Our 11+ range is completely focused on providing the best possible test preparation, with superb resources for the tests set by CEM, GL and other test providers.

Study Books (with Parent’s Guide and Benchmark Test)

  • Clear, easy-to-read explanations of every key 11 Plus skill

  • Powerful 11+ techniques including time-saving tips and tricks

  • Practice questions to test understanding of every topic

  • Parent’s Guide with detailed advice on preparing effectively for the test

  • Benchmark Test to help identify the level your child is working at

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Practice Books with Assessment Tests (for ages 7-11)

  • Tailored practice for all ability levels — separate books for ages 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, 10-11

  • Skills-based practice — questions focused on developing specific techniques

  • Assessment tests — mixed questions in the style of the real tests

  • Detailed answers — full explanations of the reasoning behind every question

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10-Minute Tests (for ages 8-11)

  • Bite-sized practice tests — packed with realistic 11+ questions

  • Over 30 tests in each book — that’s more than 5 hours of practice!

  • Step-by-step answers included — for quick and easy marking

  • Fun puzzle pages — perfect for taking a breather between tests 

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Practice Test Papers

  • Four realistic 11+ Practice Test Papers in each pack

  • Multiple Choice, Standard Answer and CEM-style formats

  • Detailed answer book — every answer explained in depth

  • Notes for parents — useful advice for helping your child improve their results

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