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Mass, Weight & Gravity

Answer the following questions.
(Use lower case only.)

  1) What is the name for the force of attraction between bodies?
  2) Fill in the missing words from the paragraph below.
    The region where a gravitational force can be felt is often referred to as a .    The Earth attracts every object on the planet, which gives everything a     measured in .    Weight always acts towards the     of the Earth.   
  3) The next eight questions have the answer mass or weight — don't get mixed up.
  a) Which is the amount of matter in something?
  b) Which is measured in kilograms?
  c) Which is the same anywhere in the universe?
  d) Which is lower on the moon than on Earth?
  e) Which is measured by a balance?
  f) Which is measured by a spring-balance?
  g) Which is a force?
  h) Which is not a force?
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