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Decimal Places & Significant Figures

Don't forget to give the units in your answers — or they won't be marked correct.

Give each of the following lengths to the nearest metre:

  1)   5.8m
  2)   8m 77cm
  3)   23.49m
  4)   5827cm

Give each of the following lengths to two decimal places:

  5)   15.428m
  6)   0.588m
  7)   4.025m
  8)   0.098mm

Show each of the following lengths correct to two significant figures:

  9)   23.96cm
  10)   5386m
  11)   431cm
  12)   0.04777m

The time taken to run the 200m is 22.78s:

  13)   Write the time to 1 d.p.
  14)   Write the time to 2 s.f.
  15)   Write the time to 3 s.f.
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Created by James Dawson, John Ruskin School 2002