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Recent Comments

  1. Hi CGP, I'm loving the books, but why isn't there a revision guide for OCR English language? Surely OCR is much more popular than WJEC for English?

    Baruch - London, United Kingdom
    15 Jan 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Prepare for a surprise... the WJEC Eduqas GCSE English Language course is taught in a lot more schools than the OCR version. In fact, OCR barely gets a look-in when it comes to GCSE English.

    Unfortunately, this means there's not much demand for OCR Revision Guides. Sorry! But you'll still find plenty of useful material in our GCSE English books for all exam boards

  2. Are you planning to bring out booklets/lab books for the required practical requirements of the GCSE and A levels courses?

    Colin Aspley - Nottingham, United Kingdom
    10 Jan 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Not as far as I'm aware, but we do include plenty of advice for the required practicals in our GCSE and A-Level Science books. Standalone Lab Books are an interesting idea, though...

  3. I have just re-started tutoring after a 5 year 'haitus' and I remember that you had some interactive type online student books with videos and clickable images embedded. They were really popular with my students but I can't seem to find them on your website. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    Jason D - Newark, United Kingdom
    8 Jan 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Ah, yes — we used to have Interactive Online Editions that went along with our GCSE Science Student Books. We're afraid we haven't updated these for the latest Grade 9-1 courses, so they're not available at the moment. Sorry about that.

  4. Is there an A level Biology revision guide coming out for the Edexcel B specification?

    diya - newcastle, United Kingdom
    7 Jan 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    It's unlikely at the moment, we're afraid. Sorry!

  5. Priesthood school I m year 8

    Callum - Bramley, England
    6 Jan 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Just wait till you're in Year 9. That's when the real fun starts.

  6. I think you should make an A level Computer Science revision guide for OCR. This would be very beneficial since your GCSE one was very helpful.

    Sheena - Milton keynes, United Kingdom
    5 Jan 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hmm, that's a good idea. We'll ponder it...

  7. The Maths, English and science books are great. However there are not any workbooks for ks3 history, geography and food.

    emily - preston, United Kingdom
    5 Jan 2019

  8. Can you please make it as if you can answer questions instead of a large page that is hard to scroll and control. B.T.W: It would be really good because you probably would get plenty of good comments like the other books with CD's do.

    Zain - Ravensthorpe, England
    4 Jan 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hello! We're not 100% sure we've caught your drift, but we think you're talking about the Online Editions of our Workbooks?

    If so, it'd be great to make them more interactive so that you could write your answers on your computer or device. For the moment, our Online Editions are just faithful replicas of our printed books, but we'll defintely take your suggestion on board. Thanks!

  9. I love CGP and have gratefully been receiving your books for many birthdays and Christmas’s. However I am taking Japanese at my secondary school and am wanting to carry this on the gcse. Why aren’t there any Japanese books from CGP as they would be really helpful and could develop language skills.

    Samuel Adams - Hawkesbury Upton, England
    3 Jan 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    You're learning Japanese? Impressive! Unfortunately, not many other students are taking on that challenge at secondary school, so there's not a huge demand for Japanese Revision Guides. We'd love to do it, though. Maybe one day...

  10. Please could you make more GCSE and A-Level practice papers, especially for subjects like Geography? Also, a GCSE OCR Latin revision guide and set text guides would be very useful as there aren't any revision guides for this subject at present. Thank you!

    Alannah - Reading, United Kingdom
    2 Jan 2019

  11. Hey! Could we get a GCSE Edexcel range for English Lit? Love all your books, they're so useful . Thanks!

    Nasim - London, United Kingdom
    31 Dec 2018

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi! We have quite a few books for Edexcel GCSE English Literature already, including Poetry Guides for the Conflict and Relationships Anthologies and Unseen Poetry. 

    And of course, all our GCSE Text Guides and Complete Plays are spot-on for Edexcel too! 

  12. Oh goodness,this is the best edition of books I have gotten to see.CGP is the best and thanks for the good preparation.It has been the best s far and now,I love reading.

    fiyinfoluwa - Haverhill, United Kingdom
    31 Dec 2018

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