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Guestbook Archive - November 2015

The space to enter the delivery details is extremely limiting if you have anything other than a very short address. I had to massively abbreviate to enter my work address for delivery.

Chris Faulkes — London, United Kingdom — 24 Nov 2015 at 20:40:33

(Commenting on book MHW25, KS2 Maths Question Book

you are very good at websites and 11+ to make the books.

sebastian jones — sutton coldfield, United Kingdom — 23 Nov 2015 at 16:53:12

I think there is a mistake on page 92 of your 2015 Biology OCR year 1 AS revision guide. At the bottom of the page it says "Scientists still aren't exactly how" - I think it is "sure how"

max — reader, United Kingdom — 17 Nov 2015 at 19:48:28

Guestbook Editor: I think you're right — although this seems to have been corrected in the latest version of the book. (We went with "Scientists still aren't certain exactly how...".) Sorry for the slip.

I find it despicable that you sell your Maths GCSE answers workbook separately to the actual workbook itself. I don't see why we should have to buy it on top of the other two. Makes no sense and I'm highly annoyed.

Alexandra — Sheffield, United Kingdom — 17 Nov 2015 at 19:43:27

Guestbook Editor: Apologies for any annoyance. It's true that most of our GCSE Maths Workbooks have separate Answer Books — this is simply so that teachers can set work from the books safe in the knowledge that students can't just look up the answers in the back.

However, our most popular GCSE Maths Workbooks are available with answers included — for example, the Higher and Foundation Level Workbooks for all exam boards (MHW46B, MFW46B) and the Higher Level Edexcel Workbook (MXHW46B).

All our GCSE Maths Exam Practice Workbooks also include step-by-step answers, since these are focused on helping students hone their exam technique independently. We decide whether or not to include answers based on how we think most people will use the books, but there will always be exceptions to the rule, unfortunately.

ordered for my son. Always good material and current with the curriculum.
site easy to use and the discounts given automatically is fab

robos — warwick, United Kingdom — 17 Nov 2015 at 12:25:48

Oh my god! These books was suggested to me by my teacher it got me to a 6B for my Science test!

Chriss Klosowski — Doha, Qatar — 16 Nov 2015 at 14:48:26

wow!!! what an amazing GCSE science AQA student book. It's helping me a lot. On my way towards 3 A*s!!!

alireza — london, United Kingdom — 15 Nov 2015 at 15:27:51

Great book! Can you please put on the internet the answers to the biology workbook key stage three higher level ASAP please

Nada — Oakville, Canada — 15 Nov 2015 at 13:18:53

Guestbook Editor: Hello! Not sure if we can put these answers on the internet (teachers using this book to set homework might not be impressed), but they're all available in this KS3 Science Answer Book.

Excellent books, if only all parents would purchase and encourage their children !!!!

J Livermore — Halstead, United Kingdom — 13 Nov 2015 at 21:05:47

Excellent service year after year which is fantastic for school admin team. The CGP books are amazing for all ages. As a parent I have had children through all the stages.

Carolyn Withers — Whitwick, United Kingdom — 13 Nov 2015 at 14:35:29

Could your system please remember the basket when I navigate away? I've had to go and ask for friends' orders and when I came back to my basket it was empty - THREE TIMES!!! Arghh!

Fay — Burton Latimer, United Kingdom — 12 Nov 2015 at 22:56:03

Guestbook Editor: Arghh! indeed. Sorry for the frustration. Our website does generally remember the contents of your shopping basket, but your session can 'time out' if you have to go away for a while.

The easiest way to avoid this is by logging into your CGP account before you start shopping. That way, your basket will be saved to your account, so it'll still be there even if you log out, trek solo across the Himalayas, and log back in again.

If that doesn't work, the problem might be more technical. If you're still having basket trouble, drop us an email at customerservices@cgpbooks.co.uk and we'll do our best to help.

(Commenting on book MIRI42, IGCSE® Maths CIE (Cambridge) Revision Guide

This is the only IGCSE CIE books available.

Mohammed Fuad — Salmiya, Kuwait — 12 Nov 2015 at 21:25:31


Just to say I love the books!!!!

I don't got to school though... I read CGP books for fun as I learn so much.....

Thank you Mr Richard Parsons

can you do history books for adults pls!

Thank you again Mr Richard Parsons

Now we'll conclude, for we don't know the date and don't own a calendar; the moon's in the sky, the year with the Lord, the day's the same over here as it is over there

Kill Arslan — Merv, Turkmenistan — 12 Nov 2015 at 20:55:22


JIMMY — Woodbridge, United Kingdom — 12 Nov 2015 at 15:19:04

One of the perks of ordering is the wry laughs but it has got now so that I had to chase after the requesting teacher to find out which books she wanted ordered because I had ONLY read the back (above the barcode) xxx

Mrs N Newman — Letchworth Garden City, United Kingdom — 11 Nov 2015 at 17:28:16

Have ordered a few times and books have come the next day. This brand of resources is recommended by my daughters school and I bought books to support her at home. I find this a real alternative to paying large sums for private tuition as I can be guided by teachers on areas we need to work on and monitor progress. SATS bundles are fab and I found the reading and comprehension workbooks an added bonus. It's all there and doesn't need any specialist teaching knowledge to access.

J Woodstock — Wolverhampton, United Kingdom — 10 Nov 2015 at 16:56:32

I don't like it
I don't hate it


pri — birmingham, United Kingdom — 09 Nov 2015 at 19:08:09

(Commenting on book TGS42, GCSE Design & Technology Graphic Products Complete Revision & Practice

This book is vey helpful only thing, does not contain any information on metals, wood or glass other than that 5/5

Luke — Liverpool , United Kingdom — 09 Nov 2015 at 17:49:31

My form tutor is French and so she keeps telling us to do our 'revisions'. Should I break the news to her?

Bob — Shropshire, United Kingdom — 08 Nov 2015 at 17:42:22

Guestbook Editor: This seems like a minor detail — not like when I went to France and kept saying 'horses' (chevaux) instead of 'hair' (cheveux). You can imagine the humorous consequences.

Your form tutor probably won't be too mortified if you politely tip her off about her unnecessary 's'.

They said these books were funny. Read the first joke on the first page then shut the book. My grandma comes up with better jokes... -_-

Caerwyn — Newport/Casnewydd, Wales — 07 Nov 2015 at 13:40:42

(Commenting on book M6Q23, KS2 Maths Targeted Question Book - Year 6

Just to let you know: none of the possible answers to Q6 on P43 are correct (c=4s, caterpillar (c) eats four times more leaves than the slug (s)).

Andrew Reed — Trewidland, United Kingdom — 06 Nov 2015 at 20:43:38

Guestbook Editor: You're right — apologies for the error, and thanks for letting us know. We updated this page in the most recent reprint of the book, so the copies we now have in stock are correct.

(Commenting on book MXHW45B, GCSE Maths Edexcel Workbook with answers and online edition - Higher (A*-G Resits)

I ordered this book for my 15 year old sons to help with their revision. I can honestly say it is proving invaluable, I've now ordered the science workbooks too!

Elaine Howard — Bristol, United Kingdom — 05 Nov 2015 at 06:35:48

I love these French work books!
PS It's roast chicken dinner tonight. Yes, it's a Monday roast! Outrageous!

Anne — Brownhills, United Kingdom — 02 Nov 2015 at 15:24:50

Guestbook Editor: It's an affront to the very notion of civilization.

If I buy these books, is there a money back guarantee that I will receive straight A*'s? The books look very good, but I just want the reassurance that I will receive a refund if they don't work.
On a serious note, what are the chances of an A-Level History book being released before the start of the next academic year?
Thank you Guestbook man/ lady/ other!

Samantha Ford — Yokrshire, United Kingdom — 01 Nov 2015 at 15:10:29

Guestbook Editor: We can't absolutely guarantee straight A*s, unfortunately. Maybe we should start printing 'requires willpower' on our books, like they do on adverts for nicotine patches.

In other unfortunate news, the chances of an A-Level History book this year are fairly slim, I'm afraid.

Yours sincerely,
The Androgynous Guestbook Entity