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Enormous Exclamations Marks and Quizzical Questions Marks

Books would be as dull as a Monday morning assembly without the occasional piece of prime punctuation such as question marks and exclamation marks.

Using your skills of punctuation perfection, fill in the missing question marks and exclamation marks in the passage below.

"I don't believe it " said Bryony looking at her bedside clock.
"Is that really the time " She yanked herself out of bed and ran to the bathroom, her dream of singing a duet with Robbie Williams now just a distant memory.

"I've been shouting for you for ages " snapped Mum angrily. " Didn't you hear me "
Bryony flew down the stairs, almost tripping over the micro scooter left there by her brother.

"Why does he always leave that thing there " screamed Bryony pouring milk on her toast and putting marmalade in her tea.
This was an important day for Bryony. It was the last day of her SATs and Mrs Whinge had promised them a class party.

"Did you have exams when you were at school Mum " asked Bryony, knowing full well that she was being sarcastic.
"No dear, not in my day" replied Mum, "it was all dinosaur catching and cave dwelling back then "
"Is that why Dad is always so cranky in the morning " asked Bryony, putting her shoes on the wrong feet
" Yes love, he still thinks he's in his cave "

"Have you seen my sweatshirt " asked Bryony, realising what she'd done with her breakfast but eating it anyway
"I would imagine it's trying to crawl to the washing machine before it dies through lack of washing " chuckled Mum.
"Oh ha-ha very funny. It wasn't my fault Michael threw that mud all over me " she replied, but Mum was shaking her head.
" It wouldn't have been because you were calling him a muppet again would it " asked Mum.
"Well he does look a bit like Gonzo doesn't he "

"I think we had better be going now, don't you young lady " Mum pulled the Marmalade from her daughter's hair and picked up her car keys. Bryony was still trying to figure out what it was that she had just

"Which SAT have you got today, love " asked Mum, trying not to think about the state her daughter was in.
"Maths," replied Bryony sheepishly.
"Good, because you could do with a test on telling the time " laughed Mum, starting the car.
Bryony still had marmalade in her hair but she didn't care because today was the end of her SATs.

Created By
Chris Fenton, Briscoe Lane Primary School