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Guestbook Archive - November 2016

KS2 English Comprehension Question Book - this book does NOT come with answers, which you can only get if you pay to buy another resource. So be warned!!

Pauline O'Sullivan — Loughborough, United Kingdom — 29 Nov 2016 at 19:51:05

I hate this website, i failed my GCSE's because of this, unhappy :( 1/10

Tom Hodgson — Donny, United Kingdom — 29 Nov 2016 at 11:39:34

(Commenting on book SHW32B, KS3 Science Workbook (with answers)

Unfortunately by supplying the answers with the KS3 workbook providing 'easy marking' for the tutors you are also providing 'easy copying/cheating' for the students. Please supply separate books and answers in future editions!

sarah — sittingbourne, United Kingdom — 28 Nov 2016 at 12:31:45

Guestbook Editor: Ah, answers are a tricky business — as a general rule, we try to include answers in books that will mostly be used by parents, and provide separate answer booklets for books that will mostly be used in schools.

This particular KS3 Science Workbook is an all-in-one combination of our Higher Level KS3 Biology, Chemistry and Physics Workbooks, plus the matching Answer Book. So you can buy the questions and answers separately in these books if that suits you better. (And to clarify this for teachers, we've added this info to the book's description for schools.)

Thank you for the reply. (Using the bookcodes again)

I bought PAR53 and PAR62 separately, but now I think it would be more convenient to have just PAR72. Would it be possible to trade these in, in exchange for PAR72? I've only had PAR62 for a few months and PAR53 for a few days, so they're still in pristine condition.

However I understand that this may not be possible. Thanks regardless.

Xavier — Bath, United Kingdom — 27 Nov 2016 at 00:52:07

Guestbook Editor: Hi again — could I direct you towards our customer services team (customerservices@cgpbooks.co.uk) for this one? They're very helpful when it comes to returns, exchanges and all manner of other CGP-related knowledge, whereas I can only make glib remarks to disguise my ignorance. Thanks!

(Commenting on book CHS44, GCSE Chemistry Complete Revision & Practice (A*-G course)

Shame not all have online editions- really great though!

Zoya Yousef — Penarth, United Kingdom — 26 Nov 2016 at 18:20:40

Excellent next day delivery!
Just started using books for tuition, they are very good!

Usha — Leicester, United Kingdom — 26 Nov 2016 at 12:53:06

Great product! Up to date with curriculum changes and at a very reasonable cost.
Thankyou for sending me copies of your new publications!

MARGARET MISSON — CROYDON, United Kingdom — 26 Nov 2016 at 12:11:07

(Commenting on book SAHR45, New Grade 9-1 GCSE Combined Science: AQA Revision Guide with Online Edition - Higher

If I got this book and the separate workbooks, would it be the same as getting the complete revision and practice for combined science biology chemistry and physics or do they have more notes in them??

Also similar issue with English-there is a English langauge and literature book and then 2 separate ones for both-do the separate ones have more notes in them??

Also with all subjects-are the complete revision and practice the equivalent to getting a separate revision book and workbook or do the complete r+p ones have more notes (for all subjects)??

Please help me as I am getting some for Christmas and need to make sure that I get exactly the right ones!

Danilo — london, United Kingdom — 25 Nov 2016 at 21:03:45

Guestbook Editor: Excellent choice of Christmas presents!

Our Complete Revision & Practice books contain the same study notes as our Revision Guides, but the layout is different. (You'll also find more jokes in the Revision Guides, if that will help add to your festive cheer.)

When it comes to practice questions, things are a bit more complex. There's often a bit of overlap between the questions in our Workbooks / Exam Practice Workbooks and the ones in the Complete Revision & Practice books, but they're not all the same. Generally speaking, you'll get more questions overall in the Workbooks, so these are a good choice if you're planning to do a lot of practice.

One last thing to bear in mind... Complete Revision & Practice books often contain full practice exam papers that aren't in the Workbooks, so if you're keen to do a realistic test paper ahead of the final exam, this might tip the balance.

Regarding the A Level Chemistry AQA Range Complete Revision & Practice Books. Going to use product codes because it's quicker. Does CAR72 contain the same content as CAR53 and CAR62 combined?

Xavier — Bath, United Kingdom — 25 Nov 2016 at 15:50:01

Guestbook Editor: Finally, someone to talk to in CGP bookcodes. They're so concise!

Yes, CAR72 is basically CAR53 and CAR62 stuck together.

Translation: we make separate Complete Revision & Practice Books for Year 1 and Year 2 of AQA A-Level Chemistry. But you can also buy all the same content in an omnibus edition that covers both years. If it's possible to make an omnibus out of CARs.

I love these books as a resource.

But today I found the little comments above the barcodes on the back covers. And now I love them even more.

Bravo on excellent books, and for adding a touch of humour to them. X

Linzi Anderson — Manchester, United Kingdom — 24 Nov 2016 at 22:17:48

Guestbook Editor: Thanks! They do say it's the little things that count. They also say the devil's in the detail.

I just don't know what to believe sometimes.

I love these books! They are so helpful! They explain everything so clearly and are very helpful if you struggle with a subject! :)

Sacha — London, United Kingdom — 24 Nov 2016 at 20:04:04

rubbish books, who ever made them should be fired

dog — dog, United Kingdom — 24 Nov 2016 at 18:28:03

seriously i cant stop laughing at your jokes

jeffrey — town, United Kingdom — 24 Nov 2016 at 10:14:38

Great value materials which my students love. Thank you CGP
p.s. What is CGP an acronym for?

carolyn cully — widnes, United Kingdom — 23 Nov 2016 at 23:04:55

Guestbook Editor: Thanks very much. CGP is actually derived from the following acrostic:

Cheer! as you learn, for knowledge is joy
Go! out in the world and chase your loudest dreams, but
Please: be considerate of local residents when leaving the premises after 11pm.

Disappointingly I can't find any indication of the delivery time despite paying £2.50 for postage. How about a guaranteed dispatch (within 24hrs?) and indication of 1st/2nd class delivery? Or even next day for £1 more?

chris — lincoln, United Kingdom — 20 Nov 2016 at 22:27:08

Guestbook Editor: Sorry for any confusion — we pride ourselves on dispatching orders on the same day if they're placed before 5pm. Small orders are sent by First Class post, so they should reach you the next working day.

We certainly don't want this to be a secret, so we'll have a look into making sure it's easy to find this info on our website.

(Commenting on book ACHR43, New GCSE English Literature AQA Poetry Guide: Power & Conflict Anthology - for the Grade 9-1 Course

if i order this book tomorrow will i receive it before Tuesday

erin — glossop, United Kingdom — 18 Nov 2016 at 20:25:32

Guestbook Editor: It won't reach you before Tuesday, but it should arrive on Tuesday. If you place an order with us over the weekend, we'll send it out on the Monday, either First Class or by next-day courier service (depending on the size of the order).

(Commenting on book SHS33, KS3 Science Complete Study & Practice

So, why do you make a complete Science book and then make separate science subject books with extended work i.e. the 'complete' science book is not complete ... or is this to encourage people to buy all of them at ++ cost to get the 'extra bits'?!

GRAY — CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom — 18 Nov 2016 at 08:48:41

Guestbook Editor: We just like to offer people a choice! Our KS3 Science Complete Study & Practice book contains all the notes and practice questions you'll need to get to grips with the subject, especially if you're revising for a test or topping up the work you're doing in school. (It offers complete coverage of the KS3 Science Curriculum, rather than the Complete Works of CGP.)

The Study & Question Books have more detail and different questions because they're geared towards using in school and at home throughout the course. So it just depends which approach suits you best.

Thank you for replying to my earlier comment.

I understand what you mean but it isn't about A*-G books. I am in Year 11 and the majority of my subjects are A*-G but the new editions released are of books that are English 9-1 which I am doing.

Josh — Somewhere south, United Kingdom — 17 Nov 2016 at 20:04:16

Guestbook Editor: Hi again — I think it might take a while to narrow down exactly what you mean. We'd be happy to help, but could you drop us an email at customerservices@cgpbooks.co.uk with a bit more info about the particular GCSE English books you're referring to? Thanks!

Beef bourguignon with friends, thanks for asking

Brian Richards — Godalming, United Kingdom — 16 Nov 2016 at 17:43:22

Guestbook Editor: Thanks for telling. Hope your friends were a delicious accompaniment to the beef.

Thank you CGP,
We have been using your books since 2005!
Your range of books has seen all 3 of my children through primary school and we are still using them, the online books are great for us as we have been home schooling and travelling Europe for a few years. The content has been in a language my children understand and the math tutorials have really helped my daughter understand the IGCSE material.
To the whole team a HUGE thanks

Mrs Irving — Sheffield, United Kingdom — 16 Nov 2016 at 16:46:38

Guestbook Editor: Excellent news — thanks for the comment. It's always great to hear that our books are helping students in different places and contexts.

(Commenting on book HER41, New GCSE History Edexcel Revision Guide - for the Grade 9-1 Course

It would be a perfect guide but there are crucial topics missing from the book such as Crime and Punishment and the reign of King John. Currently, this is the only revision guide available apart from the official student books and we really need a book that covers everything. I understand that there are many topics but perhaps you should think about making a part 2 of this book which contains the other topics.

Yosef Mechti — London, United Kingdom — 15 Nov 2016 at 07:07:29

Thank you for your great books CGP. Since using them, my schoolwork has improved greatly and my grades have gone up.

But what should I do about books that you released a new edition of after I bought the book? I feel as if my usage of an old edition will affect what I do learn as I have noticed some differences. These are also new GCSE books.

Josh — Somewhere south, United Kingdom — 14 Nov 2016 at 21:31:09

Guestbook Editor: Ah, this is a bit of a mouthful to explain. Bear with us...

Generally speaking, we only make new editions of our books when something changes in the curriculum. So, for example, it won't help you to have a new Grade 9-1 GCSE Science book if you're in Year 11 and still studying the 'old' Grade A*-G course. The older edition of the book is still your best bet.

Let us know if there's a particular book you're concerned about, but it's likely that the book you have will be the one you need.

Great selection and easy to order. Will be buying more books in the near future!

Shanaz — Cambridge, United Kingdom — 14 Nov 2016 at 20:53:41

(Commenting on book FHS32, KS3 French Complete Revision & Practice with Audio CD

I bought this book for my son. unfortunately there is no online edition. online edition is always helpful.
also audio CD is not helpful as it is use to be with level 1 and level 2.

ASHRAF KHAN — LONDON, United Kingdom — 13 Nov 2016 at 12:33:50

Great company, fantastic service

CHER — SPENNYMOOR, United Kingdom — 12 Nov 2016 at 10:06:12

Such a well organised and easy ordering process!!

P Hill — Cleethorpes, United Kingdom — 11 Nov 2016 at 09:21:15

Fantastic books. My daughter's school recommend them , and we have a full set. just waiting for Spanish 9-1.

Mrs T — Warrington, United Kingdom — 10 Nov 2016 at 19:48:39

Guestbook Editor: Not long to wait now (in fact, our new AQA 9-1 GCSE Spanish Revision Guide and matching Exam Practice Workbook are already available)...

The students I help love the layout of all the CGP books and regularly ask if all our books could be like them.

Daryll Walmsley — Gosport, United Kingdom — 10 Nov 2016 at 13:47:25

The students in our school find these books incredibly useful. We've been pushing for every Year 11 student to own copies to help with their revision. They often use them at lunchtimes and after school. Thank you for producing such valuable resources.

Mr Melchior — Beccles, United Kingdom — 10 Nov 2016 at 10:16:37

(Commenting on book MLHB21, The Complete KS2 Maths Targeted SATS Prep Bundle - Advanced (for tests in 2018 and beyond)

Do the "bundle" books come with answers?

zainab ladak — London, United Kingdom — 07 Nov 2016 at 16:25:47

Guestbook Editor: They certainly do. Each book in this bundle includes answers at the back.

i now have to wear nappies in my gcse exams because i think about your hilarious jokes

jeffrey — mossley, United Kingdom — 07 Nov 2016 at 12:47:35

Guestbook Editor: You'll never get though GCSE Geography if you have that sort of problem with continents.

Do you offer any A-Level further maths books?

Nate River — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 04 Nov 2016 at 18:15:18

Guestbook Editor: Not for the current courses, I'm afraid. But it's definitely possible we'll make Further Maths books in time for the first new exams in summer 2018...

I absolutely love the CGP books, they have all really helped me with my revision for my GCSEs this year!! Would recommend them to everyone because they are just great :)

Julia — Tonbridge, United Kingdom — 03 Nov 2016 at 21:55:33

I am very grateful for all your kind support and excellent customer service from all the staff. Best regards

Josephine — Kentish Town, United Kingdom — 02 Nov 2016 at 12:58:54