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CGP’s GCSE Science Range... Explained!

We’ve got a huge choice of products covering tons of GCSE Science subjects. It can seem bewildering at first, so here’s a brief summary of what’s on offer.

(If you need more info about GCSE Science courses in general, head over to our GCSE Science Explained page.)

Revision Guides (with free Online Editions)

Our much-loved GCSE Science Revision Guides explain everything students need to learn in straightforward English (with a bit of humour to lighten the mood).

Each book contains friendly, concise study notes that explain all the theory, as well as summary questions for checking that the key points are sinking in.

All our GCSE Science Revision Guides now include a code that unlocks a free Online Edition of the whole book — perfect for reading on a PC, Mac or tablet!


Packed with useful practice questions for every topic, our GCSE Science Workbooks are a great way to test your knowledge and understanding throughout the course. They’re matched topic-for-topic with our Revision Guides, so it’s dead easy to look up help if you get stuck.

Some of our Workbooks include answers in the back, but in most cases the answers are available in separate teacher-friendly Answer Books.

Practice Papers

Carefully written to be just like the real thing, our Practice Papers are brilliant for exam preparation!

Each pack contains two full sets of practice tests and an answer book with mark scheme — ideal to use in school or at home.

Complete Revision & Practice

These satisfyingly weighty books contain complete revision resources for your GCSE Science course.

Every topic is explained in our clear, accessible style, with plenty of examples to walk you through each point.

There are practice questions throughout each book to help you get your confidence up, plus exam-style questions (with full answers) to help you prepare for the final tests.

Student Books (with Interactive Online Editions)

These comprehensive course books for AQA GCSE Science are bursting with thorough notes, masses of practice (including exam-style questions), assessment advice and much more.

Better still, each book comes with a free Interactive Online Edition that you can use on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. All the content from the printed books is included, plus extra videos and animations that help bring the science to life.

They’ve got everything you need success throughout the course — on paper and online!


Fast, fun and effective, these smashing Test & Learn Apps for GCSE Science will bombard you with quick-fire questions until your brain is filled to the brim with exam knowledge.

They’re compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, and available from the Apple App Store.