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Ratio and Proportion

    Express these ratios in their simplest form:  
  1) 3:6  
  2) 3:9  
  3) 50:100  
  4) 25:100  
  5) 63:7  
    Divide each amount of money in the given ratio:  
  6) £6 in the ratio 1:1  
  7) £20 in the ratio 1:3  
  8) £50 in the ratio 1:9  
  9) £2.50 in the ratio 4:1  
  10) £35 in the ratio 2:5  
    For each of the following shapes write the ratio of black to white:  
  14) To make a cake mix for four people requires 500g of flour, four eggs, 250g of butter and 400g of mixed fruit. What quantities of each ingredient would be needed to make a cake for six people?  
    g flour, eggs, g butter and g fruit  
  15) Strawberry milkshake requires 20 strawberries and 500ml of milk for each litre. If ten litres are to be made, how much of each ingredient is required?  
    strawberries and litres of milk  
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Created by James Dawson, John Ruskin School, 2002