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Job Description — Graduate IT Software Developer


At CGP we’ve been growing steadily since we began writing books in the mid-1990s but our sales have increased dramatically in the last few years. We have created and now market well over 1000 titles (including digital products) and sell over 10 million products annually. All our books are written in-house by a team of bright graduates, but so too are our operational IT Systems — this way the IT Development team can be flexible and react quickly to CGP’s business needs which is fundamental to our future sales growth.

The IT Development Team

The team is based at our Millom site so that they are close to the operation. All orders for CGP products are received here and despatched each evening for next day delivery across the UK. The IT Development Team is pivotal in making this operation run as smoothly as possible and currently consists of a Lead Developer, a Senior Developer and two other full time Developers. Having successfully taken on and trained a new graduate in the past, CGP wishes to continue offering someone with a passion for technology and software the opportunity to learn and develop with the team.

The Right person

You’ll be a bright graduate (or nearly there) with a real enthusiasm for development, irrespective of your academic background (it could just as easily be a maths or science degree as a computing-based one). You’ll have an interest in the commercial side of an organisation and be:

  • Open-minded with a desire to learn and develop
  • Logical in your approach and switched on by technology
  • Driven by structure and working with methodologies
  • Self-motivated with exceptionally high standards

Our Expectation

An existing understanding of C#, SOLID design principles or Agile delivery methods isn’t necessary but if you’re the right person for this role and for CGP, you’ll be keen to research what they are and how they’re used in developing business systems. We’ll invest time and effort to provide you with a structured training plan designed to help develop your technical skills. You’ll learn and improve with the team and all training will be provided in-house. In return we expect you to be flexible, to work hard and be receptive to feedback. Like all CGP employees, your honesty and integrity will be unquestionable. You’ll be expected to have a positive attitude in everything you do — this is how you’ll further your self-development and contribute to the future success of CGP.

Key Responsibilities

Whilst your existing knowledge may be limited, in time we’d expect you to take responsibility for:

  • Developing quality code that meets the specific requirements of the business
  • Breaking requirements down into stories / tasks
  • Documenting, testing and supporting your code
  • Presenting solutions / ideas to your peers
  • Ensuring effective use of our source control system
  • Contributing to, and learning from, the collective knowledge of the team

A driving licence is also essential for this position.

More information on how to apply can be found here.