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Guestbook Archive - November 2004

These books you have are extremely helpful. They are also easy to understand and apply. I enjoy studying form these books.

Avanti Minns — , Bahamas — 29 Nov 2004 at 22:58:00

Really good, interesting site! Maybe there should be more little tests on science and English like there is on the maths one for ks3!

Sophie — Newtown, , UK — 29 Nov 2004 at 21:45:00

Good, colourful and funny

Sads — , UK — 29 Nov 2004 at 19:35:00

I am in desperate need of an electronics revision book.

Nikki Patel — , UK — 29 Nov 2004 at 19:15:00

I thought the website was brilliant

Callum Stanland — Grimsby, N.E. Lincs, , UK — 29 Nov 2004 at 18:21:00

Where can I get hold of a GCSE revision guide and work book and answer book for food science?

Thea — , Spain — 29 Nov 2004 at 17:12:00

My drama teacher asked if any of us would like a Macbeth study guide for £4.50, on this website it says that the book retails at £4.50 and are available to schools for £2.50, would the school profit from this?

Kyle — , UK — 29 Nov 2004 at 16:15:00

I would like to say that these books are great, but quite frankly they're not. I used them non stop for my GCSE's and failed all of them but 1 - R.S. Thanks a lot (not).

Will — Bury St.Edmunds, , UK — 29 Nov 2004 at 15:51:00

I really like your books and since I have started revising from them I have been getting higher grades in my school tests.

Sabeiha Ahmed — , UK — 29 Nov 2004 at 15:37:00

From ordering from school we received the maths GCSE revision guide and workbook, both higher but did not receive the answer book for the workbook. Now when trying to revise from it, I cannot because I do not know whether my answers are right. Also you cannot from your website just buy the answer book for it. I think this is a disgrace.

Abby — , UK — 29 Nov 2004 at 14:38:00

BER51? AS Level Edexcel Biology Revision Guide - 128 pages. The contents page showed only 77 pages.

Anonymous — , UK — 29 Nov 2004 at 00:45:00

Hey CGP. Your books are real helpful but I'd like to know, since I ordered them today by internet, when will I get them?

Brian — , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 21:23:00

The site was good, I needed to order books and they had everything I needed!

Anna Woodall — , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 19:52:00

Seven years ago I bought one of the maths revision guides, this year in school we were going over mean, mode and median, and I found that I could still remember the saying for remembering median, there was a picture of a queue at a bus stop with 5 animals in it getting smaller as they went along the queue, in the middle there was a cave man saying me dian this was how I had remembered it without realising it for 7 years.

Chaz — Carnforth, Lancs, , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 19:36:00

Quite good, helped me a lot with my revision for my GCSEs - which are so dry. But they have to be done though. Hiya to all my mates at my school. Good luck to people with their revision.

Lisa — , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 19:04:00

Hiya. I haven't been on here before, but I found it pretty useful cheers. Your books are really useful.

Dan — Kent, , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 18:08:00

Your revision books are excellent.

Philippa — , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 17:22:00

This book is a really helpful way to study from. It gives you everything in order and everything is together which is important to study from. Thanks

Farah Al-Kandari — , Kuwait — 28 Nov 2004 at 17:12:00

Great website easy to understand. Gave me great help telling me what other books I have to purchase. I have recommended this site to many of my friends because they are beginning to worry about revision for their tests.

Vicky Stringer — , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 16:55:00

I would like some help on pages 36 and 37. Please help me!

Harry — , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 16:00:00

CGP rule! They are so cool and funky and make maths and English and science and all the other nasty subjects extremely fun.

Linia — Westgate, , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 15:47:00

I love your books - they're great! They helped me through my GCSEs and I learnt most of the higher tier stuff from them as opposed to from teachers. I don't agree with what the others have said, I got a double A* in science thanks to your book! Please update the online order form so that it contains the full booklist! I can't order the A level books that I want, thank you!

Sheila — , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 14:12:00

Hey I really enjoy reading CGP books. I find they make revision so much easier and enjoyable. I have got mock GCSEs on 6th December and I'm feeling confident knowing that I have done lots of revision! Thanks.

Menna Rhayader, — , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 13:28:00

This is a great web site but please could you add some things about GCSE PE. That would be helpful, thanks.

Adaora B — Croydon, , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 13:20:00

Thank you so much for creating such wonderful guides for revision and whatnot. They are easy to read and manage, whilst still getting all the information into your brain. What I would like to see is some more revision guides for A-Level... possibly French? And some more Complete Revision and Practice guides for GSCE... and maybe A-Level. Thanks for reading, that is if you did.

Jonathan Storey — , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 12:03:00

Hello, I needed some information about micro-organisms, but unfortunately did not find any information. Could you please send me some information through post. Thank you.

Joginder Gill — Newbridge, Wolverhampton, , UK — 28 Nov 2004 at 09:58:00

"To view pages, place hands at edges of paper and move apart" - nice...

Alex — , UK — 27 Nov 2004 at 21:06:00

Great web page really helped.

Abi — , UK — 27 Nov 2004 at 15:47:00

Dear CGP, thank you for the space you put there for us to write our comments.

Elizabeth Olomola — London, , UK — 27 Nov 2004 at 15:42:00

I really find your books brilliant when I did GCSE and now I'm starting A-level and I will certainly be using them again. However, I'm doing Human Biology and there is only revision books for Biology and the syllabus is not the same. I was wondering if you are going to bring out a revision book concerning human biology, please email back soon, thanks.

Jack Curtis — , UK — 27 Nov 2004 at 13:28:00

Ok books very nice

Anonymous — , UK — 27 Nov 2004 at 13:11:00

I like CGP books

Divaniya — , UK — 26 Nov 2004 at 18:26:00

I really enjoy the CGP books as I have a lot of the set for revision and handy tips for school work. I wondered if you ever did offers on the website for sets of books like set of KS3 English, KS3 Maths and KS3 Science - biology, chemistry and physics. I hope for a reply. Thank You.

Ell — , UK — 26 Nov 2004 at 16:25:00

Thanks for everything CGP you save my life every single day!

Eleanor — , UK — 26 Nov 2004 at 12:12:00

Hi, my name is Wyn, I am 13yrs old, I have enjoyed these CGP books, they are the best books that you can ever get. My brain is filled with many things. I have bought the Maths, English, Science and French book. These are REALLY helpful. I was thinking if you could put a CGP book of Italian, because I am studying Italian, and I would be really grateful, if you could do that. Thanks, and I'll write to you next time, for now, bye!

Wyn — , UK — 25 Nov 2004 at 22:45:00

Hi CGP, I can't stop going on your website, it's so educational. I am learning a lot here, but you know what the big disappointment is, there is not enough information in your Science books. I think that you need to put more information and make it a bit more fun. The only way we can enjoy education is by having fun, so you need to add more, ok. Thanks

Anna — , UK — 25 Nov 2004 at 22:35:00

Bonjour, je'mapelle Anna. J'habite a Walthamstow. Hi CGP, I would like to thank you for your CGP books. They have really helped me in my French, I never thought that I would have passed my French test. I am amazed at what I have learnt so far in French. I never thought that I could do so well, anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your help, it has made a big difference in me. Thanks CGP. Everyone, I recommend that you go on these books, they are really cool!

Anna — , UK — 25 Nov 2004 at 22:29:00

CGP never seem to amaze. Any chance of producing English and RS GCSE practice paper - could come in very handy and I notice that there has been other requests too. Perhaps you would consider it before the 2005 examinations. Keep up the good work!

Shaun — , UK — 25 Nov 2004 at 21:59:00

Hi, I am a big fan of CGP books. I found them very helpful in my SATS, and because of that, I have all level 5, your English, maths and Science books was the best, but I must say, that you need more information in your Science book, but just a little more information, ok. So thanks for your CGP books, and I have a level 5, I'm the best. Thanks a lot CGP, I am your biggest fan.

Eleni O'shaun — , UK — 25 Nov 2004 at 20:23:00

Who finds that these science books are not helping at all? If you find them not helpful please write something here. Thanks.

Anna — , UK — 25 Nov 2004 at 20:17:00

I love your books, but is there any chance of making a workbook for Spanish, because you've got one for French, so why not make one for Spanish? Please!

Anisha Patel — London, , UK — 25 Nov 2004 at 18:27:00

You have to get rid of the cheesy cartoons and the "ace" stuff. Its not funny.

Bruce — London, , UK — 25 Nov 2004 at 16:56:00

I think your books are amazing. Any of you out there who don't, arw just bores! Amazing! Right! Am away to order more.

Kym — Bangor, , Northern Ireland — 24 Nov 2004 at 21:45:00

Hiya CGP! I'd just like to say thanks! Your books got me through my KS3 SATs and I over achieved in both maths and English! They are great because they are easy to understand and more fun to revise from than any other revision guides! Thanks again, and I will be getting the GCSE books asap.

Lucy Proudlock — , UK — 24 Nov 2004 at 21:13:00

Great books, I'm doing GCSEs at the moment. These books have really helped me, I've learned everything out of the book not by teachers....

Anonymous — London, , UK — 24 Nov 2004 at 20:57:00

Very good, could of had more KS3 maths questions. I only got 15/19 but when I clicked check all my answers were correct that was in ratio and proportion. Your revision tips were great fun to read. A great revision guide.

Elaine Hunter — Northern Ireland, , UK — 24 Nov 2004 at 20:39:00

Hi, I just wanted to say that you are not improving your science books, so you better do something, before this website is going to go down.

Anna — , UK — 24 Nov 2004 at 19:08:00

Hi. Your books are great. Are you going to make GCSE RS, English or Geography practice papers? I really could do with some of them! Thanks CGP and keep up the good work and I like your groovy website.

Shanelle — , Guernsey — 24 Nov 2004 at 17:49:00

Quality website and books. I love the picture of the little dude.

Katy Broadway — , UK — 24 Nov 2004 at 17:31:00

Do you have an ICT revision thingy?

Marie — , UK — 24 Nov 2004 at 09:11:00

This website is awful for online revision - others are far better. Please acknowledge that I have said a company's name and not just exchange it to the "others". Thank you.

Bob — , UK — 23 Nov 2004 at 21:53:00

You lot are clever if you buy this book. it is the one and only book that will help you in your young ages and in the future, so buy this book now, and you will know a lot in the future.

Anna Champion — , UK — 23 Nov 2004 at 21:44:00

Hi, I just wanted to say that these books are fine, English and maths, but Science is a big let down, because there is a lot of information which is not very helpful. It is useless, so let me warn you people not to go on the science book. So CGP, you better do something otherwise it will be a big let down. Thank you.

Anna — , UK — 23 Nov 2004 at 21:41:00

Great books and website, learning is fun with CGP.

Michael Bryan — Doncaster, , UK — 23 Nov 2004 at 21:27:00

Hi, I'm always on your website looking for books, they're great, when ever I have a test the answers I always know because I revise from your guides. Keep up the good work, I think it would be a good idea though to have listening tests for GCSE Music as I can't find any anywhere. You rock!

Anonymous — Newtown, Powys, , UK — 23 Nov 2004 at 19:15:00

Excellent books, some of them are not on the online order form for me to purchase! Help please!

Jeremy — , UK — 23 Nov 2004 at 18:09:00

I think CGP books are ok but to schools you could send some free and have on the net some maths questions

Nataile — , UK — 23 Nov 2004 at 17:07:00

I have some CGP books and I would like to get some practice papers online. I have internet access at collage and I want to expand my knowledge through using online practice as well.

Aydaruus — Cricklewod, London, , UK — 23 Nov 2004 at 16:00:00

I think your website is cool, but why is there only one subject for online revision for A levels? I don't think it's fair, because there's loads more subjects for GCSEs!

Holly — Manchester, , UK — 23 Nov 2004 at 12:36:00

Hi, I think your books are okay. They could have more information in the science books, but other than that they are the best books. I know everyone is saying you need more info in the science book and I agree, because when you want to go on practice papers, there are not a lot of topics, you might want to learn about Respiration or something else. So I think that you need to put more topics in, so we can learn more for the test. I hope that you will put in more topics, for us children to learn,, many people and children are relying on CGP books, to help for the test. I hope that my comments have made a big improvement, and I will return to the website to see. Thanks.

Anna — , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 21:55:00

Practice paper is very good. A very nice SAT paper.

Keerthana — , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 21:48:00

Great books. They are cheaper than others and include lots of info. Also for people wanting to do online revision, this is not that good.

Matt Ray — , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 21:23:00

Hi. I would just like to say I love your groovy website.

Emily — , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 20:19:00

There was loads of cool stuff that really helped me at GCSE, but now at AS Level I'm a bit disappointed because there's not a lot on the internet or in the way of revision help especially workbooks or papers. But CGP books are really cool. Thanks to you guys I got 2 A's (biology and ICT), 5 B's (Business studies, chemistry, maths, English Language, History) and 2C's (English Literature and Physics) Cheers guys!

Shippergirl — Newtown, Powys, , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 19:20:00

Brilliant, really useful for KS3 mock exam in English and Science.

James Teale — Southwater West Sussex, , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 19:20:00

I need help because I've got my year 9 SATS in May 2005.

Mario Jimenez — , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 18:29:00

Please add a chemistry section to the revision section online and please make it chunks out of your books coz I don't like the games for online revision right now. Thanks!

Ayesha Bashir — , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 18:28:00

Hey CGP. Your books are excellent. From just reading one page a day I aced the exams. Thanks

Zahid Hussain — , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 17:30:00

Cool, how do you get to the online revision

Sam — , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 17:29:00

I would have liked more fun interactive revision games as you are meant to be a fun and interesting revision/exam company, so the online revision wasn't very good but the rest was fab!

Heather Hancocks — Coventry, , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 17:18:00

I really think CGP are cool, but I suggest that you improve the amount of time you expect us to study. I mean, your books are funny and all, but come on. How can we learn with distractions. Although I would recommend you get CGP books rather than any other company, they were just so confusing. They don't even explain things properly. Well thanks for the help, you CGP dudes.

Isa — Sheffield, , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 17:04:00

These books are so very impressive, I have been reading them at 3.30 until I go to bed on school days, I am clever anyway, but these do help more! These are so fun and hilarious as well, they get me laughing! At the weekends I study the question books from my revision during the week. If I'm lucky, then I have enough time to go to my chess club on a Sunday! I usually don't! Thank you CGP.

John Underwood — Bournemouth School for Boys, B, UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 16:31:00

I find this revision guide very helpful, I like the colours because they are easy to read and I find it helps you to remember the information. The only criticism I have, is that the information is very squashed together and so is quite stressful on the eye.

Stephanie — , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 12:34:00

Hiya, I need to revise.

Dannielle Ballinger — Leamington-spa, , UK — 22 Nov 2004 at 12:15:00

I love to revise and have fun with it. Please can you add short exercises to the web page, the revisions aren't enough to learn from.

Harpreet Bassen — Rugby, , UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 21:37:00

The books are really helpful and I learnt a lot from them - just as well because I have my GCSE mocks coming up!

Charlotte — Wantage, , UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 20:20:00

To CGP books, I think your maths study book was great but I haven't had a science or an English book yet, are they as good as the maths books?

Sidra khan — Hounslow, Middlesex, , UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 17:20:00

Hiya, I love school, but I'm not very clever. I got some of your books and now I read them all the time, they have helped me a lot. Now I will just be getting Ds in my GCSE and I am very pleased I have also found out that having a mug of tea also helps me revise. I have stayed in at the weekends and revised because I have no friends because they say I'm a freak reading these books, but these books really make my weekend, they're like my best friend now. Thank you very much, I love you books.

Melissa Altay — , UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 17:11:00

Is it possible for the web site to add step by step methods to solving the questions

Ameera — , UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 16:24:00

I bought the GCSE coordinated science guides through my school and found them so useful that I had to get the maths, RE and English ones as well! However, I couldn't find the Schools History Project book on the order form. Why ever not? I want history CGP!

Hannah Smith — , UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 16:19:00

I really like these books because the information is very easy to learn and it's also funny. My school supplied me with the Key Stage 3 books to revise from for my SATs, and I think that they are terrific! I have learnt a lot from them, and I hope that they will work!

Rani Parekh — Great Barr, Birmingham, , UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 15:04:00

Hi, I was wondering if you have considered doing other different subjects for the GCSE range. I find your revision guides really useful, but I am studying Media Studies and Latin for GCSE and am having to revise without the aid of your guides. Thanks.

Jon — , UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 14:59:00

Can't you make a Latin revision book? Because they really help me but I've chosen Latin as an option an I'm going to get stuck!

Anonymous — , UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 13:51:00

I desperately need help because I'm in top group in a p.7 class going to secondary in June and can't decide what English level I'm on because I'm from Paisley! I would appreciate it if you put the Scottish levels in because our school orders a lot of science books from CGP.

Marian Craig — Paisley (South -West), Renfrew, UK — 21 Nov 2004 at 13:50:00

Hi where can I find your online revision?

Anonymous — , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 19:59:00

CGP online is great, there's no other website I know that has online revision plus your books helped me through my Year 6 SATS. Keep up the hard work PS: Your jokes are really cool!

Anonymous — , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 19:51:00

I really enjoy CGP books because they help me through exams and guide me through specific areas where I need to improve. The workbooks and revision guides are quite useful for when I am preparing for my exams and are well explained. Therefore I would like to thank you for your great books and help! I would also recommend them to anyone of any age because if they worked for me they should work for you. Thank you!

Anisa Chowdhury — , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 18:41:00

On key stage 3 science national strategy book one, what are the answers to page 26,27,28,29,30

Anonymous — , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 18:19:00

Hello. I was wondering if you could put on more GCSE subject so I can revise from them. Thank you

Heena Amin — Walsall, , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 17:50:00

Your books are very expensive! Especially when you are doing about 10 subjects! Although your books are good! Shouldn't it be cheaper for us students under 16?

Jimmy Long — , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 17:10:00

Hi, I'm taking my GCSEs in under two years. I like the books, the art work and jokes are mildly amusing (sorry to sound so up myself, I can't help it). But I do reckon association would be good, like facts difficult to learn and yet essential to know for GCSE could be associated with something so it is easy to remember. Oh and please make the jokes more funny, I'm bored out of my skull!

Jazzy — Suffolk, , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 16:20:00

The website is totally rubbish and hard to use, it put me off buying any books.

Anonymous — , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 15:14:00

This is really helpful

Nishat — , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 14:30:00

On your books there is two prices the retail price and the school price if you go to school do you get a discount because the retail price is a lot of money.

Jason — , UK — 20 Nov 2004 at 10:59:00

I think they are very useful, but please lower the price!

Abeer Kiani — , UK — 19 Nov 2004 at 20:14:00

I've got all your books from KS1 to Standard grade. I think your prices should be a little cheaper, as a mother I know.

Niamh — , UK — 19 Nov 2004 at 20:03:00

Hey CGP, you make great books that are absolutely amazing no matter what anyone says. Although maybe you could do a GCSE Latin revision guide as it's really hard and I can't see a revision book for it anywhere! Please email me if you are considering it or if you know where I could get one from to help me. Thank you loads for being amazing again though!

Jenny — , UK — 19 Nov 2004 at 19:51:00

CGP Books are by far the best! Can you please send me your free catalogue. Cheers!

Jonathan Temple — Cheltenham, Glos, , UK — 19 Nov 2004 at 18:55:00

I would like to say that CGP is the best place to revise and you all rock! You are also cheap to get revision guides from so keep on publishing them guides.

Gemma Farley — , UK — 19 Nov 2004 at 17:39:00

How come there are no negative comments on the site?

Laura — , UK — 19 Nov 2004 at 15:51:00

Your books are absolutely terrible! They are just diabolical! I mean, on the back cover, you wrote "Keep refrigerated". That's stupid. Get a life and stop trying to be funny!

Sam Mustafa — Friern Barnet, , UK — 19 Nov 2004 at 10:14:00

Hi, wow! These books are great, I started using them when I was about 8 or 9. I'm 12 now and I just cant put them down. The revision guides are super and helped me get a top level 5 in every subject! Thanks so much CGP!

Anonymous — , UK — 18 Nov 2004 at 21:18:00

The books are good, but you haven't got any CGP Latin books!

Katie Merriman — , UK — 18 Nov 2004 at 18:56:00

I find your books really useful. £4.50 isn't a lot of money if you think how much goes into them and all the info is set out really well. People who say the jokes aren't funny, are right, but this is the fact that makes me laugh, you get it? Thanks CGP.

Lauren — , UK — 18 Nov 2004 at 15:44:00

est. Thank you CGP.

Naseebah Khalil — London, , UK — 18 Nov 2004 at 11:58:00

You're prices are dear and need to be cheaper.

Blake — , UK — 18 Nov 2004 at 08:04:00

Hi CGP, I just want to ask, do you do a complete revision guide for GCSE Business Studies? And can I also thank you for your fantastic science revision guides. I have science module test today and they have really helped, so thanks and hear from you soon.

Mitch Relph — , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 22:22:00

Hi CGP, I'd just like to say thanks a lot for all the help, I hate revision and you've helped me out a lot! Keep up the great books!

Andy — , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 21:07:00

Hi, been using your books for revision they're really good and the "hilarious" comments are worth a read as well, keep up the satire.

Tom — Painswick, , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 20:43:00

I find most of this really helpful, but I couldn't find anything on module 8 in the book I got modules tomorrow!

Carrie — , Wales — 17 Nov 2004 at 19:44:00

What first got me into CGP books was my school. We have them for science and they are helping my class deeply so I decided to buy the books.

Anonymous — , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 19:21:00

Hiya CGP. The books are great, they helped me a lot with my revision. Thanks a lot CGP.

Chanzz — , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 18:18:00

Do you make a book for triple modular science because there doesn't seem to be one. Thanks.

Emma Boorman — , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 15:00:00

I think your books are great, but the website could have some more stuff e.g: Spanish revision! Anyway, thanks a lot, CGP, because you've helped me loads with my revision for my GCSE's!

Holly — , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 13:49:00

I think that your books are really helpful, it's just that I am studying light and sound in science and I was just looking on your site and couldn't find anything about it on ks3. If it is possible will you email me back, thanks.

Laura Morris — , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 13:20:00

Thanks for making such great books CGP! I think I would fail all my exams if it wasn't for all the live-saving books! Please make loads of them for AS and A level courses because I'm going up to college soon(ish) and I'm not going to survive with out them! Hehe! Thanks again.

Libby Broads — Hampshire, , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 11:31:00

I hate tests, but love revising, especially using a revision guide.

Amanda — , UK — 17 Nov 2004 at 09:50:00

Cool web site! I just wanted to ask, How you made learning and revising quite fun!?

Harpreet Jassar — , UK — 16 Nov 2004 at 22:56:00

Hey CGP, well you have a very cool website! And an even more cool set of books! I've been revising for ages and your books have helped big time! Thank you!

Anonymous — , UK — 16 Nov 2004 at 21:19:00

Hi, I have got my double science module test on Thursday and this site is very helpful! Thanks

Tilly B — , UK — 16 Nov 2004 at 21:02:00

The website was useful, although it didn't have enough revision questions on the maths section. it needed some on surds, fractions and more on percentages!

Louise — , UK — 16 Nov 2004 at 19:59:00

I think that this site does help a lot with revision and your books are really easy to understand.

Lois — , UK — 16 Nov 2004 at 18:50:00

CGP is a very good web site, a bit expensive! Do you have a catalogue?

Tehseen Mirza — , UK — 16 Nov 2004 at 18:33:00

I think CGP books are fantastic - cheap with free postage and they explain everything really clearly. I like the illustrations and the information isn't all crammed in, it's spaced out so it's easier to read.

Claire — , UK — 16 Nov 2004 at 18:00:00

I think your revision section is good but you need to include more modules like in the (AQA Modular science - Early modules), because I'm finding it hard to revise the modules I want to. I use the website because I use CGP books and find it easier.

Amina — , UK — 16 Nov 2004 at 17:27:00

Excellent resources. Will be buying more and more for our pupils.

Hugh Thomas — Crickhowell High School, Crick, UK — 16 Nov 2004 at 15:59:00

I love CGP books. They are the best, especially for those who hate it every time the "E Word" is mentioned.

Tamara Msiska — , Malawi — 16 Nov 2004 at 11:48:00

I just wanted to say how helpful I have found the CGP books and they have helped me to revise for my exams much more easily. I think they also offer a good variety of subject revision guides that have helped me immensely, thanks.

Jodie Powell — Powys, , UK — 15 Nov 2004 at 21:42:00

I think that these CGP books are the best, so if you want a good future, start revising from these books now! These are the best books that you could ever have, if you don't have them, buy them now!

Eleni — , UK — 15 Nov 2004 at 20:25:00

This is a very fantastic website.

Sabrina — , UK — 15 Nov 2004 at 20:15:00

Please send me update information about the AS & A2 revision stuff from this site. Much appreciated.

Xi-Chen Guo — Tottenham Hale, London, , UK — 15 Nov 2004 at 19:47:00

Your revision books are great and really funny. I hate exams.

Jenny — , UK — 15 Nov 2004 at 18:54:00

Your books are very good and funny. I like the way you put funny pictures which also are funny. The CGP books help me understand things much much better than my teachers.

Sabreena — , UK — 15 Nov 2004 at 17:32:00

I have been using the CGP Books since GCSE because they simply are the best, but I'm now doing my A2 level and you don't seem to do any A2 guides just wondering if you are going to publish some before the A2 exams? I'm particularly interested in AQA Sociology A2 and Food Technology.

Mira Kotecha — Hitchin, Hertfordshire, , UK — 15 Nov 2004 at 15:52:00

I love your revision guides, they really helped me through GCSEs . But there is such little choice of AS level guides. I'm desperately looking for an AS level textiles revision guide and I'm so unhappy you don't supply it. When are you planning on bringing one out? Help!

Rosy — Cheltenham Glos, , UK — 14 Nov 2004 at 20:17:00

Just like to say that CGP physical education books helped me a lot for my sport studies course, well recommended

Ellis — , UK — 14 Nov 2004 at 19:34:00

There needs to be higher tier revision guides for all the sciences

Jagdeep Lall — , UK — 14 Nov 2004 at 18:12:00

I think your workbooks are great. Any chance of more for Key Stage 1, especially ICT workbooks? Keep up the good work!

Joy Millett — , UK — 14 Nov 2004 at 17:34:00

I think your books are great and have been really useful to me in my GCSE year! But why don't you do a systems and controls revision guide? There is everything else apart from this! Systems and controls is one of the hardest subjects there is and I really could have done with the help of a revision book for this subject!

Zoe — , UK — 14 Nov 2004 at 17:22:00

Just about to order several books for my daughter and very disappointed to see your booklist for online ordering is limited and now have to find time to phone you from work with all details of requirements written down. Who said buying on the net was more convenient and easier!

Unhappy — , UK — 14 Nov 2004 at 16:56:00

We need examples of coursework in science to help pupils know what is expected of their own coursework.

Wilson — , UK — 14 Nov 2004 at 15:52:00

I think your books are really great and are a complete life saver! Please make a home economics book!

Fran — , UK — 14 Nov 2004 at 12:02:00

I think your books are great and really helpful, but I was wondering if you could think about publishing a music study book for key stage. I hope you think about it! (it would mean a lot).

Natalie — , UK — 13 Nov 2004 at 20:20:00

Hi, your books are great. I'm taking my science GCSE a year early and I had a really bad teacher (thank god he's left). So your books have really helped me a lot. I have my first and third modules on Thursday.

Rachel — , UK — 13 Nov 2004 at 17:28:00

Terrible, it had nothing that I wanted and was set out in a very unuser friendly. People out there never come to this web site.

William Shrier — , UK — 13 Nov 2004 at 16:46:00

I was disappointed at the lack of revision available on this site. I was hoping for some interactive practise for GCSE modules.

Lisa — , UK — 13 Nov 2004 at 16:20:00

The site is very good, but the English section definitely lacks Shakespeare.

Isla Finlay — , UK — 13 Nov 2004 at 13:11:00

You only have two sets of answers.

Dan — , UK — 13 Nov 2004 at 13:03:00

Very good website and very helpful too.

Kelly Dale — , UK — 13 Nov 2004 at 12:16:00

How do I get to revise online?

Sophie — , UK — 13 Nov 2004 at 10:24:00

Hiya, CGP I just want to say thanks for your books, they are really cool and I find revision much easier now! The science one helped me get a really good grade in my science SAT!

Laura — , UK — 12 Nov 2004 at 20:06:00

A great website and a great selection of books, wish you had sociology revision guides though.

Monica — , UK — 12 Nov 2004 at 17:01:00

Splendid books, helped me greatly with my AS Level exams last year, only one problem though, there doesn't seem to be any revision guides for A2s! Are there any plans to introduce a range of A2 revision guides for Chemistry and / or Biology? Thanks CGP!

Koz — , UK — 11 Nov 2004 at 20:24:00

I love using CGP books to revise. I use them for all of my subjects especially science. They are so easy to understand. I've definitely gone up at least 2 grades in most subjects since using them.

Kieran Ball — Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, UK — 11 Nov 2004 at 20:23:00

Your books are fantastic, the prices are incredible! I was amazed to find that I would only pay £4.50 for a GCSE Revision Guide! Thank you so much for making your books as helpful and funny as they are! A CGP book is always guaranteed to make me laugh. Brilliant reading!

Jonathan Dean — Porth, South Wales, , Wales — 11 Nov 2004 at 20:03:00

Where is the German revision stuff? After looking through the German study guide book I thought I would have a look on your website and do some revision. However after clicking on revise, then key Stage 3 there was only math, English and Science. Get your act together!

Anonymous — , UK — 11 Nov 2004 at 18:23:00

I think CGP Revision Books are really good. They're the best around.

Elizabeth Barker — Wrexham, , UK — 11 Nov 2004 at 18:05:00

I love your books

Richard Akingbehin — , UK — 11 Nov 2004 at 17:35:00

I am studying for my GCSE's and my supply RE teacher lost my book, when my proper teacher arrived they gave me a CGP book with all the information I need, this will be very helpful for my studies, but it also says I can order a catalogue on this website, but I can't find one, could you possibly send me one please?

Sophie — Eastbourne, East Sussex, , UK — 11 Nov 2004 at 16:34:00

Great books, but I agree that Key Stage 3 books should be lower in price! I have certainly helped myself and my children over the years so far!

Sally Taylor — Burton-on-Trent, , UK — 11 Nov 2004 at 10:02:00

You stand and deliver. You are true grit 5 stars and rising, shine on. Best regards.

Danny Haszard — Bangor Maine , USA — 10 Nov 2004 at 21:41:00

I don't know why but I get too worried about my SATs, if I'm going to pass or not. I've got the books, I'm studying them, I've got the practice papers what else can help me pass? Please reply!

Aamir — Feltham , Middx, , UK — 10 Nov 2004 at 17:33:00

Your books are great we have them at school. But I wish you would lower the prices of the key stage 3 books because I have to buy them out of what I earn and they are really expensive when the school gets them cheaper, it's a shame because if the prices were lower I would be placing an order. You should have student discounts like other shops.

Miss Kriss Wall — , UK — 10 Nov 2004 at 17:29:00

Very useful website

Jennie Walton — Reading, , UK — 10 Nov 2004 at 16:59:00

The best range of student friendly, teacher friendly, relevant and meaningful learning material to date. Well done all! Can I interest you in some software ideas to further enhance the value of this publishing revolution?

Don Blower — , UK — 10 Nov 2004 at 09:32:00

I would just like to say how fab your books are, and to say thank you for making a book for all of us that are doing separate (or triple) science. I have looked around for them everywhere, then found one right on your website. And one request, please make a revision book for GCSE Classics, it would be so useful! Please will you send a catalogue to me so I can show my parents what to order. Many thanks.

Ellie — Fulham, London, , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 23:41:00

I love these books.

Ashleigh — , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 21:01:00

It's very good and it helped me with my SATs. I don't know what I would have done without them.

Amy — , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 20:59:00

Ditto Will's comments earlier - hurry up with a revision guide for Electronics.

Steve — Nottingham, , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 19:53:00

Hi there. I find the CGP books great to revise from. I have about 8 of the books at home. I think it would be great if you introduced, history and geography because I bought a geography book, (not CGP!), and it was useless for revising from. I am sure my mum would definitely buy me both of those books. I would also like to say, I have just started year 7 and at my new school, we are revising most topics we did in year 6, but in greater detail and more complex. I think you should adjust the books a little, or make some games that I can use for when I revise cells, or solids, liquids and gases. This would be very helpful! Thank you.

Anonymous — , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 19:37:00

I love CGP books. I have just started secondary school and without the guidance of these books, I wouldn't be at the wonderful school I'm at now.

Lexi B — , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 19:27:00

Hi, this site is great but can someone tell me more information about a stakeholder. I know it is a person or group that are interested in a business, but what else are they.

Tasha — , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 19:02:00

Bonjour, your revision books are brilliant, I can revise a lot and it really helps. Thank you.

Stacey — , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 18:57:00

Really good, well done CGP!

Louise Armitage — Broom, Warwickshire, , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 18:51:00

I really like the CGP books. They are really good for when you are either revising or doing homework.

Tiffany Rogers — , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 18:47:00

I am studying maths (Edexcel C3, C4, M2), physics(OCR B) and chemistry (Edexcel) and for AS I used your fantastic books. However, now having started my A2 course I am upset to find that there are no CGP A2 revision guides. I have looked at other companies books but they just don't meet the standard. Are you going to publish any A2 books before the A2 exams this year?

Ems — Slough, , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 17:12:00

Hey, I was wandering, how do I revise metals and humans as organisms in 1 night for a practice test and how to pick up marks on harder answers.

Cari Horler — , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 16:46:00

It says in my revision book that I can get a free catalogue on this website, but I cant seem to find where to go, so please will you explain what I have to do. Thank you.

Emma Stitc — Bramley, Leeds, , UK — 09 Nov 2004 at 16:36:00

This website is really good and I love your books. I'm doing GCSE this year, it is a bit hard but I'm trying my best to get good in my year 11 sats.

Ali — , UK — 08 Nov 2004 at 20:03:00

I think a good idea would be to add an online testing feature, where students could answer some questions and have their answers marked.

Kaz — , UK — 08 Nov 2004 at 19:12:00

I thought this website was ok, but when revising I want something fun to do. I also don't think that there were a varied amount of subjects to choose from, especially in the science one. I'm only in year nine and I'm taking my GCSE's in three years time, but starting now. The atom test, for me, I thought was very good. Although some of the questions were challenging, it was pleasing to know how much I've learnt and got right in the quiz!

Lauren Whitehead — Hucknall, Nottingham, , UK — 08 Nov 2004 at 18:48:00

Thank you very much for your brilliant revision books, they really helped me through my GCSE's, especially the science higher level. I seriously don't know what I would have done without it. Thanks again. I'm pleased the exams are all over.

Toddo — , UK — 08 Nov 2004 at 16:51:00

I think the CGP books are really useful. I used them to revise throughout my GCSE's and got great results. I am now studying English, History, R.E and Drama at AS level, progressing to A2 next year. I notice you don't have any revision guides for these subjects. There seems to be a lot of focus on sciences and less on humanities and arts. Please let me know if there will be any new books available soon! Thank you!

Zoe — Estwood, Notts, , UK — 08 Nov 2004 at 14:42:00

Great site and brilliant books. Congratulations!

Caroline Ward — Malvern, Worcestershire, , UK — 07 Nov 2004 at 20:57:00

A great site just wonderful and excellent range of books.

Desai — , UK — 07 Nov 2004 at 17:35:00

I love your books, I have been using them since I was in year 6 and here I am now doing my GCSE's still using you books! Although I came onto your website today and found some fantastic new books eg. AQA modular maths and AQA modular science-but when I went to the online order form to order these books I couldn't find them! Can I still order these books?

h — , UK — 07 Nov 2004 at 17:31:00

I am desperate for a GCSE electronics revision guide. Please get one done for 2005 at the latest or I will 'die' in the exams!

Will — Houghton, Hants, , UK — 07 Nov 2004 at 16:53:00

This program is very good for learning your revision and I did very well in my sats and I got very good result.

Andrew — Isleworth, Middlsex, , UK — 07 Nov 2004 at 15:34:00

I love CGP's books. I've used them as a vital part of my revision and I've always got good results. I love CGP and I'd never buy any other brand! If only you did A-Level Books!

Jenna — , UK — 07 Nov 2004 at 14:56:00

I would like to see a web page to order for a CGP catalouge, as it is hard for us by phone.

Akilaa — , UK — 06 Nov 2004 at 21:01:00

I wanted some information on selective breeding but you didn't have any. I need to revise for a test and i thought that you should add it to the site to help me and others.

Sandra — , UK — 06 Nov 2004 at 14:09:00

Hello, your books are great, but too expensive, make them cheaper, at least £3 not £4.50.

Candeece — London, , UK — 06 Nov 2004 at 13:47:00

Hi, I really liked your site but could you please bring out Spanish revision guides and workbooks. I relly need them!

Sanaa — London, , UK — 06 Nov 2004 at 13:08:00

I feel that your books are really helpful and they give me more confidence in tests.

Thomas Redfearn — Beswick Manchester, , UK — 05 Nov 2004 at 21:58:00

My son is in Key Stage 1. At 6 yrs I want the best for him and is going to be sitting his first SATs. Which books do you recommend for home to help him stay on top?

Amanda Glasgow — , UK — 05 Nov 2004 at 21:48:00

Hi CGP! could you please come up with an AS level English literature revision guide!

Anonymous — , UK — 05 Nov 2004 at 20:52:00

These books are great help especially with its funny jokes.

Jared Lavagna — , Gibraltar — 05 Nov 2004 at 19:13:00

I am a swat at school, but when it comes to my tests I need revision guide. I borrowed a friends revision guide and thought it was helpful and now I have most of them, but not all. So would you be kind enough to send me a copy of all the ones you have in stoke.

Stephen Stanners — , UK — 05 Nov 2004 at 17:01:00

I love the books and want to revise more but to have the right resources.

Kaylie Crane — , UK — 05 Nov 2004 at 16:30:00

When are you going to sell practice papers for A-Level Biology and Chemistry?

Amena — Bushey Heath, , UK — 05 Nov 2004 at 15:17:00

I think this site is great but could you please put more revision pages online for science. Earth Materials is one that I really need!

Kty Woodrow — , UK — 05 Nov 2004 at 15:04:00

Hi, it's me again! Could you please add a bit more to the chemistry section in the science books?

Ayesha — , UK — 05 Nov 2004 at 12:31:00

Please do a GCSE sociology revision book

Tom Johnson — , UK — 05 Nov 2004 at 10:04:00

My daughter of 11, has been using English, Maths and Science for the past few months. The results are now showing in her class work. Her attitude to homework has improved simply because she has a clearer understanding of the subject. Thank you, the books are pleasant to the eye, clear to follow, are an excellent value for money, (or must have), item.

Mr.G.Densley — Groby, Leicester, , UK — 04 Nov 2004 at 22:28:00

What new books do you have in the pipeline CGP? I'd appreciate a more extensive range for History and RE (boring though I know it is!) Thanks.

Danny — , UK — 04 Nov 2004 at 21:34:00

I would just like to say, your books are brill, but why don't you have a book for systems and control. But everything else is ace.

Rachel — , UK — 04 Nov 2004 at 21:27:00

Hi I think this website is brilliant and I am really proud of CGP for making it, because it is good and handy if I need to buy just 1 book and that I can do it all over the internet. So thank you again.

Isabel Alcock — Market Drayton, Shropshire, , UK — 04 Nov 2004 at 19:25:00

I was disappointed by the poor range of A-level or AS level books you provided. What about History, Geograpy and English?

Anon — , UK — 04 Nov 2004 at 16:16:00

Just what I needed to sort my son and his maths coursework out. I've just come across one of the math coursework books for GCSE it is brilliant I'm getting one this evening. Thanks. Might help the kids in other subjects.

Ajuah — , UK — 04 Nov 2004 at 11:16:00

Hi. I think your books are helpful but your web site should help people like me or schools to find out where they can order the catalogue. I cant seem to find it any where. Thank you.

Katie — Yateley, Hampshire, , UK — 03 Nov 2004 at 22:19:00

Hi there! Just a quick note that you're books are like no other. They are great and have really helped me through my GCSEs, I think you can have a pat on the shoulder for the 7 A* and 3As I got. Thanks again!

Katie — , UK — 03 Nov 2004 at 19:37:00

Applied science book please!

Anonymous — , UK — 03 Nov 2004 at 17:27:00

I think your site is great. I have all the GCSE science rev. guides, I'm using the biology one right now! (But I did have trouble finding your free catalogue.)

Florence — , UK — 03 Nov 2004 at 17:27:00

Your books are ever so great and they make revision a whole lot better with jokes. I'd just like to say all the books I have bought have been very helpful and got me a level 6. Thanks!

Ayesha Bashir — , UK — 03 Nov 2004 at 14:29:00

Your books are great

Ayesha — , UK — 03 Nov 2004 at 14:24:00

Your books are great - workbooks and revision guides. They are funny and colourful and it does make my revision a lot better. But sometimes I think it goes over the top a bit. As a GCSE student I need to use the proper scientific words but your books contain words like 'stuff' and it doesn't help me learn the correct term. Also in one of your books, I think it was 'Of Mice and Men' text guide the graphics were disgusting. What was the point of showing decapitated giraffes and bloody men? It was

Piper — , UK — 03 Nov 2004 at 09:45:00

I think you need more things in the science section, there is very little about biology!

Becky Lowrey — Cromley, , UK — 02 Nov 2004 at 21:54:00

I think your books are good and I think that on your website you should have a question box so that we can ask questions!

Franchesca — , UK — 02 Nov 2004 at 19:49:00

Hi! It's Bambi again! Sorry, I meant more revision info, because at the moment there is nothing - you need to buy the books to revise. Cheers!

Bambi — , UK — 02 Nov 2004 at 19:45:00

Hi! I think the books are good and easy to learn from, though I would like it if the website could give my revision information.

Bambi — Co Durham, , UK — 02 Nov 2004 at 19:40:00

Hiya, I think that this site has been really useful, especially helping me to understand everything I need to know for my modules. Thank you!

Katy — , UK — 02 Nov 2004 at 19:14:00


Zoe — Maidstone Kent, , UK — 02 Nov 2004 at 17:49:00

I just want to say your books are really great. I used the science book for KS3 and I went up a level — I got a level 6 in the mocks and a level 7 in the real thing! Will definitely use them for my GCSE's too!

Jade — , UK — 02 Nov 2004 at 17:47:00

This is a very good site. I have got all of your books at home and I love them. I really like the Shakespeare book.

Tanyel — , UK — 02 Nov 2004 at 16:44:00

I think your books are great, I mean it.

Talha Muhmmed Pirzada — , UK — 01 Nov 2004 at 20:47:00

Your books are too expensive, you need to make them cheaper.

John — London , UK — 01 Nov 2004 at 14:50:00

I would like to say, why don't you add more subjects to the online revision section? In the GCSE part there should be more than just what's there.

Sairah — , UK — 01 Nov 2004 at 14:50:00