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We have over 1000 books and digital resources in our full range, but it's simple to find exactly what you need. This page briefly explains the main types of CGP products you'll come across, but if you need any extra help, just give us a call — we love to talk about our books!

The Classic CGP Book Types (All Ages)


Revision Guides & Study Books

These bestselling CGP books explain everything students need to learn in straightforward English (with a bit of humour to lighten the mood).


Workbooks & 10-Minute Tests

Packed with useful practice questions for every topic, these books are great to use on their own or alongside the matching Revision Guides. For bite-sized, quick-fire practice, try our 10-Minute Tests books.


Complete Revision & Practice

Our chunky all-in-one Complete Revision & Practice books contain a brilliant combination of study notes, practice questions, exam advice and more!


Revision Cards

The perfect solution to practice on-the-go! Brilliant Revision Question Cards packed with questions, all with answers on the back!


Student Books / Textbooks

Comprehensive course books containing thorough notes, masses of practice questions, assessment advice and more. Each book is a brilliantly flexible resource for classwork and homework.


Practice Papers

Carefully written to be just like the real thing, our Practice Papers are superb for exam preparation. Each pack contains practice tests and an answer book with a mark scheme — ideal to use in school or at home. 

Primary School Products (Ages 4-11)

SAT Busters and Workouts

These great value CGP question books are a big hit with primary schools. SAT Busters are ideal for giving Year 6 pupils targeted practice in all of the key areas of study.

Activity Books

Bright, colourful and fun, these activity books are a fantastic way for primary school pupils to brush up on all the important skills. There are books for English and Maths, ages 3-9.

Discover & Learn

These books are a bit different from our 'classic' books, with colourful Study Books, Activity Books and Teacher Books for Science, Geography and History.

Non-Fiction Reading

Each of these Reading Books contains four engrossing life-stories, with plenty of non-fiction text types. The whole range contains full resources for guided reading sessions throughout Years 5 and 6.

11+ Products (Ages 7-11)

Study Books

These CEM and GL Study Books have easy-to-read explanations, practice questions, a parent's guide with detailed advice on preparing effectively for the test and a benchmark test to help identify the level pupils are working at.

Practice Books

Each of these Practice Books has tailored practice for all ability levels with separate books available for ages 7-8, 8-9, 9-10 and 10-11. They contain skills-based practice and assessment tests with mixed questions in the style of the real tests for GL and CEM.

10-Minute Tests

Bite-sized practice tests packed with 11+ questions for CEM and GL. There are over 30 tests in each book — that's more than five hours of practice! We've also included fun puzzle pages for a break in between tests and step-by-step answers for quick and easy marking.

Practice Papers

Our realistic Practice Papers are available for CEM and GL — plus new Practice Papers for the Kent and Buckinghamshire Transfer Tests. Each pack has a detailed answer book and notes for parents — with advice for helping pupils improve their results.

Secondary School and Sixth-Form Products (Ages 11-18)

Text Guides, Poetry Guides and Complete Plays

These bestselling GCSE English Text Guides and Poetry Guides are packed with in-depth notes on characters, themes, context and more. Complete Plays contain the whole text with useful annotations throughout. 

Exam Practice Workbooks

Each Workbook contains a huge range of exam-style questions, organised by topic so that students can concentrate on practising the parts of the course they find most difficult, before they face the real thing.

Knowledge Organisers and Retrievers

These Knowledge Organisers will really help students memorise the key facts for AQA GCSE Science, and the matching Knowledge Retrievers will check to see what they can remember. 

Topic Guides

There’s no better way to learn GCSE History than with our unbeatable Topic Guides. They’re bursting with crystal-clear revision notes, heaps of activities and exam-style questions to test students' understanding.

Head Start

These books cover the essential GCSE material and introduce some important A-Level concepts. Ideal for recapping between the GCSE and A-Level courses and as reference throughout the course. 

Apps and Digital Products

Our superb AQA GCSE Science Apps are perfect for learning any time, anywhere! Plus some of our bestselling GCSE Revision Guides are available as standalone Online Editions. Also, check out our brilliant Maths Tutor and MathsBuster resources

Other Products

Functional Skills - Study & Test Practice

These fantastic Study & Test Practice books clearly explain every topic students need to know — with straightforward notes, tips and examples! There are practice questions throughout the books, plus plenty of test-style questions to help prepare students for the real thing.

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