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The Laws of Motion

Answer the following questions.
(Use lower case only.)

  1) Complete this statement of Newton's First Law of Motion  
      forces on an object mean no change in    
  2) What is speed in a certain direction - or rate of displacement - called?  
  3) What is the name for the overall force acting on an object, taking all other forces into account?  
  4) Stirling's rusted old racing car is resting at the bottom of the pond he drove it into one day. Taking into account all the forces acting on it, what is its velocity?  
  5) Newton's Second Law of Motion says that a non-zero resultant force means acceleration. Fill in the missing words from the paragraph below.  
    If there is an unbalanced  then an object will   
or     in that direction. This change in motion can take five different forms: speeding up or   or stopping, and changing  On a force diagram the arrows will be
  6) In the equation F=ma.
  a) What does the F stand for?  
  b) What does the m stand for?  
  c) What does the a stand for?  
  7) What are the units of F, m and a in words?
    F=   m=   a=  
  8) Rearrange the equation F=ma as:?
    a=   m=  
  9) What is the force acting on these objects?
  a) mass 10kg, acceleration 5m/s2 =
  b) mass 50kg, acceleration 2.5m/s2 =
  c) mass 300kg, acceleration 8m/s2 =
  10) What is the acceleration in m/s2 of these objects?
  a) resultant force 100N, mass 10kg = m/s2 
  b) resultant force 500N, mass 25kg = m/s2 
  c) resultant force 75N, mass 2.5kg = m/s2 
  d) One of the objects above is falling towards the Earth, is it a, b or c?  
  11) When Jack is sitting on his new sledge, the total mass is 50kg. Starting from rest at the top of the golf club hill, he experiences a force of 100N down the hill, and a constant resistance of 10N in the opposite direction. He sets off with a tiny push and travels for ten seconds before the hill levels off. What is his velocity when he reaches the bottom?    
  12) Complete this statement of Newton's Third Law of Motion.
    If object A exerts a force on Object B, then Object B exerts the exact   force on object A.  
  13) Pick the correct statement form a, b or c that explains Newton's Third Law.
  a) When you push on a wall with force F, the wall pushes back with a greater force, G.
  b) When you push on a wall with force F, the wall pushes back with a lesser force, L.
  a) When you push on a wall with force F, the wall pushes back with an equal force, F.
  14) For the Queen's birthday a cannon is fired, sending a cannonball flying out, accelerating at 5m/s2. The cannonball has a mass of 90kg.  
  a) What was the force, in newtons, that propelled the cannonball? 
  b) What force is exerted on the cannon? 
  c) If the cannon has a mass of 450kg, how fast will it accelerate? m/s2 
  d) In which direction, compared to the cannonball?  
  15) Complete the following statement from apopular science fiction film series, to create a truly appalling Laws of Motion pun.  
    May the   be with you.
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