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Recent Comments

  1. i used the website to buy 2 science books and i the redemed my codes xx
    Laura xx

    laura - sunderland, United Kingdom
    8 Feb 2021

  2. Hey CGP :)
    I would want to vote in request for an Edexcel a level Geog book too!
    Do you have any rough estimates as to when they could be out (if at all there are plans for making one soon)?
    (There's no hurry, take your time and produce the BEST Edexcel Geo a level books for us!)

    Tajneet - London, England
    5 Feb 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    Another vote for Edexcel A-Level Geography? This is starting to feel like an electoral landslide.
    Much as we support the democratic process, we can’t confirm or deny anything at this stage. The boss will give me a stern look if I say any more than that.

    P.S. If we do make an Edexcel A-Level Geography book, it'll definitely be the best. Don't worry about that.

  3. The online edition reader has gotten so infuriating, i can't get the "click to read" thing go away and i cannot find a way to quickly go to a page without having to slowly scroll through page after page, this is particulary annoying when you have the science higher level book with about 200 pages. Your paper revision guides however are awesome and the jokes are quite funny and do give me a good chuckle, even in silent tasks.

    Lawrence - Worcester, United Kingdom
    5 Feb 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    Sorry you’re having trouble with your CGP Online Editions. It shouldn’t be such hard work to move through the book, so your browser might be blocking some of the features.
    Take a look at our Online Edition Help page for some quick fixes to try, and drop us an email ( if you’re still having trouble. Our IT team will be able to help you out.
    Good to hear the you’re enjoying the printed books!

  4. Hey! I am greatly in love with your books CGP, love the way you teach us and make us laugh!

    I am starting my 6th Form and A-Levels from next year and in the lockdown, I am thinking to start preparing for Key Stage 5 in advance! I love your 'Head-Start' books for A-Level Maths and the 3 Sciences, so just wanted to know if there are plans for some other A-Level Subjects since there hasn't been a New Head-Start book since the past 6 years from 2015? For Subjects like:

    Geography (would be really helpful since it's a GCSE subject - and a very popular one!), History (same as above), Psychology, Sociology, Govt. & Politics, Economics, Philosophy, Ethics, Theology & Religious Studies (RE is The Most Popular GCSE Option!), Business Studies (again, very popular!), etc.

    You can also combine the subjects into 1 book (for example, 'Head Start to A-Level Social Sciences' (Humanities) for Psychology, Sociology, Politics & Economics).

    I know many friends who do Psychology, Sociology & Politics (some do Economics for 4th subject too), so they would be really glad buying 1 book for a head start for A-Level Preparation, especially since they're not GCSE subjects.

    Thank you!!

    Mayank - Greater London, United Kingdom
    4 Feb 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    Greatly in love with CGP books? That’s wonderful news!
    You’ve done your homework on our Head Start books too. I don’t think CGP’s team of Book Concocters is plotting any new Head Starts at the moment, so I’ll pass your ideas on to them. (You have to say the secret password, then they open the letterbox just enough to post a single sheet of paper through. They’re a secretive bunch.)
    Thanks for your suggestions!

  5. Hi!

    Will you be making more text guides for A Level English? The one for Hamlet is super useful and I'm wondering if you're considering making more for different pieces of literature, like poetry.


    Nom - London, United Kingdom
    3 Feb 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi! I’m not aware of any more A-Level English Literature books coming up, I’m afraid. Very pleased to hear we’re helping you through Hamlet, though.

  6. Hope this finds you all well :)

    You don't know how much excited I became when I first saw that you Brilliant CGP guys are producing a Knowledge Organiser & Retriever books for AQA GCSE (9-1) Geography! Since then, I've been looking back at your website (and Amazon) multiple times everyday to see if Sample Pages have been uploaded yet - I am that excited when a new CGP book comes out!

    The websites say that they're scheduled to be out in February however since I am the Biggest CGP fan, I want to be the first person to lay my hands on it on the World Map! (It will teach us cartographic maps skills anyways!)

    Therefore, do you have any idea which date the book is scheduled to be released this month please?

    Take care, stay safe and keep making us smile while smiling yourself too :)

    A C - London, England
    2 Feb 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    Now that is the appropriate level of excitement for the release of a new CGP book. We thoroughly approve.
    We can confirm that our new GCSE Geography Knowledge Organiser and Knowledge Retriever have been finished and sent to the printers. We’re expecting the books to arrive in stock around 10th or 11th February. Not too long to wait!

  7. Hi I’m just wondering if there will be any of the science activity and study books made for other years besides 1&2, I have a year 4 and year 6 home learners and think they’d benefit from these in their year ranges also 😊 thank you ❤️

    Zarzeey - Tewkesbury, United Kingdom
    27 Jan 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi! That's a good question.

    We're really glad you like our KS1 Science Discover & Learn books. We have a soft spot for them too — but they've never made the leap to Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, sadly.

    We'll add your request to our list!

  8. Hey there!

    Just like the Recent comment about A-Level Geography, I too agree that Pearson's Edexcel seems to be getting much more popular these days. In my locality too, nearly all colleges and sixth forms do Edexcel for A-Level Geography with a couple of OCR and WJEC Eduqas too.

    In this link:
    the Bar Chart graph picture shows that back in 2017 (shown in grey), AQA was by far the most popular Exam Board, but it has since got around 6000 less entries in the following years while Edexcel has almost reached the same number of entries of AQA in 2019 (shown in blue) and probably might have even surpassed AQA from 2020!

    Additionally also shown in the image is that at the same time when AQA got fallen from almost 19,000 entries to 13,000 entries, OCR and WJEC Eduqas have been steadily increasing in their entry numbers at around the same rate as Edexcel too!

    Hence, may I know when do you think a newer A-Level Geography book may be out, and for which Exam Boards (Edexcel, OCR, WJEC Eduqas) are likely to be produced this year? Will any of them be out in the coming months in the near future?

    If there aren't any current plans for OCR, WJEC Eduqas and Edexcel, I would like to vote in support for them incase other people are voting for CGP to make those books too!

    Thanks a lot for your help and keep producing the best books as you always have been doing! All the best ahead!!

    M Kumar - London, United Kingdom
    23 Jan 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    Well, that shows how much I know. I can’t argue with a bar chart. Although I’ve been known to bicker with a few box-and-whisker diagrams in my time.
    So I might have been a bit hasty in suggesting that AQA is still the most popular board by far — but luckily, I’m just the Guestbook Editor. CGP’s book development team have been keeping a close eye on these trends, and they’re definitely sympathetic to your arguments about A-Level Geography exam boards.

    It’s been such a topsy-turvy year, it would be unwise to add any more than that at the moment. Let’s just say your comments have been noted and your vote has been registered.

    Thanks for taking the time to write in such detail!

  9. So lovely to hear from you!

    I am currently using the CGP GCSE History Topic Guides and Revision Guides which are VERY HELPFUL!
    I just wanted to ask, are there any plans for producing books for A-Level History?
    Of the 12-Most Popular A-Level Subjects nationally throughout the UK, History seems to be the only subject that hasn't got a single CGP book yet.
    In fact, it is the 5th Most-Popular Subject for A-Levels!

    Hence, may I know if there's any possibility for A-Level History books in the coming months/ years please?
    In case you're wondering since A-Level History has Many options and modules, here's the most popular options that my 30 or so local 6th Forms do:

    • OCR: Early Tudors, Later Tudors, Anglo Saxon/ Norman England, Britain from Pitt to Peel, Britain 1900-51, Britain 1930-97, The Crusades, Russia 1894–1941, Germany 1919–63, Civil Rights in the USA.

    • Pearson Edexcel: Russia 1917–91, American Dream c1917–96, Germany and West Germany 1918–89, Britain transformed 1918–97, Mao’s China, India c1914–48, Apartheid in South Africa, Fascism in Italy, USA c1920–55, USA 1955-92, Ireland c1774–1923, Britain losing and gaining an empire, British experience of warfare, Witch craze.

    I haven't seen WJEC Eduqas and AQA much, so am not sure for those, but hopefully those for OCR and Edexcel help, since I think they are the Most-Popular Exam Boards!
    Thank you so much for producing so informative CGP books :)

    A C - London, United Kingdom
    23 Jan 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    A-Level History? That reminds me of a tale from CGP history…
    We did actually make A-Level History books once upon a time — each one covered a specific Edexcel topic if memory serves. The problem was that with so many topics to choose from, it was difficult to give everyone what they wanted. The books quietly disappeared, leaving naught but a gentle yet constant pang of sorrow in our hearts.
    As far as I know, we don’t have any plans to revive our A-Level History books in the near future. But as we established last time, I don’t know very much (see above). So it could still happen!
    Thanks for your meticulously researched inquiry. Sorry we can’t respond with more triumphant news.

  10. hahaha! I'm not even a customer, I just love the comments and more so the replies! Maybe a compendium of the 'best' comments and equally 'bestest' responses should be next off the press!?
    Keep up the good work!
    P.O. Pete

    pete - overseas, Wales
    20 Jan 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    What an excellent idea. The Best of the CGP Guestbook could be the ideal stocking-filler for Christmas 2021. I'll whisper it into the boss's ear.

  11. Religious Studies (RS/ RE) is among my most favourite subjects and CGP keeps making so lovely of these books that I have my Faith in them to help me get the top grades in exams!

    The World's 6 Largest Religions are: † Christianity, ☪ Islam, ॐ Hinduism, ☸ Buddhism, ☬ Sikhism, and ✡︎ Judaism - which are also the 6 Largest Religions of the UK! I've recently seen that CGP produces (really interesting!) books covering the GCSE contents of † Christianity, ☪ Islam, ☸ Buddhism, and ✡︎ Judaism in the lovely revision guides!

    Therefore I just wanted to ask, may I know if there are any plans for making similar revision guides for ॐ Hinduism, and ☬ Sikhism as well (the 3rd and 4th Largest Religions of the UK) anytime soon? (Regardless of Exam Boards, be it AQA, Edexcel, OCR, or WJEC Eduqas, or even a combined one for all exam boards?) Currently, not a single Revision Guide exists for GCSE ॐ Hinduism & ☬ Sikhism, so you can very well bring about the first (and best) Revision Guides for these :)

    A C - London, United Kingdom
    18 Jan 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hello! Thanks for another very thorough question. And the excellent use of symbols.

    There are lots of possible options for GCSE Religious Studies, so our books focus on the ones that are taught in most schools. Until recently, we covered Christianity, Islam and Judaism — then we added a new book for the AQA A Buddhism option last year.
    We’d love to make Revision Guides for Hinduism and Sikhism too, but these options are taken by relatively few students… maybe one day. In the meantime, all the best with your studies!

  12. Oh my lord CGP, you don't know how much your books help us!
    They're now so popular that the letters 'CGP' go hand and hand when talking about 'GCSE'!
    I've been using them for all my GCSE subjects every single day! Even if we're having bad days at school and not understanding anything, your funny jokes make our day!
    I'm now going to start my A-Levels where I'm very interested to study Geography. Since 2017, I'm happy to see that CGP have started making A-Level Geography Revision Guides & Workbooks, but I've only seen them available for AQA so far. Is there any possibility for the other Exam Boards like OCR, WJEC Eduqas and especially Edexcel in the near future?

    There are 20 6th Forms & Colleges in my borough and I've seen that:
    - 14 (about 3/4) of those do Edexcel,
    - 2 do OCR,
    - 2 do WJEC Eduqas, and
    - 2 do AQA.

    As you can see, only 2/20 schools do AQA, whilst the other 18/20 Schools do Edexcel, OCR and WJEC Eduqas. Hence, do you have any idea if there are any plans to publish A-Level Geography books for OCR, WJEC Eduqas and especially Edexcel as Most schools seem to follow it please? :)

    A C - London, United Kingdom
    18 Jan 2021

    Guestbook Editor:

    Goodness me, that's thoroughly researched. I like it when Guestbook commenters come armed with statistics. 

    One of the few things I remember about statistics is that sample size is very important... Edexcel is clearly flavour of the month in your area, but AQA has a much stronger showing for A-Level Geography across the whole of the UK. We checked! And then we applied Spearman's Rank Correlation to the data set, just for fun.

    But that's not to say a CGP A-Level Geography book for Edexcel is out of the question. Oh, no. We're not saying that at all. But only time will tell.

    Thanks again for your very cheering comments. Great to hear that CGP books are helping you through your GCSEs!

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