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Job Description — Senior Editing Manager


Senior Editing Managers are fully accountable for the delivery of all products within their teams. Project management skills are crucial – you’ll need to know the status of all projects within your remit, ensuring everything is delivered on time and to budget. You won’t work on any products yourself, so specialist subject knowledge isn’t essential.

You’ll be accountable for the leadership and management of your department. This includes the culture within your team and the recruitment, development, retention and performance management of staff.

Collaboration with the Head of Editing and fellow Senior Editing Managers will be important – you’ll work together to grow the department, facilitate change and drive improvements.


  • Leadership. Nurture a forward-thinking culture of accountability, trust and excellence. Senior Editing Managers will foster a greater level of ownership throughout their team, so that everyone in the team understands, works towards and achieves output dates.
  • Project management and process. Plan, track and allocate resources to ensure all products within your team are commercially prioritised and published on time. If projects don’t go to plan, you’ll work with your team to identify and implement actions to get them back on track.
  • Leading change. A more strategic impact on the publishing process is also needed, which will involve collaborating with the Head of Editing and other Senior Editing Managers to identify, prioritise, own and deliver improvement projects. These may be process, technology or efficiency related but could also involve improvements to recruitment, staff retention or working culture.
  • Recruitment and development. You’ll need to work with the Head of Publishing Strategy and Head of Editing to formulate a long term recruitment plan and ensure your teams are properly resourced to deliver their goals. You’ll also need to track the development of staff and put plans in place to minimise staff turnover and identify and develop talent. Your aim, wherever possible, will be to keep people challenged and motivated.
  • People skills. Senior Editing Managers will need to have outstanding people skills to challenge and influence colleagues at all levels and model the behaviours they want to see emulated within their teams.
  • People management. With a sound track record of managing people, you’ll empower the managers in your team to take ownership of their projects and decision making. You’ll be accomplished at addressing poor performance and developing talented staff.

Skills & Experience

  • High level of intelligence and analytical skills. Able to evaluate large amounts of information and quickly identify the main issues and potential solutions
  • Track record of project managing complex and large scale publications on time and to budget
  • Commercial acumen
  • Supremely organised
  • Proven leadership skills — able to lead by example, setting the tone for the culture you want to develop within your team
  • Solid background in people management, including recruitment, performance management and developing talent
  • Great motivational skills
  • To be driven by solutions, not just problems. Ability to solve problems collaboratively
  • Willing to challenge others and give/take criticism in a positive way
  • A positive ‘can do’ attitude
  • Great communication skills
  • An ability to see the ‘bigger picture’, putting CGP first
  • Unquestionable honesty and integrity

More information on how to apply can be found here.