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  1. I retired from Heading a Secondary School Maths department three years ago and now tutor pupils across Keystage 3 and GCSE (plus the odd Further Maths).

    More and more I teach pupils who are commencing GCSE maths at the beginning or during Year 9. Traditionally, sticking to Years 10 and 11 only really gives schools five terms to deliver a widening Maths curriculum that at both tiers, Foundation and Higher, has greater content and the concern is lack of time for full delivery so "let's start early".

    Although the content of your KS3 workbooks still has relevance to Year 9 pupils, I feel potential purchasers would be put of by the Key Stage 3 label on the cover assuming it is pitched at a lower level for those starting GCSE early.

    I have purchased KS3 and GCSE books from CGP but feel there would be benefit for a 'transition' book between the two stages for Year 9s - completing KS3 and introducing the essential basics for the demands of GCSE. ….just a thought to accompany my order.

    Andrew Griffiths - Long Bennington, Newark, United Kingdom
    13 Oct 2019

  2. Hello there. I must comment that I am quite the ardent fan of the CGP publication series. However, one thing that annoys me is the lack of Cambridge iGCSE History material. Cambridge iGCSE is the world's most popular international qualification for us (i)GCSE students, and so it would be somewhat ludicrous to ignore this examination board considering CGP boasts a global franchise. Is a Cambridge iGCSE History revision guide being considered?

    Angela - Hampshire, United Kingdom
    6 Oct 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi — we'd certainly like to make books for Cambridge (CIE) International GCSE subjects, but we can't say more than that for the time being. Sorry we can't help with your History needs at the moment!

  3. Hi there CGP, I am a massive fan of your books I have a lot of them at home.

    So today I am here to talk about 2 things. The first thing is pricing. Your products are amazing but when there are so many books I have to buy in one go, each book would cost £11. If I wanted to buy 4 books urgently in 1 go that would mean I would have to pay £44 pounds which I am sure you will realise that is a lot. Now I am having to buy my products from a second hand use and the pages would look messy. This is something a lot of people are probably aware and complaining. Please decrease your pricing.

    The second thing is paper. Your books are hurting the environment by using trees to make paper. Think about using a less harmful material to make your products because produce of paper kills.

    Other than that I enjoy your products a lot.

    Please suggest any other suppliers that sell revision guides for good prices

    Wironickaa - Northwood Hills, United Kingdom
    5 Oct 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hello, and thanks for your feedback. Great to hear you’re a CGP fan.
    We bend over backwards to make sure our books are the most helpful you can buy, at the lowest prices — we’re confident we’re the best value around! And here’s a tip: if you’re buying a lot of books from the CGP website, you’ll get a discount on any order over £30. Not bad at all.
    Materials are a trickier question. Books are usually made from paper, and we haven’t come up with a better alternative as yet. But if you’d rather go paper-free, many of our books are available as Kindle editions at — and we have a selection of standalone Online Editions for GCSE subjects too.

  4. CGP has saved my life!

    I achieved grade 9 in GCSE Mathematics at age 14 and in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computing at age 15. Love how the notes are just right - not too much, not too little. The chatty/humorous style makes revision seem, well... less like revision!

    And for A-Level, notes are spot-on too. In fact, I got A* in A-Level Mathematics also at age 15. Why? Well, because CGP made my revision quicker, so I had more time to practise examination questions.

    I also find that CGP books are more accurate than other book publishers - the Mathematics guides are more complete, whilst the other books I use (not CGP) contain occasional errors, don't have mark-by-mark answers, and even miss content. In other words, CGP books are better than the Edexcel/AQA 'approved' books, which are supposedly written by examiners.

    CGP's concise notes mean I can comfortably cover 6 A-Levels worth of content in one year (obviously I need to consolidate, but it just shows how easy and efficient the learning process has become).

    Thank you very much.

    H.L. - London, United Kingdom
    5 Oct 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Crikey. At this rate, you'll have assimilated all the available information in the universe by 2031. We're really pleased to hear that CGP books have been helping you out — don't forget to mention us in your Nobel Prize acceptance speech!

  5. Thank you for your support

    Katie - Birmingham, United Kingdom
    2 Oct 2019

  6. Oh and I read your suggestion above the "leave a comment" button. I had potato waffles for tea. And thanks to GCSE AQA Biology book, I now know that has nothing but starch. Just a drop of iodine and the whole thing goes black. What did you have for tea?

    Manomay Lala-Raykar - Barnet, United Kingdom
    29 Sep 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Thanks for asking — continuing the potato theme, I went to the chip shop last night. They didn't have any iodine, so I had to make do with vinegar.

  7. I’m going to pick up a copy of grammar, spelling and punctuation book, to hopefully help me with a test I have next week.

    Chloe - South Shields, United Kingdom
    28 Sep 2019

  8. Got 8 9s in my GCSEs because of CGP. Honestly love you guys. I would probably buy every book you do to read the sentence that are above the barcode on the back of books. And to be fair, I don't know what paper you make your books out of but they smell great. Need some A level student books to sniff now.

    Will - Maidstone, United Kingdom
    26 Sep 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Our books don't smell of anything... it must be the unmistakable aroma of exam success in your nostrils.

  9. You still haven't introduced me to the guy with the glasses in your logo. Seems like he's too busy revising "really important stuff"... He's never even seen using your Online Editions either! Please tell us a little bit about him (and which exam board you get GCSE Really Important Stuff at...)

    Manomay Lala-Raykar - Barnet, United Kingdom
    26 Sep 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Ah, the man in the CGP logo is shrouded in mystery. Some call him Colin. Some say he has achieved true enlightenment by way of CGP's failsafe revision strategies, and now lives as a recluse atop an abandoned lighthouse. Only he knows the meaning of Really Important Stuff, but it's much more advanced than GCSE...

  10. Hello there! I used your books last year which were soooooo helpful and I got really great GCSE grades! Now I'm doing A-level but i have noticed that there is no Edexcel A-level chemistry practice question workbook. Would it be possible to create one as they were extremely useful last year?

    Yasmin - Enfield, United Kingdom
    25 Sep 2019

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hello! Congratulations on those really great GCSE grades. Sorry we don't have A-Level Science Workbooks for your course at the moment — we made AQA and OCR versions recently, but Edexcel is a bit further down the list. 

  11. Hi, your books are very good! One suggestion is to make revision cards for WJEC.

    Asif - Newport, Wales
    25 Sep 2019

  12. lit

    Spencer Schotel - Preston, United Kingdom
    24 Sep 2019

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