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Guestbook Archive - February 2015

my laptop hasn't got a disk drive so how do I go on mathsbusters?

amirra — nottingham, United Kingdom — 26 Feb 2015 at 19:16:00

Guestbook Editor: MathsBuster is only available on DVD-ROM at the moment... but we've got plans for online versions that won't require a disc drive. Hopefully later this year, in time for the start of the new Maths GCSEs in September.

Very easy to use site. Would be nice to be able to pay for your order with Paypal.

Ellie — Malvern, United Kingdom — 26 Feb 2015 at 16:09:59

love your website very organized and easy to find what you are looking for.

asm2135 — Fawkham, United Kingdom — 25 Feb 2015 at 16:28:22

I home educate my children and the workbooks we use from CGP are brilliant. They make learning fun, the way it should be.

karen — Rotherham, United Kingdom — 25 Feb 2015 at 10:40:20

(Commenting on book E6GB221, KS2 English SAT Buster - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Book 2 Bundle

Can you tell me please the difference between SATs buster Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling bundle book 2 and the original one? Are they a more up-to-date version?
Also, are these books A4? Do you do an A5 version? Many thanks.

Louisa — Cambridge, United Kingdom — 20 Feb 2015 at 18:05:55

Guestbook Editor: This is a good question.

We made the KS2 SAT Buster Book 2s to provide pupils with more practice for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. So all the questions in Book 2 are new, but they're set at the same level of difficulty as Book 1. All these books are fully up-to-date for the current SATS.

So it doesn't matter whether you start with Book 1 or Book 2 — they do exactly the same job. They are all A4-sized, though (this allows plenty of space to write in the answers) — we don't have any plans for A5 editions at the moment.

Home made Chicken Jalfrezi seeing as how you're asking. Blimmin good curry and blimmin good books. But not at the same time as turmeric is such a difficult stain.

Ian Grimshaw — Mansfield, United Kingdom — 19 Feb 2015 at 20:02:02

Guestbook Editor: That's a lesson I learned the hard way — my copy of Lady Chatterley's Lover is grubbier than most.

It would be good to be able to access the online editions as soon as you have purchased the item. I think you would sell more answer books!

Avril Large — Holywell Flintshire, United Kingdom — 16 Feb 2015 at 14:24:21

(Commenting on book EKHR51, AS-Level Economics Complete Revision & Practice (with online edition) for exams until 2015 only

Is this suitable for gcse economics ?

Sara — London, United Kingdom — 11 Feb 2015 at 19:36:49

Guestbook Editor: This AS-Level book isn't ideal for GCSE, to be honest — it covers many of the concepts you'll meet at GCSE, but it goes into more depth than you'll need. We'll add GCSE Economics to our list of subjects we'd like to cover one day...

Such a helpful company - delivery times are amazing and when we recently had to return some items (due to our own ineptitude!) it was done without fuss and collection was very prompt! Thank you.

Eleanor Haines — Warrington, United Kingdom — 11 Feb 2015 at 10:09:41

very helpful with my mock exams

sophie — hornsea, United Kingdom — 10 Feb 2015 at 09:26:03

Love your stuff - but why oh why does it take 25 minutes to order and pay online? I'm buying your stuff from Waterstones in future!

Steve Clarkson — Birmingham, United Kingdom — 09 Feb 2015 at 22:09:43


GEORGE — LLAY, United Kingdom — 09 Feb 2015 at 18:03:26

Guestbook Editor: Do you mean the Key Stage 2 SAT Buster Books? If so, you'll find the answers in this Answer Book.

If you're using our KS2 Targeted Question Books for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, there's a separate Answer Book for each Year... they're all listed on this page (under Yearly Question Books).

So many possibilities.

(Commenting on book M6A22, KS2 Maths SAT Buster Answer Book (Number • Shape, Measures & Data • Mental Maths)


GEORGE — HUNTINGTON, United Kingdom — 09 Feb 2015 at 17:59:24

you have the best revision books

Mohammed Javed — birmingham, United Kingdom — 08 Feb 2015 at 22:59:28

Are the AQA Chemistry Workbooks still valid for the specification being taught in the current Year 10?

William Dover — Basingstoke, United Kingdom — 08 Feb 2015 at 21:27:14

Guestbook Editor: They certainly are. GCSE Science specifications aren't due to change until September 2016, so they'll be valid for next year's Year 10s too.

Your books made it possible for my son to get his GCSEs after a period of ill-health and absence from school. To be honest I think your books are his preferred way of learning. Thank you.

Sallie — Davies, United Kingdom — 08 Feb 2015 at 18:48:43

Just ordered the 3 iGCSE science books (bio, chem and physics) and waiting for them to arrive. Hopefully the will be helpful to my studies. Mina

Mina — Doha, Qatar — 08 Feb 2015 at 16:23:43

I was wondering whether you were planning to make a history revision guide on British Public Health (1800-1914) as it is a part of my schools course on OCR

John — Exeter, United Kingdom — 07 Feb 2015 at 18:22:36

Guestbook Editor: Hi — I don't think we have any plans for a book covering this OCR History topic at the moment. Sorry not to be more help with this one.

C.G.P so very helpful and friendly. Thank You

Sue Wright — Shepshed, Loughborough,Leicestershire, United Kingdom — 06 Feb 2015 at 14:32:14

so good

kk — leicester, United Kingdom — 04 Feb 2015 at 16:02:41

Just purchased a selection of English and Maths books and DVD's for my daughter. I am delighted that you have decided to produce DVD's as I believe this suit her learning style. Keep up the good work. Careen

Careen Gregwah — London, United Kingdom — 03 Feb 2015 at 21:22:08

Just ordered my copy of MathsBuster, great demo, can't wait for the full package to arrive!

George — Manchester, United Kingdom — 03 Feb 2015 at 21:13:25

Guestbook Editor: It's definitely worth getting excited about. We're not saying that MathsBuster is life-changing, but —

Actually, that's exactly what we're saying, but we may be slightly biased. Try out our online MathsBuster Demo to see for yourselves!

Hello, I am an upcoming student who wishes to study Computing Science (OCR). I was wondering if you have any plans for the 2017 exams and were going to publish a revision guide. I am not referring to ICT which is already there. Thanks!

Hoang — London, United Kingdom — 02 Feb 2015 at 23:52:23

Guestbook Editor: Hello — we can't promise anything for certain at the moment, but we're hoping to have new GCSE Computing books sometime in 2016, with A-Level possibly following a bit later. Sorry to be vague... a year is a long time in educational publishing.

I teach "EasyGerman" at school, college and privately and all my adults love to use your KS3 Study guide:-))
Have you ever thought of correcting the typo on p.64: haben = to have ;-/)

Frau Elisabeth — Sharpthorne, United Kingdom — 02 Feb 2015 at 16:10:59

Guestbook Editor: Oops, sorry about the typo — we'll correct that next time we reprint the book. But it's always good to hear that our Study Guides are being enjoyed by all ages. Tschüss!

Have fun making all the new books for the new specification ;)

Rachel — Farnborough, United Kingdom — 01 Feb 2015 at 22:32:45

Guestbook Editor: Thanks! Good times are already being had by all at CGP.

Great value thanks. And I'm not having any tea because I went out for lunch!

Alex Harris — Bristol, United Kingdom — 01 Feb 2015 at 18:53:30