At CGP we know just how difficult (and tiring) the exam period can be — we've all been there. We pinky-promise that revision is a really good use of your time, even if it looks a bit daunting. And if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. To give you a gentle nudge in the right direction, check out some of our toppest tips:

P.S. We've also made these into a pretty pleasing printable PDF so you can stick them on your wall (if that's what you're into). We recommend A3 - there's a lot of info here!

1. Start revising early

— i.e. months, not days before the exam. 

2. Plan your revision using a timetable

Planning out your revision means you can spend more time revising and less time worrying you've forgotten something. CGP's amazing How To Revise book has plenty of timetables for you to fill in yourself, with loads of great tips on how to make the most of the revision period.

3. Don't spend ages making your notes look pretty

This is just wasting time. For diagrams, include all the details you need to learn, but don't try to produce a work of art. 

4. Set up a nice, tidy study space

You'll need somewhere with good lighting, your pens close by, your phone out of sight and your TV unplugged. Try not to revise on your bed, or you'll be dreaming of pink igloos and elephants before you know it.

5. Vary your revision with different activities

Try a variety of different revision techniques — answering practice questions, writing down notes from memory, and using Revision Guides, Flash CardsExam Practice Workbooks etc. CGP have the best revision books money can buy (blatant advert, but you are on our website...)

6. Stick revision notes all around your house

So in the exam you think, "Aha, quadratic equations, they were on the fridge..."

7. Sleep on your exam notes (optional)

This will enable you to revise by osmosis. If you are going to do this, it's best not to learn anything until the night before the exam. Stick a Revision Guide under your pillow and when you wake the next day, you'll find the full contents of the book have been absorbed into your brain. Probably.

8. Do lots of practice papers and questions

You'll find it far easier to answer questions in the exam if you've tried similar ones at home beforehand. Check out CGP's amazing range of practice papers for some top practice. Alternatively, have a look at your exam board's website for a selection of sample papers — but you'll have to get your printer working to get a hard copy of those. Yikes.

9. Set aside time to do fun things — don't turn into a revision zombie

Don't totally stop yourself from having fun. This'll help you stay motivated, relax, and allow you to keep up with your favourite hobbies.

10. Keep your phone and other distractions away.

Phones are great, but they're a one-stop shop for procrastination. Heed our warnings and stick it in a drawer while you're revising. 

11. Try reading bits in different accents

Australian is particularly fun.  

12. Don't just read your notes

You have to WRITE STUFF DOWN. This is really basic "how to revise" stuff. For the full details, get yourself a copy of our How To Revise book (oops, there we go again).

13. If you're really stuck in the exam, play the fortunes game

Throw all of your pens in the air and they'll form an abstract picture of what you're having for tea that night.

14. Take your revision wherever you go

If you find books aren't quite portable enough, lots of our Revision Guides and Textbooks come with handy online editions — great for revising on the go! Just use the code printed inside the cover to access them on your PC or tablet. See our help page for more info.  

15. Sleep and eat properly

Sleep is more important than you'd imagine — it helps your brain store all the juicy information you've learned throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods will also boost your concentration throughout the day.

16. On exam day, make sure you arrive in plenty of time

Nothing adds extra pressure to exam day like the fear of being late. Just make sure you set off at a little earlier than usual. While you wait, if people around you seem stressed about the exam, try to relax and not let their worries affect you. You've prepared well, and you've used all the best Revision Guides money can buy! (Ok, we're done now.)

17. Dress as a medieval knight and demand ale

This is an old tradition, which states that anyone attending an examination in full knight's costume has the right to demand a tankard of ale. Unfortunately, you need to be carrying a sword and if you try this you'll be arrested and sent to prison.

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