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Welcome to the most under-appreciated page on the CGP website — it's the Online Editions Licence. It may not have the sparkliest personality, but it'll tell you what you need to know.

So don your most sensible shoes and read on...

  • Purchasing a CGP Online Edition title grants you access to the title for three years from the date of purchase.
  • Accessing a CGP Online Edition using a code from one of our paper books or code cards grants you access to the title for three years from the date on which you activate the code.
  • By using CGP Online Editions or accessing an Online Edition title you agree to be bound by the full Terms and Conditions.

Users of CGP Online Editions


You can:

  • Use CGP Online Editions for your own personal use, including things like studying, classroom teaching, lesson planning and in-school training.

You can't:

  • Copy any part of CGP Online Editions (including any content) to the internet, an internal website (an intranet), a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), or any other computer.
  • Print any part of a CGP Online Edition unless stated.
  • Share your account login details with anyone else or place the details on the internet.

If you want to read some legal gubbins, please see our full Terms and Conditions.

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