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    ALI - walsall, England
    17 Jul 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Excellent — glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Guestbook Editor,
    I dare you to complete this challenge.
    1) Move each letter of your first name "one along".
    E.g. SAM would become TBN.
    2) Translate these letters to numbers based on the positions of the letters in the alphabet. E.g. TBN would become 20 2 14.
    3) Put these numbers together. E.g. 20 2 14 would become 20214 4) Divide this new number by the sum of its digits. E.g. The sum of the digits of 20214 is 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 9.
    20214 divided by 9 is 2246.
    N.B. If the result isn't a whole number, round it to the nearest whole number.
    5) Translate this new number back into letters, taking each digit individually. E.g. 2246 becomes BBDG.
    6) Rearrange these letters to form an anagram.
    Your answer should be marmalade! Let me know how you get on.

    Mr Riddle - Ridley, Waiting To Be Matched
    14 Jul 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    The CGP Guestbook Editor encountered a fatal error and has now closed. Would you like to restart in Safe Mode?

  3. Hi! A GCSE Grade 8-9 workbook for French would be super useful. Is there any possibility of something like this being made?

    Hannah - Sheffield, United Kingdom
    10 Jul 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi! There's definitely some possibility of something like that being made, but it's not on my 'incoming CGP books' radar just now. Sorry to be uninformative.

  4. CGP were the best books to revise with as a student.
    I absolutely loved them.
    I used to love looking at the back cover the message just below the barcode always brought a smile.
    The messages were always so hilarious i totally loved them.
    Now looking to buy for my kids i strongly hope they will bring them the same joy.

    Aisha - manchester, United Kingdom
    9 Jul 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    We hope so too — thanks for passing on the CGP love to the next generation!

  5. Here's another plea for Latin.... KS3 and 4... your books are like a magic wand for putting everything in plainspeak.

    Oh, and since you were asking: foccacia with a lovely balsamic dip!

    Rc - WYorks, United Kingdom
    9 Jul 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Sounds lovely. (The Latin and the foccacia.)

  6. Hi CGP, I really like your books and is there a possibility that you could make an EDEXCEL IGCSE German Revision Guide, Workbook and Flashcards. That is the Course that a lot of people are learning.

    Tom - London, United Kingdom
    8 Jul 2020

  7. My daughter and I love the little messages hidden around the books. They make us hoot with laughter! Excellent set of resources which make studying for 11+, SATs and being home schooled during a pandemic that much enjoyable and manageable.

    Fiona - High Wycombe, United Kingdom
    4 Jul 2020

  8. ...and I did it again - bought a shed-load of books from you, so very, very grateful for your pocket-friendly discounts. (Yes, I know, who starts a sentence like that?)

    I've been buying your books for a long time now and in the past few years you seem to have taken off like a rocket to Mars. Your 11+ series is superb and helped my son get into a highly selective school; he'll be doing his GCSEs now, so there was only one place I could think of coming to for revision guides and workbooks.

    Just wondering - do your current online editions include video tutorials? The ones from your OCR GCSE Maths Exam Practice Worbook a few years ago were extremely helpful.

    Thank you, CGP!

    Bea - Sutton, United Kingdom
    1 Jul 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Always good to start a Guestbook comment in medias res. I was captivated from the start.

    We're very pleased to hear your son has been finding the books helpful. We like the rocket comparison — we really have blasted off lately, publishing hundreds of new books every year. We're in danger of bypassing Mars and exiting the solar system altogether.

    We have a full set of video tutorials for GCSE Maths, which are available in our rather excellent GCSE MathsTutor and GCSE MathsBuster digital resources. These videos aren't included with any of our other Online Editions as far as I can remember, but you can watch a selection for free on CGP's YouTube channel.

    Thanks for your kind comments and unconventional sentence structure. Good luck with those GCSEs!

  9. Hi CGP! I love your books and have been using them since year 7 ! (I’m in year 11 now- so that’s a long time!). I am just wondering whether you will ever make any A Level Revision Guides for the Cambridge International exam board?

    Lana - UK, United Kingdom
    30 Jun 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi! Not sure whether we'll cover Cambridge International A-Levels in the future, I'm afraid. We've only recently made books for Cambridge IGCSEs, so we'll see how it goes with those first...

  10. We need more GCSE Grade 8-9 books for other subjects!

    Naz - London, United Kingdom
    27 Jun 2020

  11. Hi CGP,
    I loveeeee your revision guides and I really don't want to have to buy another company's guides (let's face it urs are the best).
    Pleaseeee may you make an OCR GCSE latin revision guide (OCR is the standard board) I honestly don't know how I'm going to pass my latin GCSE without your helppppp. Please may you create one?
    Thank you

    Isobel - London, United Kingdom
    23 Jun 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Oh, crumbs — we still haven't done our GCSE Latin homework. We've been meaning to get around to it for about twenty years now... tempus fugit.

    Perhaps it'll happen one day, but it'd be unfair to raise your expectation for an imminent release. Sorry!

  12. Hey CGP, Is there any books about 11+ Schedules or any mock tests that are really helpful for CEM Level Exam. I love your books especially the jokes written near the barcode.

    Divyansh - Reading, United Kingdom
    22 Jun 2020

    Guestbook Editor:

    Hi, and thanks for your comments. Great to hear you're enjoying our books (and our barcode jokes, more importantly).

    You'll find more info about the 11+ tests in our free online Parents' Guide — hopefully that will answer all your questions about scheduling. We also have four packs of realistic CEM 11+ Practice Tests, plus extra packs for ages 8-9 and 9-10. Perfect for building up to the real thing!

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