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Tests and Games for GCSE French



This Animal Crossword competition entry is from Claire Hicks of Holywells High School, Ipswich.

Revision Pages


GCSE French Page 1 Revise Countries with this page from CGP's GCSE French Revision Guide.


GCSE French Page 2 Go over the vocab for Buildings with this page from our GCSE Revision Guide.


GCSE French Page 3 Get Types of Job clear in your mind with this page from the Revision Guide.


GCSE French Page 4 Check out the vocab for Sports and Hobbies with this handy revision page.


GCSE French Page 5 Revise Food with this page from our Revision Guide.


GCSE French Page 6 Brush up on Holiday Accommodation with this helpful revision page.

We hope these French resources have helped you get started on your revision. You’ll find tons more incredibly useful stuff in our complete GCSE French range!