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Job Description — Graduate / Trainee Editor

At CGP we obsess about high standards for everything — our people, our processes and definitely our products. We’ve got firm opinions on the best way to make the best books, and how to do it quickly. All of this makes us very different from the competition!

Reporting to an Editing Team Manager, as a Trainee Editor your job is to produce perfect finished pages in CGP’s clearly defined house style. This often involves working from raw material provided by external authors.

Ownership & Responsibilities


  • Edit or rewrite text to make explanations super-clear and easy to understand
  • Find and edit graphics to illustrate the most important bits on a page
  • Typeset text and graphics to produce the best possible finished pages
  • Proofread pages with immaculate attention to detail
  • Constantly strive to improve your software skills and become ever slicker at your job
  • Do anything else that’s needed to get each book project done
  • Develop (over time) a brilliant understanding of the best way to create a book that works well for the reader

And most importantly you’ll do all of this in our CGP style!

Personal Qualities & Attributes

You’ll be extremely bright with excellent academics and good numeracy skills. We’ll also need you to be highly literate and able to write straightforward explanations in everyday language.

You'll have:

  • A solid grasp on grammar and vocabulary and will combine this with our CGP style
  • Excellent attention to detail so that you...
    • always produce impeccable output
    • spot the tiniest mistakes when proofreading
  • Good IT skills, you'll...
    • be confident with a computer
    • get to grips with software and typesetting quickly
    • always want to improve (find new shortcuts etc.)
  • A great personality and be...
    • easy to work with
    • flexible and open–minded
    • comfortable with (and happy to seek out) criticism
    • a fan of our products

More information on how to apply can be found here.