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Guestbook Archive - September 2015

I've been using CGP books for maths and science since KS3, through my GCSEs (I got A*s in maths and the sciences so they must've worked!) and am now using them for my as levels. They're 100 times better than any exam board own books, they explain things in a concise way that you can actually understand and are enthusiastic enough (and make enough cheesy jokes) to keep you awake and the information going in your head. Thank you CGP for all your help with everything! I recommend these books to anyone and everyone no matter the age, stage or the subjects you're studying!

Althea Rose — Cambridge, United Kingdom — 29 Sep 2015 at 18:40:46

The BEST revision and textbook company. Their resources and material are our first choice and I think are even better than the exam boards published books. Don't know what we'd do without you!

Rebecca — Richards, United Kingdom — 29 Sep 2015 at 09:38:11

I used some CGP books earlier this year and found these to be very helpful. I have recommended those books to my students. I have ordered some new ones today directly through CGP website which is also very easy to use. I hope these books will prove to be just as good so I can recommend these too.

Samra — Bham, United Kingdom — 28 Sep 2015 at 15:35:31

I have been borrowing CGP books from the library for years and I think they are the best of whats out there. I speak as a teacher and a mother. CGP have a real knack for laying information out clearly and colourfully which young people are attracted to and learn well from. Keep doing what you're doing please!

Sophie — London, United Kingdom — 25 Sep 2015 at 00:23:38

I think the CGP student books are amazing. they really helped me in my as levels particularly in biology and chemistry. I found the student books to contain a lot of detailed information.

nayyar — londo, United Kingdom — 23 Sep 2015 at 14:50:32

hello, im having a great today ive been to the shops and bought myself a ring because i want to marry myself because i am the most amazing person and no one will ever compare to me. So, CGP if you are reading this, i think that you should publish a book about me. If you wanna get in touch please call my manager, thank you.

yuanxin matthews — pontipriid, United Kingdom — 23 Sep 2015 at 14:02:57

Guestbook Editor: You really are having a great today. May you and yourself have a long and happy life together.

hi my mum like you books and i agree she says the are not boring and like in the as it says dangerously close to be in funny .thank you for helping me cgp you have uplift my school grades

christine — eastLondon, United Kingdom — 22 Sep 2015 at 11:57:55

Hey, is there any chance you have any revision timetables for during term time?

Miss N — Bristol, United Kingdom — 20 Sep 2015 at 18:11:19

Guestbook Editor: Not really, I'm afraid — we have a neat little Revision Tips book, but it's not specifically geared towards term-time use.

Really good books! Thanks CGP!

Miss Joseph — Bristol, United Kingdom — 20 Sep 2015 at 17:58:45

CGP. You rock!

John — London, United Kingdom — 18 Sep 2015 at 17:24:23

I am having baked potato for tea

Ollie — LONDON, United Kingdom — 11 Sep 2015 at 19:18:23

(Commenting on book MHN42D, New Maths for GCSE Textbook: Online Edition with answers - Higher (for the Grade 9-1 Course)

Hi, I just bought the hardcopy version of this book. Is it possible that you can send me the digital version of the same book as well? I can show you evidence of my purchase. Reason I ask this is that I usually teach with my laptop and it will help me A GREAT DEAL and I will be truly appreciative of CGP if you can do this for me. And also it doesn't make sense for me to purchase a copy of this again.

John — London, United Kingdom — 11 Sep 2015 at 19:08:20

Guestbook Editor: We'd be happy to help you out with this, but we don't have your contact details at the moment. Your best bet would be to send a quick email to our customer services team (customerservices@cgpbooks.co.uk) — they'll be much more helpful than I am.

Great book clear to read. Illustrations good for all ages and learning abilities. Thank you so much.

Kirsty — Cairns, Australia — 11 Sep 2015 at 11:52:56

Hi, in your New GCSE Maths Complete Revision & Practice: Higher - for the Grade 9-1 Course, correct me if I'm wrong, did you leave out the formula nth term =dn+(a-d) under algebra sequences? I searched the entire book but couldn't find it.

John — Tan, United Kingdom — 11 Sep 2015 at 00:02:17

Guestbook Editor: You're right — this formula doesn't appear in the new Grade 9-1 edition of this book, but we have included a method for finding the nth term of a linear sequence on page 37. This basically takes you through the formula in three steps.

Unfortunately, the formula itself had to go due to space restrictions — you won't be asked to quote it in the exams, so there's no danger of losing any marks. But everything you do need to know for the exams is included in the book!

Hi I think your website is ace, and your books are helpful, good value and amusing-which I really appreciate because teaching can be stressful, so it helps to lighten up the situation with humour.
Keep up the good work guys and thankyou.

Amanda — Preston, United Kingdom — 10 Sep 2015 at 00:18:32

what are the best study tips

fatima — Redditch, United Kingdom — 09 Sep 2015 at 19:54:56

Guestbook Editor: Tip 1: never pad out your writing with unnecessary rambling. I think you've mastered that, so you're ready to move on to our 21 Killer Revision Tips...

My mum thinks these books are really good and I agree. I hope they will help me in 2 years when I start my Gcse's

Alisha — United Kingdom, United Kingdom — 09 Sep 2015 at 19:06:29

Hi - could you please forward the link for task files and answer files for the ICT Functional Skills Entry Level 3, Level 1 & 2 Study and Test Practice.

Jade — Town, United Kingdom — 08 Sep 2015 at 15:58:59

Guestbook Editor: No problem — you'll find these Functional Skills ICT resources on this page.

these books and all CGP's stuff are really good and valuable

marina carr — boston, United Kingdom — 07 Sep 2015 at 16:47:25

(Commenting on book SHQA32, KS3 Science Answers for Study & Question Books (Bio/Chem/Phys) - Higher

You should have include the answers in the study and question books. That would have made many students life way easier. You had to separate the answer key and now my kids will be answering questions without the answer because they don't sell this particular book in Malaysia and in many Asian countries; if you are going to ask me to buy
this book, I tell you it is ridiculous because of the travelling fee is more expensive than the book! So next time, I would recommend you to add in the answer key or else me, my friends, my neighbors will not ever buy your books. So please don't do such ridiculous mistakes like this. Thank you. I hope you take my comment seriously.

Babu Ramana — Penang, Malaysia — 07 Sep 2015 at 14:57:31

Guestbook Editor: We're sorry you've ended up without the answers to these books. We print the answers in a separate book so that teachers have easy access to them, but their students don't.

If you email our friendly team at customerservices@cgpbooks.co.uk, they'll be happy to help you get hold of the answers you need.

Don't buy these books for the new a level courses they're an absolute waste of time. OCR B physics is dearly lacking in every aspect. GCSE books are very good though.

Matt — Worcester, United Kingdom — 04 Sep 2015 at 20:18:07

Guestbook Editor: We're sorry to hear you're not a fan of our new Complete Revision & Practice Books for A-Level Science — but as you might imagine, we pretty strongly disagree with your view.

These books have been carefully written to match the new A-Level specifications — they concisely explain all the science students will need to know for their exams, including all the required practicals they can be examined on. They also include a range of questions and exam-style practice for each topic.

It's true that our Complete Revision & Practice Books aren't as in-depth as the 'Complete Course' Student Books that we offer for some A-Level courses, but they're incredibly useful for reference, revision and exam preparation. So not a total waste of time...

As a teacher I can just ask all students out there thinking of purchasing one of these revision guide to consider that if you buy one of these don't expect to achieve a stars with the raw knowledge of the textbooks (if you only use the textbooks most you can hope to get is an A). Many of my students failed at taking notes and relied heavily on these books and even though they worked hard these books don't contain the little details to get you the a star grades. Other then that though they are a very useful revision aid and should be used along side school notes as they can help you understand the basics easily.

Richard Blake — London, United Kingdom — 04 Sep 2015 at 20:13:45

I love your books! They saved my life as a GCSE student 17 years ago and now they're saving my life as a primary school teacher! I'm so grateful, I can't tell you how many extra hours of sleep I've been able to get because of not staying up all night working out what I have to teach the kids. You're amazing.

Anna — Oxford, United Kingdom — 04 Sep 2015 at 16:46:27

Guestbook Editor: Thanks very much. Here's to many more good nights of sleep.

We ordered the wrong exam board OCR Biology books. We wanted Edexcel biology books. Can we exchange it?

Mrs P — Town, United Kingdom — 04 Sep 2015 at 16:45:38

Guestbook Editor: Yes, no problem — just send us an email at customerservices@cgpbooks.co.uk or call 0800 1712 712 and we'll organise an exchange,

Will the text guide range such as Of Mice and Men and Inspector Calls be extended to include popular A Level texts like Tess of the D'Urbevilles and 1984?

Mark — Liverpool, United Kingdom — 01 Sep 2015 at 19:44:30

Guestbook Editor: We're always keen to expand our range of Text Guides (we've added six new titles for GCSE this year alone), but we can't make any promises about specific books at the moment. I'd certainly be pleased with some coverage of Hardy — I've got a shelf full of Hardy Boys mysteries at home that I'm struggling to understand.

when is the "The war of the worlds" text guide for GCSE coming out.

fatima — Redditch, United Kingdom — 01 Sep 2015 at 16:58:41

Guestbook Editor: We're afraid this one's currently scheduled to coincide with the next major alien invasion of Earth.

I have made use of CGP books as a teacher, parent and private tutor. I think that they are excellent value and a great resource to have.

Phillip Robling — Maidstone, United Kingdom — 01 Sep 2015 at 12:20:34