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Take a look at some of our latest products, hot off the CGP press!

CGP’s brand new GCSE Maths revision books are better than ever!

Jane Eyre. War and Peace. Finnegans Wake. All good books… but no discussion of the classics is complete without CGP’s timeless page-turners for GCSE Maths.

Yep, our Revision Guides and Complete Revision & Practice books have helped millions of students do brilliantly in their GCSE Maths exams — and now we’ve made brand new editions that are easily the best versions ever.

Firstly, there’s a fresh new look that makes our unbeatable notes and examples even clearer.  Then we’ve added new and improved exam-style questions to help students put their knowledge to the test.
Now let’s talk about the digital extras.  Along with the free Online Edition of each book, there are dozens of fantastic new step-by-step video solutions, presented by CGP’s friendly Maths experts. There’s also a host of fun new interactive quizzes that’ll really keep students on their toes.
They’re the publishing sensation of the year, so tear yourself away from that lesser-known George Eliot novella and check them out now!

More fantastic CGP Catch-Up Bundles — this time for GCSE!

If you’re a keen follower of the CGP What’s New page, you’ll know all about our incredibly helpful Catch-Up Bundles for ages 4 to 14.
But you might be wondering: what about GCSE students?  Well, wonder no more — we’re delighted to present a massive new batch of bundles for all the most popular GCSE subjects!
Each one brings you a blend of study notes and practice questions, covering everything from AQA Poetry to OCR Physical Education.  Most bundles include a mixture of books and cards for maximum effectiveness.
As with all our bundles, there’s a big saving on the price of buying the books separately — around 15% off!
In conclusion, they’re unmissable.  Hurry over to our Secondary Bundles Page to see what’s on offer…

Catch up on the crucial skills with CGP’s ultra-helpful new bundles!

We don’t normally go in for understatements at CGP, but here’s a good one: 2020 has been an unusual year.
Everybody's life has been thrown off track over the last few months, so it’s not surprising if students have a bit of catching up to do as schools re-open for the autumn term.
To help them along the way, we’ve put together brand new Catch-Up Bundles covering every year from Reception to Year 9.  They're brilliant for extra practice on all the essential Maths and English skills, from phonics to fractions.
What’s more, each bundle gives you around 15% off the price of buying the books separately.  Amazing value.
They’re all out now — pay a visit to our Catch-Up Bundles page to see the whole lot!

The ultimate guides to A-Level revision and university applications!

Years 12 and 13 of school: some people call it sixth-form college. We call it the glittering superhighway to adult life.
And it’s not the easiest road to travel. Handling the challenge of A-Levels, choosing a university, deciding which brand of pencil case best represents you as a unique individual… there’s a lot to think about.
That’s where the latest “How To” books from CGP come in — please welcome How to Revise for A-Level and How to get into University!  [Applause]
Each book is packed with unbeatable advice from our resident experts, along with planners and timetables to help students organise their time.  Between them, they cover everything from studying effectively throughout A-Level to polishing up those all-important UCAS personal statements.
Since they’re such a perfect pairing, you can also buy both books in a money-saving bundle. We’d say it’s well worth taking a closer look

New GCSE Computer Science books for exams starting in 2022!

Hold the front page — GCSE Computer Science courses are changing slightly this year, so students will be taking new exams from 2022 onwards.
As you’d expect, CGP was ahead of the pack as this story broke.  We were there at the Ofqual press conference, eagerly scribbling notes in our journalist’s jotter pads. We barely had time to pause for an iced cappuccino before rushing back to the CGP offices and getting to work.
And here’s the result.  We’ve made a brilliant selection of ultra-helpful books, cards and practice papers, all fully updated for the new AQA and OCR exams. Read all about it!
P.S. We haven‘t forgotten about Year 11 students in the excitement — our books for the 2021 exams are still available too.

CGP Revision Question Cards — out now for A-Level Science!

Deep in the bowels of CGP Headquarters, our Product Development boffins spend their days cooking up ideas for hot new CGP bestsellers. Sometimes they’re faced with very tricky problems.
CGP Product Developer A: Everyone loves our Flashcards and Question Cards (which, incidentally, are available now for ages 3 to 16)… but surely we could never fit a whole A-Level Science course into a single pack?
CGP Product Developer B: What if we made the cards a bit bigger?
CGP Product Developer A: Brilliant idea! If it weren’t for social distancing measures, I would hug you.
And so it came to be. Our brand new Revision Question Cards for AQA A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics are a little larger than our GCSE versions, but every bit as good.  Deal yourself in!

Create online CGP Book Lists — and share them with anyone!

You might have noticed a new option called My Book Lists at the top of the CGP website… but what does it mean?
Well, OK — it’s not that mysterious. But not only do CGP’s new Book Lists let you create online lists of your favourite CGP books, you can also share them with your students, friends, family, pets, dentist and so on.
If you’re a teacher, they’re perfect for making sure students are buying exactly the right books. Just make a recommended book list, then pass it on to students and parents instantly. No room for confusion!
For parents and students, it’s simple to view each list and go straight to the CGP products you need. And of course, you can create and share your own lists too.
They’re incredibly easy to use, so we’d recommend you give them a go straight away!

Amazing new CGP Daily Practice Books for Primary!

Some things just sound too good to be true. CGP Practice Books you can use to build skills every day of the school year? Pull the other one.
But in fact, there’s no need to pull either of them. CGP’s new Daily Practice Books are real, and really rather good. 
Each one covers a full school term, with a page of activities to tackle every day. Better yet, you can buy them in money-saving bundles of three, covering autumn, spring and summer tems.
The books for Phonics, KS1 Maths and KS1 Handwriting are out now, with KS1 English available to pre-order.  (Don't worry, Key Stage Two books are on the way soon.) Check them out, pronto!

New CGP 11+ books and cards — round-up bulletin

By CGP’s 11+ correspondent, Revisa Lott
Dramatic scenes unfolded at CGP headquarters today, as the latest 11+ products arrived in stock. Several staff members were seen to swoon with pride and excitement.
“These new 11+ Complete Revision & Practice guides for CEM and GL are my favourites,” said Max Reddiness, 31. “They include incredibly helpful study notes and plenty of practice questions, all in one book. It’s sorcery.”
Joy Serious, 46, had a different perspective. “The new 11+ Activity Books are the winners in my heart — they're packed with colourful 11+ practice for ages 7 to 11. So much fun!”
All agreed that CGP’s latest 11+ Revision Question Cards were things of wonder.  Our investigations uncovered new cards focused on the trickiest skills, and packs for pupils aged 9-10.
In a prepared statement, a CGP spokesperson said, “Whatever stage you’re at with 11+ preparation, CGP has everything you need!”

CGP’s fun-packed new Activity Books are perfect for home learning!

These fantastic new Primary Activity Books and Flashcards are absolutely bursting with fun and colour — they’re constantly on the brink of popping open and spilling a rainbow-coloured puddle all over your favourite rug*.
There’s a whole range to choose from for children aged 3 to 9.  They’re a brilliant way to practise all the essential Maths and English skills, including times tables, handwriting, telling the time, grammar, punctuation and spelling… and more!
And of course, they’re carefully matched to the National Curriculum, so they’re spot-on for supporting school work at home. 
They're all out now, so load up on fun and get learning with CGP!

*Not literally. Your soft furnishings are safe with us.

Help with home learning from CGP — new free resources and brilliant book bundles!

Learning at home during the Coronavirus restrictions can be a challenge, but CGP has rustled up helpful new resources to make life a little easier…
Brand new for May, we’ve added a huge range of free online 10-Minute Tests for Primary, 11+, KS3, GCSE and Functional Skills. Give them a spin!
We also have stacks of fantastic free Primary Worksheets for Years 1 to 6, along with Pupil Progress Checklists — perfect for ticking off all the Maths, English and Science skills pupils need to learn.
For GCSE, there’s a fun quiz that tests students on a mixture of subjects… and parents on their 90s pop culture knowledge (very important stuff).  We’ll be posting a new one every week, so stay tuned.
And of course, we can deliver printed books too!  You can order all our books as usual, and we’ve made brilliant Home Learning Bundles for Primary and Key Stage Three.
You'll find all these resources (and more!) on our Studying at Home page.  If there’s anything we can help with, just email or give us a call on 0800 1712 712.

New Knowledge Organisers and Knowledge Retrievers for AQA GCSE Science

There are a lot of facts you just can’t do without in GCSE Science — and life gets a lot easier if you can remember them whenever you need them.
Luckily, our brand new Knowledge Organisers are 100% focused on helping you memorise all that crucial info.  We’ve stripped everything down to snappy notes, charts and diagrams that are easy to stick into your brain.
And just to make sure, each book has a matching Knowledge Retriever that’ll test exactly how much you can remember.  There are two tests for each topic, plus mixed questions to really stretch your powers of recall.
They’re perfect to use throughout the GCSE course — once you’ve remembered the fundamental facts from each topic, you’ll be all set to tackle the more complex material.
They’re all out now, with brilliant money-saving Knowledge Organiser & Retriever bundles available for each AQA GCSE Science subject.  They’re unforgettable.

CGP’s new KS2 SATS books are here — you’re going to love them!

Before you read this, put a cushion under your chin… otherwise your jaw might get bruised when it hits the floor.
That’s because we’ve made our unbeatable KS2 SATS range even better for 2020. It’s got stunning new looks and brilliant new books for Maths and English — including smashing new Foundation and Higher level coverage to suit pupils of all abilities.
Firstly, we’ve revamped our SATS Revision Books and SATS Question Books — there’s no better way to revise every topic for each subject. You’ll find those here.

Next, there’s a souped-up selection of SAT Buster Workbooks to help pupils brush up on all the crucial skills. Follow this link to check those out.

And finally, we’ve expanded our range of SAT Buster 10-Minute Tests. They’re spot-on for quick bursts of SATS-style practice, and you can see them all on this page

There are almost 70 books to choose from, along with amazing money-saving bundles — take a look at the whole range and prepare to be dazzled!

Amazing new CGP Revision Apps for AQA GCSE Science — for iOS and Android!

What’s the most useful thing you can do on your phone (or tablet) in one minute? Is it:

  1. Watch a couple of funny cat videos on the internet
  2. Take a quick GCSE Science test with CGP’s new revision Apps

It’s a trick question, obviously — there’s nothing funny about cats. And nothing could be more useful than CGP’s new AQA GCSE Science revision Apps
They’re simple, but amazingly effective. Just pick a topic, then answer multiple-choice questions for 60 seconds. At the end, you can see full explanations of every answer. They’re a brilliant way to make sure you know your Science facts inside-out!
You can download free versions on Google Play and the Apple App store. If you love them (which you will), you can upgrade to the full Apps from just £1.99.
Excited? Visit our new Apps page for more details…

Brand new Complete Revision & Practice for KS3 Computing

Calling all KS3 Computing fans! We’ve made a brilliant new Complete Revision & Practice book that makes the whole subject much easier to process…
Every KS3 Computing topic is clearly explained with friendly notes, examples and diagrams. Data, memory, storage, networks… you name it, we’ve covered it! 
Then, in the second part of the book, you can start tackling some real programming.  There’s brilliant advice on algorithms and coding techniques — plus helpful introductions to Scratch and Python.
We’ve included plenty of practice questions to make sure you’ve got to grips with each section, along with two helpful practice tests at the end of the book.
It’s fantastic to use throughout KS3, and it lays the groundwork for GCSE Computer Science perfectly. You’ll love it to bits!

New Revision Question Cards for the KS2 Maths and English SATS!

CGP’s new KS2 Revision Question Cards have arrived — preparing for the SATS has never been so much fun!
They’re really easy to use.  Each card has questions on the front and answers on the back, so pupils can test themselves or test each other on all the key skills.  Perfect for stress-free practice in class or at home.
And if you’re a parent, they’re a great way to help your child with their SATS prep.  You can quiz them on how much they’ve learned, with the answers ready in the palm of your hand.
There are two packs — one for Maths and one for Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling.  Put them in your pocket and whip them out for a quick burst of SATS practice wherever you are!

Stunning new Student Books for Edexcel A-Level Maths — they’re better than ever!

If you’re looking for Edexcel A-Level Maths Student Books, these striking new blue beauties are sure to catch your eye.
And once you’ve made it past the gorgeous covers, you’ll love what’s on the inside too.  We’ve bent over backwards to make sure these are the most helpful A-Level Maths Student Books by miles!
First up, there are clear, in-depth explanations and examples for every topic, all perfectly mapped to the Edexcel spec. 
Then there’s a whole lot of incredibly helpful practice.  We’ve added more questions and extra exam-style practice — including a brand new practice exam paper in each book. 
There are two books for each year of the A-Level course — one for Pure Maths and one for Statistics & Mechanics.  They’re all out now!

CGP Revision Question Cards — out now for even more GCSE subjects!

Forget Toy Story 4 and The Lion King remake* — CGP’s Revision Question Cards have been the real blockbusters of 2019.  Students love them, teachers love them… they’ve been flying out of our warehouse as fast as we can make them.
And they just keep coming. Here’s the latest batch of GCSE cards, hot off the press for the new school year.  We’ve made brand new packs for Computer Science, Physical Education, Business and Design & Technology.
Just like our other cards, they have questions on the front and answers on the back. They’re a brilliantly simple and effective way for students to test their knowledge in the run-up to the exams. 
All in all, they’re completely irresistible. Head over to our GCSE Revision Cards page for all the details on these new arrivals!
*Please, please forget The Lion King remake.

Smashing new SATS-focused KS2 Reading Question Books for Years 3-6!

The KS2 SATS Reading Test can seem daunting, but it’s a lot easier if pupils have been honing their SATS Reading skills since the start of Year 3…
That’s where these new KS2 Reading Targeted Question Books come in.  There are separate books for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 — each one contains a brilliant mixture of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts at just the right level for each age group.
And of course, there are plenty of SATS-style questions to go with each text. They’ve been carefully written to help pupils build the skills they’ll need — each one is clearly matched to a specific assessment objective from the KS2 English curriculum.
They’re perfect for making sure pupils are on track for SATS success, and answers are included in each book for easy marking.  Order yours today!

A trio of new Complete Revision & Practice books for KS3 Humanities!

Exciting news for Humanities fans — we’ve rustled up fantastic new editions of our Complete Revision & Practice books for KS3 Geography, History and Religious Education!
As you’d expect, they’re packed with crystal-clear study notes covering all three years of each course.  And we’ve freshened up the look of the pages to make them easier on the eye than ever before.
There are regular practice questions to test students’ knowledge and understanding throughout each book, but that’s not all — we’ve also added stacks of extra practice, including all-new mixed-topic tests and practice exams.  (Answers are included, naturally.)
They’re the best books to keep students company all the way through Years 7, 8 and 9. Check them out on our KS3 Humanities page!

Fabulous new Yearly Targeted books for KS1 English!

The wait is over* — we’ve made new Targeted Study & Question Books for Year 1 and Year 2 of KS1 English!
For each topic, there are clear, fun and friendly examples to remind pupils of the important concepts.  These are followed by practice questions to make sure they’ve really got to grips with it all. (Answers are included at the back.)
The books are perfectly matched to the KS1 English curriculum, so you can be sure they cover everything — including the Reading and Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling skills pupils will need for the SATS.
They’re brilliant to use all the way through KS1 — snap them up today!
*We’ve had KS1 Maths versions of these books for a while, so English is a little late to the party.

A new Grade 1-3 Workbook for students struggling with GCSE Combined Science

No doubt about it, Foundation Level AQA GCSE Combined Science is a tough course.  If you’re not a Science whiz, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you need to learn…
But don’t worry — CGP is here to help. This brilliant new Workbook is 100% focused on helping lower-attaining students get to grips with the basic skills.
Only the most important topics are included, so they won’t have to worry about the more difficult material.  And with all the questions set at a Grade 1-3 level, there’s nothing too complicated to discourage them from making progress.
We’ve included a mixture of question types to keep things interesting, along with a selection of smile-inducing CGP jokes.  It’s the best way to get a strong foothold in GCSE Combined Science — take a closer look now!

Test yourself on GCSE and IGCSE Maths with CGP’s new Revision Question Cards!

CGP makes the best books for GCSE Maths — everyone knows that.  So when we turn our hand to GCSE Maths Revision Question Cards, you can be sure they’ll be worthy of your attention...
They’re simple, but incredibly effective. Each card has questions on the front and answers on the back, with plenty of helpful tips throughout the pack.
You won’t need a pen, paper or calculator, so there’s nowhere to hide — if you don’t know the answer, you need to go back and revise the topic again.
Better still, you can put them in your pocket or bag and test yourself wherever you go. Waiting for the bus is suddenly a brilliant opportunity for revision.
We’ve made packs for Edexcel and AQA GCSE Maths (Higher and Foundation Levels), plus one for Edexcel International GCSE Maths
Don’t hang about — order yours today!

New Revision Question Cards for GCSE English Literature!

If you’re studying GCSE English Literature, you’ll know that plays, poems and novels can conceal many hidden depths. There’s a lot to learn before you head into the exam.
Hooray for CGP’s brand new Revision Question Cards, then. They’re perfect for testing yourself on everything you need to know — themes, characters, key quotes, use of language and more.

Here’s a short poem to celebrate their arrival:
Questions on the front,
Answers on the back;
If CGP’s cards aren’t the best,
We’ll eat the entire pack.

We’ve made cards for the five most popular GCSE set plays and novels, and for both AQA Poetry Anthology clusters. Deal yourself in!

Essential CGP 10-Minute Weekly Workouts for Years 1 to 6!

Our bestselling 10-Minute Weekly Workouts for Maths and English are a must-have for Primary pupils… especially now that they cover every year of KS1 and KS2!
Each book is packed with short weekly exercises, matched to the curriculum for each year. They’re ideal for regularly checking that pupils are mastering all the vital skills in each subject.
They’re also very flexible — you can use them as tests, warm-ups, recaps, homework tasks… whatever suits you best. Answers are included in a cut-out section in each book, along with a handy chart to keep track of pupils’ progress.
What’s more, the full set of books for Years 1 to 6 is out now. Visit our Primary Weekly Workouts page to see the whole lot!

Stunning new GCSE History Topic Guides for Edexcel and AQA

An exciting new era has arrived — we’ve just unleashed a thunderous new wave of Topic Guides for all your favourite GCSE History options!
There are seven books for Edexcel and seven for AQA, covering everything from Norman England to the Cold War. Just mix and match to create the perfect blend for your course.
Each book contains brilliant study notes, helpful activities, sample answers, exam-style questions and advice for scooping top marks. After all that, you’ll be 100% ready for anything the exams can throw at you.
So the future of History looks bright — stroll over to our GCSE History department and embrace it!

Explore KS2 Geography with CGP’s incredible new Discover & Learn books!

KS2 Geography takes you around the world, from the sweltering banks of the Amazon to the epic vistas of the Norfolk Broads. And CGP’s new Discover & Learn books are the best travel companions you could wish for…
For starters, there are six sumptuous full-colour Study Books, packed with straightforward notes, examples, photos, diagrams and much more. They explain the entire KS2 Geography syllabus in a friendly, engaging style that makes learning fun.
There’s also a set of six brilliant Activity Books that will test pupils on everything they’ve learned in the Study Books, and encourage them to think independently about each topic. Full answers (and much more!) are available in the matching Teacher Books.
They’re all out now — navigate to our KS2 Geography section and admire the full range!

Exciting new GCSE Geography arrivals for AQA and Edexcel A!

If you’ve been distracted by sparkling lights in your peripheral vision lately, our new and improved GCSE Geography range might be the cause — it’s so shiny, it’s visible from neighbouring galaxies.
First of all, there’s a fabulous new pack of AQA Revision Question Cards. It’s packed with questions for every key topic, with detailed answers on the back of each card. They’re an incredibly effective way to test yourself.
We’ve also made dazzling new editions of our AQA Revision Guide and Complete Revision & Practice book. Prepare yourself for more detailed notes, up-to-date case studies and plenty of expert advice on all the skills you’ll need for the exams.
While we were at it, we also whipped up brand new books for the Edexcel A specifications. There’s a brilliant Revision Guide and matching Exam Practice Workbook.
There’s no better way to prepare for the exams, so head to our GCSE Geography section to snap them up!

New CGP must-haves for KS3 Maths and Science!

Maths and Science: where would we be without them? There’d be no reliable medicine, no smartphones and no way of accurately calculating the volume of a cone. They’re very important subjects, is what we’re saying.
So if you’re a Key Stage Three student, you’ll love our new Targeted Workbooks for Years 7, 8 and 9 — they’re the perfect way to get to grips with all those crucial concepts.
Each book is packed with questions covering every topic, plus warm-up and round-up exercises to help make sure it’s all sinking in.  What’s more, detailed answers are included at the back of each book, so checking your work is a breeze.
But that’s not all… we’ve also made fantastic new Revision Question Cards for KS3 Science! They’re a great way to prepare yourself for Science tests at the end of KS3, or you can use them to keep your knowledge fresh throughout the course.
Don’t miss out — order yours today!

The ultimate guide to GCSE revision is here!

Here at CGP, we eat, sleep and breathe revision — you could even say we’re the revision experts. In fact, we do say that. Quite often.
And now we’ve poured all our expertise into one brilliant How to Revise for GCSE book! It’s packed with essential advice to help students sail through exam season with minimum stress.
We’ve covered everything. How to plan and study effectively? Check. Revision techniques that really work? Check. How to understand what the examiners want? Check. We’ve even included specific advice for all the main GCSE subjects, from English Lit to Business Studies.
But that’s not all. The second part of the book is full of ready-made timetables and checklists, so it’s easy to get organised in the run-up to the exams.
Can’t wait to get hold of your copy? You don’t have to — it’s out now!

CGP’s best-ever 11+ range is out now!

Have you heard? We’ve revamped our entire 11+ range to make it even more helpful than ever!
Sorry to blurt that out — it’s just very exciting. Everything’s had a fresh coat of paint for 2019, with bright and friendly colour schemes that’ll make your eyes jump for joy.
But it’s not just looks. Every book now comes with a free Online Edition that you can read on a PC, Mac or tablet. (And our new 11+ Practice Papers also include free Online Audio for an ultra-realistic exam hall experience.)
To top it all off, we’ve made brand new CEM 11+ Practice Papers for ages 8-9 and 9-10… and there are more brilliant new arrivals on the way soon.
We won’t keep you here any longer — dive into our 11+ section and see it all for yourself!

Try out CGP’s online Times Tables Tester – it’s totally free!

We asked a hundred wealthy, famous and/or respected people to tell us the secret to their success. Every single one of them said, “I learned my times tables properly when I was at school.”
OK, we confess — we made that up. But times tables are still incredibly important, which is why we’ve created a brilliant online Times Tables Tester to help make sure you know them all backwards. And it’s completely free!
It’s also really simple to use. Just choose a times table, then take a test. You’ll get your score and time at the end.  Keep working at it until you know all the answers without even having to think.
It works beautifully on smartphones and tablets, so you can sneak in a bit of times tabling every time you have a spare minute in your day.  So give it a try — you never know, it might make you famous one day…

GCSE Science Revision Cards — stay ahead of the pack with CGP

When you’re revising for GCSE Science, it’s easy to stare at your notes for hours and not learn anything.  But with CGP’s brand new Revision Question Cards, you can really test yourself on what you know…

On the front of each card, there’s a set of brain-teasing science questions (all matched to the latest AQA and Edexcel courses), along with diagrams and tips to point you in the right direction.

On the back, you’ll find in-depth answers that explain everything you need to know — perfect for brushing up on any points you haven’t fully mastered.

It’s simple, but it works.  You’ll be a GCSE Science brainbox in no time!

There are separate packs for GCSE Combined Science and Separate Sciences, and they're all out now.

Our brand new Website!

If you've visited the CGP website before, you might notice that we’ve added some great new features and spruced things up a bit — we think you're going to love what we've done with the place....

Mobile and tablet friendly
It doesn't matter if you're browsing on your phone, tablet or computer — our site automatically adjusts to work on all your devices. 

Super speedy searching
We've made finding our books a breeze.  You can now search from anywhere on our website or use our improved sorting and filter options to find exactly what you're after. 

Quick and easy checkout
It's now speedier than ever to buy your books through our new checkout. 

Improved account options
We've made it easier to keep on top of your orders — just log in to check order status and history.  Admin status can now be set up for school account members which allows you to view and create orders across the school.

Unbeatable new Primary SATS Practice Papers for 2019!

It’s hard to believe, but CGP’s new SATS Practice Papers are more helpful than ever — and bang up to date for the SATS in 2019, of course!

Each pack contains two full sets of the most realistic SATS papers around, plus a detailed Answer Book with full mark schemes and guidance for teachers.

And this year, we’ve added brand new pupil-friendly answers to every pack of KS2 papers, so children can check their work independently. Fantastic for helping them get to grips with how the real tests are marked!

There are ten packs for KS2 (five for Maths and five for English) and six packs for KS1 (three for each subject).  Buy them in our fantastic money-saving bundles for the best possible prices!

Fantastic new books for National 5 Science!

Please welcome the latest arrivals in our new range for the Scottish Curriculum — we now cover National 5 Science!

First up, there are brand new Revision Guides for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Each one is bursting with brilliant study notes, diagrams and examples that make Science a whole lot simpler to understand.

And there’s more… we’re also rustling up a matching set of Exam Practice Workbooks packed with realistic exam-style questions.  Perfect for making sure you’re 100% ready for the final test papers.  

Visit our National 5 Science page for all the details!

Phenomenal new Phonics from CGP — for Reception and Year 1!

Drum roll please… CGP’s brand new Phonics books are here!  They’re bursting with fun activities and bright, bold characters — and all beautifully matched to the Letters and Sounds programme.

There are eight fantastic Targeted Practice Books covering all the Phonics pupils will learn in Reception and Year 1.  Better still, they’re available in money-saving bundles for each year.

Next up, we’ve made two books of 10-Minute Weekly Workouts (one for each year).  Each one contains a quick Phonics workout for each week of the school year — perfect for recapping what they’ve learned and keeping track of progress. 

There’s no better way to help pupils get to grips with Phonics!

P.S. We’re also making a brilliant KS1 Phonics Check Buster to help pupils prepare for the Phonics Screening Check in Year 1.  Pre-order now and we’ll deliver in November!

All-new Practice Exam Papers for A-Level Maths

Let’s face it: the new A-Level Maths exams are a pretty steep challenge.  Steeper than the graph of y = tan(x) as x tends towards 90⁰.

Fortunately, CGP’s new Practice Papers will make the learning curve much gentler — they’re uncannily like the real AQA and Edexcel exams. 

Each pack contains two full sets of tests (that’s six papers in total), plus step-by-step answers and mark schemes.  There’s even a formula booklet for maximum realism. 

After all that practice, you’ll be in great shape for a top grade in summer 2019.  Check them out in our A-Level Maths section!

Our best A-Level Science revision books ever — for AQA and OCR A!

We’ve given our all-in-one A-Level Science Complete Revision & Practice books an exciting overhaul for 2018 — they’re bigger and better than ever!

As you’d expect from CGP, there’s a perfect blend of crystal-clear study notes, examples, diagrams and indispensable practice questions.

But that’s not all… these fantastic new editions also include extra-tough exam-style questions and whole new sections of synoptic practice.  There’s no better way to prepare for the exams!

And of course, they work beautifully alongside our brand new Exam Practice Workbooks for A-Level Science — see below for more info about those…

New A-Level Science Exam Practice Workbooks for AQA and OCR A

A-Level Science exams are a bit like an annoying younger sibling — even if you try to ignore them, they won’t go away.  And they have a tendency to ask really awkward questions.

But while family members can be unpredictable, you can prepare yourself for anything the AQA and OCR A exams might throw at you with CGP’s new Exam Practice Workbooks.

Each one contains a huge range of exam-style questions for every topic, plus sections of synoptic questions that test a range of skills. And we’ve included fully worked answers for everything at the back.

You’ll find them all in our A-Level Science section — enjoy!

Incredible new in-depth Student Books for GCSE Maths

CGP are the undisputed champions of GCSE Maths revision and practice, and we’ve poured all our expertise into these brand new Student Books for AQA and Edexcel!

Each chunky 600-page book has all the resources students will need to guide them through the course — including crystal-clear explanations, worked examples, practice questions (with answers), essential exam advice and much more.

We’ve also included a free Online Edition with every copy, so they can read the whole book without having to carry it around.

We really can’t do them justice here, so head to our GCSE Maths Student Books page and have a flick through some sample sections. You’ll love them!

Amazing new books for Edexcel GCSE English — Language and Literature!

CGP’s GCSE English range is the UK’s No.1 bestseller, and it’s getting better all the time — we’ve just released brand new books that match the Edexcel courses perfectly!

For Edexcel GCSE English Language, we’ve whipped up a superb new Revision Guide and matching Workbook. Between them, they have all the study notes, examples, practice and in-depth exam advice students will need for a top grade.

And on the English Literature side, there are three indispensable Poetry Guides. We’ve covered the Conflict and Relationships collections from the Edexcel Anthology, and there’s a brilliant guide to Unseen Poetry!

They’re all out now — visit our GCSE English page for all the details!

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