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Everything children need for 11+ success

Our 11+ range is completely focused on providing the best possible test preparation, with superb resources for the tests set by CEM and GL!

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What is the 11+?

Most secondary schools in the UK are comprehensive — they’re non-selective and accept children of all abilities. But in some areas, selective state secondary schools (grammar schools) still exist. These schools select their pupils based on academic ability.

The 11+ is a test that grammar schools (and some independent schools) often use to help them select their pupils — it’s intended to be a good indicator of natural academic ability. In parts of the UK where the 11+ is set, it’s usually taken in the first term of Year 6 of primary school.

The 11+ test providers and subjects

The 11+ is not a compulsory test, and its exact content varies depending on the school or Local Authority you’re applying to, as well as on the test provider. There are two main test providers for the 11+ — GL Assessment and CEM. Wherever you are, there are four main subjects that can be tested:

Tests set by GL Assessment can include any combination of these four subjects. Tests set by CEM will include a mix of Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Verbal Reasoning (where Verbal Reasoning includes some of the same elements as GL English, such as comprehension).

To find out more detail about our 11+ products, take a look at our CGP Products Explained page.

11+ books by age group

Whatever resources you're looking for, CGP is here to help. We have Study Books, Practice Books, 10-Minute Tests and Practice Papers covering the major 11+ test providers for ages 7-11.

Ages 7-8 (Year 3)

Practice Books pitched at just the right level for children aged 7-8
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Ages 8-9 (Year 4)

Practice Books, Practice Papers and 10-Minute Tests for ages 8-9 — ideal 11+ preparation
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Ages 9-10 (Year 5)

Practice Books, Practice Papers and 10-Minute Tests for ages 9-10 — including Mixed Practice
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Ages 10-11 (Year 6)

Practice Books, Study Books, Practice Papers, 10-Minute Tests and Question Cards for ages 10-11
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The 11+ in your Area

The 11+ varies greatly depending on the area you live in. Click below for an introduction to how it works in your area.

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Free 11+ Parents' Guide

This brilliant CGP Parents' Guide explains everything you'll need to know about the 11+ — all in one handy package. It's full of advice on how to help your child prepare for the test, and contains detailed breakdowns of the various question types that could come up on the big day! 

What's more, it's completely free!

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Free CGP 11+ Practice Papers

These free Practice Papers contain realistic 11+ questions at the same level as the ones children will answer in the final test. There are two sets of papers to choose from — one for CEM and one for GL.

Download Free Practice Papers

Free Multiple Choice Answers

Children are provided with separate sheets of paper with a list of options for each answer. They usually choose their answers by putting a mark in a box (this makes it easier for tests to be marked by computer).

For each CGP Practice Book, there’s a complete set of multiple choice answer sheets in PDF format. Simply click below to view the list of tests and download the ones for the test provider you're after. 

Download Multiple Choice Answer Sheets

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