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Have a go at these questions on number. Remember to take your time and think carefully.
  1) A minibus uses 36 litres of diesel oil to travel 100 kilometres. The school-run is 75 kilometres each way and the minibus makes two journeys each day.  
    a) What distance does it travel in total each day? km
b) How much diesel oil does it use every day? litres
c) If diesel costs 78p per litre how much does it cost in total to take children to school and back each day? £
  2) The temperature in Glasgow was 7°C at 8am, in London it was 12°C and in Paris 14C. At midday each temperature had doubled.  
    a) What is the range of temperatures at 8am? °C
b) If the temperature in Glasgow fell 16°C between midday and midnight, what was the temperature at midnight? °C
  3) During a PE lesson Alex's pulse rate rises from 81 to 98 beats per minute.  
    a) How many beats will there be during five minutes at rest? beats
b) How many beats will there be during a five minute burst of activity? beats
  4) If you count a year as 365 days, how many days were these famous people alive?  
    a) Queen Victoria - 98 years days
b) Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother - 101 years days
  5) Approximately how many litres are there in a gallon?  
  6) If my car uses one gallon of petrol to go 34 miles how far can I go on 42 litres of petrol?  
  7) A box of crisps holds 48 packs. A shop buys the box for £11 and sells the packs for 34p each. How much profit do they make?  


  8) Write down the sequence of seven numbers between 1 and 50 that have pairs of factors which are both the same number.  
    a) , , , , , ,
b) What sort of numbers are they?
  9) Give three numbers that have whole number square roots between 50 and 101  
    , ,  
  10) A florist buys 3 packets of seed for £1.07 each and waits for the flowers to grow. She sells 24 bunches of flowers at £2.49 each. What is her profit?  
  11) I set off on a 234km journey at 7.45am. I travel at an average speed of 52km per hour. What time do I get there?  
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Created by Gillian Hartley, Broughton C of E Primary 2002