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Guestbook Archive - November 2003

Your GCSE books were extremely helpful - they helped me to achieve 10 A*s! Now I'm doing A Level Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, but you only do AS Maths revision guides (which are extremely helpful!). Are you planning to make A Level Science revision guides - and if so by when do you plan to bring them out?

DH — , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 20:53:00

Wow, your books are great! Now I like science for the first time!

Sarah — London , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 19:36:00

I think you should have sections from History, Geography and Technology.

Claire Jones — , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 18:47:00

The books are good, but there isn't even one for GCSE sociology!

Kat — , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 15:42:00

In 'Prof. Gunning's erudite course of fact retrieval' it says there are some printable sheets on this website for planning. Where would I find those?

Katherine — , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 15:04:00

I love your revision guides. I were of a mind to just do exam training with my students I would abandon my syllabus and just teach from your revision guides. If ever you have a job for a scientist turned teacher let me know!

Dr G A Eloff — Exeter , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 14:20:00

I love you! You saved me from revision hell last summer and I think you are going to do the same for my mocks! I thank you

Emily. H. Peake — Llanarthney, Carmarthenshire , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 14:20:00

Your books really helped me through my mock examinations last week, I hope to use them for my actual exams and am sure that with your help I can receive my predicted grade and better. Thank you!

Lottie — Ampthill, Bedfordshire , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 13:49:00

Have you got a customer catalogue

Aimee Loder — Barnstaple, N.Devon , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 13:43:00

I love the CGP books. I'm revising for my mocks at the moment and the two books I have are really great. I just WISH that they weren't so expensive, because I can only get the history book from school.

Rachel — Bolton , UK — 29 Nov 2003 at 12:41:00

Very good. I always use the books, have only just found this site on back of mathematics KS3 revision book. Excellent thank you!

Hannah Birkwood, — Healing Comprehensive School, , UK — 28 Nov 2003 at 21:01:00

Hiya! Good luck to everyone who has got there exams this year

Bec — Cardiff , UK — 28 Nov 2003 at 16:50:00

Where is the Shakespeare site?

Sam Erskine — Liverpool , UK — 28 Nov 2003 at 15:57:00

I really think that there should be some A2 level practice papers for Physics and Biology (edexcel), not just maths AS. It would be a good idea to produce some.

J.S — Kent , UK — 28 Nov 2003 at 12:13:00

I thought it didn't help me that much because all it did was show pages of the revision book it could have done more to help! Please write back and tell me what you are going to do about it. Thank you

Emma — Hove , UK — 28 Nov 2003 at 12:02:00

When non-schools buy your books, it would be helpful if you were to put the sticker with the full price on the front over the cheaper schools price (rather than on the back). So that students can see that they are being charged the correct price when papers are purchased on their behalf

P Cooper — , UK — 27 Nov 2003 at 22:48:00

This is the best site to buy books

Haley Burns — Newcastle , UK — 27 Nov 2003 at 21:14:00

I think the books are really good. Sometimes I think the jokes and layout of the books are patronising as they would be more suited to three year-olds.

Bob Greenwood — , UK — 27 Nov 2003 at 21:01:00

I would like to see games in all of the subjects for revision in ks3

Kacey Apperley — Cheltenham, Gloucstershire , UK — 27 Nov 2003 at 16:36:00

These books are good, but are there any Geology editions available?

Rich — , UK — 27 Nov 2003 at 15:08:00

I think there should be a wider variety of things to look at, not just maths, English and sciences. I prefer the books to the website.

Sophie — , UK — 27 Nov 2003 at 14:38:00

This website isn't very useful, however the books are! Do you expect us to buy them all though? £4.50 per book you must be joking!

Kathryn Smith — , UK — 27 Nov 2003 at 14:38:00

Please could you send me a free catalogue.

Sabia Mahmood — , UK — 27 Nov 2003 at 14:06:00

I think that these books are great for revision and they help me a lot

Gerard — Wigan , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 22:43:00

Your books rule!

Shahes Kirupainathan — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 21:17:00

I like the books, but the jokes aren't funny, you should put revision on the website (quizzes and games?)

Clare — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 20:42:00

These books are very useful for revising. The pictures in the books are extremely informative and every thing is described clearly and easy to understand. Stay in school it rocks... no really!

Jonathon Mcmanus — Leicestershire , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 20:41:00

Hey CGP! Your books are a great help, and I'm currently revising for my first module in science and I'm finding that the books I bought last year for my sats are of great help! I was wondering if any school can get CGP for the low price, my school says it cannot but I'd really like to get the books for the lower price. Is it still open for private school? Please contact me

Lucy Derham — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 20:33:00

The books are really, it's just that what I expect in the books I expected on the website!

Mez — Slough , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 19:50:00

Your books are great but I sure wish that they were less costly to buy from the shops, I'd have one for everthing! GCSEs = pain, GCSEs+CGP=Just about ok

Jozzy — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 19:26:00

I think that there should be more revision things in the KS3 book maybe going over all the aspects of the book. I came on to your site to revise and I got was one piece of info....! But what I got was very good....!

Gregg — Stirling , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 19:19:00

Can you send me a book, to tell me all the books I can buy for the key stage3 sats. Thank you. I really think these books are helpful. These books really helped me through key stage 2 sats, and I hope they will help me through key stage 3 sats.

Suraj Mistry — Leicester , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 19:19:00

This has helped me so much thank you.

Racheal Follington — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 18:59:00

I think this site is ok but needs more revision pages on GCSE for those unfortunate people who haven't got the books. I got a proper exam tomorrow I hope your books work!

Joelye — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 18:28:00

This has really helped me and made me more confident about maths and all the subjects on it ! THANK YOU!

Rebecca Piper — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 17:46:00

Dear Mr. and Mrs. CGP I'd just like to say that I think your books are absolutely fab-a-roony. I used them for my GCSEs this year and got fantasticle results, and I am just about to raid my father's credit card for my AS level books. Your sense of humour is entirely compatible with mine (especially the bits on the back of the books!) Thank you for your services.

Sarah Hayward — Gosport, Hampshire , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 17:41:00

This is a really helpful site. As I am doing GCSE this year I've bought books of you and they really help.

Leigh Black — Saughall, Chetser , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 17:37:00

The CGP books come in a lot of different subjects. I found that CGP have made things simpler by breaking it down into simple sections. Also these books can be bought in shops for us to use at home so we can study and work at our own pace.

Anonymous — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 16:41:00

Please could you send us a Key Stage 2 Sat Practise Paper for Maths English and Science. And we will pay by Invoice.

Ryan Jarvis — Bispham, Blackpool , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 14:00:00

I think your website is great

Steven Hardy — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 13:40:00

Your books are great. I have all the GCSE ones. What would I do without them.

Toi — Lancashire , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 13:40:00

Hello to the hard workers who make the CGP books.

Babyface — Handsworth , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 13:38:00

I am just informing you of how proud I am to use your books for study. Your company have done a brill job.

Babyface — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 13:35:00

Your books are truly fantastic! One problem - they smell and make me sick! Please make a CGP revision guide for GCSE Dance! Thanks!

Rachael Snell — , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 13:03:00

How will this help me?

Kimberley Harris — Reading , UK — 26 Nov 2003 at 12:19:00

I got 7,7,7 in my SATs! Thank-you for all your help CGP!

Hope Duncan — Worthing , UK — 25 Nov 2003 at 20:50:00

Have recently placed orders for GCSE revision guides for my son & would like to thank you for your excellent user-friendly online ordering service and super-speedy delivery (next day!) - how do you do it? Amazon could learn a thing or two! Many thanks - I will spread the word!

Liz — Norfolk , UK — 25 Nov 2003 at 20:32:00

Very good but you could set some revision tests up. I hope you like my comment. If there are any changes for KS3 please let me know. Your books are the best!

Safaa Ahmed — Ilford, Essex , UK — 25 Nov 2003 at 14:18:00

I just wanted to inform you that your books are brill and are a big help.

BabyfaceT — Handsworth , UK — 25 Nov 2003 at 09:16:00

The following gestures should be for youngsters 3-10: religious books, general books

Babyface — , UK — 25 Nov 2003 at 09:12:00

I would like FREE revision guides please.

Shane Clews — Narberth, Pembrokeshire , UK — 25 Nov 2003 at 08:54:00

I love you! You are helping me so much, keep up the good work.

Krishan Patel — , UK — 24 Nov 2003 at 21:35:00

I'm taking a Childcare course in college next year and I was wondering if you do any books in these areas of education. If not do you know any books that I can get? If there's anyone that does please email me. Thanks By the way these books are a great help they are easy to revise from and the jokes aren't that funny but that's what makes me laugh!!

Lesley — , UK — 24 Nov 2003 at 18:04:00

I am taking my mock GCSE's in a week and I think your books help a lot. They give all the details of each topic really well but in simple ways, therefore they are easier to learn. I recommend these books to everyone who are taking their exams soon. Good Luck everyone who's taking them soon. Thanks a lot they really helped!!

Lesley — , UK — 24 Nov 2003 at 18:00:00

I really think that CGP books are the best revision books around for anybody. Thank you ever so much I just love revising from your books you make revision fun.

Lisa Hanson — , UK — 24 Nov 2003 at 17:41:00

I think that you should show all pages of the book and not allow them to be printed or they would give the user a computer virus

Catlyn Dawkind — , UK — 24 Nov 2003 at 17:16:00

I want revision!

Okjuj — , UK — 24 Nov 2003 at 14:17:00

Your books are good and helpful, these people need to revise for their future

Hakan Eroglu — Edmonton , UK — 24 Nov 2003 at 13:17:00

CGP books have helped me through a lot, including my sats.

Kathryn Cutts — North Yate, Bristol , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 21:34:00

Hey, just thought I'd say thanks because this site helped me loads for my mock exams!

Coral — , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 20:17:00

CGP books are great and are easy to understand and learn, but the jokes are very sad. Could you send me a customer catalogue, please.

Jonathan — Cheltenham, Glos , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 20:11:00

Hi. I think the CGP books are great, we get them at school for science, but do you do a GCSE Child Development book? By the way, I think the jokes are cool, and brighten up boring revision!

Emma — Lincoln , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 14:46:00

Can we get more revision books if we wanted for the key stage 3 sats and can you send me a copy of the books we can buy for keystage 3 sats

Suraj — , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 14:38:00

I always use CGP Books to revise from they are the best. I recommend them to everyone!

Natalie Miller — Newport , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 14:28:00

I think this site is good but I think you should have a variety of subjects for GCSE e.g business studies and other things and some languages too. But this site site is cool.

Sonali Shavala — , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 14:22:00

I was just dropping in on this site because I needed to revise for my dreaded SAT's. It is alright, but I couldn't find all that my teacher told us we have to do but some information was good. Obviously I went on different sites and then had to go out and buy some books but all in all this site was good and gave me a little more info than I had (but I think I'll stick with the books because they are much easier to understand and have more tests to do) good luck in making the site better for revision (if you are going to do that).

Sonam Shah — , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 14:19:00

Why do you leave weird comments on the back of your books above the bar code? For example: Please leave this book open to help circulate the heat and here's another one: Avoid contact with eyes and ears. Any problems, seek medical advice. I am not saying there is something wrong with them, I was just wondering.

Gemma Carby — , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 14:06:00

Why don't you do Sociology?

Imran Hassan — Ilford , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 13:54:00

I think CGP books are great, I think that they are wicked I haven't seen better books before honestly, even my dad says that they are really good! I have real hope that I'm going to pass my GSCE's in 2005 coz I'm in yr 10 right now you see. One thing, I love the books because they have funny jokes which make you laugh every now and then! Making learning even more fun than it really is!

Amanda Green — Croydon, Surrey , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 12:49:00

I think you're brilliant! Keep it going

Aqeel Ashraf — Burnley , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 12:42:00

How do, I need to know what this module comes under in your GCSE biology book: 1) maintenance of life

Muaaz Munchi — , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 12:38:00

Great books

William Bromfield — Alresford, Hants , UK — 23 Nov 2003 at 12:02:00

I really like your website and quality books, the website is helpful

Adam Porter — , UK — 22 Nov 2003 at 21:16:00

These books are brilliant! Who cares about cheesy jokes, you don't have to read them! Excellent guides for all ages I have younger and older siblings who all use these books, and so far we haven't been able to fault them!

Alice — , UK — 22 Nov 2003 at 17:58:00

Your books are very helpful for students like us in Kenya!

Salima M. Visram — , Kenya — 22 Nov 2003 at 17:43:00

I was really dumb but now I can improve

Annand Soneji — , UK — 22 Nov 2003 at 14:09:00

They are great!!

Kylie Watts — Rugby, Warwickshire , UK — 22 Nov 2003 at 13:55:00

I really like your books. They are fun and educational too!

Bethan License — Swinton , UK — 22 Nov 2003 at 12:44:00

Very good for revision and for practising French.

Gemma Holey — , UK — 22 Nov 2003 at 12:08:00

I love your study books they are super cool and they make it so easy to understand!

Kirsty Wells — , italy — 22 Nov 2003 at 12:01:00

hehehhehe ur jokes are very funny.....NOT.. the fact that u lot try to milk us out of any money we have for ur rubbish books makes me feel annoyed. You give the schools of the proce £2:00 but yet u lack an undertsanding that we are part of a school and thus should be allowed to buy the books at £2:00 not £4:50.

DA — , UK — 21 Nov 2003 at 22:16:00

You have got some of the best books

David Davison — St Helens , UK — 21 Nov 2003 at 16:09:00

Please, online studying, have every subject for free.

Simone — , UK — 20 Nov 2003 at 17:31:00

I am sorry to say that these books although containing substantial information are in fact belittling and undermining student’s intelligence. I suggest that you either stick to key stage one books or change your approach to the higher level book, as you seem to be forgetting the age group you are trying desperately to target. The pathetic jokes distract me from my revision, not because they are unbearably funny but instead they are patronising and somewhat degrading. Please try and rectify this

Buzz — , UK — 20 Nov 2003 at 10:41:00

Hey, just wondering if you could send me some leaflets to what you do in revision guides.

Fahima Ravat — Batley, West Yorkshire , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 21:53:00

Fantastic. Thanks, they are very easy to understand. I have loads of them and read them every day. Thanks again.

Mitch Relph — , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 21:44:00

This is a good site and I would recommend it to any one. The prices of books are reasonable and affordable. The site just needs to improve in the aspect of online revision.

Lola Popoola — Bedfordshire , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 20:30:00

Can you put them on an answer sheet so I can write on them.

Megan Vokes — Dewsbury, West Yorkshire , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 19:50:00

I think you are very cheeky in asking for money to look at a GCSE practice papers.

Chris Gaunt — Manchester , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 19:28:00

You are not bad. Big up to you.

Anonymous — , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 19:13:00

Hi, I like the online revision, but under the GCSE part I think that you should put the pages under their module's.

Ben Brayshaw — Braintree, Essex , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 17:57:00

It is a very good website and I will get the books.

Elizaebth Valoczky — , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 17:39:00

I really like the books and I think that they are really going to help all students out there who are sitting for exams.

Abraham Tiyamiyu — Salford, Manchester , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 16:44:00

Hello people, I am speaking on behalf of my people and when I say "ITS GREAT" "IT HELPS ME" "I love it" I really do love you lots everyone.

Ailsa Jones — , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 12:25:00

Fantastic books - well done!

Christopher Mann — Forthaven, East Grinstead , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 12:14:00

I think children should be able to do practice papers and activities on line because all this is basically doing is selling the books when I've got all of them

Monica Louise — , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 10:46:00

Useless. I was unable to find anything to help me revise a waste of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Hayley — Bexley, Kent , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 10:40:00

It takes too long.

Gisella Barbosa — Swansea, Wales , UK — 19 Nov 2003 at 09:54:00

I really enjoyed the facilities upon the web pages which CGP have created, however, I feel that there is not enough depth of revision available to the users.

Richard Lewis — , Spain — 18 Nov 2003 at 18:37:00

This site should be better. I don't want to read extracts from the book. It's far too boring! Make it fun! It's rubbish!

Louise — , Wales — 18 Nov 2003 at 17:46:00

I really love your books. But I think some jokes are really annoying and continually get you jaded when you revise and read your books. Anyway your books are great keep up the good work. Peace

Nemar — Brixton , UK — 18 Nov 2003 at 17:31:00

Whoever said get rid of the jokes in the books is mad. They brighten up any revision day however cheesy or not and are the main reason students like them. Lighten up dudes!

Emily — , UK — 18 Nov 2003 at 17:14:00

I really like your books especially when humour is used. It makes revision more easier to remember. Are you going to do more/different publications in the future?

Farah Naz — Sparkbrook, Birmingham , UK — 18 Nov 2003 at 10:37:00

I think your books are informative but the jokes are just sad. When you're revising for a boring science test no amount of cheesy jokes will make you learn the stuff. Please get rid of them - they are so annoying!

Sophie — Wales , UK — 18 Nov 2003 at 08:53:00

I think that these books are great they really help. I have found that they really help you get great grades so if you are unsure I think that you should use these books they are bright colourful and really informative.

Janine Albert — , UK — 17 Nov 2003 at 20:57:00

Would you be able to send me free revision books for GCSEs or isn't that possible? Please could you get back to me to let me know. Thanks.

Jal Patel — Twickenham, Middlesex , UK — 17 Nov 2003 at 20:54:00

Hi, just like to say CGP are really great guides, helped me in the sats and will hopefully help me in the mocks and GCSEs!!!

Thomas — Caldicot , UK — 17 Nov 2003 at 20:15:00

This is hopeless because I had difficulty finding a practice questions test for biology and there don't seem to be any! I wasted my time here!

Sarah — , USA — 17 Nov 2003 at 19:14:00

I would like to get some books of you

Paige Sandys — , UK — 17 Nov 2003 at 16:41:00

Your books and website are life savers! Cheers CGP.

Rhiannon Wilkinson — Bicester, Oxon , UK — 17 Nov 2003 at 13:59:00

I think that your books are great and keep them coming to lees brook community sports college

Daniel Hood — , UK — 17 Nov 2003 at 12:16:00

These books are life savers

Colette — , UK — 16 Nov 2003 at 17:56:00

I think all your books are wicked but can you do one for the Edexcel Music Areas of Study? I could really do with your help! Also, anyone who wants a laugh should look at your OCR music areas of study book, on the web click on the 2nd sample page, I was in hysterics! I never thought air guitar could be so entertaining!!

Lizzie Shine — South Glos , UK — 15 Nov 2003 at 22:10:00

Can I do revision on sats

Sam — , UK — 15 Nov 2003 at 12:28:00

I need to work on English and science but I do like maths very much

Chelsea — , UK — 15 Nov 2003 at 11:17:00

Why don't you do a systems control revision guide for GCSE

Scott — , UK — 14 Nov 2003 at 18:54:00

Thank you so much CGP! I don't know what I would do with out you! I'm in yr11 and coming up to my mock exams :(. History, maths and physics USED to be a real struggle - not any more, thanks to your wonderful hilarious revision guides! I just really want to say a big thank you to you and advise EVERYBODY TO BUY CGP BOOKS! Believe me - nothing else is the same!:)

Lauren — Redcar , UK — 14 Nov 2003 at 16:39:00

I think these revision books are great, although this site isn't very good a lot on this site is about buying books instead of learning and doing different activities.

Kirsten Myers — Blackley, Manchester , UK — 14 Nov 2003 at 13:52:00

CGP books help me a lot with my exams and I would be lost without them. Sometimes they are better than the TEACHERS!

James Taylor — Rochdale, Lancs , UK — 14 Nov 2003 at 11:40:00

Dear CGP, thank you for helping me revise! You make the SATs really easy. When I'm in need I consult your fab books! Thank you especially for the maths books (I really hate maths!) it makes it so much clearer. Thank you again!

Keziah Davies — , UK — 13 Nov 2003 at 22:09:00

Great site and it is an excellent idea

Tejas — Harrow , UK — 13 Nov 2003 at 21:40:00

The books are amazing - and hilariously written. I've been getting such big help from them.

Lucy — , Sweden — 13 Nov 2003 at 19:32:00

How do you order a free catalogue?

Maria Garrett — , UK — 13 Nov 2003 at 18:06:00

Hi! Your revision books are fantastic, thanks a lot! I think it's a great idea to have workbooks as well. If I had enough money I would buy them too! Just started revision for my mock GCSE's and I am finding your books much easier to revise from than anyone else's! Thanks again!

Rachael — Leeds , UK — 13 Nov 2003 at 17:03:00

I am looking for revision. Can you help me please.

Eeiss Crookes — , UK — 13 Nov 2003 at 13:17:00

I'm having an increasing number of students coming up to the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) asking for revision guides for media KS4. Are you close to producing one? The other area that seems to lack help in revision publications is astronomy. Can you help there?

Sue Wright — Winston Churchill School, Woki, UK — 13 Nov 2003 at 12:08:00

Where are the Latin books?

J Lewis — , UK — 12 Nov 2003 at 23:25:00

CGP Books are very user friendly. Excellent!

Tricia Gilmour — Manchester , UK — 12 Nov 2003 at 22:41:00

Any chance of doing the Edexcel areas of study revision guide for Music GCSE, and any chance of A-level sciences guides, as well as the A2 Maths Modules, and the AS and A2 Further Maths modules...cheers!

Anonymous — , UK — 12 Nov 2003 at 22:04:00

I wanted to do exercises online but this web page does not do this.

Kayleigh Tyson — , UK — 12 Nov 2003 at 21:52:00

I would be interested to hear of any publications about higher education you may be producing in the future.

Bernard Kirkham — Middleton, Manchester , UK — 12 Nov 2003 at 20:47:00

Where's your Physics A level books? Do you even have them? If you do could you please show it on your site or recommend me any books because I need to buy them for my a-levels - urgent! Please reply to my email. Much appreciated. Thanks.

Gavin Morgan — , UK — 12 Nov 2003 at 20:36:00

just like to say that we all think there should be a wider variety of topics to study and play online, otherwise it really is a good website!

V — , Hawaii — 12 Nov 2003 at 17:33:00

CGP - ROCK ON! You guys are the best - keep all the books coming!

Jo — Bournemouth , UK — 12 Nov 2003 at 17:28:00

Hi guys! I want to thank you for all the books! I used them for my revision in my GCSE's and I got A*'s in every subject! Thank you so much! I love you guys, thank you.

Violet Baudelaire — , UK — 11 Nov 2003 at 19:43:00

I love the books, my school got them

Kerrie Taylor — , UK — 11 Nov 2003 at 18:13:00

Great Books, helped me out in loads of tests! I am doing triple science for GCSE, is there a book for all the extra bits that are involved in GCSE Physics, Biology and Chemistry? Email me back please!

James Leveson — London , UK — 11 Nov 2003 at 15:42:00

I'd just like to know whether you could put any info about the modules up for online revision. Thanks.

Jess — , Germany — 11 Nov 2003 at 13:39:00

Can I have a guide of all the books

Louise Mcdonald — Southampton , UK — 11 Nov 2003 at 09:08:00

Any chance of a GCSE geology revision guide?

Will — Liss Forest, Hampshire , UK — 10 Nov 2003 at 21:41:00

I think your books are wicked and they help me out all the time

HANNAH PATRICK — , UK — 10 Nov 2003 at 20:37:00

Hello, I think your books are really helpful, on a down point though, there's no answers for revision summaries. I know they are somewhere in the sections but they are quite hard to find. I think it would be extra helpful if you had test your self exam questions online. Just an idea. My exams are end of November! Thanks

Ash — Blackpool , UK — 10 Nov 2003 at 17:48:00

I am a teacher in training and I need to know if my students and I could possibly use your website and books for studies/ materials; since your books are rich and more adaptable.

Cecilia Greene — London , UK — 10 Nov 2003 at 02:04:00

This is quite a good website although maybe you guys want to think about adding tests to do online not just looking at pages that I have already in the books

Natasha — , New Zealand — 10 Nov 2003 at 01:04:00

Great books so far, any plans for a Latin revision guide? Charge whatever you want! I'm desperate!

Ciara — , UK — 09 Nov 2003 at 21:05:00

My brain would be nothing without your books. Thank you!

Ciara — , UK — 09 Nov 2003 at 21:03:00

The reception class works to the Curriculum Guidance for the foundation Stage which promotes learning through real experiences. The maths workbook is not appropriate for children of reception age, my concern is that parents will buy this book trying to help their children but could end up causing more harm than good. It should be removed immediately from what is otherwise an excellent series of books.

Victoria Byres — , UK — 09 Nov 2003 at 20:52:00

Hi I really like the look of your GCSE guide to PE. Could you guys at CGP please publish one for key stage 3 as I'm not yet doing my GCSE's my friends were wondering the same. If you do publish one I'll be the first one to buy It

Sean — , UK — 09 Nov 2003 at 20:41:00

You're books are excellent and the site is good too, but I think that you should put a bit more revision pages on here. Anyway don't listen to the people who say that you're books and/or website is/are rubbish because they aren't. Thank you very much!

Jamie Bradley Lewis — Llanelli , UK — 09 Nov 2003 at 20:28:00

Can you please put some answers for the workbooks on the pages because we don't seem to find any answers on the workbooks behind, because after we have done the whole book the teachers want us to mark it, and we don't know if were right or wrong, and teachers says they don't have the answer booklets... p.s. thank you so much for taking in my notices! At least can you put only one page of an answer for each subject thank you!

Sopia Elisterbecstar — , UK — 09 Nov 2003 at 20:28:00

I am 11 years old and failing in sciences, please can you give me anything that can help me.

<LEPPER — London , UK — 09 Nov 2003 at 20:28:00

This is a very cool site

Sammy Rickson — , UK — 09 Nov 2003 at 16:32:00

I like the books, but I don't know how to revise from them thoroughly. I am doing my SATS this year and I need help. When do I start, where do I start?

Sophie — , UK — 09 Nov 2003 at 16:00:00

It was BORING it was NOT useful.

Anonymous — , USA — 09 Nov 2003 at 12:27:00

Great stuff. Look forward to utilizing information when teaching our daughter math since she wants to be a math whiz

Ronando — Portland, Oregon , USA — 09 Nov 2003 at 08:14:00

The A level math's revision books are excellent - so much better than all the other makes available. Are you planning on doing any for P3 and P4 because they'd be really useful.

Anonymous — , UK — 08 Nov 2003 at 22:33:00


Nathan Joy — Ipswich, Suffolk , UK — 08 Nov 2003 at 18:29:00

I love all the books! But you publish French and German revision books but why not Latin?

Becca — Gravesend , UK — 08 Nov 2003 at 12:08:00

CGP books are brilliant. They've helped through end of year exams for 2 years. I hope they help me through my SATS. Keep up the good work, CGP.

Becca — Meopham , UK — 08 Nov 2003 at 12:01:00

I would just like to say I am impressed with the speed of delivery, I was quite shocked. Well done also to the brilliant presentation of the workbooks and study books it really appealed to my younger son who is starting key stage 1. Keep up the good work and I will definitely recommend others to you.

MICHELLE JACKSON — MANSFIELD, NOTTS , UK — 08 Nov 2003 at 10:16:00

This is a very good site

Kilara — , UK — 07 Nov 2003 at 21:07:00

I like all the books.

Lottie Marshall — , UK — 07 Nov 2003 at 20:03:00

I need SATS Exam papers

Nirajan — , UK — 07 Nov 2003 at 19:57:00

Some of the questions in the practice exercise were too hard for the correct age group to do correctly. The website was fun and interesting and taught me lots.

Lindsay Harrod — Morden, Surrey , UK — 07 Nov 2003 at 18:00:00

Can you please send me the practice papers as this would help me in the SATS

Olivia Dobney — , UK — 07 Nov 2003 at 17:57:00

I found this site extremely interesting and the books that I will purchase from you will be beneficial to my studies. Thank you

Sally — , UK — 07 Nov 2003 at 17:55:00

How can I get all your free catalogues showing the full range of revision books. How do I pay for the ones I'll like to purchase. Please send all free books.

Olusola Okuwobi — Plaistow , UK — 07 Nov 2003 at 14:41:00

It's quite a good website but quite boring. Where are all the games you said you had. I am studying photosynthesis but the website didn't help at all. It just shows a copied page from the book which I have already seen thousands of times. HELP!

Charlotte — , UK — 06 Nov 2003 at 20:17:00

I found your P1, S1, and P2 A-level maths modular revision guides fantastic. They made it seem so easy!! I was wondering whether you will be publishing any more for other maths modules such as D1, S2 AND P3. I really hope you do asap. Thank you very much.

Vanita — , UK — 06 Nov 2003 at 17:57:00

I am unable to get a book from school and I don't want to pay £4.50, please will you send me an e mail and I will send you the money and you send me a book. I really need to revise or can you give me some address for a science revision site. Thank you.

Leah Stolworthy — Haverhill, Suffolk , UK — 06 Nov 2003 at 17:53:00

I need to be able to revise KS3 science on line please will you do something for KS3.

Leah Stolworthy — , UK — 06 Nov 2003 at 17:51:00

I have used your books and past exam papers with pupils to a very good satisfaction. I was looking at the ks2 handwriting books and was disappointed that a model was not shown as to how the pupils joined the letters as all sentences were not joined hand.

Marion Williams — Harpley School, london , UK — 06 Nov 2003 at 13:39:00

Great books for my own children aged 13, 15 and 18. Also really useful revision guides for my class of Year 6. Please could you send me an up to date list of KS2 and GCSE books. Our school Bowmans Green is registered with you too - Send list to me at either address please. Thanks.

Gill Watson — , UK — 05 Nov 2003 at 21:39:00

Good site

Susan Burnett — , UK — 05 Nov 2003 at 20:44:00

I find your books great and they helped me get great results in my SATs. Please could you bring out a revision guide for GCSE sociology because I'm taking it and I would love a revision guide to help me through it!!

Jess B — East Grinstead, West Sussex , UK — 05 Nov 2003 at 19:47:00

Can I have a little practice revision on the computer

Gurpreet — Ilford, Essex , UK — 05 Nov 2003 at 17:49:00

OK. I ACED my GCSE's all because of CGP. 4 A*'s, 5 A's and 2 B's. But, now I'm doing my AS's and found out that CGP aren't doing any of the more popular subjects. The only ones I could find were for Maths, (which are great), but come on! I do Chemistry, Biology and Physics too, which are KILLER, KILLER subjects. Please CGP, we're counting on you to whip up some AS/A2 level books. We need YOU!

The clever one — Leicester , UK — 05 Nov 2003 at 17:42:00

I think this is a good website and I bought a maths book and it helped me with my exams

Sean Patterson — Fife, Scotland , UK — 05 Nov 2003 at 10:06:00

Your books are rubbish! They have loads of things which you said are dead important and most of it wasn't on the exam.

Nora — , UK — 04 Nov 2003 at 22:53:00

The only reason I got a B in maths was because of CGP!

Steven — , UK — 04 Nov 2003 at 22:51:00

I really believe that your revision books will get me through my GCSE's. I am finding it difficult and am glad I decided to buy all your books for each subject. The website was also a help in getting revision tips, that I will follow! Thank you very much, keep doing what you are doing!

Charli — , UK — 04 Nov 2003 at 20:45:00

I really enjoyed looking at these books. I found them quite useful. I do recommend them to other people because even whether you haven't done some of the stuff in the book you can easily revise from the book as well as having fun at the same time

Rachael — Newcastle, Staffs , UK — 04 Nov 2003 at 17:02:00

I came across your English study book whilst in England, it looks great and very easy to follow particularly for my children who work so hard at school that they don't really fancy extra work afterwards, but I'm sure they'll like working with your books. I'm a bit confused about what to order.

Diana Zaslavoglou — , France — 04 Nov 2003 at 14:58:00

I found that the revision guides are amazing and really helped, and there is guides for all the subjects I am doing. Thank you for making such good books.

Chaff — , UK — 03 Nov 2003 at 22:12:00

Very good and I think its excellent.

Roxanne Russell — , UK — 03 Nov 2003 at 21:23:00

I think that the books are really good, I have got good marks in my modular science tests, with their help. I hope the other books will have the same effect on my other GCSE's. The jokes at the bottom of the pages are really bad, and just make revision more dull.

H'y Jenkinson — , UK — 03 Nov 2003 at 20:20:00

Well done!

Laura — Horsham , UK — 03 Nov 2003 at 20:15:00

I love your revision guides, they make learning the facts easy and enjoyable! However I was just wondering if you are ever planning to do a Latin revision book for GCSE...?

Shekha Vyas — South Croydon, Surrey , UK — 03 Nov 2003 at 19:48:00

I think that this website is ok but a bit boring. I have already got the KS3 Maths book and I bought the Year 6 Sats Books. I think that they are ok but didn't exactly help me. I just think that you ought to make it more interesting coz at the moment it's rubbish!

P — , UK — 03 Nov 2003 at 18:04:00

Good jokes, some too colourful.

OJ — , UK — 03 Nov 2003 at 14:26:00

I think that your books are very good and make revision a lot easier than other revision guides and they are sometime funny and make me smile, thanks for bringing out these great revision guides.

Katie Bellew — Stockton-on-Tees , UK — 02 Nov 2003 at 19:27:00

Thanks so much for creating these books! Last year in the end of term exams I revised with your science books and got 93%! Thanks again.

Eleanor — Hove , UK — 02 Nov 2003 at 16:43:00

This is a rubbish site. I came on for revision and it tells me to buy books!

Matthew Dixon — , UK — 02 Nov 2003 at 16:18:00

Great for students who already speak English but I'm looking out for books that will help young beginners of English. (TEFL) TEFL Teacher in Spain

Jacee Jackson — Malaga , Spain — 02 Nov 2003 at 15:35:00

Great books, revision guides - great prices but the smaller books such as the killer tips or specialist sub topics (grammar, writing skills etc) are very expensive for what they are, and very short too. Could the online revision be improved... possibly ... maybe...?

CIARA — , UK — 02 Nov 2003 at 12:24:00

Why don't you do Music, P.E, R.E, P.S.H.E, Design & Technology & Art for Key Stage 1 and 2

Aaron — Streatham, London , UK — 01 Nov 2003 at 01:07:00