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  1. Hi there, just wondered about a level computer science and GCSE Spanish?

    Sarah - Hackney, United Kingdom
    12 Feb 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    From the context, we guess you're wondering whether CGP makes books for these subjects? If so, the answers are:

    No news about A-Level Computer Science at the moment, sorry, but we already cover GCSE Spanish — you'll find those books in our GCSE Languages section! Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for your feedback about English. I get where you're coming from. If only our school chose AQA English... Anyway... most subjects e.g. sciences, languages, geography do AQA so in that sense it's easier for me to revise for those subjects. Your books are so helpful where I can get them. And the text guides are still helpful for literature. Thanks, M

    Manomay Lala-Raykar - Barnet, United Kingdom
    11 Feb 2019

  3. These books are going well.

    Bernice Anani - Birmingham, United Kingdom
    11 Feb 2019

  4. Hi! I'm a GCSE Higher level student and you can't imagine how great your books are for me!!! But I have one issue: we don't do AQA, Edexcel or WJEC Eduqas English. No, we have OCR for both and I'm desperate to pass more half-term-tests and revise well with CGP but most of your books are AQA. Are you planning to release a few OCR-optimized English books, I'd love that!!!

    Manomay Lala-Raykar - Barnet, United Kingdom
    11 Feb 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    You're right — I can't imagine! Although I do have quite a limited imagination as a result of playing too many computer games in childhood. And adulthood. 

    Sorry we don't cover OCR for GCSE English. Sadly, that's unlikely to change in the near future, as very few schools teach the OCR course at the moment. But you'll still find plenty of useful revision material in our GCSE English books for all exam boards!

  5. I think your books are brill! Cheesy jokes and all. Thank you for lightening the (very heavy) load. X JG

    Johan Grimshaw - Brighton, United Kingdom
    10 Feb 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    That's what we do, Johan. That's what we do.

  6. Am I the only one that loves the little jokes on the back of the revision guides??

    Liam - Southampton, United Kingdom
    9 Feb 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Nope — Zara from London loves them too (see below). You're not alone.

  7. Please can you do me a law a-level book? i don't mind if you just throw one together quickly... it can't be worse than the textbook we have at the moment...

    LegalEagle - C, United Kingdom
    9 Feb 2019

  8. Hi, I have purchased your latest edition GCSE higher maths revision book and I have heard news of an online edition which requires certain codes in the book. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find them so I was wondering if you could tell me where in the book they are. P.S. I have really found your books super helpful and for anyone else reading, I love the little jokes on the bottom left-hand corner of the back of the book and they never fail to make me laugh and brighten up my day :)

    zara - London, United Kingdom
    8 Feb 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    No problem — if you have one of our Grade 9-1 GCSE Maths Revision Guides, you'll find the code for your free Online Edition on the first page inside the front cover (before the contents pages).

  9. I really like the physics, biology and chemistry revision guides and I think they're amazing; I was just wondering when you will release the OCR gateway science flash cards as the AQA ones look pretty good

    Gerald - London, United Kingdom
    7 Feb 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Thanks — glad our GCSE Science Revision Guides are floating your boat. We're looking into Revision Question Cards for OCR Gateway, but they're not a sure thing just yet. More news coming soon...


    Leah French - NORTH YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom
    7 Feb 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Not at the moment, sorry. It's possible we'll add an Online Edition when we next update our KS3 Geography Complete Study & Practice book, but we can't confirm the details just yet.

  11. this site is amazing i can revise for all my exams with out any trouble. i use this site all the time when i need to revise. it is easier the getting all my books out all the time. i use everywhere i go. such as on the way to school or on the bus going it. this is a really good site to use if you are studying and you do not want to get your books out.

    morgan - canvey, England
    7 Feb 2019

  12. Hello CGP! First I want to say thank you so much for all the help you give me and students across the country in achieving the best we possibly can in our GCSEs. I could not recommend your products enough. My only grievance, however, is that there are no revision guides for a wider variety of A Level subjects (for example, languages). Most of my friends and I are struggling in A Level courses with revision as it is much more difficult to understand information without your incredible resources to guide us. Any chance we can expect A Level revision guides in the next year or so? Thanks again :)

    Stella - Hereford, United Kingdom
    5 Feb 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Our plans for A-Level are a closely guarded secret at the moment — other publishers are always reading the CGP Guestbook for ideas, the little tinkers. So let's just say we're always working on exciting new books and looking to fill in the gaps in our range...

    Great to hear our books helped you so much at GCSE. Good luck with your A-Levels!

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