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Tests and Games for GCSE Business & Communication Systems

If you're taking Business and Communication Systems, you'll need to know your way around a whole range of software packages. That's why our new Revision Guides and Workbooks come bundled with shedloads of computer-based features — they'll help you get all the software practice you need!

How do I download the Workbook files?

Some of the computer-based questions in our new Business and Communication Systems Workbooks ask you to use ready-made software files. Here's how to download the all these files in one handy folder...

  1. Click on the link below, and save the Zip file to an easy-to-remember place.
  2. Find the Zip file you've just downloaded, and…
  3. …unzip/decompress it.

Workbook files (216kB zip)

There's more than one version of some of the files — just choose the right one for your software package. Enjoy!

Sample a free demo of our ICT Tutorials!

Our BCS Revision Guides and Complete Revision & Practice books include a sparkly CD-ROM, stuffed with step-by-step ICT Tutorials — they'll guide you through all the trickiest software tasks you'll need for your computer-based exams.

It's all rather lovely — just select one of the demos below for a little taste of what's on offer...

GCSE BCS Revision Guide - ICT Tutorials Demo

GCSE BCS Complete Revision & Practice - ICT Tutorials Demo

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