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The Latest Books From CGP

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The latest books — out now and coming soon...

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Posted Oct 2018

AQA GCSE Science revision — stay ahead of the pack with CGP!

When you’re revising for GCSE Science, it’s easy to stare at your notes for hours and not learn anything. But with CGP’s brand new Revision Question Cards, you can really test yourself on what you know...

On the front of each card, there’s a set of brain-teasing science questions (all matched to the latest AQA courses), along with diagrams and tips to point you in the right direction.

On the back, you’ll find in-depth answers that explain everything you need to know — perfect for brushing up on any points you haven’t fully mastered.

It’s simple, but it works. You’ll be a GCSE Science brainbox in no time!

There are separate packs for AQA GCSE Combined Science and Separate Sciences. They’re all out now!

Posted Sep 2018

Stunning new Primary SATS Practice Papers for 2019!

It’s hard to believe, but CGP’s new SATS Practice Papers are more helpful than ever — and bang up to date for the SATS in 2019, of course!

Each pack contains two full sets of the most realistic SATS papers around, plus a detailed Answer Book with full mark schemes and guidance for teachers.

And this year, we’ve added brand new pupil-friendly answers to every pack of KS2 papers, so children can check their work independently. Fantastic for helping them get to grips with how the real tests are marked!

There are ten packs for KS2 (five for Maths and five for English) and six packs for KS1 (three for each subject). Buy them in our fantastic money-saving bundles for the best possible prices!

Posted Sep 2018

Phenomenal new Phonics from CGP!

Drum roll please… CGP’s brand new Phonics books are here! They’re bursting with fun activities and bright, bold characters — and all beautifully matched to the Letters and Sounds programme.

There are eight fantastic Targeted Practice Books covering all the Phonics pupils will learn in Reception and Year 1. Better still, they’re available in money-saving bundles.

Next up, we’ve made two books of 10-Minute Weekly Workouts (one for each year). Each one contains a quick Phonics workout for each week of the school year — perfect for recapping what they’ve learned and keeping track of progress.

There’s no better way to help pupils get to grips with Phonics, and they’re all out now!

Posted Sep 2018

All-new Practice Exam Papers for A-Level Maths

Let’s face it: the new A-Level Maths exams are a pretty steep challenge. Steeper than the graph of y = tan(x) as x tends towards 90⁰.

Fortunately, CGP’s new Practice Papers will make the learning curve much gentler — they’re uncannily like the real AQA and Edexcel exams.

Each pack contains two full sets of tests (that’s six papers in total), plus step-by-step answers and mark schemes. There’s even a formula booklet for maximum realism.

After all that practice, you’ll be in great shape for a top grade in summer 2019. Check them out in our A-Level Maths section!

Posted Sep 2018

Unbeatable new books for National 5 Science!

Please welcome the latest arrivals in our new range for the Scottish Curriculum — we now cover National 5 Science!

First up, there are brand new Revision Guides for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each one is bursting with brilliant study notes, diagrams and examples that make Science a whole lot simpler to understand. They’re out now!

And you won’t have to wait long for the matching Exam Practice Workbooks, which are due out in October. Each one is packed with realistic exam-style questions — perfect for making sure you’re 100% ready for the final test papers.

Dying to find out more? Visit our National 5 Science page for all the details!

Posted Aug 2018

New A-Level Science Exam Practice Workbooks for AQA and OCR A!

A-Level Science exams are a bit like an annoying younger sibling — even if you try to ignore them, they won’t go away. And they have a tendency to ask really awkward questions.

But while family members can be unpredictable, you can prepare yourself for anything the AQA and OCR A exams might throw at you with CGP’s new Exam Practice Workbooks.

Each one contains a huge range of exam-style questions for every topic, plus sections of synoptic questions that test a range of skills. And we’ve included fully worked answers for everything at the back.

You’ll find them all in our A-Level Science section — enjoy!

Posted Jun 2018

Our best A-Level Science revision books ever — for AQA and OCR A!

We’ve given our all-in-one A-Level Science Complete Revision & Practice books an exciting overhaul for 2018 — they’re bigger and better than ever!

As you’d expect from CGP, there’s a perfect blend of crystal-clear study notes, examples, diagrams and indispensable practice questions.

But that’s not all… these fantastic new editions also include extra-tough exam-style questions and whole new sections of synoptic practice. There’s no better way to prepare for the exams!

The AQA versions are out now, with OCR A editions due to arrive later this summer.

And of course, they work beautifully alongside our brand new Exam Practice Workbooks for A-Level Science — see below for more info about those…

Posted Jun 2018

Incredible new in-depth Student Books for GCSE Maths

CGP are the undisputed champions of GCSE Maths revision and practice, and we’ve poured all our expertise into these brand new Student Books for AQA and Edexcel!

Each chunky 600-page book has all the resources students will need to guide them through the course — including crystal-clear explanations, worked examples, practice questions (with answers), essential exam advice and much more.

We’ve also included a free Online Edition with every copy, so they can read the whole book without having to carry it around.

We really can’t do them justice here, so head to our GCSE Maths Student Books page and have a flick through some sample sections. You’ll love them!

Posted Jun 2018

Amazing new books for Edexcel GCSE English — Language and Literature!

CGP’s GCSE English range is the UK’s No.1 bestseller, and it’s getting better all the time — we’ve just released brand new books that match the Edexcel courses perfectly!

For Edexcel GCSE English Language, we’ve whipped up a superb new Revision Guide and matching Workbook. Between them, they have all the study notes, examples, practice and in-depth exam advice students will need for a top grade.

And on the English Literature side, there are three indispensable Poetry Guides. We’ve covered the Conflict and Relationships collections from the Edexcel Anthology, and there’s a brilliant guide to Unseen Poetry!

They’re all out now — visit our Edexcel GCSE English page for all the details!

Posted Jun 2018

New for the Scottish curriculum — unbeatable National 5 Maths exam prep!

Please welcome CGP’s first books written especially for the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence — a brand new Revision Guide and matching Exam Practice Workbook for National 5 Maths!

We’ve used all our experience and expertise to make sure they offer the best National 5 exam prep you’ll find anywhere. That means the clearest revision notes and the most realistic exam practice — all perfectly matched to the latest SQA specifications.

Better still, our prices are the lowest by miles.

Take a look at our new National 5 Maths range page to find out more and look through sample pages of each book!

Posted Mar 2018

CGP’s new A-Level Further Maths books have arrived!

Excellent news for A-Level mathematicians — for the first time ever, CGP now covers A-Level Further Maths!

These brand new Complete Revision & Practice books are perfectly matched to the latest AS and A-Level courses that started in September 2017, with separate editions for the Edexcel and AQA exam boards.

Each one is packed with our trademark blend of crystal-clear study notes, worked examples and exam-style practice.

They’re the ultimate guides to success in this tough course — add them to your Further Maths survival kit today!

Posted Mar 2018

New for Foundation Level — GCSE Maths Complete Revision & Practice!

Our GCSE Maths Complete Revision & Practice books for AQA and Edexcel are a massive hit with students taking the Higher Level exams… and now there are brand new editions for Foundation Level!

Each book is packed with CGP’s uniquely clear revision notes and worked examples that make the whole course easy to understand.

And — you guessed it — there’s plenty of practice too, including exam-style questions for every topic and a full set of realistic practice exam papers. (All with step-by-step answers.)

They’re a fantastic way to help Foundation Level students reach for that all-important Grade 5, and they’re out now!

Posted Mar 2018

Essential new 11+ 10-Minute Tests for GL and CEM!

Our hugely popular range of 11+ 10-Minute Tests just keeps getting bigger and better! Here’s the lowdown on the latest arrivals…

Firstly, there’s a batch of five new Targeted 10-Minute Test books for the GL 11+. Each one is brimming with focused practice to help pupils master the trickiest skills they’ll need for the test.

And for pupils taking the 11+ set by CEM, we have brilliant new Mixed Workouts. The 10-Minute Tests in these books each cover a mixture of Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions — just like the full-length CEM tests.

Posted Mar 2018