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Guestbook Archive - October 2008

Your books are great, colourful and so easy to learn from. WOOO! But one question, do you have History and Citizenship for ks3??? Anyway, no wonder you have so many great comments ;) Kind regards, happy CGP customer.

Happy CGP — London!, United Kingdom — 30 Oct 2008 at 11:34:30

Guestbook Editor: What a happy CGP customer you are! We have some lovely books for KS3 History, but nothing yet for Citizenship — sorry!

Just to say we use your books in home education and they are excellent. Other books don't make learning as much fun. We hope you don't change your KS3 selection too much as we use them for learning / teaching the subject not just for passing the SATS.

Lis — , United Kingdom — 30 Oct 2008 at 09:59:46

These books are really good... I never used to learn from books, but now I can settle down and read a CGP book 'cause they are so easy to use and understand. Revision = not as bad or as boring as before!! =]

Jen — Woking, United Kingdom — 29 Oct 2008 at 16:09:54

I think that these books are really good because they help u with your learning. I have got the Key Stage 2 Year 6 Maths Workout book. I have done the questions in pencil in case I want to rub them out and do them again, because I like Maths, it is one of my best subjects.

Ffion — Bolton, United Kingdom — 29 Oct 2008 at 15:39:17

Will you be increasing the A-Level revision books range for subjects other then science?

Simon — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 29 Oct 2008 at 14:33:23

Guestbook Editor: We already make Revision Guides for non-Science A-Level subjects — if you're looking for something specific just let us know and we'll point you in the right direction.

This is really helpful.

...............? — Essex, United Kingdom — 28 Oct 2008 at 14:20:13

Really love your books as they are colourful, easy to follow and I can actually understand the topic.

Natalie — Gosport, United Kingdom — 27 Oct 2008 at 22:39:27

Keep it up CGP!

Zoe — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 27 Oct 2008 at 15:15:26

For A / AS subjects you only have books specific to AQA or a general one for all exam boards. The books that cover all exam boards are good but I would much prefer a specific one. Why do you not have them for Edexcel or OCR specifically?

Sarah — London, United Kingdom — 27 Oct 2008 at 11:14:12

Guestbook Editor: You'll be chuffed to know that we do! Just let us know which subject you're looking for and we'll point you in the right direction.

I was wondering if you do KS2 German. If so could you tell me where to buy it?

Brittany — Grays, United Kingdom — 26 Oct 2008 at 22:59:21

Guestbook Editor: Sorry — we don't make any German books for Key Stage Two at the moment. It sounds like a mighty good idea though, so we'll add it to our list of things we could do in the future.

Please can you add free postage for non-school customers.

Mouch — London, United Kingdom — 26 Oct 2008 at 15:59:45

I think you over-moderate your guestbook - it seems mostly favourable comments filter through - just like another site which has been caught out deleting negative comments. Shame on them. I discovered another website using fictitious comments - I sincerely hope that you do not stoop that low.

Clive — Claverham, United Kingdom — 26 Oct 2008 at 12:28:54

Guestbook Editor: We promise you we don't! The only comments that don't get through to the guestbook are ones with naughty words or ones that are jumbled up and don't make sense.

Sadly, your books may be just what the doctor ordered, but your website is not as user friendly as it could be! It has taken 3/4 of an hour to order some books and a load of hassle paying via Protx which rejected 2 (yes TWO) valid payment cards. I just wish we had gone to a bookshop.

Clive — Claverham, United Kingdom — 26 Oct 2008 at 12:23:15

Guestbook Editor: Oh no! We're really sorry if you've come up against some problems with ordering from our website. We try to make it as easy to use as possible — so we'll definitely have look into your comments to make sure everything's running as smoothly as possible.

If there had been a facillity to enter the code and 'product search' it would have been quicker and easier to order what I wanted as I had made my choices from the catalogue and then tried to find on your site. There were two others I would have bought if I could have found them but I am not bothered now. Just a thought!!!

Karen Hinson — Gloucestershire, United Kingdom — 25 Oct 2008 at 13:44:21

Guestbook Editor: We're sorry you couldn't find our search box — it's on the product pages. So... from the homepage, you select which type of customer you are (private or school) and the next page will pop up with a search box. We hope that helps!

Your books are simply brilliant and TOP OF THE RANGE! What's going to happen to your CGP Practice SATS Papers, as the actual SATS are finished? I'm in Year 9 and I wanted to know that - should I buy the CGP Practice SATS papers or leave it?

Triple H — London, United Kingdom — 25 Oct 2008 at 02:31:14

Guestbook Editor: Well... it's up to you really. Our Practice Papers are all matched to the National Curriculum, so they're still really helpful for checking how much you've learnt. They'd also be good practice if your teacher is still planning on giving you some tests at the end of Year 9. It might be best to speak to your teacher and find out what they're planning to do first. If you need any more help — just shout up!

I had my first module GCSE for Maths today. I used your books and Revision Guides and they were very useful!! Hope I do well...

Mariya — Bolton, United Kingdom — 24 Oct 2008 at 21:16:26

Hello. It's the first time I've used your website and have found it extremely easy to use, especially the 'Search' option. I've found your site very colourful and it's easy to locate publications. Thank you.

Rekha Vadgama — Hertfordshire, United Kingdom — 24 Oct 2008 at 13:13:20

I use CGP books all the time and I think they are really good!!

Daisy — Blackburn, United Kingdom — 23 Oct 2008 at 20:21:43

I am currently in Year 6 and I like your CGP books and I hope I will get a Level 5 in my SATS.

Maryam — Sutton, United Kingdom — 23 Oct 2008 at 18:39:40

Amazing services! Great books! Great value! Fabulous services! Thanks so much!

Laura Pottinger — Cambridge , United Kingdom — 23 Oct 2008 at 17:56:48

I would like a discount for selecting this website to buy these books for my child. They'd better be worth what I am paying or I will come back for a refund.

Shae — , United Kingdom — 23 Oct 2008 at 16:51:19

Guestbook Editor: We keep all our prices as low as possible, so we reckon our books are worth every penny! But, just in case you don't, we offer No Quibble Returns — so you can send them back if you're not completely happy.

I bought a CGP book. It is very useful. I'm currently in Year 11 and I want to get the best grades possible.

Aftab — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 22 Oct 2008 at 21:30:15

I find these books very interesting and useful. When you need them for maths test revision they are really really helpful I think.

Hollie — Newport, United Kingdom — 22 Oct 2008 at 20:40:41

There is nothing better than reading your books. They provide lots of information for younger kids and also for adults, they keep getting better each time I read them.

Mazzii — London, United Kingdom — 22 Oct 2008 at 17:27:12

Hi, my name is Marie and I love your books. They are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always read them, even though I have finished my exams.

Marie — Cambridge City, United Kingdom — 22 Oct 2008 at 17:22:59

It's a pity your product is spoiled by bad delivery service. You did not even bother to reply to the email sent to complain.

— , United Kingdom — 21 Oct 2008 at 05:58:07

Guestbook Editor: Oh no! We're really sorry if you feel that we've let you down. We usually reply to all the emails we receive straight away, so there must have been some sort of mix up. In any case, if there's anything we can do to put things right, please do give us a call on 0800 1712 712.

I just got the CGP ICT book. I needed to learn it fast, I'm only 10 and I have lots of work to do. But having the book made it so easy. I think I'm going to buy them every year. Thanks!

Brittany — Grays, United Kingdom — 20 Oct 2008 at 22:36:09

Absolutely fantastic. Whilst the jokes are poor, it actually allows the author to relate to the reader, to actually grip the reader - which really compliments the drawings and colour schemes, which doesn't make the specific subjects seem so daunting. This is also down to the clear sections within the pages and after certain subjects. (See - all down to your books! :P)

Ian Forwick — , United Kingdom — 20 Oct 2008 at 19:45:04

Hey CGP! Just basically a huge thank you. Just got your mighty helpful GCSE Maths Revision Guide and now I actually understand some stuff, which I don't when our class teacher explains it. You make me happy, in a "Wahey, I can actually do Maths" kinda way. Keep up the amazin' work.

Tom Roles — Cheltenham, United Kingdom — 20 Oct 2008 at 18:31:46

They're really useful, even for help with homework.

— , United Kingdom — 19 Oct 2008 at 15:48:22

An excellent, easy to use website, with free postage too! What more can you ask for? Thank You!

S Carpenter — Hertfordshire, United Kingdom — 19 Oct 2008 at 15:21:22

Thanks for having such great books! They really helped me through my GCSE's. They're so good, I taught myself Physics! 7A*'s and 6As. I know I couldn't have done it without your books :)

Tasha — Essex, United Kingdom — 19 Oct 2008 at 14:28:57

Hi, I think your books are really helpful for revision. I am currently doing my GCSEs and have many of your books, but you don't seem to do any Revision Guides for the AQA B syllabus (which includes 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'Frankenstein'). Have you got any plans to publish Text Guides for these in the future?

Jess — Leicester, United Kingdom — 19 Oct 2008 at 10:32:39

Guestbook Editor: Sorry — they're not on the publishing list at the moment. Good luck with your courses!

Your books are brilliant compared to other rubbish books! What's going to happen to your KS3 books as Year 9 SATS are finished?

Triple H — London, United Kingdom — 19 Oct 2008 at 01:55:12

Guestbook Editor: Well... all our KS3 books are matched to the National Curriculum and this hasn't changed. Which basically means that our books are still really helpful for covering all the stuff you'll learn in KS3.

I love your books! The best books for my GCSE courses!

Jan — Portsmouth , United Kingdom — 19 Oct 2008 at 01:07:11

Just wondering, now that the government has said "NO!" to SATS, what are you going to change them to? Doesn't this mean that 1/3 of your net profit is gone because of this? Aren't you angry at the government for doing this? I know that I definitely would be angry, because your books make SATS exams that much easier so that pupils can actually cope with them! Sorry, I just wanted to know your point of view on this!

Bekah Barlow — Hertsmere, United Kingdom — 18 Oct 2008 at 15:06:54

Guestbook Editor: To be honest, we were caught on the hop just as much as everyone else about the SATS being cancelled! Our KS3 books are still dead helpful for pupils, 'cause they're all matched to the National Curriculum (which hasn't changed). So, at the moment, our KS3 stuff's still available to buy and we're keeping up-to-date with what the government is thinking, so we can be on the ball with some new books if they come up with any new plans.

I know you do exam papers for KS3 English, do you do any for GCSE English Maths or Science? The English exam papers helped so much, I was hoping you would have some for the GCSE curriculum. I know they would help even more for my modular AQA examinations! Thanks anyway!

Unsu — Barnet, United Kingdom — 18 Oct 2008 at 15:02:29

Guestbook Editor: We most certainly do! Just have a look on our product pages under GCSE, then English Language.

I love these books! They really help me revise as they are light-hearted and fun to read through! Thanks CGP!

Lucy Brown — Frimley, United Kingdom — 18 Oct 2008 at 14:28:26

(Commenting on book MNC2, KS2 Monsters Interactive Independent Reading Pack + CDROM

I love books.

Elena Whitehouse — Brighton, United Kingdom — 18 Oct 2008 at 13:31:44

Your site is off the hook!

Megan — Cacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom — 17 Oct 2008 at 19:08:18

I found CGP a great help. It really helped me out through my studies and it helped tackle the hard questions in an easy way.

Mahfuz — London, United Kingdom — 16 Oct 2008 at 22:06:25

Even though I lost my hair, I found Maths helped!

Britnay — Bevaly Hills, United States of America — 16 Oct 2008 at 09:20:15

Guestbook Editor: Blimey! Our books are even more helpful than we thought!

Hi! I really love your books... the GCSE ones were so helpful. I'm now doing A-Level, but you don't have books for Economics or Religious Studies. Are you likely to do books for these subjects soon or could you recommend other good books for them? Thanks so much!

Charlotte — , United Kingdom — 15 Oct 2008 at 21:30:43

Guestbook Editor: We're not planning to make any A-Level books for these subjects at the moment — sorry! Your best bet would be to Google the subjects and see if you can find some books to cover them. Good luck with your courses!

I'm really impressed that there are books for the new Biology, Chemistry and Physics syllabuses for OCR!!! I'm doing all three and thought it would be really difficult to find revision guides that catered to this new spec, but now I don't have to worry! YAY!

Emily — Plymouth, United Kingdom — 15 Oct 2008 at 16:36:29

Wow!! I ordered two A-Level revision books on Monday afternoon / evening and they were here on Tuesday morning!! Plus, they are soooo helpful! Keep up the good work!

Ellie Bennett — St Ives, United Kingdom — 15 Oct 2008 at 14:16:19

I love your books! But can't decide which book I want for GCSE Physics! I have taken Separate Sciences and I am enjoying it very much!

James Ol — Isle of Man, United Kingdom — 14 Oct 2008 at 19:55:48

I like the little note on the bottom of the back cover :) one reads 'Do not sell pages seperately - they get lonely.' Made me laugh.

Patrick — London, United Kingdom — 14 Oct 2008 at 18:35:54

I love your books. I think you could make little books to take when you're on a train, bus, plane and in different parts of your city. They could fit in your coat pocket, so they wouldn't take up a lot of room.

Gemer — London, United Kingdom — 13 Oct 2008 at 20:09:31

Hi. I'm 11 years old and in Year 6. Could you make another book about Solids, Liquids and Gases please? I am good at Science, but I just don't seem to get it. I have tried the Changing State and Solids and Liquid books and even The Study Book. Could you make a Solid and Liquid revision guide please? This is the only problem I have. All your other books are excellent!

Thomas Michaels — Plymouth, United Kingdom — 13 Oct 2008 at 16:37:28

I am doing Edexcel GCSE Arabic - I am wondering, can you do a book?

Unknown — London, United Kingdom — 12 Oct 2008 at 19:28:18

I love the CGP books, they are so good for learning and they are so funny! I am in Year Six so I have all the ones for Key Stage Two. The good thing is that they help you learn and I get them free and get to keep them after that. I get them from my teacher at school! Thanx.. love your books!

Hansa — Handsworth, United Kingdom — 12 Oct 2008 at 14:01:54

I think these books are great and when my teacher sets them for homework I know exactly what to do.

— , United Kingdom — 11 Oct 2008 at 10:55:29

(Commenting on book SFR39, KS3 Science Revision Guide - Levels 3-6

Hi, your book is brilliant. It makes Science a whole lot easier for me and my friends. Thanx guys!

Georgia May Wilbor — Ripon, United Kingdom — 11 Oct 2008 at 09:57:31

(Commenting on book S6A20, KS2 National Curriculum Science - Plants and Animals in their Habitats (6A)

I want the answers for p14 in KS2 Foods and Other Habitats.

Hai Anh — Islington, United Kingdom — 10 Oct 2008 at 15:56:19

Guestbook Editor: Ah... the answers actually come as part of the book, so your crafty teacher may well have taken them out!

CGP are the best!!! I was worried you didn't have A-Level books for my exam board, but thank God you do!

Anonymous — London, United Kingdom — 09 Oct 2008 at 21:12:07

I have the set and it really helped having them - it saved so much time! Thank you, you saved my life!

Brittany — Grays, United Kingdom — 09 Oct 2008 at 19:58:55

(Commenting on book ML5R21, KS2 Maths Study Book - Level 5

Don't they have the Key Stage Three of the Maths book?

Dilan — Hackney, United Kingdom — 09 Oct 2008 at 19:33:11

Guestbook Editor: This book's one of our brand new ones for KS2. We don't have any level specific books for KS3 yet, but we do have lots of other books for KS3 Maths — you can see them on our products pages under KS3 and Maths.

I have one of these books and I got the Science one, but I got it from school for £5.00. But I want the English and the Maths ones as well, but are you going to sell it for £4.50 or £5.00 like the school did?

dilan — hackney, United Kingdom — 09 Oct 2008 at 17:29:11

Guestbook Editor: The best thing would be for you to see if your school would place an order for you, then you'd be able to get your books with the discounts that schools receive.

Theze bux haff elped wiv mi spelin an stuf.

Llessur Nedloh — Chigley, United Kingdom — 09 Oct 2008 at 07:34:46

These books are for my class' homework. It helps them and they are learning a lot of the books. Thank you very much.

Adrian Sweeny — St Helens, United Kingdom — 08 Oct 2008 at 20:53:37

These books are really good. I'm in Year 6 and I got all Level 5

Amna — Manchester, United Kingdom — 08 Oct 2008 at 19:30:25

Can't you give books for free, I'm not rich.

Helen — London, United Kingdom — 08 Oct 2008 at 19:28:51

Words are beyond me now. My parents were doubting CGP but I persuaded them to purchase off the internet. Two days later I received an A3 package with CGP written on it. I took it off, only to see my grand collection of books perfectly parcelled up, ready to be read, in no damaged condition whatsoever. Perfect. I praise CGP for such great books, such low prices and such a fast response, this is what motivates us to read and learn. Just this. I will purchase again, I'm sure.

Mahfuz — London, United Kingdom — 08 Oct 2008 at 16:32:59

Thank you very much for your free resources for kids in KS2. It is extremely useful and presented in an attractive, colourful, eyecatchy way to generate interest and curiosity in children. I enjoyed it, and find it very useful. Expecting more from you.

Vasanthi Vasudevan — Blackpool, United Kingdom — 08 Oct 2008 at 04:09:17

Guestbook Editor: We’re really pleased you like our new KS2 Maths books. You might like to keep an eye out for our new Levelled Study Books and Question Books due out in the first week in November.

I want to say thank you for designing these book, they are very helpful and I am getting higher grades. Thank you, god bless you all!

Amy — London, United Kingdom — 07 Oct 2008 at 19:05:21

WOW! Great books for the use of learning!!! It has helped a lot of people get good grades!!!

Aaminah — Blackburn, United Kingdom — 06 Oct 2008 at 19:52:08

Please, please, please, get revision guides for Maths A2, Economics AS and A2, and Further Maths AS and A2. Your books rescued my GCSE grades and I'm sure that I'm going to fail A Level without them.

Billy — Romford, United Kingdom — 06 Oct 2008 at 19:48:19

I really love your books. They're quite hard but they're good, I love them. Thank you for these books CCGGGPPPP!!!!!!

Tayyibah — Bolton, United Kingdom — 06 Oct 2008 at 17:36:41

(Commenting on book M4PH21, KS2 Maths Homework Sheets - Year 4

This is really a very nicely designed book for Stage 3. Very helpful for the students.

Wheeda — , United Kingdom — 06 Oct 2008 at 10:57:04

Great books! They are really helping me with my school work! I love all the colours and of course the humor! It makes my learning fun and that's what I need when studying for 9 GCSEs. Thanks CGP!!!!!!!!!!

Hollie — London, United Kingdom — 05 Oct 2008 at 16:52:00

Gosh, why can't you include the answers instead of making us buy more books? We are not all made of money ya know!

Nedy — London, United Kingdom — 05 Oct 2008 at 14:31:54

Just used your website for the first time. Wish all were as easy to navigate. Thanks.

Howard — Kingston, United Kingdom — 05 Oct 2008 at 14:26:21

I got the books and they are sometimes very funny.

Kapil — Ilford, United Kingdom — 04 Oct 2008 at 15:30:10

Your books are so fun, it's not torture! Sometimes I beg my mum to read it over night. Do you have any art books for drawing and tips?

Dan — St. Pauls, Grenada — 04 Oct 2008 at 11:00:59

Guestbook Editor: We're really glad you like our books. Unfortunately we don't have a book for drawing and handy tips but we'll add it to our list of ideas for the future.

Hi, Your book are great and so useful. I'm just wondering if you have any plans to do an AS Geography revision guide for AQA?

Tom — Bolton, United Kingdom — 03 Oct 2008 at 17:24:17

Guestbook Editor: You're in luck! We're bringing out a brand new AS Geography Revision Guide in January which covers AQA. Keep an eye on the 'What's New' page of our website.

I think that there needs to be a search bar on your website.

Rebecca — Maidstone, United Kingdom — 03 Oct 2008 at 17:01:12

The prices of your books are quite high but they are useful as well. However they do contain too much information on one page. The jokes make me laugh, even though they're really silly hahahs :0). Please do something about the prize and amount of info on one page. Thanks.

Tazmin Ali — London, United Kingdom — 03 Oct 2008 at 12:13:50

CGP thanks so much for deciding to do a book specifically for AS OCR B Physics!!! I don't know of any other revision guide that does just OCR B on its own, thanks. Hopefully I can get an A in January for retakes now rather than a C... :(

Jamie — Newbury, United Kingdom — 02 Oct 2008 at 21:48:18

(Commenting on book MFR39, KS3 Maths Revision Guide - Levels 3-6

Your Maths books learnt me a lot through all these years. I enjoy it .

Igraam — Bolton, United Kingdom — 02 Oct 2008 at 20:31:22

Thanks for the Homework books, they are a fantastic resource to use alongside the units. The differentiated levels, particularly at Year 6, are really worthwhile. What a time save you have created.

Andrew — Huddersfield, United Kingdom — 02 Oct 2008 at 13:41:58

Guestbook Editor: Thank you – we’re really glad you like our new Photocopiable Homework Books for KS2 Maths. You might like to know that we’re producing more books to help with differentiated learning — separate Study Books and Question Books for each of Levels 3, 4 and 5. They’ll be out in the first week in November.

Glad to see the site is still going strong. There is only one revision guide I recommend - a combination of quality content and off-beat humour - just like me!

Neil Jeffery — Hereford, United Kingdom — 02 Oct 2008 at 12:07:27

I love your books.

Harry Edwards — Charhan, United Kingdom — 02 Oct 2008 at 10:06:15

Very easy to join, thank you.

Susi, Earnshaw Theatre School — Barnet, United Kingdom — 01 Oct 2008 at 15:44:29