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Guestbook Archive - December 2002

i think itz gr8 and ezy 2use

Asif Hussain — , UK — 30 Dec 2002 at 22:09:00

hi, your revision books are quite good but as i live in wales i need a revision guide for welsh as i cant seem to find one anywhere? thank you!

Nicola demmer — Pontyclun, Mid Glamorgan, sout, UK — 30 Dec 2002 at 21:18:00

CGP has been wonderful for me it was because of CGP that i got such good results for my year 6 S.A.T.S .Thanks

Beth JInks — Bridport, Dorset , UK — 30 Dec 2002 at 20:05:00

Your books r great, They definitely make revising more interesting and the acid tests at the bottom r gr8. I think you should also sell specifications for each board, maybe just a paper summary. WELL DONE CGP.

Vix — SOLIHULL, WEST MIDLANDS , UK — 30 Dec 2002 at 18:07:00

I think you should make a Latin revision guide. There aren't any Latin revision guides at all and I think because it is so so so difficult you would sell loads!!!

jenni hammond — , UK — 30 Dec 2002 at 11:47:00

please have a worldwide online ordering instead of use emailing

vicky — , UK — 30 Dec 2002 at 10:36:00

the 'jokes' at the bottom is totally USELESS and NOT funny. i can't believe how corny they are. AND the maths GCSE revision guide is WAY too easy than the exam. one more thing, CGP should have more revision guides on other languages other than only French Spanish and German. I realise so many people are taking Chinese GCSE and you ppl don't even have any revision guides for that.

vicky — , UK — 30 Dec 2002 at 10:32:00


Karen Sidders — Faversham, Kent , UK — 30 Dec 2002 at 07:50:00

This is a very good company as I have many of your books and they have helped me a great deal. This website is also a great source of information. I attend a private school and when it comes to the end of year exams struggle, by not knowing a good way to revise. Please could you recommend a decent way. thank you.

Konrad Kowalski — King's Lynn, Norfolk , UK — 29 Dec 2002 at 18:44:00

I think this is a very useful website, but i think it could contain a few other subjects!

Amie Morgan — , UK — 28 Dec 2002 at 20:33:00

I ordered your books 4 days before Christmas and was really impressed when they arrived on my doorstep on Christmas eve well done on offering a reliable and friendly service:) Its also nice too hear someone "chatting soothingly in dulcet northern tones" on the end of your help line when im stressing over which revision guides to buy next thanx for all your help and i whatever anyone else thinks keep your jokes at the end of the page as there gr8 :)

emma grant — Epsom, Surrey , UK — 28 Dec 2002 at 19:18:00

I need some help on my G.C.S.E. History but i dont know which book i need im studying the cold war the wall street crash and genral American History please could you help me? :)

emma grant — Epsom, Surrey , UK — 28 Dec 2002 at 19:12:00


Alisha Hussain — BEDFORD , UK — 28 Dec 2002 at 16:29:00

Yeah, am in Year 11 and my mocks are coming up in January... eek. Are there any GCSE revision guides on Hitler's rise to power? Have done medicine through time but there don't seem to be any guides to Hitler. It was an incredibly boring subject, so don't blame the authors if there isn't... :-(

Charlie Gibson — , UK — 28 Dec 2002 at 14:24:00

A good site, but where are your music GCSE revision guides!!! There are none such on the market that are good or useful and us musicians still need help (and a lot of it). Thankyou.

Tabitha — Wokingham, Berkshire , UK — 27 Dec 2002 at 21:12:00

The CGP books are excellent, and most of the information is easy to understand, helped by pictures and funny phrases

Haidi Korashi — , UK — 27 Dec 2002 at 18:03:00

Thank you for letting me sign your guestbook. I do not have any real comments to make.

Char — Minnesota , USA — 27 Dec 2002 at 01:18:00

I think this is a very educational website and I like it very much

Hrra Oppal — Luton, Bedfordshire , UK — 26 Dec 2002 at 22:12:00

Syllabus content at the front of the book? if so that would be great. Good stuff!!

Taz again again — , UK — 26 Dec 2002 at 20:29:00


tarana — woodgreen , UK — 26 Dec 2002 at 18:17:00

I would be lost without the science revision guides, thank you! The jokes do annoy me after a while though and the maths one isn't that great, but hopefully I'll pass my GCSE's having used them!

Shibby — London , UK — 24 Dec 2002 at 20:14:00

Hi, I find these books really helpful plus they are so funny, especially the jokes at the back. I use these books everyday to help me with my schoolwork-they're COOL!

Caron — , UK — 23 Dec 2002 at 18:50:00

Dear CGP, I think this website will be very helpful to girls/boys entering exams, and tests all over the UK, because of its attractive, informative and helpful. Though I do think it can be made more helpful, by putting in a revision GUIDE as well as a test. Because this will help to show people where they have gone wrong in the test, .E.G when I got 2/10 in 1 of the comma tests, I couldn't see where I had gone wrong! And also in the maths test, you said approx answer, and I put an approx answer, but it came up wrong, because I had been 2 inches out!! But apart from that, your website has been great! Best of luck in the future H Boyden, aged 11. PS I have just started using your revision guides for my 11+ and my SATS, they are wicked!

Holly Boyden — Nottinghamshire , UK — 21 Dec 2002 at 18:47:00

l've got a child and he is 9 yrs old and he enjoy doing this that's why l order the books

noel — , UK — 21 Dec 2002 at 17:21:00

i want to do a cgp sat's test online

muhammad — , UK — 20 Dec 2002 at 22:11:00

Hey, I adore these books, I have got all of them from KS4 and now I am doing A levels in maths and the books are fabulous, they got me an A on the AS level back in May

kiranjit — London , UK — 20 Dec 2002 at 21:03:00

hey cgp, i love ur books and this site - itz helped me with all of my school/homework as i have a lot of difficulty with learning. thank you very much!!

x Jen x — , UK — 20 Dec 2002 at 19:29:00

I have used the CGP books for about two years and I have not got anything bad to say about them. I sometimes get annoyed when the book I want is sold out in the shop!! I think that you should do more books on history ks3 and some more on I.T. Now that I have been using the books for a long time no other book satisfies me. Hopefully next year they will really help me in my SATS. Thank you very much.

Mehwish Ahmad — , UK — 19 Dec 2002 at 23:51:00

Hi, I take GCSE Systems and Control and have found it impossible to purchase a revision guide. I think it would be worthwhile producing one as me and many of my friends would like one.

Laura — , UK — 19 Dec 2002 at 22:58:00

Your jokes at the bottom of each page are silly, waste of space and annoying. Please STOP this, it doesn't at all make revising easier. Your revision guides are good but need to explain what to revise in relation to what exam board you are tested under.

Fasal Akbar — , UK — 19 Dec 2002 at 21:31:00

Good site, very helpful reference material.

Peter McGinn — , UK — 19 Dec 2002 at 20:31:00

Hello, I just wanted to say how much I love your books. If I am looking for a revision guide I always look for CGP. I honestly think that you have played a big part in my good results in my last exams. THANK YOU! Meg XX

Megan McCann — , UK — 19 Dec 2002 at 20:15:00

CGP books are great: I use them in all my studying. They are well worth the money, they are helping me with my GCSE's at the moment.

Ella Brown — , UK — 19 Dec 2002 at 14:22:00

Seeking suitable resources for KS3, KS4 and GCSE ICT.

Ms J Mew — , UK — 19 Dec 2002 at 07:04:00

I have just bought a Maths GCSE workbook and there are no answers in it. The website says that these are sold separately but my local shop only sells the workbooks not the answer books! I think it would be much better to have the answers either in the back of the book or available to download online as now I don't know whether I'm getting the questions right or not! Please put the answers on the website, thank you.

lucy — , UK — 18 Dec 2002 at 20:17:00

Your books are really clear and are just simply excellent, also your website is brilliant. I am really worried about the year 6 sats and you have helped me. Can you just send me a lot of info on the solar system please.

Zeinab harb — , UK — 18 Dec 2002 at 19:30:00

I just came on this site site today and I need help with absolutely everything. I have got my yr 9 sats in may - help!

abby hawke — , UK — 18 Dec 2002 at 17:55:00

I am in year 11 at school and think your books are funny because of the little sayings on the back cover. My Chemistry Higher level one says "Once opened use within 3 days". Great - Ha Ha Ha... I'M LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO COLLEGE!

Simon — , UK — 18 Dec 2002 at 15:48:00


Alex Walsh — , UK — 18 Dec 2002 at 12:31:00

Just looking at the KS3 National Strategy (Science) books. We have a lot of your books already and they are often used !

Geoff Taylor — , UK — 18 Dec 2002 at 10:47:00

CGP books are cool - they make me enjoy learning. As soon as I come home I just grab a CGP book! It's way better than anything! Could u write one just about either fractions or percentages, I'm a bit rusty!

Rosinah — , UK — 18 Dec 2002 at 08:28:00

I think that this site is excellent! It helped me loads with my revision for my mock exams and I hope that it will still be here when I do my real exams in June next year.

Leanne — , UK — 17 Dec 2002 at 20:20:00

Hi I'm new and I need help with my SATS.

Stacey — , UK — 17 Dec 2002 at 20:13:00

I would very much like it if you could have a form for free samples of the books so we can see what they are like for ourselves.

Gemma Taggart — , UK — 17 Dec 2002 at 19:17:00

I would like to view the album by Louise Armstrong and the good book.

Paulkwasin Nimoh — , UK — 17 Dec 2002 at 17:25:00

Nice - the best books ever

Danbee — , UK — 17 Dec 2002 at 15:59:00

Hiya! I like your revision books but wish there was a Latin GCSE Revision book! I know you havn't published one but I was wondering if you knew where I could get one??? Of any type as long as it is for Higher Tier Latin GCSE!!! Your site is good but as mentioned Practice tests online would be good or a format like "Bitesize" where there is revision and quick tests online but like the formats of your books because I prefer CGP books!!! I'm really scared bout my Mocks because I'm rubbish at revising and I can't seem to find the motivation so any help would be really appreciated!! Thanks a lot! Natalya

Natalya Corrigan — , UK — 16 Dec 2002 at 22:11:00

I thought that the revision guide was brill, people - strongly recommended to read on Friday night, much more fun than going out and getting drunk. Buy the chemistry revision guide!

daniel galloway — , UK — 16 Dec 2002 at 17:49:00

I think that this website is very useful for all levels, I would recommend it to my mates.

Amanda Louise Wood — , UK — 16 Dec 2002 at 13:20:00

As a mature student at college, I find your books full of colour and a fun way to learn.

carol styles — , UK — 16 Dec 2002 at 12:37:00

Hey this message is just to say to the CGP peeps that i would never have got what was going on in Twelfth Night if i had never have bought your book. Our English Teacher is the most boring and horrible person in the world, and she never lets you get on with the work, because she's talking so much, so we always have tons of homework, but when she's been telling us off, CGP has always been there for us!! Here's to you, for saving our boring boring days!! Thanks from Canan

Canan — , UK — 16 Dec 2002 at 12:22:00

i think cgp books are great. and they help me a lot, so, thank you cgp and keep it up.

fatuma — , UK — 16 Dec 2002 at 11:21:00

Hello! you have the grooviest books going; they're wicked. They don't bore you at any time - keep it up.

Mehwish — , UK — 15 Dec 2002 at 22:33:00

The books are great, but there could be more online revision stuff!!!

Chloë — , UK — 15 Dec 2002 at 17:48:00

hi, i'd just like to say that i think these books r gr8 they have helped me through my sats n now im using them 2 do my gcse's but i really need a bit more detail in some areas especially photosynthesis!!!

nat — , UK — 15 Dec 2002 at 16:47:00

I've got all the CGP books, key stage 3, all foundation and higher level GCSEs and they're really really helpfull but could you please put some helpful tips on this site as well? maybe just an easy paper 4 us 2 do or something like that?

Efrat — London , UK — 15 Dec 2002 at 16:11:00

I need information and revision practice on design and technology

Dia — , UK — 15 Dec 2002 at 14:37:00

Well, what can I say? Words beyond words! I think your website is great as are your books! I don't know where I'll go without 'your' revision guides. PLEASE oh PLEASE can you make a revision guide for the new subject- 'BUSINESS AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS' which I am studying for, I don't know how I'll cope without your books.

Suhail — , UK — 14 Dec 2002 at 22:35:00

I am doing Macbeth at school - and your books are so good my English teacher said everybody should buy the Macbeth guide. But why do you sell them so much cheaper to schools? anyway, your books have really helped me and now I understand Macbeth better

charlie — , UK — 14 Dec 2002 at 18:06:00

Great books cgp but i would be very grateful if only u made a book for Statistics.  Great books by the way!!

Hassan — , UK — 13 Dec 2002 at 20:58:00

hello my name is Dale Robson/Foster i think your books are o.k. They would be better if you could do a page or two online (about your sats). If your web page had more explained things it would be better - that is all thank you for listening to me.

Dale Robson — , UK — 13 Dec 2002 at 20:12:00

I think your books are great

Ethan — , UK — 13 Dec 2002 at 19:09:00

Find out the gcse physics work.

awan — , UK — 13 Dec 2002 at 14:34:00

Why is there no textiles revision book?

Sranger — , UK — 13 Dec 2002 at 12:11:00

Can we find any information on the following people paddy, sinead, brian and katy?

zoe and georgia — , UK — 13 Dec 2002 at 11:40:00

I am a student and use all the cgp books for my studies and revision, cgp books are ace!!!

Chris Bennett — , UK — 12 Dec 2002 at 21:13:00

Hi CGP, I personally think ur books r da greatest. They helped me to achieve 7-8-7 on my year 9 SATs and now I am doin' GCSE and am orderin' a catalogue 2 check out all da books I can buy. Thanks again, and keep up da good work. Cya Dave.

David Barnett — , UK — 12 Dec 2002 at 20:18:00

I am using your study books, I find them funny, educational, and they actually make me want to learn.

Sophie Holmes — , UK — 12 Dec 2002 at 19:22:00

Your books are great - they got me great revision for my exams - thanks to all at CGP.

mihir patel — , UK — 12 Dec 2002 at 19:03:00

it would be really useful if you did revision guides for separate science, because I can't seem to find any anywhere, and they would be very very helpful!!

kellie — , UK — 12 Dec 2002 at 19:02:00

hi im doing GCSEs and i love ur books, but it would be oh so good to have books written for the particular boards, for example - i REALLY need the chemistry revision book for OCR but not the modular one..and the RS i'm doing Judaism and Christion moral issues (not Islam) and it would be helpful to have a book including just these, doing each separately -  not jumbled up as in the RS book you've got.  The courses that we take are different for each board so it would help to have books

kate — , UK — 12 Dec 2002 at 18:42:00

Is there any chance for workbooks for FE Key Skills 1-3?  This would however at some point have to be contextualised to suit Modern Apprentices.  I think if it were possible there would be a huge demand.

Adele — , UK — 12 Dec 2002 at 17:33:00

Hello.  It's all very good. As a student, the most important thing to me was to work with the best book in a particular field. For good studies, books are essential!

stephane duret — , France — 12 Dec 2002 at 12:08:00

hello, your site is very impressive - keep it up.  I like the way you present your publications.

GERALD EMEKA — , Nigeria — 12 Dec 2002 at 11:10:00


claire parkes — , UK — 12 Dec 2002 at 10:25:00

I have visited your site wishing to find past exam papers for my young brother who is doing A Level next year but unfortunately I could not find anything helpful for him. Could you please ensure that the literature may be available so that we may have past exam papers and other helpful syllabuses?  Keep on doing the good thing you are doing to get you online.

VALENCIA PHIRI — , Zimbabwe — 12 Dec 2002 at 09:08:00

Are you intending to update the important scenes in light of the changes to SATs 2003?

Helen Livermore — , UK — 12 Dec 2002 at 06:38:00

This site is quite cool but you need to show the whole whole books what they have in them

Monika — , UK — 11 Dec 2002 at 21:58:00


Johnathan Lindsay — , UK — 11 Dec 2002 at 21:03:00

Hi, can u please make some A Level Maths, ICT, and/or Physics revision guides for A2. That would be very helpful and kind of you. Thank you. The biggest complement I can give to CGP is that I got a grade A in my Maths P1 Exam reading the CGP book when I couldn't understand a word coming out of my teacher's mouth! Go CGP!! Undoubtedly the best revision guide in UK, no competition!

Mark — , UK — 11 Dec 2002 at 20:49:00

Toot toot, GCSE's are driving me insane, help me, the leprechaun in my head is making me do this. Seriously, i'm going to do my GCSEs next year and I quite frankly am retarded when it comes to exams, so your fun and informative books are a great help not only for tests but for homeworks. Keep it up!

Evil Canival — MARS , UK — 11 Dec 2002 at 20:42:00

Your books are really cool they really help me concentrate and they are really easy to understand

Sarah Jones — , UK — 11 Dec 2002 at 18:29:00

I like your books, they're very easy to understand and help me to revise. Your website is pretty cool too.

Steve — , UK — 11 Dec 2002 at 15:53:00

i really like the books that you make but the english and maths ones i just don`t understand. Science book is great - I learnt a lot from it. Can you please reply to me. Can you please try to write back in about 2 weeks.

Barbara.A.Melle — , UK — 11 Dec 2002 at 14:00:00

What can i say, your revision books are fantastic. I have been using them since the SAT's and they have helped me a great deal. I am currently using the GCSE revision books for Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IT and several module books. To summarise CGP.......they are the greatest

Sajib AL Rashid — , UK — 10 Dec 2002 at 21:10:00

i found that this website was very useful and also helpful when stuck on homework i recommend it to my friends but i had this great idea that you should put some revision games on aswell

jennie — , UK — 10 Dec 2002 at 19:42:00

I love CGP books as they make me laugh after huge amounts of homework!

Yvonne — Sutton , UK — 10 Dec 2002 at 19:06:00

I have been buying your books for a few years now and i find them very useful and gives me a lot of knowledge. I will carry on buying your book to get me through my GCSEs

NIRAJ SHAH — HESTON, MIDDLESEX , UK — 09 Dec 2002 at 22:27:00

Great site!

Jack — , USA — 09 Dec 2002 at 21:29:00

I have all the revision guides you have produced and i have come online to use your site to revise and the subject i wanted to revise isn't on your links to revise online i want to know why?

RaChEl — , UK — 09 Dec 2002 at 19:18:00


AMY WARNER — , UK — 09 Dec 2002 at 11:43:00

Please could you bring out some CGP Science A-Level Books, that would be absolutely super. Thank you

Carl — , UK — 09 Dec 2002 at 11:01:00

Hi, I think the books are really good. I used all of the cgp books for gcse and found them really useful, clear, concise, and helpful. I'm now doing as-levels: business studies, ict, maths, general studies and economics. And really miss being able to revise from the cgp books. Can you bring some out for as & a2 levels please. The maths P1 ocr book is great, but please bring out more (mechanics, and statistics) etc. Can you please tell me if you will bring out any or not.

Daniel — Leeds , UK — 08 Dec 2002 at 19:21:00

I am currently being taught subjects which occur in your GCSE Mathematics Intermediate workbook and it is so helpful to everybody in my year 11 math class. Thank you for giving straight-to-the-point information without the usual jargon that you get in other work books. Sam

Sam Norwood — Romford, Essex , UK — 08 Dec 2002 at 18:55:00

hi ya i think your site is gr8, i have practice mock exams starting tomorrow so i thought i'd do a bit of last minute revision and your site really helped thanxz :) oxoxoxoxox

caron — , UK — 08 Dec 2002 at 18:11:00

these books are very good and have helped me loads and may i suggest that you let people see a preview of your books over the internet because if you want someone to buy your wonderful books you can not expect them to rely on peoples opinions

kayleigh — , UK — 08 Dec 2002 at 16:16:00

these books are very good and very funny

kayleigh — , UK — 08 Dec 2002 at 16:10:00

I just wanted to say, that your books help, your books are clear and informative, i am doing my gcse's next year and thank you for everything. How long does your ordering across seas take (weeks?)

anonymous — , Belgium — 08 Dec 2002 at 14:24:00

I have just started to use these books and find them very useful.

Elaine Wood — Middlesbrough , UK — 08 Dec 2002 at 10:34:00

good site

Lucy Arthur — Newport, south wales , UK — 08 Dec 2002 at 10:06:00

why don't you do a ks3 geography and history books.

josef — , UK — 07 Dec 2002 at 16:05:00

very good. helped a lot during my exams

j — , UK — 07 Dec 2002 at 15:17:00

I bought revision guides for my daughter for GCSEs (will now be passed down to my son) but now need help in "A" English, Geography & Biology - Any chance you are developing any of these? Looking at your site today I wish we'd utilised it more when my daughter was revising earlier this year for the GCSE's both for the revision help and more guides/workbooks. What about a general "Mind the Gap" book - transition from GCSE to "A"?

Ornella — Hayes, Middx , UK — 07 Dec 2002 at 09:23:00

I'd just like to congratulate whoever writes the hilarious little puns in the GCSE books - the only trouble is some of them take quite a long time 2 work out. Keep up the good work cgp!

Anne Hysbys — Merthyr Tydfil , Wales — 06 Dec 2002 at 19:56:00

can we order the books plese

sumeyra akkaya — holloway, london , UK — 06 Dec 2002 at 18:24:00

i think that your books r great! but i think you should think about having the books on the website because then people can revise instead of going on other web pages

bethany morton — , UK — 06 Dec 2002 at 16:48:00

i really like your revision guides. they're fun easy to work from and extra cheap! thankyou!

Samantha Waite — Pontefract , UK — 06 Dec 2002 at 12:26:00


Poal Arneld — , UK — 06 Dec 2002 at 12:03:00

I'd just like to say thanx for designing these great revision guides, im currently preparing for my mocks and i find the science revision guides very useful. I think the questions at the end of each section are great. Carry on making great guides.

Ludivine — , UK — 05 Dec 2002 at 18:52:00

Can you email any information in reference to how can I go about ordering?

Keva Marshall — , The Bahamas — 05 Dec 2002 at 16:26:00

I realy have learnt alot and would like some more sent to me

Richard Bates — , UK — 05 Dec 2002 at 14:03:00

i find your books very exiting and invigorating.

Mike noel — , UK — 05 Dec 2002 at 13:51:00

I think your books are great but you should try to get a bigger selection of A-level books because at the moment there's only maths!

Peter — , UK — 05 Dec 2002 at 07:32:00

Why don't you have a citizenship short course book! I've just started my coursework and I need a few pointers (okay a lot).

Rachel — , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 20:40:00

Very good!! Should help my daughter Beckie get through her GCSE s!!

Sarah Whurr — , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 20:01:00

i think the site is well laid out, however there is room for definite improvement because i think it would be great that after purchasing books for example you get a key code (possibly) so that you have access to some questions on the site. By having a questioning program it makes it much more fun to actually work and test knowledge after having learnt the stuff from the great books you have! I think this would be a great help to everyone! Ben Tansey, year 11

Ben Tansey — London , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 19:46:00

I think that your books are very well organized and presented making them easy to learn from, but how come the science revision guide doesn't cover level 8 and the Maths one does?

Bradley Woodward — , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 19:37:00

I did my mock Maths and the GCSE higher Maths book was great! Maybe you could do some GCSE history practice questions ?

Taz again — , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 19:04:00

Just like to say with your books I'm going to get the best results than anyone in arrowvale in 2003 GCSE's. Thankx Ceri Q

Ceri-ann — Redditch , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 18:32:00

I like the books and will get some soon

Amelia — Melksham, Whiltshire , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 16:52:00

hi, i was wondering if you do a german gcse workbook, i looked but i cant find one.

maria — , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 16:47:00

your books are really good

adelle pushman — waterlloville , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 15:52:00


GEMMA — , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 14:14:00

i found it very helpful and an easy way to look for revision guides and work books for exams

kirsty wilsher — , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 12:04:00

I love the concept of your Revision Guides which I have used for my daughter for the last three years. Why do you not produce revision Guides for the W.J.E.C specifications? These would be very useful for Science and Mathematics.

David Veryard — Penylan, Cardiff , UK — 04 Dec 2002 at 03:00:00

I like your books

Razwana Mahood — Wernth, Oldham , UK — 03 Dec 2002 at 20:12:00


shanza mahmood — SWANSEA , UK — 03 Dec 2002 at 19:57:00

I love doing the punctuation books. I'm 10 and in Year 6 I've just finished doing my homework that's book 5 on maths and I like doing that as well. so I better go now so see ya.

Naomi — , UK — 03 Dec 2002 at 18:40:00

I think your site is wicked but I think you need more stuff other then pages from your books on the revision site

Amy Powell — , UK — 03 Dec 2002 at 17:37:00

Wow! I have just received my KS2 science revision book and it is addictive. I love those cool illustrations and the jokes at the bottom of the page. I want to say thank you in advance because i know that you will help me get my level 5 in science this years sats. I cant wait to get the whole collection!

Oliver Liddard — pontycymer, bridgend , UK — 03 Dec 2002 at 16:37:00

i think u shud do a revision book 4 statistics bcoz as far as i can c there isnt 1

nat — , UK — 02 Dec 2002 at 21:57:00

Why is there no revision guides for GCSE triple award science. Anywhere i could find one?

Chris Mayman — , UK — 02 Dec 2002 at 18:36:00

Well worth visiting your website

Hudson ZIMBA — Watford , UK — 02 Dec 2002 at 18:33:00

i think that these books are very good and help alot but i think that they cost too much. You need to make a book for third science as many people need them

nilesh bhudia — , UK — 02 Dec 2002 at 18:27:00

Well, tomorrow's the mock exam for DT and I haven't revised. Okay, so I've done a bit on materials, but it won't really help!!! My teacher predicts me A if I pull out the stoppers and revise, but a B if I don't. I went online to see if CGP had made a book and...sigh of relief...there is a new book; Resistant Materials!! So thanks to CGP I can get that A that I wanted, Hooooorayy!

Rory Duffy — , UK — 02 Dec 2002 at 16:41:00

Hi I am A GCSE student and i really enjoy your revision guides. they are funny so that helps me to remember stuff. but I take GCSE statistics and I haven't seen any revision guides on them. I really would appreciate if you could write one before I write my GCSE exams in 2003. Thanks. -CGP fan-

Dinny — , UK — 02 Dec 2002 at 13:48:00

Really good books. I borrowed Maths and Science KS3 higher revision guides from the library. So far so good. I have SATs this year and I am wondering if I can buy your books internationally from bookshops. I don't order online or by post or stuff.

Arabia — Dubai , UAE — 02 Dec 2002 at 13:35:00


sinead malone — , UK — 01 Dec 2002 at 20:54:00

i think this site is very good, i've been able to study more for tests. thank you

Samantha Chapman — , UK — 01 Dec 2002 at 20:23:00

The books are great! But why don't you do a German one, I really need some help!

Lucas Lytra — London , UK — 01 Dec 2002 at 12:29:00

Site looks very good, I am thinking about buying some of your books

Me — , UK — 01 Dec 2002 at 11:16:00

I wanted 2 ask why you sell the cgp books cheaper 2 schools and you sell them expensive 2 people that don't buy from schools? Any way i still buy your books and there gr8!.

Olla — , UK — 01 Dec 2002 at 10:54:00

Hiya! This is GR8 site for me to use because its useful and it helps you improve your Gcse exams. The books I have got at home is exellent and i probably to buy Re and Food Technology Revision Guide because I have chosen these subjects for my options in Yr9 and i probably need books to improve my exams. ThanX!! I will probably use this site at any time!!!

HyunYoung — Cottingham , UK — 01 Dec 2002 at 10:10:00