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Recent Comments

  1. Hi CGP !
    I absolutely loved all your IGCSE books :) However I think you still don't have IGCSE Geography
    would there be any chance that it would be on the "radar of incoming books"
    Thanks ;)

    Malak H - Doha, Qatar
    14 Sep 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    PING... PING... PING...

    We've scanned the horizon with CGP's radar... or is it sonar that goes 'ping'? I might be thinking of one of those submarine scenes from a James Bond film.

    Either way, we're afraid to say no International GCSE Geography books have been detected. But they could always be approaching by stealth. 

    Sorry we can't help with your Geography request at the moment, but it's great to hear you're a fan of our other IGCSE books. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I’ve just bought a bunch of GCSE AQA and edexcel books as I’m in year 10, but I’ve noticed that there are books that say ‘for exams in 2022 or 2021’. I’ve only seen that for computer science but are you going to be doing that for every other subject?

    Fatima - London, England
    5 Sep 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi — that's a very good question. GCSE Computer Science courses are changing slightly this year, so we've made new books that cover the exams in 2022 and beyond. Other GCSE subjects are staying the same, so our existing books still have everything you need for your exams!

  3. thanks for all of the GCSE books

    Ethan - Thamesmead, United Kingdom
    2 Sep 2020

  4. I recently found your books and absolutely love them for my son. Love the format and everything about them. Superior!

    Michelle Zoppa - Marysville, United States Of America
    14 Aug 2020

  5. Hey so u guys know bob the builder right? Well lemme tell you this you've "built" some pretty amazing books if i do say so myself. keep it up lads/lasses. :)

    also Mr/Mrs guestbook editor ive read some of your replies and they're pretty funny keep it up!!

    Bob the builder - builder town, England
    6 Aug 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Thanks Bob — flattery is a 100% effective strategy. Good to hear the books are helping to cement your knowledge.

  6. Hi CGP, it's been a while since COVID happened, long time no see!

    Anyway, I'm moving on to my A-levels now, and while I'm overjoyed to see you'll be with me every step of the way for Edexcel Maths and AQA Chemistry, I feel left in the dark for Edexcel Geography and AQA German!

    You only offer AQA for A-level Geography at the moment, are there any plans for Edexcel (which I take) or other boards?

    As for German (I'm taking AQA), are there any plans to offer MFL for A-level at all? If so, which languages and which boards?

    Finally, I think we need a study guide for the Extended Project - I know AQA is quite popular, but perhaps you could do an all-boards version too as many of the skills are similar...?

    All the best from me and stay safe!!!

    Manomay - Barnet, United Kingdom
    4 Aug 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi — good to hear from you! And good luck with your GCSE results next week.

    Let's start with the best news. There's definitely hope for Edexcel A-Level Geography. We can't say anything definite just yet, but worth checking back later this year.

    German's a bit less likely, unfortunately. A-Level languages are big and complex subjects, so it'd be a very big project for us. (Plus we've already used all the German puns we could think of on the covers of the GCSE books.)

    I'm afraid I don't have any info about the Extended Project. It's the type of thing our book developers might whisper about in their top-secret lab, but if I get get caught with my ear pressed against the door one more time, I'll have my CGP sauna membership revoked. Not worth the risk.

    Thanks for your questions. Hope your A-Levels get off to a flying start!

  7. Any chance of an AQA A Level Spanish revision guide coming out soon? I doubt I can survive A Levels without the cheesy jokes that CGP provides...

    Jim - Liverpool, United Kingdom
    3 Aug 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Not a huge chance, sorry... see above for another question about A-Level languages.

  8. I know you don't normally do Cambridge iGCSE, but i was wondering if theres any chance of you making a Vietnam war history revision guide as there is not currently a textbook and it is very hard to revise. Thank you.

    Daniela - Newcastle, United Kingdom
    3 Aug 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Well, we do now cover Cambridge International GCSE Maths and Science... but it might be while before there's a History book, if we're honest. Sorry!

  9. Why does it say g-d instead of god in the ks3 religious education complete study and practice hmm?

    MRBOB - Mrbobingham, Bahamas
    1 Aug 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi — thanks for your question. Here's the answer from our Religious Studies team...

    We write God as G-d because of the great respect in which the names for God are held in Judaism.  Some Jews believe that the name of God should not be written anywhere where it might be damaged or thrown away.  They therefore do not write the full name of God, and replace the ‘o’ with a dash or asterisk, and we’ve followed this tradition in our books.


    ALI - walsall, England
    17 Jul 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Excellent — glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Guestbook Editor,
    I dare you to complete this challenge.
    1) Move each letter of your first name "one along".
    E.g. SAM would become TBN.
    2) Translate these letters to numbers based on the positions of the letters in the alphabet. E.g. TBN would become 20 2 14.
    3) Put these numbers together. E.g. 20 2 14 would become 20214 4) Divide this new number by the sum of its digits. E.g. The sum of the digits of 20214 is 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 9.
    20214 divided by 9 is 2246.
    N.B. If the result isn't a whole number, round it to the nearest whole number.
    5) Translate this new number back into letters, taking each digit individually. E.g. 2246 becomes BBDG.
    6) Rearrange these letters to form an anagram.
    Your answer should be marmalade! Let me know how you get on.

    Mr Riddle - Ridley, Waiting To Be Matched
    14 Jul 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    The CGP Guestbook Editor encountered a fatal error and has now closed. Would you like to restart in Safe Mode?

  12. Hi! A GCSE Grade 8-9 workbook for French would be super useful. Is there any possibility of something like this being made?

    Hannah - Sheffield, United Kingdom
    10 Jul 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi! There's definitely some possibility of something like that being made, but it's not on my 'incoming CGP books' radar just now. Sorry to be uninformative.

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