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  1. Nice website you've got spruced up, about time you did it. (Jks.)

    Bernice Anani - Birmingham, United Kingdom
    10 Dec 2018

    Guestbook Editor:

    Ha, thanks. Unfortunately, they forgot to upgrade the Guestbook Editor at the same time — I'm still very much stuck in the 90s.

  2. Went on the website yesterday and the books I wanted to order were on a discount price (books were around £2.75 each) because I'm a student. Went to order them today and they're now double the price??? I've already ordered the wrong books twice before and this is my third I order (the definite right ones) so I was glad I got the discount price but now the discounts gone :(

    Anon - London, United Kingdom
    7 Dec 2018

    Guestbook Editor:

    Sorry about that — it sounds as if you were browsing the site as a school rather than a student. We're able to offer lower prices to schools as they buy so many of our books. But if you're not ordering for a school, you can still get up to 35% off large orders from CGP. Take a look at our Discounts page for all the details!

  3. Why is the OCR Revision Guides for Computer Science but not and Edexcel Version . I think CGP need's to make more Computer Science Books for different exam Boards Specially for Edexcel .

    Ebu Bekir - ISLINGTON, United Kingdom
    6 Dec 2018

    Guestbook Editor:

    We'd love to make Computer Science books for every exam board, but we always have to look at the numbers... at the moment, OCR and AQA are the most popular choices for GCSE Computer Science, so we've covered those exam boards first. Maybe Edexcel will get its turn one day.

  4. I love these books, but I've got to ask: why can't I add my workbooks online? It would be extremely convenient to students who sometimes who have to travel and study. It also would reduce the numbers you have to have on your desk. Apart from that, the books are great! Definitely makes revising a bit more fun - especially when you end up revising for most of the day!

    Ella - Reading, United Kingdom
    6 Dec 2018

    Guestbook Editor:

    Thanks — it's great to hear you're enjoying the books! We don't include Online Editions as standard with our Workbooks as most people seem to prefer being able to write in the paper version of the book. (When we do offer Online Editions of Workbooks, the number of people who redeem the code is usually surprisingly low.)

    But we definitely wouldn't rule out more Online Workbooks in the future. We live in a digital age, after all...

  5. For the languages revision guides and exam workbooks, I was wondering if you can make them foundation and higher tier like the other subjects like maths and science so it can be easier for people to know what they need to revise for their tier they are doing.

    Adanna - London, United Kingdom
    6 Dec 2018

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hello, and thanks for your suggestion. We have looked into making separate Higher and Foundation Level books for GCSE Languages, but with so many other projects on our Things To Do list, it turned out not to be possible. Sorry we can't be more help with this one!

  6. Great study guides! I think it would be good for you to make one on Classical Civilisation at GCSE. Thanks!

    Barney - London, United Kingdom
    5 Dec 2018

  7. So, I decided to check 'My Online Products' after you redesigned the website and I am absolutely SHOCKED! Not only have removed all of my shelves, you've also ditched my plant somewhere. Fine, you can take my shelves away, I don't need anyway, BUT GIVE ME MY PLANT BACK!

    WHERE IS MY PLANT? - Nottingham, United Kingdom
    4 Dec 2018

    Guestbook Editor:

    Apologies — we didn't think think you'd want a free-floating pot plant cluttering up your Online Products. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to upgrade to a real plant, or a Tamagotchi (if they still make those)?

  8. I love your books as they are the best on the market. Well done!

    lesley okafo - london, England
    4 Dec 2018

    Guestbook Editor:


  9. Dear CGP I love your books! Please! Please! Please! Release a series for the CCEA examination body! MTIA

    JOHN SNELLING - BELFAST, United Kingdom
    4 Dec 2018

  10. Hi I have always been really impressed with your customer service. I have been ordering books from you for quite a long time as I am a tutor. However, the one thing that really irritates me is that some of your books have answers in them and others don't. I have just ordered half a dozen science books and guess what, some of them don't have answers in them. i have just spoken to your customer service who told me correctly, there is a link to the answer book on the item page. I don't read all of the details as I know which books I want to order. So maybe the link should be by the book, not at the end of the description. I have just had to order 2 answer books, which I don't mind but I do mind having to pay for postage as I always order in bulk. To be honest I expected the postage to be waived!

    Anne Burns - Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
    4 Dec 2018

    Guestbook Editor:

    We're sorry for the irritation. Answers are always tricky for us, as we have to balance the needs of tutors, parents, students and schools.

    Our current system is to say "(includes answers)" in the Workbook's title, but there's definitely scope for making it clearer. The new CGP website gives us a lot more flexibilty, so we'll have a think about what we can do. Thanks for your comments and suggestion — we're really pleased to hear that you've found our service helpful apart from this.

  11. Why is the OCR Revision Guides for Computer Science but not and Edexcel Version . I think CGP need's to make more Computer Science Books for different exam Boards Specially for Edexcel .

    Ebu Bekir - Islington, United Kingdom
    3 Dec 2018

  12. In the cgp ks3 history books tgere is no summary answers to the question it is quite difficult to mark my question especially with exams coming up 😥😥😥

    Nahian - Manchester, England
    3 Dec 2018

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