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Fractions, decimals and percentages

Watch out — some of these questions can be a bit tricky. Don't forget to write your fractions like this — 1 5/8.
  1) Aron filled nine quarter-litre glasses of cola from a 5-litre container.  
    a) How much cola did he pour out altogether? litres
b) How much cola was left in the container? litres
  2) At the school sports Carly jumped 16 1/4m on her first jump. Her second jump was 3/4m longer, her third jump was 3/4m longer than the second. The school record was 18 1/2m, how much further did she need to jump to break this on her fourth attempt? Give your answer as a fraction of a metre.  
    over m  
  3) At the sports the parents sell 150 items from the barbeque.
1/2 were burgers
1/5 were vegeburgers
1/10 were toasted buns
The rest were hotdogs
How many of each type were sold?
toasted buns
  4) Jasmine is cutting tape from a roll. The roll has 6 2/5m left on it. Each piece she needs is 1 1/4 long. How many pieces can Jasmine cut?  
  5) Jasmine has 0.72m left on another roll. She cuts it into three equal pieces, how long are they?  
  6) 18% of 350 cars in a car park have parking tickets. How many is this?  
  7) Find the cost of 22.6 litres of petrol at 79p per litre  


  8) Two friends go on holiday to the same place. Gareth pays £178.50 for 7 nights. At a different hotel Greg pays £172.50 for 5 nights.  
    a) Who pays less per day?
b) How much less is the cost each day? £
  9) A chocolate bar has sides measuring 2.6cm, 3.4cm and 7.5cm.  
    a) What is the area of the largest face? cm2
b) What is the volume of the bar? cm3
  10) A carpet is 4m wide. It costs £8.99 per m2 or £35 per linear metre.  
    a) Which is the best value, price per m2 or linear metre?
b) If I buy 5m2 how much do I pay? £
c) How much more would I have to pay if I bought a 2m width off the roll? £
  11) If VAT increases from 17.5% to 19% how much more will it cost for a car costing £8,000.00 before tax?  
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Created by Gillian Hartley, Broughton C of E Primary 2002