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Watch out — if the answer asks you to write in an equation, you need to type in the figures and symbols without any spaces, or your answer won't be marked properly.
    Simplify these expressions:  
  1) a+a+a  
  2) 2b+3b  
  3) a+b+a+b+c  
  4) ax6  
  5) 6c+2d+3c+3d  
    Evaluate 6a + 4b + 5c when:  
  6) a=1, b=1, c=1  
  7) a=2, b=1, c=3  
  8) a=3, b=3, c=4  
    Multiply out the brackets and simplify:  
  9) 3(a+4)  
  10) 4(a+2)+3(b+1)  
  11) 5(x-2)+4(y-2)  
  12) 3(2x-3y+z)+2(3x+5y)  
    Solve these equations:  
  13) a+5=10   a=  
  14) x+13=30   x=  
  15) 3x+5=14   x=  
  16) 4b-3=17   b=  
    Simplify and solve these equations:  
  17) 2(a+1)=6   a=  
  18) 4(3x-1)=20   x=  
  19) 4x+4(2x+3)=36   x=  
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Created by James Dawson, John Ruskin School 2002