you next year for sixth form!

rosemary — solihull , United Kingdom — 25 Apr 2013 at 21:18:10

Guestbook Editor: Looking forward to it.

(Commenting on book CIER42, GCSE Citizenship Edexcel Short Course Revision Guide

i have found this book really useul as it helped me ace my exam i would advise this book for any one who is studying Edexcel Short Course

sadiah — birmingham , United Kingdom — 25 Apr 2013 at 19:46:55

just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for very prompt delivery of a number of revision guides to help me get my daughter through her GCSE's and efficient telephone support to get the delivery address changed. I have just had to call again and spoke to a very helpful lady called Rachel who answered my questions on a Maths Revision Guide. You should be really proud of your products and service levels - outstanding!

Kay — Hemel Hempstead , United Kingdom — 23 Apr 2013 at 12:17:45

I just love the CGP Books, they aid revision so well. I can safely say I wouldn't have done as well as I have without them. Many thanks to the authors!

Simon Angelini — Bristol , United Kingdom — 23 Apr 2013 at 09:59:28

Guestbook Editor: And all the great people who write the words on the CGP website! Right?



I think these books are really good, they helped me exceed my targets for Year 6 SATS, and I'm confident they'll help me with my end of KS3 tests in a few weeks, and with my GCSEs, thanks! :)

Linda — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 22 Apr 2013 at 19:24:17

Guestbook Editor: Our pleasure.

Hi, been a big fan and user of your books for a long time - I remember the inflatable dinghy competition. Will you be updating/replacing the GCSE ICT to include computing?

Paul D'Silva — Rotherham, United Kingdom — 22 Apr 2013 at 10:56:23

Guestbook Editor: Yep — we'll be keeping on top of the GCSE ICT / Computing changes. More details to follow...

I love these books. My school was selling them. I got one for science. And it helped both at home and in school. As I could refer to the book if I didn't quite understand what was said in class. It helped me to get my C finally. Now I am going for my B. with these books I am sure I can do it.

I plan to get one for Maths as I need to up from a D desperately. Well maths is my weak spot. It was science but that's changed. However its important that get a maths one as I have my exams in may to secure my C so next year I'll get my B Which revision guide will help me for both years?

Colin — Chichester, United Kingdom — 19 Apr 2013 at 17:05:50

Guestbook Editor: Maths? That's one of our specialities. As luck would have it, we've just released a brand new range of books for GCSE Maths, all of which cover both years of the course.

Our advice would be to ask your teacher which exam board you're studying (e.g. AQA or Edexcel), then choose the Revision Guide for that board — if you're aiming for a B, you'll need the Higher Level book. You'll find all our new Revision Guides in our GCSE Maths section.

Hi, I've always had great faith in your books and I did very well in my GSCEs, mostly due to them. I'm now doing AS levels, and you only cover one of my subjects, English. But you don't cover the OCR English literature course, which I was upset to find out. Is there any chance that there is one coming soon-or for any AQA classical civilisation and theatre studies? Thank you, Maddy

Maddy — Nottingham , United Kingdom — 17 Apr 2013 at 20:09:49

Guestbook Editor: It's unlikely, we're afraid — A-Level English Literature is a pretty sprawling subject, with masses of texts you can study. It'd be very hard to cover everything. (We do have A-Level Text Guides for Hamlet, Othello and The Great Gatsby if that's any help.) I don't think we have any plans for Classical Civilisation and Theatre Studies at the moment, either, sorry.

(Sorry also for the slow reply — I must've got distracted.)

Just ordered the Extension workbook and answer book.
I am looking forward to reading them!

Farhana — London , United Kingdom — 16 Apr 2013 at 20:54:34

Guestbook Editor: You're in for a treat. The Answer Book in particular is a real page-turner.

Do you think that the CIE books will be ready for my science IGCSE exams in June 2015?

Ralph — Leeds , United Kingdom — 15 Apr 2013 at 12:06:33

Guestbook Editor: Ah, we honestly couldn't say at the moment — it depends on a lot of different factors, most of which we probably don't even know about yet. Sorry not to be more help.

Right, I'm in year 9 so will be sitting my GCSEs in 2015 although I do like to be prepared- should I buy my GCSE revision guides now or wait incase the specification changes, do you think these books on offer today will be appropriate in 2015? Also I am sitting the IGCSE specification for biology, chemistry and physics but its with CIE are there any plans for a CIE IGCSE revision guide for science if not make plans!!!

Ralph — Leeds , United Kingdom — 14 Apr 2013 at 22:02:45

Guestbook Editor: It's always as well to be prepared... but there have been some government-level shenanigans with GCSE plans in recent months. Since you'll be starting your GCSEs in September 2013, you shouldn't be affected by any changes — all the books we currently offer will cover the 2015 exams. Good news.

Less good news about CIE IGCSE Science, though... see a few comments down for the answer to that one.

(Commenting on book E3S21, KS2 English Spelling Workbook - Book 1

Are these aimed at year 3 since it is book 1?

jo hunter — basingstoke , United Kingdom — 13 Apr 2013 at 15:34:51

Guestbook Editor: Yes indeed. It's not very obvious from the title, we'll admit.

(Commenting on book E6S22, KS2 English SAT Buster - Spelling

This updated book looks great. Does it still have the look, cover etc columns?

jo Hunter — basingstoke, United Kingdom — 13 Apr 2013 at 15:28:46

Guestbook Editor: No, we've given this new edition a complete overhaul — it's now SATS-style practice rather than spelling drills, so the columns have gone. It's dead good.

Will be there any Economics revision books coming out any time soon?

Nat — London , United Kingdom — 13 Apr 2013 at 13:57:50

Guestbook Editor: Very possibly... I've defintely heard some whispers about A-Level Economics around here lately. Watch this space.

I'm sitting A level history this summer any plans for an a level history revision guide?

Ella — Bradford , United Kingdom — 12 Apr 2013 at 21:57:30

Guestbook Editor: Sorry — I don't think we're currently planning to expand our A-Level History range beyond our current selection of four Edexcel AS History books.

Hi, just wanted to know if there are any plans for a CIE IGCSE biology, chemistry and physics revision guide? If not could you put a sneaky word in for me?

Jack — Leeds , United Kingdom — 12 Apr 2013 at 20:50:16

Guestbook Editor: Hi! We're not likely to be making IGCSE Science books for CIE in the immediate future, I'm afraid. It's on the list of things we'd like to do, but not very near the top at the moment.

"This fab range of Extension Science Revision Guides, Workbooks and Practice Papers will be out in plenty of time for students starting Year 11 in September 2012. Look forward to it! "

It says it's not out yet on your website, and it's not on amazon.

My exam is in a month.

Plenty of time.


Annie — London, United Kingdom — 11 Apr 2013 at 13:07:11

Guestbook Editor: Ah, that's interesting... I thought that page had been taken off our website, but apparently there's still a way of getting to it. Sorry about that.

In fact, our GCSE Extension Science range is indeed out now (and has been since early 2012), although it doesn't feature any Practice Exam Papers. A quick search suggests that it's also available from all good online retailers. Good luck with the exam!

(Commenting on book E6A22, KS2 English SAT Buster - Reading Answer Book

where are the answers for the reading sat buster book 2 ? I can't find it!

rick — birmingham , United Kingdom — 10 Apr 2013 at 14:59:58

Guestbook Editor: Hello! These answers aren't currently available online, I'm afraid — but this book (E6A22) contains the answers to all three of our KS2 Reading SAT Busters. It's the best three-in-one package since the Back to the Future DVD box-set.

funny helps you learn whatever the age nice book

saskue uchiha — leicester , United Kingdom — 09 Apr 2013 at 15:57:49

A fantastic range of GCSE books. Easy to follow and take in. Workbooks are in the same structure and very helpful to understand the theory. Only thing that could be included is the specification (or syllabus) with check boxes to help with revision. Good luck to everyone in their exams.

Lee Murphy — Great Wyrley (West Midlands) , United Kingdom — 09 Apr 2013 at 12:47:13

(Commenting on book SQHR45, GCSE Additional Science AQA Revision Guide - Higher (with online edition) (A*-G course)

This book is a excellent resource there is no reason to not pass if you have this book!!

Thank you CGP I love your books!!

Hannah — West Midlands, United Kingdom — 08 Apr 2013 at 17:22:31

Can I return a CGP book if I bought it from a bookshop? If yes, How?

Hameed Abdul — Devizes , United Kingdom — 06 Apr 2013 at 14:55:13

Guestbook Editor: Yes, no problem. Your best bet would be to send an email to our delightful customer services team (the address is at the top of the page) — they'll be able to sort something out for you.

cool books, they really engage me and enlargen my knowledge. They are excellent sources if you want A/A* grades especially.

فاطمه — بري, United Kingdom — 06 Apr 2013 at 12:59:45

Is there books on S1 maths and M1 maths for the AQA exam board, because I cannot find them.

Hameed Abdul — Devizes, United Kingdom — 05 Apr 2013 at 16:02:51

Guestbook Editor: Yes! We've got separate AQA Student Books for both S1 and M1, or you can opt for our AS Complete Revision & Practice guide, which covers C1, C2, M1, S1 and D1. You'll find them all on our AQA AS Level Maths page.

recently I bought german and spanish revision books for gcse and I found them really helpful , and I was just wondering if you're planning to make some spanish and german books for A level as well? :)

Angie — North , United Kingdom — 03 Apr 2013 at 14:06:33

Guestbook Editor: We'd really like to make books for A-Level Languages, but they haven't made it to the top of our list yet. Hopefully one day...

Your maths student book is great! However could you release new editions of the biology textbooks for other exam boards, such as Edexcel. There's no book for edexcel but there is for aqa and ocr. When will they be out, I need them please!

Name — Town , United Kingdom — 02 Apr 2013 at 14:35:06

Guestbook Editor: Unfortunately, we can't say when and if our A-Level Student Books will be available for other exam boards... but it almost certainly won't be before this summer's exams. Sorry.