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Would you consider making GCSE media textbooks/revision guides at all?

Sol Jennings — Newcastle upon tyne and wear, United Kingdom — 19 Nov 2017 at 22:33:12

Guestbook Editor: We'd certainly consider it. But I'm not at liberty to say any more on the subject at the moment...

I do love your books and they help a lot with revision and I can’t wait for more of your books to come out. But I just wanted to suggest a few books could maybe do: an Edexcel history book with all the information and revision and how to answer the questions and example answers, a text guide for The History Boys, a more detailed maths revision guide,and start doing GCSE psychology books. I hope you take my ideas into account, thanks.

Tiana King — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 18 Nov 2017 at 18:35:11

Guestbook Editor: Thanks very much — we'll add those to our list of suggestions.

I was wondering if there is a book that I don't find helpful, how can I send it back to you and will you give the money back? Thank you!

Adanna — London, United Kingdom — 18 Nov 2017 at 12:15:55

Guestbook Editor: Sorry to hear you're not finding your book helpful. Just drop our team an email at customerservices@cgpbooks.co.uk — they're the best people to answer all your questions.

Can I come & work with you 'cause I love maths & I love being silly. Your books make tutoring so much more fun :)

Twocakes — Godmanchester, United Kingdom — 15 Nov 2017 at 20:14:14

Guestbook Editor: Well, you're more than welcome to apply — we usually recruit graduate editors a couple of times a year, so keep an eye on our Current Vacancies page for the next wave of opportunities. (Or you can send us your CV and a covering letter as a speculative enquiry!)

I think you guys should make flash cards with the information that we need to know. It would be helpful indeed. X

Millie — Manchester, United Kingdom — 15 Nov 2017 at 20:10:10

Hi, I already messaged the CGP team but i believe it would be very beneficial if you would sell a range of revision cards.
I asked various classmates and they agree with the idea and don't like the hassle of making our own - having ready made ones ensure we have all the information we need with the right information.
Thanks for reading.

Xsania Neale — Swavesey, Cambridge, United Kingdom — 13 Nov 2017 at 16:44:59

Guestbook Editor: Funny you should say that (see comment below)...

Please please consider publishing flash cards for GCSE. Edexcel are trialling them - they are brilliant! You will do better. Would love them in individual sciences.

Georgina Woodman — Weybridge, United Kingdom — 13 Nov 2017 at 13:52:51

Guestbook Editor: Two separate requests for revision cards in one afternoon? We'll definitely have to think about it now...

Thanks for your suggestions, Xsania and Georgina. (EDIT: And Millie.)

i don't like tea but your books are peng. the top class banter at the bottom of the page give me life when i cba to revise, thanks for everything

JASNEET KAUR — Birmigham, United Kingdom — 09 Nov 2017 at 20:10:59

i neeeeed a cgp book for warfare through time edexcel gcse becoz the textbook makes NO sense and i luv cgp books also i dunno what i am having for tea
ask my mum

g — Cambridge, United Kingdom — 07 Nov 2017 at 17:21:17

Nice GCSE books but can u please add more A Level English guides!!

Ash — Kent, United Kingdom — 05 Nov 2017 at 20:40:21

A-Level textbooks need more banter it's a little dry.

Ash — Kent, United Kingdom — 05 Nov 2017 at 20:38:51

this is a peng ting organisation love it boyos keep up the gud work xoxox

Shady babe — BLACKPOOL, United Kingdom — 05 Nov 2017 at 20:15:53

(Commenting on book SWB422, KS2 Science Year 4 Workout Bundle (for the New Curriculum)

Is there an answer book foe this selection?

Ana Sharkey — London, United Kingdom — 04 Nov 2017 at 11:03:39

Guestbook Editor: Hello — the answers for our Primary Science Workouts are included in a pull-out section in each book. (With answers on one side and a poster to colour in on the other.)


DREAMY BOI — YO TOWN, United Kingdom — 03 Nov 2017 at 13:15:22

Guestbook Editor: Mo seasoning needed. Got it.

Very Good work ! I used this to help me with my grades I've been using this for 2 days and my grades have improved Millions !!! I'm going to keep using this website.

Connie — Sunderland, United Kingdom — 02 Nov 2017 at 18:26:55


CLARA — herts, United Kingdom — 01 Nov 2017 at 20:59:36

Had amazing success with CGP at GCSE. Hope to repeat this at A-Level!

Also, I had a banging curry for tea. You should come round and try it

Kindest regards,
Your boy Ethan

Ethan — Hampshire, United Kingdom — 31 Oct 2017 at 19:47:28

Guestbook Editor: Thanks for the invitation. Do you have an unusually large number of chairs at your house, or should we bring our own?

awful website and hardly works

amira — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 31 Oct 2017 at 17:23:38

very good

chloe — london, United Kingdom — 31 Oct 2017 at 09:39:29

Hi. I just wanted to say that your books are amazing! They're so clear and concise. What font do you use for the main body text in the GCSE range? I'm making some revision notes and the font you use will make my revision notes not look completely boring.

Kari — London, United Kingdom — 29 Oct 2017 at 19:56:07

Guestbook Editor: Thanks! The fonts we use are a closely guarded trade secret, so let's just say that our GCSE books always Impress.

Hello !
CGP is a fantastic range. Incredibly reliable. I think CGP books have value, explain everything easily and coherently and are fully detailed and specification specific. Delivers every time. The ONLY thing I used for my GCSE in the three Sciences were their books which got me 3 A*S.

Aisha — London, United Kingdom — 28 Oct 2017 at 19:29:21

i am having meat for tea probably

Courtney — Coventry, United Kingdom — 27 Oct 2017 at 14:49:55

Guestbook Editor: Right you are. Best not to get bogged down in the technical details.

CGP has a variety of SATs books to choose from which is great. However, I wish we had more selection for GCSE books as well, especially compliant with the new syllabus of 1-9 grading.

Kyprose — Leicester, United Kingdom — 26 Oct 2017 at 08:06:02

Guestbook Editor: Don't worry — we're working on plenty more books for the Grade 9-1 GCSE courses.

For the time being, we can offer you a plethora of 9-1 GCSE titles for: Maths, English Language, English Literature, Combined Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Computer Science, Design & Technology, Food Preparation & Nutrition, Business, French, German, Spanish, Music and PE. Not bad for starters.

My Daughter got a fantastic results in her SATS, just because of the C G P books.
Now she is in year 10.
I have just ordered 8 books.

SAJI PAPPACHAN — STEVENAGE, United Kingdom — 23 Oct 2017 at 15:12:28

Guestbook Editor: Excellent. Hope the GCSEs go just as well.

I'm looking to buy A-Level Biology student books for AQA - does the £38 version for both years come as one book or is it just the two separate books sold at a discount?
I hope it's just one book as I want to keep them together and am not very organised!

James K — Lancaster, United Kingdom — 23 Oct 2017 at 13:55:11

Guestbook Editor: You're in luck — our AQA A-Level Biology Student Book (BATB71) is one weighty 600-page omnibus.

(But the equivalent Student Books for A-Level Chemistry and Physics are only available as separate volumes for Years 1 and 2 at the moment.)

Would like to be able to download books AND pay with PayPal.

V mcmanus — STOCKBRIDGE, United Kingdom — 22 Oct 2017 at 08:01:09

(Commenting on book SMR42, New Grade 9-1 GCSE Science: Essential Maths Skills - Study & Practice

is there the answers in the book

saji pappachan — stotfold, United Kingdom — 20 Oct 2017 at 19:26:16

Guestbook Editor: Yep, answers are included in this one — we'll add that info to the book's description. Thanks!

Just ordered six books.
we were originally signposted here by the school ordering GCSE Physics. Will let you know if they help in two years time.

Mike — Wellington, United Kingdom — 15 Oct 2017 at 16:29:26

Guestbook Editor: Great — look forward to hearing the results in 2019.

(Commenting on book SRHR45, New Grade 9-1 GCSE Combined Science: OCR Gateway Revision Guide with Online Edition - Higher

Whats Included?
For example B1 - B6, P1 - P6, C1 - C6

ridwan — london, United Kingdom — 12 Oct 2017 at 19:35:18

Guestbook Editor: Hi — all our GCSE Combined Science books cover the entire course (worth two GCSEs). So this OCR Gateway book includes B1-B6, C1-C6, P1-P6 and CS7 (Practical Skills).

By the way, you can take a look at the contents pages of our books on our website — just click on the 'Take a look' button below the main description.

Nice book

Abokor cismaan — hargeysa, Somalia — 12 Oct 2017 at 17:17:57

A new Yr6 teacher arrived at my daughters' school who made us aware of CGP Books. Since taking advice from him and purchasing the required books for her SATS, she and her class were so prepared, they all got through with excellent results. Thank you so much CGP!!!

Richard — Milton Keynes, United Kingdom — 11 Oct 2017 at 08:12:54

Love the CGP books, really help with teaching concepts

Ehsan — newcastle under lyme, United Kingdom — 10 Oct 2017 at 17:31:18

Just what is needed to support students {and teachers} with excellent materials and resources for English G.C.S.E. Very well structured with clear, concise instructions.

rosie — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 10 Oct 2017 at 13:50:33

Very impressed with new Key Stage 2 maths textbooks, easy to use and differentiated; also very reasonably priced at £5. Thanks.

Maths Coordinator — Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom — 09 Oct 2017 at 18:41:44

Fabulous, can't fault CGP!
Used them for last 17 years,
Thank you CGP
One question: What does CGP stand for?

Akram Ansari — UXBRIDGE, United Kingdom — 08 Oct 2017 at 19:43:47

Guestbook Editor: Thanks very much. CGP stands for 'Computer-Generated Personalities', since the entire company is staffed by androids.

Hi hello. when are you making the 9-1 edexcel gcse book for science
thanks very much

Penelope — idontknow, Azerbaijan — 08 Oct 2017 at 13:03:45

Guestbook Editor: Hi! We've already made lots of books for Edexcel 9-1 GCSE Science — the Revision Guides, Exam Practice Workbooks and Student Books are out now, with brand new Complete Revision & Practice Guides due to arrive in November.

We also have new Revision Guides and Exam Practice Workbooks for Edexcel 9-1 International GCSE Science, so there's something for Edexcel Scientists of all persuasions.

(Commenting on book ELP2DE1, 11+ Practice Tests for the CEM Test - Pack 2

I would like to improve my English skill

Mohd Nasran — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — 08 Oct 2017 at 06:22:32

page 2 of math igcse 9-1 revision guide.The answer for question 2 at the bottom of the page for BODMAS
I get the answer 2 ...but the answer is -4??

Aaron — London, United Kingdom — 07 Oct 2017 at 15:38:07

Guestbook Editor: I've dusted off my maths skills and had a go at this one... and I get d = -4, as it says in the book.

(The numerator works out as 16, and the denominator as -4, so d = 16 ÷ (-4) = -4. Some awkward minus signs in there.)

I've been using CGP books since 2001. I love the study books for guiding my students. They are written in a fun and easy format - making learning a a joy. The workbooks are so useful to polish off skills and to recap on learning objectives.. Thank you for my 11+ 10min maths tests sample book. Oh..Just in case you're interested, I am having chilli-con-carne for tea ....xoxo

Shindo Scarrott — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 07 Oct 2017 at 15:09:52

Guestbook Editor: We're always interested in what people are having for tea. Can't go wrong with chilli con carne. (Also good to hear you've had sixteen years of joy from CGP books.)

Thank you guys i have bought books for all of my GCSE subject accept from drama i would love for you guys to create one it would benefit me and many others - you guys know how tough it can be, also nobody does drama revision guides help please

alfie yates — BURNLEY, United Kingdom — 07 Oct 2017 at 14:52:03