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Guestbook Archive - January 2018

very nice.

Jane Ormus — durham, United Kingdom — 30 Jan 2018 at 21:08:51

(Commenting on book CAS45, New Grade 9-1 GCSE Chemistry AQA Complete Revision & Practice with Online Edition

How can I differentiate between Foundation & Higher tier topics?

C street — Bransgore, United Kingdom — 29 Jan 2018 at 20:04:09

Guestbook Editor: This Complete Revision & Practice guide was written with Higher Level students in mind, so we haven't included anything that marks out the Foundation Level content.

Apologies if this means the book doesn't do what you need it to — contact us on customerservices@cgpbooks.co.uk if you need more help.

look guys, i'm seriously bored, please say something funny to make me laugh

bob — cambs, United Kingdom — 29 Jan 2018 at 10:50:01

Guestbook Editor: "Please say something funny" is going to be the title of my memoirs.

CGP have always been a good help to me. I am normally happy. GCSE was very good but at A level, I am finding that some detail is missing. This i normally not too much of a problem as it condenses what you actually need to know well but I have found that something which is actually on the Specification for OCR A Biology A level and isn't in the guide. One has to know the behavioral responses of ectotherms to control body temperature but there's nothing on this in the guide, only responses of endotherms - big issue! Please add this for future years - I have seen exam questions on this.

LAS — North East, United Kingdom — 28 Jan 2018 at 21:14:06

Guestbook Editor: Hello — thanks for your comment. We've had a look into it and tracked down the notes on ectotherms you're looking for:

• Page 136 of our A-Level (both years) Biology OCR A Complete Revision & Practice book (BRAR72)
• Page 12 of our Year 2 A-Level Biology OCR A Complete Revision & Practice book (BRAR62)
• Page 37 of our Year 2 A-Level Biology OCR A Student Book (BRATB62)

Hope that helps!

Ngl this page needs an answer booklet for there books like how am i supposed to know if my answers are correct

james — kent, United Kingdom — 24 Jan 2018 at 11:38:41

You know what im amazed to say that for my GCSE subjects the only textbooks that are properly explained in order and excellent in practising is CGP there amazing there is no other textbooks that I will waist money on big heads up for mathsbuster also when I do A levels im coming to get the A level books I rate these guys 10/10 and proud to have these books

Armaan — Manchester, United Kingdom — 22 Jan 2018 at 22:08:43

On my GCSE AQA CGP Geography 1-9 book there is no online code why?

olivia owen jones — telford, United Kingdom — 22 Jan 2018 at 21:30:42

Guestbook Editor: As we mentioned a few comments down, Online Editions are only included with some of our books... and our GCSE Geography Revision Guides aren't among the chosen ones. Sorry!

The grade 9-1 practise papers are amazing absolutely love them my son is sitting his exams in about 4 months from now and those papers are brillant in all ways. To any parents or future buyers I would say do buy these papers as they are simply amazing and have a lot of content. Each pack has 4 papers and there are 2 packs for the sciences great indicator of grades with grade boundaries and have attached exam style simulation to make conditions feel authentic as possible. Only downside is the papers come in an envelope when it would have been useful if they were in a book. Furthermore it would be great if there was an online code so I could access the PDF version of it

John — Yorkshire, United Kingdom — 22 Jan 2018 at 20:31:06

In my GCSE Edexcel Music revision guide, there is no online edition code? Or am i missing something here? Do i need to go to specsavers?

Tina — Wakefield, United Kingdom — 21 Jan 2018 at 11:27:59

Guestbook Editor: No optician required — there's no Online Edition included with this book. (Many of our books do come with Online Editions, but it's not a standard feature!)

Your service is amazing - ordered KS2 revision books at 4pm on Monday there were delivered to school before I arrived on Tuesday morning. Thank you very much

Lin — Smith, United Kingdom — 17 Jan 2018 at 11:34:45

I provide tutoring from GCSE through A Level to University Headstart in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Psychology and Sociology for about 40 students each year with a wide range of abilities. CGP products are amazing especially the online editions which save me a lot of space with the added advantage that I have the printed copies as well to fall back on. I just wish that Sociology and Psychology had online editions as well (please, please). I recommend the revision books to all my students who give me great feedback on the style and approach you take. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Mike Hesketh — Camberley, United Kingdom — 16 Jan 2018 at 12:36:41

My 6 year old daughter uses these books in her extra maths group. She thoroughly enjoys working through them so thought I would purchase them and work with her at home. Watch this space.....

paula ashman — Cardiff, United Kingdom — 15 Jan 2018 at 16:48:42

(Commenting on book RAR41, New Grade 9-1 GCSE Religious Studies: AQA A Revision Guide with Online Edition

I really like the RE revision book. My students benefited from the revision books when they prepared for their marks. The information is clear and written in student friendly language. The revision questions at the end of each unit are very helpful. It could be even better if additional essay plans were provided.

O'Carroll Michael — Thornley, United Kingdom — 14 Jan 2018 at 13:49:28

* Just an observation...
As I was scrolling through the list and then decided to add something to the basket..... when I went back to continue to scroll it had gone back to the top of the list. So, you have to scroll all the way back down to where you were. I'm not sure if this is a thing that can be changed or not!

Jean — Macclesfield, United Kingdom — 13 Jan 2018 at 20:24:52

Guestbook Editor: Hello, and thanks for the comment. We'll definitely look out for this quirk as part of our website update (see below)...

Why do I have to register and set up an account when I only want to purchase one book? This is a complete waste of my time making up passwords that I will not remember or want to remember, setting up an account that is then hackable. Payment through Paypal would ensure my details are kept just as secure and without me having to enter them on yet another website for a once only purchase. Please review your payment systems. I am only using this website as Amazon say that the book I am purchasing is out of stock. If you wish to encourage people to use your bookshop then please make the payment experience simpler.

Clare — Winchester, United Kingdom — 13 Jan 2018 at 12:53:12

Guestbook Editor: Apologies for the inconvenience. We're working on some improvements to our website that should make the buying process quicker and easier — we're hoping they'll be live later this year. Thanks for your patience!

I would like to know if the new maths for ks2 textbooks are meant to be purchased as 1 per child.

Abi — Townville, United Kingdom — 12 Jan 2018 at 14:20:33

Guestbook Editor: Yes, that's the ideal way to use our KS2 Maths Textbooks — the questions are split into differentiated sets to suit pupils of all abilities, so it's best if each child has a book to work through at their own pace.

I love CGP revision books. I used them all through primary school too and they are the main reason I got such a fantastic result in my SATs. they are brilliant, not at just teaching you and helping you to remember things for an exam but keeping young children engaged by the funny pictures and comments in the books. I can safely say that a few years on, I am still using CGP books in Year 10 and probably wouldn't go with any other text book, they put the fun in revision and school. :)

sian — derbyshire, United Kingdom — 11 Jan 2018 at 22:26:08

Hello CGP Team,

Do you plan to add to the offer some workbooks for A-Level Further Maths as well as Revision Guides / Workbooks for A-Level CompSci? I mean the new specifications for first exams in 2019. Is there any chance that you release them before Summer 2019? Thanks in advance.

P.S. New A-Level Maths resources are brillant :-)

Vladimir Stupnitsky — Bournemouth, United Kingdom — 11 Jan 2018 at 21:12:46

Guestbook Editor: Great to hear you like the new A-Level Maths books! Our new Complete Revision & Practice books for A-Level Further Maths will include plenty of practice questions and exam-style questions — they're due out in February (Edexcel) and April (AQA).

No news on A-Level Computer Science for the moment, I'm afraid.

All books are great but for revision summary pages would be great if there were answers in the back of the book or something because I will never know if my answer is worthy of full marks or not :)

Georgie — Southampton , United Kingdom — 11 Jan 2018 at 20:02:45

(Commenting on book MHN43, New Maths for GCSE and IGCSE® Textbook, Higher (for the Grade 9-1 Course)

is this for the edexcel exam board i can only get the textbook for edexcel so can i use this?

amanda — london, United Kingdom — 10 Jan 2018 at 19:28:55

Guestbook Editor: Yep, this Textbook is great for all GCSE Maths and International GCSE Maths courses, including Edexcel. It's focused on practice (there are thousands of questions inside), so if you're looking for more detailed study notes, you might want to have of our Revision Guides or Complete Revision & Practice books to go with it!

On p.59 of the GCSE AQA Chemistry Revision Guide, the word 'than' is missing where it says 'sodium is more reactive hydrogen'.

V — London, United Kingdom — 09 Jan 2018 at 21:30:26

Guestbook Editor: So it is — we'll add that in. Thanks!

amazing books but it would be great if you had a book on how to annotate poetry aqa 9-1 gcse

Raj reyansh patel — pinner, United Kingdom — 07 Jan 2018 at 15:04:52

Guestbook Editor: Sounds as if our AQA Unseen Poetry Guides might be what you're looking for — they're packed with advice on how to tackle poetry questions in the exams, plus a big range of sample poems to practise on.

Is there a GCSE OCR ICT Revision Guide and Workbook for the 9-1 Course?

Clifton — Chesterfield, United Kingdom — 06 Jan 2018 at 18:03:27

Guestbook Editor: Not exactly... when the Grade 9-1 changes came in, GCSE ICT courses were replaced by GCSE Computer Science. Just follow that link to see our books and practice papers for the new OCR courses!

Can you do an a Level English book for aqa please

Tolulope — Gravesend, United Kingdom — 05 Jan 2018 at 17:18:29

CGP books are absolutely brilliant! My children have used them throughout primary and now using at secondary. Just wish that they had been around when I was young (which was a very long time ago). Thank you, CGP!

Emma — St Albans, United Kingdom — 05 Jan 2018 at 11:07:25

The GCSE (9-1) English Literature Poetry Anthology books are amazing! It explains everything so clearly and makes it much easier to understand, would 100% recommend

Mimi — London, United Kingdom — 04 Jan 2018 at 23:10:45

Guestbook Editor: Thanks! While we're on the subject, our GCSE Poetry range now covers the WJEC Eduqas exam board as well as AQA — there's a brand new WJEC Eduqas Poetry Anthology Poetry Guide out now, plus a book for Unseen Poetry on the way soon...

Excellent resources for both 11+ and 13+ common entrance examinations.

Subra — Ilford, United Kingdom — 02 Jan 2018 at 02:08:36

(Commenting on book XRR41, Professor Gunning's Erudite Course of Fact Retrieval (How to revise)

This book is amazing - I would really recommend it if you've always struggled with how to revise. If you follow all the tips and instructions it's fail safe!

RevisionLover — Frome, United Kingdom — 01 Jan 2018 at 16:15:34