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Employee Profile — Emily

Senior Editor

Tell us about yourself:

I’d always envisaged a career in scientific research, but after studying biochemistry at university, I realised that lab work definitely wasn’t for me. I’d never considered a career in publishing or education, but stumbled across a job advert for a Trainee Editor at CGP. I instantly felt like it was something I’d enjoy, where I’d be able to use both my scientific knowledge and my creative skills.

Tell us about your role:

As a Senior Editor, I’m responsible for running projects in the Editing department, as well as writing content, reviewing other Editors’ work and proofreading books before they go to print.

I recently led the project for the new GCSE Science Revision Question Cards. As it was a completely different product for us, it involved a lot of planning, carrying out administrative tasks and liaising with other departments. It was both exciting and challenging being responsible for the production of a brand new product, and it has been very rewarding seeing how popular they have become since going on sale in the summer.

Tell us about your future prospects:

Becoming an Editing Team Manager would be the next logical step for me, where I’d be responsible for leading and managing a team of Editors (Trainee Editors through to Senior Editors). There is also the possibility of branching out into other departments in the company, as all opportunities are advertised internally too.

What advice would you give to graduates looking for jobs now?

Don’t panic, even if you’ve graduated and still have no idea what career path you want to take. Just keep looking and keep your options and your mind open. The perfect job for you may be something you’ve never even considered!

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